Wake Up and Wear the Pantyhose

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

     Ladies, have you noticed that men have been telling us for some time now that they love women in pantyhose.  

     Men are talking about this subject on Internet chat rooms or blog threads.  They are subscribing to the hundreds and hundreds of Web sites out there whose content is dedicated to women in pantyhose.  They are looking at, posting and downloading pictures of women wearing pantyhose everywhere in the world.

      Call me crazy, ladies, but shouldn’t we be listening?  Shouldn’t we care about this a little more?  

     Throughout history, we’ve made every sacrifice out there to make ourselves more beautiful, more glamorous, more appealing. We wear high heels that one day will likely kill our feet forever.  We do spa treatments, obsess over hair and makeup, even undergo surgery if we think it’ll help our cause. 

     Yet, men aren’t asking us to do any of these things.  To men, none of these things make us sexier to them than our wearing pantyhose.  Men aren’t asking on a global scale that we wear shorter skirts or higher heels.  They simply, honestly and with compassion, are asking that we grace ourselves with the softest, silkiest, most decidedly feminine and beautiful thing we could ever wear. 

     Yet, women everywhere shun the wearing of this lovely, classy and glamorous accessory. In light of everything else we do to ourselves in the name of beauty and glamour, how did pantyhose become the enemy here?

     Here’s what I think:  Men ought to start fighting back!   That’s right –men should arbitrarily decide that they no longer are going to wear neckties, for example.  They should show up at the office in suits but no ties.  After all, ties are too hot, too tight, and too uncomfortable to wear.  And really, they’re sooooo yesterday. 

SPECIAL INSERT:  Guys, c’mon.  No comments from you about this?   I’m out here carrying the torch for your favorite fetish, beating up my fellow gal-pals over it, and giving you this brilliant suggestion about how to get back at women for not wearing pantyhose.    Yet, no comments?   I thought we were friends!   Where’s the love?

     Indeed, men ought to just unbutton their shirts to show off their gold chains instead?  We could call this new fashion trend the “bare necks movement.”  Or what if men wore designer suits but no socks?  The “bare ankles look.” 

     Really, men should show a lack of professionalism by dressing this way not only at the office, but on television shows, in movies and on the Red Carpet to collect their awards? 

     And how about on dates?  Men could certainly show their women how much they respect and appreciate them by choosing to look “so cultured” when being seen in public with them.  

     Think about it.  What if men arbitrarily decided that all of a sudden they just don’t need, or can’t be bothered with, dressing in good taste?

     Isn’t that exactly what most women are doing today?  And isn’t it getting a little old?

21 thoughts on “Wake Up and Wear the Pantyhose

  • Hi Robin! I love your attitude about wearing pantyhose & the fact that you’re trying to reach out to young ladies everywhere & make them realize that pantyhose are indeed very glamorous, sexy, & feminine!!!! I wish more women were like you!!!!! Its a shame that so many girls/ladies today don’t think pantyhose are cool or stylish to wear!!!! How sad that is!!! I love to see women wear pantyhose & they really are the sexiest, most feminine thing a lady can wear. I think European women are much more feminine & cultured. Anyway, thanks for at least trying to teach young women that guys love to see ladies wear pantyhose!!!!! You really are well informed & 100% right on!!!! Keep trying

    • Hi, Chazzymo. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Also, thanks for your appreciation of what I’m trying to do here. Hope to hear more from you.

  • To ladies who may be reading this (and I realize I’m very late to commenting on this post) I wanted to put in my 2 cents worth on how you dress when going out with a guy, or just hanging out at his or your place. As a single guy I’m commenting on this from a dating perspective, married guys of course have a different perspective, even if they come to the same conclusion.

    This is my preference and I speak only for myself, though I suspect many single guys, especially the ones reading this blog, will agree.

    Robin, I will use your picture on here (at least the one used as of February of 2012) as a framework to describe what I like. So, everyone else take a look at her picture.

    What I like….

    1. She has fairly long hair. I think I speak for most guys when I say we don’t care for short haired ladies. Long hair (shoulder length let’s say) is very feminine and attractive. I enjoy running my hands through a ladies hair, so it’s good when there is a good bit of it.

    2. Her dress. For starters she’s wearing one, in other words she’s not trying to be manly. Generally speaking a man wants to go out with a lady, not another guy (not on a date at least). Also, note it’s length. It’s not a mini, nor is down to her ankles. It shows off her legs while still being chaste. It is possible to look sexy and classy at the same time. It’s also nice that it is mostly pink, very feminine (though I’d like the dress regardless of the color).

    3. Her arms. They’re bare. Bare legs are bad, but bare arms are very alluring. It is a great feeling to rub a girl’s arms.

    4. Hmmm……seems like there is one other thing. Oh yeah, SHE’S WEARING PANTYHOSE. Remember point 2 about the dress and it’s length. It shows off her legs. Well, it’s very pleasant to see those legs in pantyhose. Pantyhose give your legs a look of femininity, elegance, sexiness and class. It also feels great to the touch. So, if you like having your legs caressed wearing pantyhose will greatly increase the chances of that happening.

    I will mention one thing from her picture that I would change, not saying it’s bad, just something I would change. Open toed sandals would look better on your feet. Robin, I know you’ve written about that subject before so I know you don’t object at all to wearing open toed shoes with pantyhose. But since I’m writing this to a hypothetical lady that I may go out with and using your picture as a reference I’m going to state my preference.

    Well, there it is for all to see and agree or disagree with.

    • Good gosh, what a comment, Brian. Very well thought out and detailed. But good luck finding a girl like you so elegantly described. I doubt anyone like that exists. Oh, wait! At least one exists. Ha ha ha.

      Feels strange to be the subject when I’m always the writer instead. This is the way I dress all the time. To me, this is routine. But thank you for making an example of me. Glad I was a good one.

      Seriously, this is one heck of a comment. Thanks, Brian.

      • LOL, Thank you. Not sure why this changed my I.D. here from brkev to Brian (which is my first name). On a friend’s blog I use Brian as my I.D. and my computer remembers these things of course and put it in here as well. So, I’m the one who wrote that not the other Brian who comments on here.

          • Didn’t even know that brkev’s first name was also Brian as well. Maybe I should change my name….lol.

            I didn’t get a chance to comment on this but last weekend, my city experience cold freezing temperatures between -10C(14F) to -15C(5F) with the windchill as low as -25C(-13). While a majority of women were wearing hose and tights to protect themselves from the cold, I was astonished to see a couple of girls in their early twenties walking around bare legged in high heels in this cold weather that had me thinking if these girls are insane not realizing that their legs are going freeze. That tells you that these girls dress sloppy, don’t seem to care what they, or others think about their looks, and still don’t seem to get it. Instead, these girls are still brainwashed by these fashion experts and the media on what they should or shouldn’t wear especially during the cold winter weather.

            On the positive side though, There were lots of pantyhose sightings in my city. At my restaurant I always frequented, I saw a group of young woment were wearing sheer black hose, and opaque tights. Then on my way home on the bus, I saw a couple women wearing sheer nude hose. So besides those bare legged bimbos( who need to Wake Up and Wear the Pantyhose as the title says), it was great seeing women wear a variety of hosiery during the cold weather last weekend.

            • Too bad that it takes freezing temps. to bring out the leg coverings at all. But we’ll take hose whenever and wherever we can get it, right? And, sadly, some will probably just never get it.

            • LOL, keep your name, I just need to make sure the reply form has my usual screen name on it.

              Living in the South the weather has been warmer this winter, so pantyhose sightings are fewer in number. The charm, class and grace that once typified southern ladies is shall we say gone with the wind, especially with the under 40 crowd.

  • I agree, the look and sensuousness of a nice pair of legs in sheer pantyhose is a turn on for all men. They prefer sexy nylon clad women to anything. The high heels just enforce the leggy look even more.

  • It’s just sad how we are seeing more women choose to not wear pantyhose. I can remember a long time ago when women came to church all dressed up in dresses/skirts and they always wore pantyhose. Even in high school, teachers and even some of the female students would sometimes dress up and wear nice dresses/skirts and they would always wear pantyhose with them. They took pride in how they looked and they got more attention than they would if they chose not to wear pantyhose. Nowadays, it’s all about bare legs and that dreaded “I can’t stand pantyhose” attitude.

    • Thanks for your comment, R.M. Obviously, I agree with everything you’ve written. Yes, today, so many women forgo the wearing of pantyhose. And besides church and school, these women won’t wear pantyhose at any once-dressy venues, such as, oh, I don’t know: the office, maybe a convention, heck, not even on a TV show.

      These women won’t wear pantyhose to even the most formal occasions, such as a wedding. But, here’s the best one — you’ll even find ladies going to funerals in their black dresses and high heels, but no pantyhose. Sheeesh! You die, and the ladies who come to mourn still don’t wear pantyhose.

      I guess death just aint a big enough event to warrant pantyhose. A guy lives his whole life dealing with the everyday stresses that come at him from every angle, then, he dies, and none of his gal pals will honor his memory with a pair of pantyhose. I’d be highly insulted and disappointed if I were that guy.

      • Robin, I myself agree with what you wrote. It is almost as if pantyhose has become the enemy in fashion today. Long time ago, women wore pantyhose all the time, even in the summertime, and loved it. When it came to church or something formal, they wore pantyhose whether they wore short or long dresses. They wore them with style, class, and they didn’t complain about how they looked and felt on them. I’m glad that there are women out there that still loves wearing pantyhose because I believe that a woman looks so much better in them than bare legs.

  • Robin,

    I found your website just today and I already appreciate you. Well, I emailed you before I realized there is a “respond” option.

    I think men have already rebelled. Where I’m located, the normal dress code is crap! Almost every male (and female) think they need to dress like some 10 year old kid playing with Tonka trucks in the dirt. No wonder everyone has such a pissed off look on their face all the time. I may see 1 man in a tie every couple of weeks. Pathetic it is.

    Anyway, The more I look around and think about things, I really believe our high divorce rate is related to the decline in our personal and professional appearance now days. Unfortunately, I don’t have close relationships to ladies who wear hosiery, other than my wife, who endulges my eyes once a month maybe (because there are so few around here, and the frequency of them wearing is as sporadic as seeing a shooting star in a thunderstorm) but from what I see, here are a couple observations:

    1. Women who wear hose somewhat often seem to be married, or have a long- lasting, serious relationship.

    2. They do tend to act like they have manners (an odd thing like that is noticed around central Louisiana) and appear to have some self confidence.

    3. When they’re out with their husbands,or significant others, they look happier and tend to hold hands more often, or stand closer together, as opposed to the others who look pissed at each other.

    4. The husband of the “well mannered” woman is one of the few who actually tucks his shirt in.

    5. All in all, the couple tend to just look happier, in love and more content.

    I really don’t think its a coincidence. If you’re with someone for a significant length of time, how can you stand looking at a spouse who occasionally wants sex, but looks like crap. And how can you nurture a relationship when you don’t even care how you look to your partner, especially when you know he wants something soft and pretty?

    • Hi Randy,

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your unique perspective about the dressing down of our society. Hopefully, if enough of us keep trying, our collective consciousness will produce another shift in the global fashion paradigm.

      Take care.


  • Great Posting…
    I feel there are a few factors here..

    1. Like or dislike pantyhose… Positive and negative experiences.
    2. Cost… It can be costly wearing pantyhose everyday.
    3. Culture… Some countries wear pantyhose more than others.

    Media… The Media can control how people think and act. “Monkey See Monkey Do” …

    I feel that people are going to have to wake up. They might find one day that pantyhose will not be available because all the factory’s have gone under.

    I would like to add… A while back i purchased some of your pantyhose… I have one word to say about them — “Outstanding”.

    Take Care

  • I just don’t understand why a lot of women today dislike wearing pantyhose. Back in the day, most of the time when you saw a woman wearing a short skirt or dress, she wore pantyhose and didn’t complain about how uncomfortable they are. She looked and felt classy and guys took notice of that. Maybe we should dress like we don’t care about our appearance. I care more about a woman in pantyhose than hair, multi-colored fingernails, etc all the time.

  • I almost get the feeling that if you told a woman or women they look great in pantyhose, they’d do the opposite. I recall working at one place back in 2004 and there was a mature woman who wore very short skirts and of course hosiery. She had killer legs and cribbing from ZZ Top she knew how to use them.

    I myself appreciated how she dressed and without being overtly sexual I mentioned this to a younger co-worker. She abhored the way her more senior worker dressed and she said this: “Ewwwwwww … if I dressed like that men would stare at me”. In other words, we’re all perverts.

    Today’s North American female actually repress themselves then complain why they can’t find a partner. They don’t know how to promote their sexual being. Wearing pantyhose would help.

  • Another great post, Robin! Maybe if men went to wearing 20 yr old concert T’s on dates, that might get the point across! 🙂

    Also, it would be nice to hear what the women out there think about this and other topics Robin has brought up for discussion. Men aren’t afraid to chime in, but from this man’s perspective, the women’s perspective would be more interesting!

    • Cool comment. Many thanks, AJ.

      Also, thanks for your suggestion that women should be commenting. A few of our readers have noticed that as well — very few women ever leave a comment on any of my posts. I’m starting to feel unappreciated here, but I am grateful that you and a handful of other guys care enough to comment on what I write.

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