Zhang, Ziyi 6

Not only is she the most beautiful (imo) of all Asian celebrities, Ziyi Zhang might also be the classiest, as she appears dressed like this in more public events than any of the others. And, she even has gorgeous feet.

2 thoughts on “Zhang, Ziyi 6

  • Yup. The world is going to quickly realize what a helpless feeling it can be to grow up imaginging what you think your world might be when you grow up – and then discovering a billion or so people that are just a fingernail shy of Zhang Zi Yi in looks or talent, didn’t quite become a star like her, but who can just as easily use a pinky finger that nudge you into a set of realizations that are unsettling. This photo is ideal – “cong tou dao jiao” – from head to toe. Flawless.

    • Dave, thank you for your comment.

      There are so many beautiful women in the world, it seems impossible to truly rate one higher than another. But to me, no one is more beautiful than Zhang Zi Yi. If perfection exists in one woman, Zhang Zi Yi is the one.

      You said it perfectly. She is flawless from head to toe.

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