2 thoughts on “Oh, Sandra 4

  • Even though she doesn’t wear pantyhose, watch her in “Sideways”. Her character epitomizes what every non-Jack type of guy could ever dream of in a woman. She’s brilliant, playful, knowledgeable, into her job, and has a natural beauty that ensnares from every angle.

    You watch “Sideways” and wish you could be Jack without the Jack — in other words, get married to her character.

    My life for a moment sitting next to this lady on the curb and just waiting for her to tell me how she ended up there and what is in store for her next.

    Lovely Sandra Oh.

    • Actually, I did see “Sideways,” mostly because of Sandra Oh, and you’re right about the character she plays. She is all those things and more. Totally charming.

      But, it would have been so much nicer if she’d been in a dress and high heels and pantyhose in at least one scene.

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