Mok, Karen 1

Karen Mok isn’t a household name in the U.S. yet, but she is in China. She shows her lovely legs in pantyhose throughout the movie, “Black Mask,” starring Jet Li. It’s the one where he tries to keep a low profile by working in a library, but secretly, he saves the world from killer cyborgs or something. Karen plays a library girl who takes a liking to him. She typically plays a goofy character, but she’s got some fabulous legs that she always shows in pantyhose.

2 thoughts on “Mok, Karen 1

  • I just have too much passion for Karen Mok (Cantonese: Mak Wai. Mandarin: Mo Wen Wei). I can’t possibly write what I want to.

    Robin speaking of her “killer legs” — be advised that this is not exaggerated praise — I have made it a point to let folks in China as I meet them know that because Mo is as confident and bold about her own looks, I am just as bold and confident in supporting her.

    While a few Chinese males disagree, I have found that there are plenty of men in China who struggle to find reasons not to admire, at the very least, Mo’s legs. If anyone over the age of 40 can remember Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby making that sugary seasonal flick “White Christmas”, you’ll remember a lady that danced into your fantasy world with legs that by all rights should be the ActSensuous billboard – Vera Allen.

    It was about 30 years separating my first glimpse of Vera Allen and my encountering Mo Wen Wei — it took that long for someone to come along and duplicate the level of human evolution that must be required to produce a set of legs like Vera Allen’s. Whoever is in charge of such engineering produced Mo Wen Wei. Mo’s legs speak bluntly and simply for themselves.

    Mo’s music, on the other hand, is so loaded with stylings that contrast that there is nothing simply in the message her musical explorations deliver — there isn’t one message — there’s a hundred or so. She’s not always on pitch and she’s not always forceful, but I don’t need her legs showcased to remind me as I listen to my very non-visual MP3 why it is she’s my number one artist.

    Oh yeah, Robin mentions Mo’s other talent — she’s got a throaty, almost alto delivery in her speaking voice on screen that occasionally leaps up into Soprano range (like her singing comfort level) — don’t know about you, but true Altos for me are hard to come by and when I find them, whether it’s in song or in interviews, I pay attention (I’ll take a moment to remember at this time one Karen Carpenter — God rest her soul, she gave so many so much with that Alto voice of hers).

    Anyway, Karen rocks — and if you’re me, she also rules — and rules again, and then again some more — and while Robin and I agree that a pair of ActSensuous would just put her more levels up in outerspace as a star, Mo can wear Keds and a pair of dirty jeans and say “I can’t imagine anyone not loving me” — and all I can do is answer “yeah, what she said — all of it”.

    Go Mo, Gimme Mo Mo.

    • Dave, thank you for this insight about Karen Mok. I didn’t realize she also is a professional singer. But you mentioned someone who always has been a hero to me — one Karen Carpenter. That lady truly had the voice of an angel.

      By the way, I want to acknowledge that it was you, Dave, who sent me this picture of Karen Mok that you found in China on a Web site. Thank you for that.

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