A Good Time to be Asian II

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

     Last year, in one of my first-ever blog posts, I wrote that I was going crazy for all things Asian – especially because Asian women appear to be much more prolific wearers of pantyhose than their Western counterparts. 

     I say it’s A Good Time to be Asian because it seems as if the whole world is discovering their selling power.  Today, Asian women are highly visible and they’re everywhere:  

     They’re on television shows and in major motion pictures.  All over the world, they are the face of every huge cosmetics company.  They have at least a bit part in almost every TV commercial. They’re in every magazine, they’re on billboards, on staff at every news organization.     

     Why?  Because they are practically perfect.  They are beautiful, glamorous, sexy.  They are the epitome of what’s female.  They are classy, graceful, elegant.  They are delicately beautiful, yet physically, mentally and emotionally powerful.  They are awesome. 

      My best friend is Vietnamese.  She is extremely intelligent (she has two bachelors degrees and a pilot’s license); she has a wonderful sense of humor, she is tons of fun to be around, and she is beautiful (although she doesn’t know it).  She’s also totally devoted to her family.  She gives and gives and never asks for anything for herself. 

      I have read about and seen documentaries about Asian culture, and I admire their work ethic, positive attitudes and commitment to values. 

      Mostly, I love their devotion to femininity.  I’ve read that it is considered rude in Korea for women not to wear pantyhose in public.  In Japan, women apparently embrace pantyhose not only at the office and during formal events, but (and I love this), also in everyday settings.   Those of you who’ve read my blog know how I love watching Ninja Warrior because some of the female contestants wear pantyhose even though they know they are likely to fall into the muddy waters beneath the toughest obstacle course known to man.  And even the female spectators sitting in the bleachers at the outdoors event can be seen in dresses or skirts and pantyhose.  

     But of all the Asian cultures, my heart still is owned by the Chinese.  I’ve read more and seen more documentaries about China than any other Asian country.  For me, it began a long time ago with my becoming a Bruce Lee fan, but that’s a whole other story.   

     I set my DVR to record anything starring Asian actresses.  There are at least 30 Asian actresses (mostly Chinese) I regularly follow.  Of course, I love Asian-American actresses like Lucy Liu, Michelle Yeoh, Bai Ling, Sandra Oh and Joan Chen, but I also love many who are popular mostly in their own countries. 

     Below, I’ve put together a photo gallery for you of a few of the more famous Asian actresses wearing  pantyhose.  In the captions, which you can read by expanding the pictures, I’ve written a note about the movies you can see them in. 

     I’m sure I’ve left out a few of your favorites Asian actresses because of space issues.  I would love to know who your favorite Asian actresses are.  

(Have pictures of Asian actresses wearing pantyhose?  If so, please email them to me at Robin@ActSensuous.com and I’ll use them in a future blog/gallery.) 

     What do you think?  Is it A Good Time to be Asian?

11 thoughts on “A Good Time to be Asian II

  • I really enjoyed this article. I lived in Japan for a couple of years and now even speak the language. As I mentioned before, I work in a place that is mostly Japanese women, with a few Korean and Chinese as well. They look absolutely fabulous in pantyhose for it is mandatory to wear them. Many have long legs and the nylon makes them look like they go on for miles. In the Winter time when the tourists fly in, roughly 85 -90% of all the women have either tights, pantyhose, or some kind of leggings on. Just before landing, the younger women change into short shorts with pantyhose, one of my favorites to see!!

    Many of the women in my work place prefer to wear the Japanese brands of pantyhose. I must admit, they really look nice, as if there were no flaws in them. I did accidentally bump into one co-worker and my hand brushed across her leg and they felt like the softest, smoothest material. Looks really matter to them. Many flight attendants walk by and they look absolutely fantastic. The Korean and Chinese airlines look to hire tall, shapely women which adds to the enticement of the hose. Really makes one wish he could feel and rub the material. This is really a subject I could talk about all day long! Well…get to see it all tomorrow again. Hope you get more Asian models interested in modeling your pantyhose. I still like the one modeling at the top of your blog. Korean-American you say? Always catches my eye.


    • Thank you for your comment, Tracy. A great experience you got to enjoy, living in Japan. Good for you. I don’t disagree with anything you wrote. Thanks again for reading some of my older posts.

  • Permit me a few comments: (1) I wonder if you export your pantyhose to the Pacific Rim? You speak of Asian women wearing hose, but I don’t think you mentioned them wearing your product. Just curious. (2) Did you happen to catch Kristen Chenowith on Leno the other night? Jessica St. Clair on Ferguson? Savannah Guthrie in general. Talented smart women with terrible legs. Is it arrogance or stupidity? With St.Clair you could tell the camera/director was trying to avoid the cellulite on her thighs. It’s as if they don’t sit down in front of a mirror before they go on national television before millions of people. Could you please do us all a favor and send them all free samples? Thank you so much.

    • Hi mjgruskin,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to the ActSensuous Blog.

      We do have many customers throughout the Pacific Rim. We are fortunate to have customers in China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc., although not nearly enough for my liking. I am so honored when customers in those countries buy our decidedly feminine and ultra sexy pantyhose, but I wish more Asian women knew about us.

      I usually look out for stars I like when they appear on the late night talk shows because I want to know whether they have the class and elegance to wear pantyhose, and far too often, I come away disappointed. I didn’t catch any of the ones you mentioned, but obviously, I didn’t miss anything. Honestly, I don’t know what’s wrong with celebrities today. Must be something they’re all smokin’.

      Thanks again for commenting and take care.

  • Good posting about Asians and pantyhose. Japan and Korea are likely the top two Asian countries in regards to women wearing pantyhose, and are very conservative in their dress codes and femininity. In Japan, women wear hose as culture, tradition, and manners. It is also considered rude and inappropriate for women not to wear pantyhose in an office environment due to the country’s conservative and strict office dress code especially in the summertime. Society also requires Japanese women to be separate from men by wearing skirts and sheer nude hose with their suits instead of pants. Korean women do wear hose most of the time as you said, and do not show much cleavage in public which is considered rude and inappropriate.

    I found this interesting blog from a Korean-American ESL teacher. While he praise both Japanese and Korean women for their femininity and professionalism, He notices that there are some differences in the way Korean and Japanese women dress.


  • Totally agree with you, the asian women are the most beautiful creatures in the whole world, despite the fact that for them is mandatory to wear pantyhose, they are perfect, I’ve seen a lot of asian girls in the web and to be honest even without hose their legs are absolutely flawless, not to mention their feet, looks like porcelain.
    I think in many countries, we have to follow these sense of fashion.

  • Only country girls neglect to wear pantyhose in Asia. We are the biggest consumers of hosiery on the planet.

  • Very interesting read … Asians and Pantyhose.

    I do not 100% know what the answer to this one is but i feel it is a lot down to cultural and core belief systems.

    One thing that stands out is that they seem to wear pantyhose in all situations.. From work to wearing under their swimwear.

    Times are changing and the world seems to be getting smaller everyday.. I hope this does not change their attitude to the wearing of pantyhose.

    Take Care

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