Lady Gaga “a hit” at Yankee Stadium?

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

     As I’ve written in this blog before, you may not love Lady Gaga, but you gotta hand it to her – she’s a force. 

     One of the things I admire about her is that she always wears pantyhose – not only on stage, but everywhere.  She’s showing no signs that her commitment to (in her own words) “always dressing nice in public” is merely a passing fancy.  

     And, while it might not have been the nicest outfit to wear when crashing Yankee Stadium during a Yankees game last Friday night against the New York Mets, at least Lady Gaga wore pantyhose with her pinstriped Yankees jersey (unbuttoned to reveal a black bra) and black bikini bottom, presumably with black high heels. 

     If she had only showed up in the clubhouse before the game started, her appearance might have inspired a win out of the Yanks.  As it was, her visiting the clubhouse after the loss didn’t inspire everyone associated with Yankees management, but at least the players enjoyed the event.

     Apparently, Lady Gaga talked her way past Security to visit the players in the clubhouse after the game.  While there, she reportedly drank whiskey, as players Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano visited with her.

     OK, so maybe she doesn’t win points for tact or playing by the rules, but hey, she’s a fan.  Fans can be crazy.  Whadaya gonna do? 

Pop star Lady Gaga, far right, poses for photos as the New York Yankees play the New York Mets during a baseball game Friday, June 18, 2010 at Yankee Stadium in New York. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

     I love it when pantyhose show up at unexpected places.  I mean today, you almost never see a celebrity wearing pantyhose with her million dollar gown on the red carpet during those awards shows.  Most of them wouldn’t wear pantyhose to a wedding or even a funeral.  Sadly, formal events just don’t demand the respect of pantyhose with these celebs anymore.

     That’s why I gotta hand it to Lady Gaga.  She may be a bit off, but she’s got more class and a better sense of femininity and style than most of her star contemporaries.

Entertainer Lady Gaga, left, stands for the singing of "God Bless America" during the seventh inning stretch, as the New York Yankees play the New York Mets in a baseball game Friday, June 18, 2010 at Yankee Stadium in New York. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

     My thinking is that if Lady Gaga influenced even one young woman by choosing to wear pantyhose at that venue, then she deserves credit “wear” credit is due.

     What do you think about Lady Gaga’s fashion sense?

2 thoughts on “Lady Gaga “a hit” at Yankee Stadium?

  • I agree she does use it and uses it well. Her pantyhose clad legs get my attention everytime I see them.

  • Just a thought.. Is Lady Gaga using the power of pantyhose to her advantage?

    Would her outfits have the same impact if she had just plain bare legs?

    Take Care

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