Pantyhose – To Wear or Not To Wear II


Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

     Two months ago, I wrote what was originally going to be a follow-up to last year’s post: Why Bears Don’t Wear Pantyhose.  But the headline, and ultimately, the post, changed because I realized I first had to gather some current solid intelligence. 

     So I wrote the above-titled post in April and attached a poll under the same heading: Pantyhose – To Wear or Not To Wear.  The poll invited (ladies only) to select whether they choose to wear or not wear pantyhose and why/why not.  

     The choices for answers I offered were pretty strong: 

  • I choose not to because I believe in and completely support the cause for the bare legs movement … period
  • I choose not to because the excuse now exists thanks to the bare legs movement
  • I choose not to on my own personal volition because I think pantyhose are uncomfortable, impractical and/or unnecessary
  • I choose to because I believe in and wholeheartedly support the concepts of beauty, glamour, class and sexiness inherent in pantyhose
  • I am not on one side or the other and would wear or not wear pantyhose based on the appropriateness of the situation/environment
  • Other 

     I thought I was opening the door for those women with “bear” legs to pounce.  I figured that, once armed with the reasons real women gave for not wearing, I would write Why Bears Don’t Wear Pantyhose II and completely debunk all their ridiculous excuses. 

     Unfortunately, two things have kinda killed that plan.  First, no one has taken the poll (as of this writing on June 12, we’ve gotten only eight responses.)  Second, of those who did take the poll, only one of the eight chose a negative answer – the first one. 

     Now, of course, I am delighted that 88 percent of the poll takers selected the most positive response – I choose to because I believe in and wholeheartedly support the concepts of beauty, glamour, class and sexiness inherent in pantyhose

     Makes me wonder whether, despite my plea that ladies only take the poll, it was actually men who so overwhelmingly voted positively. 

     I am leaving that poll open, but I’m not expecting much more activity out of it.  

     I have seen many blogs in which women totally haterize about pantyhose and swear they never will wear them.  Yet, I give them a golden opportunity to anonymously trash the wearing of pantyhose (all they had to do was pick a button), and they don’t bite.  

     So tell me, readers (men and women), what do you think this means? Could there be a shift in fashion attitudes brewing out there?  Maybe those who’ve been committed to “bear” legs are starting to come over to the good side.  

We’re seeing more and more pantyhose these days.  They’re in magazines, TV shows, TV commercials, movies, concerts.  Are pantyhose getting a leg up in the marketplace again?

16 thoughts on “Pantyhose – To Wear or Not To Wear II

  • Hey there, Robin (and fellow pantyhose lovers),

    I came across this reader question from the Tampa Bay Times. It was posted in the Deal Divas section on November 27th of last year, in which a young lady attended a wedding and she noticed that she was the only one not wearing pantyhose. Then she replied, “are hose coming back or have they been back and I deleted the memo”.

    If what she said is true, as far as pantyhose making a comeback goes… then it’s truly a great sign. I’m so sick of the barelegged trend. The article is posted below.

    Reader question: Did pantyhose make a comeback?

    • Hi Mike G.

      Thanks for your comment, but you’re a bit late to the party (not your fault), as I wrote a post about this on Dec. 5 last year (“Confusion, lack of conviction spur bare legs look“) after a longtime reader of this blog, MJ Gruskin, sent me the same link you included here.

      While you’re right that it is very positive and encouraging that the lady’s question to the “Deal Divas” website revolved around the fact that so many of her coworkers wore pantyhose to a wedding, making her feel uncomfortable because she was the only one who did not, it was the reply of the Deal Divas author of that post, Katie Sanders, that was disturbing.

      In my post, I blasted Sanders for her negative reply, which in part, read:

      “It depends on whom you ask. Since you asked us, we think it’s reasonable to assure you that you weren’t dressed down for your friend’s wedding. It seems odd that all of your young friends wore pantyhose…”

      What a stupid reply from a so-called fashion expert. Uh, duh, the lady certainly was dressed down, as all of her friends had the sense and good taste to wear pantyhose to an occasion as elegant and formal as a wedding. (Sanders probably is not married.)

      Anyway, that was almost a year ago, and the good news remains that, yes, pantyhose indeed have and are making a huge comeback.

      Thanks again for your comment, Mike G., in case we hadn’t otherwise known about this.

  • John,

    Awesome and hands up to you and your wife. There are not many men who would admit to what you have told. You have told the truth it is something special and awesome if you both wear them together.

  • I’m old school and have always enjoyed the site of women wearing pantyhose. Being born in 1962 and growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I can recall seeing ladies wearing pantyhose at chruch and work and school during this period. I have always enjoyed the site of seeing legs clad in paantyhose. I want the days to come back again and I will do what ever it takes to help with this mission. I always enjoyed seeing the teachers and classmates knowing they were wearing them so come on ladies let’s do it again.

  • All women should wear pantyhose
    I love to look at womens sexy legs and feet in sheer to waist pantyhose
    My wife does not like to wear pantyhose but she wears them just for me
    She has cute sexy toes cute feet and nice legs
    She will let me put 5 inch heels on her for a private show with her sheer pantyhose and red toenails but she cant walk in them anymore
    This sounds strange but I too wear sheer to waist pantyhose and I have been doing this for many years sinces about 7 years old
    They feel so sexy
    I also wear leotards and tights
    My wife knows and she will dress the same and it leads to a great ending
    I wear sheer to waist pantyhose all the time under my jeans to bed around the house. I even wore them in the pool with my wife also in hers
    Nothing feels as good as rubbing your legs together with the one you love while you both have sheer to waist pantyhose from ActSensuous. These pantyhose are so soft and sheer you will love them
    Trust me they hold up too as I wear them under my clothes and they take a beating

    • Thank you for your comment, John. I think it’s nice that, even though your wife doesn’t like to wear pantyhose, she does wear them just for you.

      I wonder how many wives or girlfriends there are out there who wear pantyhose just to please her man?

  • Robin and Peter,

    Maybe I’m off base but I’ve long had the theory that the one true root of anti-pantyhose feeling is the victory of personal choice over general obligation in our culture. I think pantyhose got associated with discomfort and restrictiveness initially because they were the one visible article of clothing women were *expected* to wear in the old days. Women could choose heels or flats, a blouse or a shirt, a dress or pants, but pantyhose (or nylons of some type) were mostly not a matter of choice. Things snowballed over time and now we’ve got an ironic situation in which *choosing* to wear pantyhose gets disrespected.

    Pantyhose manufacturers ought to try a lot harder to remind people that pantyhose are truly the most feminine article of clothing. This was probably why pantyhose were expected in the first place! The manufacturers’ lack of promotion and lack of creativity in the little promotion they do mystifies me. Here’s a starter idea: *choosing* to wear pantyhose is *choosing* to be sexy, dammit!

    Cheers, Hopeless R

  • I think the trend amongst women on wearing hosiery has actually polarized. There’s the one camp that wears hosiery even in warmer weather and there’s the Carrie Ann camp. I’ve noticed that women over a certain age tend to wear hosiery more frequently as they grew up in the golden age of pantyhose and there is a younger camp that I think is influenced by celebs (ie: Lady GaGa, Lindsay Lohan, Ann Hathaway, Hayden Panettiere, Miley Cyrus) and I also have seen tights and fashion hosiery on the rise.

    The alternative camp no doubt was influenced by their mothers or other female figures who bitched about pantyhose and how uncomfortable they were and therefore their daughters or whoever would not have to wear them and/or that complaining certainly had an effect on younger women, so they choose not to wear unless its for a funeral or wedding.

    That camp (the older complaining one) did have a legitimate gripe in that domestic hosiery (pantyhose made in North America) was garbage for the longest time. Poor uneven sewing, non-breathable materials, chafing and abrasive nylon texture (ie: cheaping out on the thread).

    Pantyhose manufacturing pretty much mirrors the car industry for the longest time. Cheaping out causes people to opt out or try something else. Now as one who has tried it all and then some, the pantyhose industry has really upped their game with some spectacular hosiery and not over priced either. Materials, fit and coloring are even better than 10 years ago.

    Competition has caused the product to get better but the reason you don’t see more women putting pantyhose back on is that the hosiery industry does a lousy job of promoting themselves. Advertising is scant compared to back in the day.
    Ever see an ad in your Sunday newspapers anymore?

    Time was it was a weekly occurrence. Do hosiery manufactures and companies advertise on the internet or in (dying) magazines? Any TV commercials. No. Even a little more advertising would see more women in hose. I for one would love that. I may buy a few pairs myself!

    • Wow, those are some interesting points of view, Peter. I completely disagree with every one of them (except that part about advertising), but this blog is all about giving people a forum to express their beliefs, feelings and opinions about pantyhose, and I do thank you for your comment.

      Anyone else out there think that pantyhose were “cheaply” made during its golden era? Were pantyhose made in North America mostly “garbage?” And were young women influenced by their complaining mothers about how “uncomfortable” pantyhose were during the golden age, and that’s a reason why girls don’t wear pantyhose today?

      My take on pantyhose is clearly known by anyone who has visited our Web site or read my blog, so I won’t go into it here. But your comment certainly gives me the kind of perspective I had hoped to get from the poll that almost no one took. Maybe, if enough people at least leave comments about this post like you and Hopeless Romantic did, I’ll get enough material to write that follow-up piece after all about why women today hate/refuse to wear pantyhose.

      Thanks again.


      • I believe Peter has raised an interesting point when it comes to advertising. Honestly at times it would seem to be almost non-existent. Properly placed ads with young celebs such as were mentioned could easily provide a needed sales boost in my opinion. I’m aware these pantyhose manufacturers surely employ folks with more knowledge of advertising than myself however that being said as easily as “Sex and the City” seemed to start the “bear” legs movement I beleive the opposite could be done with the right role models.

        • Thanks for your comment, Mike T

          Someday, when I get big, I will advertise on TV and in magazines. And, if you like my blog posts, you can imagine my ads would be classy, but very funny, too.

          There are a million beautiful ladies who would make good models for advertising pantyhose, but my goal in life is to partner with the right young celebrity (one of today’s up-and-comers who has proved herself a true and devoted wearer), and make some great TV commercials.

          • I was going to order some pantyhose this month for my wife from your site but I was wondering are they available in any stores as well as online. I live on the eastern canadian coast so I’m sure they likely wouldn’t be found in my region but was just curious to know.

            • Hi, Mike T.

              Thanks for your interest in ActSensuous pantyhose. They are available only through the ActSensuous website. We’ve had many opportunities to sell our pantyhose through retail stores and third parties, but I prefer the exclusivity of offering them only per our own auspices, so that we can ensure our world-famous customer service.

  • Robin,

    Hello from New York City! I’m sad to report that pantyhose wearing continues to decline here, despite what certain celebrities are doing. Many, many, many women wore pantyhose in the wintertime when I moved here in 2001. A lot of day-tripping teenagers from the suburbs would even wear them back then!

    Of course, pantyhose was a far less common sight in the spring and fall, and very few wore them in the summertime. This is how things were here from 2001 to around 2006, when pantyhose wearing in the wintertime declined very noticeably. And it’s gotten less and less common every year since. This past winter was the worst yet – the majority of NYC women wore pants or jeans. Never mind pantyhose…you would’ve thought that even dresses were out of style!

    It’s a sad time for the supposed “Fashion Capital of the World” if you ask me.

    • Hello Hopeless Romantic,

      Nice to hear from you, and thanks for the state of the union about pantyhose in NYC. Let’s continue to hope for the best.

      Best wishes,


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