Why the ‘Visitors’ are really here

     Twice before, I’ve written about Anna, the beautiful and charismatic leader of the Visitors from another planet. 

Morena Baccarin as Anna, the boss lady lizard, on ABC's "V" TV series is stunning in pantyhose during each episode.

     She claims the “V”s “Come in peace.  Always.”   Yeah … not sure anyone’s really buying that, Anna.    

     While Anna’s been selling the Visitors’ unselfish desire to share with us lowly humans their vastly superior medical and environmental technology, clearly, there’s something else going on here. 

     Besides, if the Visitors are so nice, why is there so much fighting going on lately between them and the members of the 5th Column, the resistence group? 

     To discern what’s really going on here, it might be helpful to understand the players – who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?    Well, that’s easy – Anna and the “V”s are the bad guys and the members of the 5th Column are the good guys, right?   Wrong! 

     You see, ABC is clever.  They’re making it look like Anna and the “V”s are the bad guys, but trust me, that just isn’t the case.  Anna is awesome!   First of all, any alien with legs like Anna’s could never be the bad guy.  Secondly, she shows up each and every week decked out in another gorgeous dress or designer suit, complete with high heels, and wearing an absolutely delicious-looking pair of sheer pantyhose.  Clearly, she and the Visitors are the good guys here. 

     So, what’s the real reason the Visitors are here?   Simple:  Anna secretly is a good alien, sent here to heal the hurt and damage caused by an earlier visitor who really was an evil alien – one Carrie Bradshaw.    You remember her – that really terrible character who singlehandedly “ran” pantyhose out of Hollywood, and subsequently, the rest of the planet, with that awful TV series of the mid-1990s, Sex and the City.  

     Anyone who’s ever seen Sarah Jessica Parker – an evil alien visitor to Earth in real life – and that stupid TV series of hers, knows who the real bad guys in the “V” show are.

     Let’s review: Carrie/Sarah Jessica Parker = bad, evil, ugly alien; Anna = good, awesome, beautiful alien.

      Yes, I think it’s clear that Anna and the Visitors are here only to save Earth from itself.   She wants to help Earth women recapture their sense of beauty, femininity, class and grace, but to do this, she and her innocent Visitors have to win us over, while battling members of the resistance group who are intent on ruining the planet by encouraging women to wear dresses, suits, even formal gowns, with gorgeous high heels and, gasp, BARE LEGS. 

     I say let Anna and the Visitors take over the world.  I’d follow her anywhere.  We less-than-exotic Earthlings can really learn from the example she’s setting.   We should thank Anna for being the supreme example of what women should be — or at least how we should look. 

     Please do take over the world, Anna, and make us a more beautiful, glamorous people.

10 thoughts on “Why the ‘Visitors’ are really here

  • I cant say I agree with the whole sex in the city was the cause for the demise of women wearing nylons. The real cause was radical and 3rd wave feminism in my opinion. Feminism did a lot of good but it literally destroyed anything feminine about a woman. The only thing sex in the city and SJP was put an exclamation point on women not wearing. Due to radical feminism men were to scared to compliment a woman on her nylon covered legs let alone suggest she wear nylons more often.

  • I used to love to watch pantyhose commercials like leggs
    You should have one for your sexy pantyhose
    I never see pantyhose adds anymore on TV
    Whats up with that
    This site is great and the pictures are the best
    I love everything about pantyhose and I hope this site turns more people on to pantyhose like it was years before (including males)

    • Another comment from you, John. Thank you.

      I loved the old L’eggs, Hanes, and No Nonsense TV commercials, too. Remember the slogans and jingles?:

      L’eggs: “Nothing beats a great pair of legs”
      L’eggs: “Our L’eggs fit your legs, they hug you, they hold you; they never let you go”
      Hanes: “Gentlemen prefer Hanes”

      Did No Nonsense have a slogan or a song?

      Yes, those were the days. You bring up an interesting point — why don’t pantyhose companies advertise on TV anymore? Obviously, too many of us believe this “bare legs culture” is here to stay. Sad how so many of us have just given up.

      I guess it’s sort of a Catch 22 — The big guys at the top of most pantyhose manufacturers must not want to advertise because pantyhose are supposedly “out” right now, but on the other hand, if they did advertise, maybe it would lead to pantyhose getting back “in.”

      I still don’t buy into this stupid “bare legs culture.” I still have faith that (like all fashion fads) this ugly bare legs movement will fade away, and women will “Wake up and Wear the Pantyhose” (to quote my own headline).

      ActSensuous just isn’t big enough to advertise yet, but I’ve got lots of ideas for TV commercials. Maybe someday.

    • Yes, John I agree with you. I’m a male who also likes to see legs clad in pantyhose. Turn on city for me to see them. I know there are more out there who agree with us.

  • Drat that evil Carrie Bradshaw! I may have written this before, but Sex in the City was all about 4 women and their turbulent relationships with men. None of them wear pantyhose on the show, of course. I think there is a connection here. No pantyhose = problems with men. Coincidence? I think not! 🙂

    Seriously though – dress up those lovely gams!! Gentlemen and bad boys alike do notice.

    • It’s a shame that so many women seem to try so hard to not be attractive to (if not worshiped by) men. To me, pantyhose are the height of femininity, beauty and glamour.

      Hopefully, soon, women are going to find that their obsession with avoiding pantyhose at all costs (like they’re so awful) is backfiring, as it will be the few classy ladies who do wear pantyhose who’ll be garnering all the attention and adoration of men.

  • She somewhat reminds me of the blonde Cylon on the remake of the Battlestar Galactica series. Take something originally evil, rewrite, rework it into something that appears graceful and beautiful.

  • Agreed, nice post, Robin!

    While seeing the “bad girls” in pantyhose is nice, let’s not forget the “good girls” who have fought for humanity…while still having great looking legs! I’m going back a bit here, but let’s remember both Yeoman Janice (orig Star Trek) and Wilma Deering (Buck Rogers, circa 1980).

    While the women on the deck of the original Starship Enterprise weren’t in positions of authority, they at least sure knew how to model miniskirts and show off very nice gams in black (I think?) hose. And Wilma Deering (Erin Gray) did not hesitate to combat aliens while showing some very nice and long legs, often in dark brown pantyhose!

    It’d be great to see Erin Gray, in full Colonel uniform, take on the evil SJP, bare legs and all!

  • Well written, Robin. I appreciate not only your blogs but your promotion of the wearing of pantyhose for people who appreciate dressing with class.

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