Pantyhose – To Wear or Not To Wear?

Robin Maryland, president of ActSensuous

     Ladies … hate pantyhose?  Refuse to wear them?  Here’s your chance to state for the record why.  Please take our poll at the bottom of this post.

     Last year, I wrote the post Why Bears don’t wear Pantyhose,  in which I rebuked the few lame excuses women typically give for not wearing pantyhose today.   

     The headline was my way of poking fun at myself for mistakenly using the wrong word in that post’s attached poll: Today’s Bear Legs Culture, as obviously, I meant “bare.”  (By the way, the No. 1 answer by far was “Can’t die a horrible death soon enough,” but then, I am sure it was mostly men who voted.)  

     Still, I can’t fathom why so many women are against pantyhose.  I suspect the biggest reason is just that this “bare legs” trend created in Hollywood gives them an excuse not to wear pantyhose.  They’re jumping on the bandwagon.  Oh, I’m sure there are those who are much more militant about it, but I think if pantyhose weren’t considered “not in vogue” today, women would be wearing, as they always have.  

     I was going to write a sequel to Why Bears don’t wear Pantyhose, but I decided that rather than guessing their reasons, I want to hear what they really are from real, live women today. ( Then, armed with their legitimate reasons, I’ll write Why Bears don’t wear Pantyhose II, and completely tear apart their ridiculous excuses.)  

     So here it is – The ultimate pantyhose poll.  It gives any woman who wants to participate, the opportunity to vote on why she would choose to wear or to not wear pantyhose.  I’ve offered the possible reasons, but there’s also a place to write in other answers, and I would encourage women to do that if my choices don’t reflect their true and accurate reasons.  

     Please Note: For this to work, it must be handled with the utmost integrity, so puh-leeeeeease . . .  ladies only.  Guys, please do not cast a vote.  (Feel free to comment on this post, just please don’t vote on the poll.)  The idea here is to gather real usable data.  Hard evidence.  I want to know the real reasons why women shun the wearing of pantyhose today.   

     Don’t you?

19 thoughts on “Pantyhose – To Wear or Not To Wear?

  • Before the late 1990’s, wearing a skirt or dress with heels and bare legs was a major fashion faux pas and a sign of abject poverty, even among women who didn’t have a lot of money.

    My mother was a legal secretary back in the 1980’s so we didn’t have a ton of money, but my mother went to work every day dressed to the nines in dresses, heels, and pantyhose as did all of the ladies in the office who weren’t affluent themselves. I always admired the professionalism, class, and feminine beauty and elegance of women like these. For me, pantyhose were (and still are) a strong symbol of feminine elegance as well as professionalism and success.

    When I was old enough to drive in my teens I would always meet my mom for lunch on my breaks from school which afforded me a nice opportunity to flirt with the classy and lovely ladies in the office. Now in my 40s I’m dismayed at how frumpy women dress today, especially women my age who grew up knowing better.

    I now live in what many consider to be an affluent suburb, yet I rarely see women wear pantyhose even to places like church, weddings, or other events.

    I even recently went to a black-tie charity gala attended by corporate executives and an Indianapolis 500 driver where the men were mostly in tuxedos or dark suits and ties, yet very few women had the good taste to wear pantyhose with their dresses.

    It goes to show how far our culture has declined in the last two decades.

      • Hi Robin,
        I found another positive post about nude hosiery from Angie, who is a fashion stylist, and had doubts about nude hose coming back in the fashion mainstream until she visited Japan where the women wore a variety of hose including nude hose on the street. This encouraged Angie to wear nude hose again when she attended a Japanese wedding.

        Most of the comments about nude hose are positive with the majority of the posters….this will make you :)….from women who are happy that nude hose is back in the mainstream, and tired of the bare legged look.

        • Wow, that’s some find, Brian W.

          And you’re right — it does make me smile (for three reasons): First, because this Angie lady appears to be quite influential among her sizable following; second, because so many of her readers jumped in with their comments, reinforcing dedication to nude hose, or being turned; third, that this all came about because of the influence from the examples set by the lovely, classy and elegant ladies in Japan who always wear nude pantyhose.

          Great comment, Brian W. Thank you for that.

          • Very true Robin. Japanese women do set a good example when it comes to hosiery thanks in large part to their devoted cultural traditions. I hope more women look at other countries such as Japan as an example, where hose wearing is considered a culture and tradition of femininity.

  • “Pantyhose – To Wear or Not To Wear? The ActSensuous blog” was in fact actually entertaining and
    enlightening! Within modern world that’s difficult to deliver.
    Regards, Brandi

    • Hi, Brandi. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. You know, the one lament almost all our loyal readers continue to cite is that there just aren’t enough comments here from female readers. So, seriously, thank you for your comment (and compliment).

      And please feel welcome to comment on any of my other posts that so inspire you.

      Best wishes,


  • Yes, ladies wear them. Nothing better than a sexy pair of legs covered in pantyhose. I was almost thrown out of highschool in 1980 for playing with teacher legs covered in black pantyhose. Nothing sexier than legs covered in pantyhose.

  • It is good to see that women in other countries still loves and appreciates pantyhose but here in the U.S., it has slowly declined over the last decade. Heck, you don’t even see pantyhose commercials on tv anymore like there once was. Now it’s all about bare legs. And I agree, bare legs is not classy or professional. If you’re gonna lotion your legs, don’t forget the pantyhose.

  • I personally blame the manufacturers for the decline in hosiery wearing/sales. While Rome was burning, they were fiddling with diversification by pushing the socks, bras, panties, etc… And to be honest, they’re the ugliest bras and panties I’ve ever seen.

    Don’t get me wrong. I know companies need to diversify. After all, they aren’t in business to go broke, but you’re talking a huge % of sales from a traditional product line going down the john.

    Where has the marketing been? Socks for the family.

    Why no pantyhose ads anymore? I don’t watch TV often, but I can’t remember the last PH ad I’ve seen. If you want to sell a product or service to a certain group, you don’t keep it a secret. Why aren’t they telling you why you need to wear pantyhose?

    We all know how American women are easy sells to their own insecurity, right? Why don’t they make commercials highlighting ugly, dirty crusty bare toes and how men don’t notice, but a woman wearing hosiery with just a normal, everyday dress walks past, then all hell breaks loose? Nothing outlandish, just a comparison. You get a series of these commercials going a couple nights a week on a couple networks and something will give. One of two things will give anyway:

    1. You’ll win some over from their own insecurity by showing how hideous they look, or…

    2. You’ll piss them off forever because you embarrassed them to the point they hate your guts. At least you know where you stand, right?

    • Randy…

      I feel that there is a lack of pantyhose wearing is mainly due to social conditioning..
      Social conditioning is a very hard system to break… People just love being spoon fed by the media rather than thinking for themselves.

      On the positive side… There are still countries in the world where pantyhose wearing is still very popular…

      Take Care

  • I often wonder how it all come to this… Why such a fine piece of clothing is not valued any more by Ladies..

    At the other end of the scale.. More and more men are seeing the benefits of pantyhose and sales of mens pantyhose is growing all the time.. But still men cannot be taken seriously…

    I appreciate and value good pantyhose..
    ActSensuous tick all the boxes..

    Take Care

  • I think that it is important to note that while there is a bare leg movement going on, many of these same ladies are essentially fooling themselves. I often see, on television, gals that are bare legged and essentially look fab. However, if you see a trend also, most of them have lotioned up, glammed up their legs to look shiny, silky, and smooth. Essentially, the pantyhose look but with a lot more effort to make it “look” like that.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      I hear what you’re saying about women’s efforts to glam up their legs with lotions, and yes, I’ve seen that too. But I don’t agree that this effort equates to “essentially, the pantyhose look.” Actually, I think it looks ridiculous. It would look great at the beach. Not on TV.

      I think they’re fooling themselves if they believe that lotioning up their legs is a suitable substitute for wearing pantyhose. It isn’t professional, classy or glamorous — especially on TV.

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