What drives our Pantyhose Fetish?

Hard to believe so many women don’t know or don’t care about the power they possess in pantyhose.

Sooner or later, I had to write this post.   I had tried several times before, but during my research to find scientific facts, I grew  increasingly discouraged because there are so many conflicting reports, every subject is debatable, and most of the material focuses on the weird or disturbing aspects of behavior.

I wanted to learn where pantyhose rank on a list of the most prevalent fetishes, but I couldn’t find credible material that could be documented.  I did find one thing I expected – that the foot fetish is still No. 1, apparently, the most common.  Suffice it to say that pantyhose are high up there somewhere.

And, thankfully, pantyhose and foot fetishes seem to go hand-in-hand, or make that foot-in-hand, or foot-in-mouth, often appearing simultaneously (“dogs and cats living together …”).

According to a Wikipedia report about a pantyhose fetish, the allure has to do with the following:

  • Pantyhose remove the appearance of blemishes, making  the legs “perfect.”
  • The reflectiveness of the material, coupled with the way they appear less transparent at the edges, often gives legs more contrast and definition, as though lit by dramatic lighting.  This accentuates the curves of the legs, making them less “flat.”
  • They often have a silky texture, which is pleasing to both the wearer and her partner.
  • They do not actually hide what they cover.
  • The slipperiness and smoothness of sheer pantyhose makes women’s shoes slip off more easily.  This vulnerability often is sexually attractive and can result in women engaging in shoe dangling or shoe play, which also is appealing to shoe and foot fetishists.

Obviously, there’s more to a pantyhose fetish than this, but this is a good start.   Ultimately, I decided to just write about what I know.  To me, pantyhose always have been about three things: The way they look, the way they feel to the touch, and the very concept of them in the first place.  Maybe it’s just that they are designed to enhance the beauty of everything they cover.

AE-4 To me, there’s a profound dichotomy about pantyhose, which I find very exciting: Pantyhose possess enormous power, yet, by design, they are extremely delicate and feminine, causing an irresistible vulnerability for the wearer.

Once on, any item of clothing a person wears sort of disappears.  You stop feeling it on your body.  And even though you can touch the pantyhose on yourself, it isn’t the same as feeling them on someone else.

Want your lover to feel what you feel when you caress her legs in pantyhose?  All it takes is to move that delicate nylon fabric over her skin.    The sensation is incredible for both parties.

Now I ask you, readers:  What do you think drives our pantyhose fetish?

434 thoughts on “What drives our Pantyhose Fetish?

  • Hi Robin,

    I was reading some of your responses and saw that you suggested maybe the reason men who have a pantyhose fetish wear pantyhose is because women wear less these days. I know you also qualified this statement by saying it is probably more than this. As someone with a pantyhose fetish, I think this is an interesting perspective but for me it is actually quite the opposite. The absence of pantyhose doesn’t increase my fascination with pantyhose but what does is when I actually see pantyhose in public, on television, in print, on the internet…even walking by a display at a department store. A beautiful woman, with sexy legs in pantyhose heightens my fetish. The look is not only arousing but also triggers a curiosity as to what would it feel like to wear those pantyhose and how does the wearer feel wearing them. Seeing Hooters waitresses, females in professional business wear, or ladies in costumes with hosiery definitely increases my interest with this sexy garment.

    Robin, you also say you don’t understand a man’s desire to wear pantyhose. Well, I understand to women it is just another piece of clothing, like a shirt or a pair of socks and I, also think it is rather weird to be sexually attracted to a piece of clothing, however, something happened in our lives (the pantyhose fetishist) that made us derive great pleasure from this item. To us men who have this fetish, pantyhose is an erotic item that accentuates the female form and brings about sexual stimulation. Even though pantyhose is just a piece of fabric they are still advertised as soft, silky, sexy, and energizing to wear…why wouldn’t someone with a fetish have the curiosity to want to try them? Our society doesn’t accept men with this fetish, so most of us have to be private with our purchasing and wearing, maybe this also adds to the excitement as well. As a female, Robin, you have had a lifetime to wear pantyhose as you please and since it is an article of clothing for women there is nothing taboo or mysterious to you about them. How do you describe this fetish to someone who doesn’t have it though? Unless, perhaps you have a different fetish and can relate on those terms, I don’t know if you can understand but I can try to give you more insight.

    I recently read about a male photographer who photographs women in pantyhose. He was asked about men who wear. He said if it feels good then that is fine and also went on to add that he has worn pantyhose himself. He said wearing was exciting and made his legs feel smooth and sleek. At home he tried them wearing a skirt so he could feel the sensation of his legs touching each other. He said it made him understand and feel what women feel. When I read this it made me contemplate my own situation. Although I do not try to dress to look like a female, I think it is arousing to wear some female clothing but interestingly…only if pantyhose are involved. Our society is okay with women who are a little masculine but if a male tries to enjoy a little femininity he is ridiculed.

    I am only a part time wearer when it comes to pantyhose and usually during the fall through spring time of the year when it is easier to shave my legs. As everyone knows, pantyhose should only be worn over clean shaven legs for both look and feel. Robin, this is something men don’t usually get to experience themselves for fear of embarrassment. Once again, this is regarded as feminine but in the process of preparing to wear pantyhose, it adds another level of excitement to us men, however, to women this is just another daily ritual. Shopping and deciding which pantyhose to purchase also brings out a level of arousal. For those of us who buy in person there is a great fear, a high level of anxiety, and a moment of elation/satisfaction when we walk into a hosiery section, choose a pair, and approach the salesperson with our item. I have had salesladies at hosiery boutiques help me with my purchase and make recommendations. In a few cases I have worn pantyhose while buying pantyhose just to push my comfort level and add another level of excitement.

    My desire to wear happens because I want to experience the feel of the pantyhose on my legs. It is arousing to come in contact with this sexy item on our bodies. Opening a new package of pantyhose with a beautiful picture on the front of the package adds to the process. Examining the pantyhose and feeling the texture in my hands before putting them on increases the stimulation. Slowly working the delicate fabric up freshly shaved legs, enjoying the silky sensation as they inch higher brings intense pleasure. Making contact with my male body parts before they reach my waist is sexually gratifying. Enjoying the look of my legs transformed in color and texture. Finally, running my hands up and down, caressing my pantyhose encased legs.

    Like I said earlier, I’m not trying to transform into a female but adding a few feminine items really adds to the experience. A pencil skirt and sometimes just a satin robe feel really nice next to pantyhosed legs. I also think a pair of shiny, pointy toe, black stiletto heels accentuate the pantyhose, look amazing, and give the legs a lovely long line. Just like the male photographer I mentioned, it feels nice and exciting to try feminine clothes and experience what women do. My favorite outfit to wear with pantyhose is the secretary look with black heels, pencil skirt, and satin blouse. I think the fabrics feel sensual and having nice long legs and athletic body makes the experience very erotic.

    So, Robin I hope you understand a male’s point of view about the pantyhose fetish a little better even though you will probably never completely understand. You seem like a non-judgmental person who doesn’t have a problem with those who have a pantyhose fetish and it is probably great for your business as well. I think it is wonderful when women take this position. Most of us don’t understand the origin of our fetish but we love the soft, silky, delicate and feminine quality of this garment. Whether enjoying pantyhose on women and/or on ourselves. Maybe it is the feminine nature of the product, maybe it is the silky texture of the product, maybe it is the taboo of the product but probably it is all of the above that drives our fetish. Thanks for the discussion.

  • Pardon me…I think I inadvertently posted this on another page of this blog…intended for it to be here…

    Hello everyone.

    I found this website while searching for the causes of the pantyhose fetish some of us are afflicted or blessed by.

    I’m 54 now and since the age of 5 have had this obsession. No, I don’t wear them myself. I know that’s a thing for some guys, but personally the idea of seeing them on a man or wearing them myself is just about the only thing that might cure me of this passion. 😉

    But seeing them on a woman, especially if she’s lucky enough to be blessed with shapely legs and feet…well it kindles a lust that has literally overwhelmed me at times over the course of my life–and it shows no sign of abating.

    I was researching the topic because some months ago I decided to write about my pantyhose fetish and the experiences it has led me to have. I’m a writer by profession, but have never attempted something creative for cathartic purposes. When I began writing, I thought I would just set down my earliest memories of the fetish and maybe how it took such hold of me after my first full fledged experiences in my teens. Fifty-two pages later, I think I may have a book on my hands. I’m realizing that like any other interest that consumes one to the degree that this has consumed me, my fetish been the mover behind many of the choices that shaped my life.

    I know this might be starting to sound like I’m dysfunctional, but that’s not the case. I’m healthy, happily married, financially comfortable, and feel fortunate to lead a life that is balanced and enriched…but there’s this side of me I’ve never been able to fully share…and it’s almost like some muse is pushing me to record it in words.

    Thank you for this blog. If anyone is interested in reading what I’ve written so far, I’d be honoured to have the opinions of some fellow obsessives…and especially of any ladies who may recognize the power and allure a pair of nylon encased legs have over some of us.

    • Hi, as a woman, I would love to read what you wrote. I recently started dating a man who has this fetish and it’s intrigued me. I would like to learn more about it as I’m starting to understand why he finds it so alluring.

    • I think mine developed over time as my Grandma would raise her skirt and adjust her stockings quite frequently. She had great legs for her age and overtime I would watch for her to adjust. I even found myself looking for women getting in or out of car doors as we all now Leg shots occur. As a Truck Driver I found myself gazing into passing cars on the highway. I also wore them at every chance I got at the homes of my Aunts and of course my own mom’s. until I could purchase them on my own. Internet buying made it even easier. Earliest time I can remember is around ten years old and I still war them off and on at 67.

  • I have had a fetish for this for a long time growing up in the 80s and 90s they were worn much more. I always loved seeing women wearing them or would watch as a girl in my grade would shoeplay. I don’t know exactly what it is. I am getting married and my fiance rarely wears them, I also have not told her of this because of the embarrisment. I have told her of other things but I don’t want to scare her off that I’m really weird ( I kinda consider myself weird for having these fetishes). I love the way pantyhose feel and look on a woman and c ant keep my eyes to myself when they shoeplay. I know there are many out there like me, but I wish pantyhose were worn more in the us.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thank you for your comment here, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      First, congratulations on your impending marriage. My feeling is if your soon-to-be wife loves you and wants to marry you, there is nothing you can’t and shouldn’t tell her. Not that you’ve asked, but for what it’s worth, I would recommend you tell her how you feel about ladies wearing pantyhose. If she runs for the hills, then your marriage wouldn’t have been successful anyway. And, she might surprise you and want to wear for you.

      Here’s the thing: If you truly have a thing for pantyhose, it’s never going to go away, but will only grow stronger and stronger. I get tons of emails and letters and comments here from heartbroken (and spirit-broken) men whose wives know how they feel, yet, absolutely refuse to wear even occasionally for them. Do yourself a favor and tell your new bride up front. Why would you want to be married to someone for the rest of your life who hates or won’t wear pantyhose ?

      Second, although first in significance here: Know this right now … there is nothing wrong with having a pantyhose fetish. There probably are several million men in the world who have this fetish, and several million men who haven’t come to terms with it enough to admit they have it. And, having a pantyhose fetish does not make you weird. (Unless you’re weird already, but that’s not likely the case with you or you wouldn’t have commented here.)

      Here’s the deal: It’s not like you’re hurting anyone. You’re not asking your soon-to-be wife to wear leather and stilettos and beat you while you drool on her worn pantyhose gathered on the floor. (Unless you are, in which case you probably shouldn’t be getting married in the first place.)

      So anyway, Brian, be a gentleman, be classy, be honest and tell your new bride how you feel. There is nothing wrong with loving how pantyhose look and feel on a woman. In fact, I feel sorry for men if pantyhose don’t affect them that way. Pantyhose were invented to enhance the natural beauty of a woman’s legs, and the fact that feeling them on her also happens to be an amazing experience is just a fabulous bonus.

      You might find it interesting to know that I designed ActSensuous pantyhose specifically for the feel they produce. (Read on my website, About ActSensuous for details about this.) Believe me, Brian, this fetish you have for the look and feel of pantyhose on a woman is truly a thing. We get letters from men and women from every corner of the planet telling us our pantyhose are the “softest, silkiest and most comfortable pantyhose” they ever worn.

      That’s what pantyhose are designed to do. The fact that so many women in the U.S. today don’t get this is an alarming statement about how and why the values (or even just the sense of) femininity have disappeared. Somehow, society and the influences of TV shows, movies, business and, particularly, sports on women, have turned femininity into feminism, and more and more females now think like, talk like, act like, look like, and want to be more like men.

      If that’s the kind of woman you want to marry, then your love of pantyhose will be squashed (yet, it won’t go away), which means you are doomed. Or, you can decide right now that you want to marry a real lady who still wants to be feminine. And there is nothing a lady can wear that is more decidedly feminine than pantyhose.

      I hope this helps you in some way, Brian. (However, if it hurts you, then you didn’t read this from me here. See disclaimer below.)

      Best wishes,


      Disclaimer (the fine print): We, the owners of ActSensuous, apologize for Robin’s remarks above, and hereby state that, while she is president, Robin does not have the authority to give anyone advice about getting married or not. Further, we regret any harm that may be done from Robin’s making such an irresponsible statement, and we totally deny, disavow and dismiss knowledge of any statement, advice or opinion disseminated by Robin ever.

      Note: No trees were destroyed in making the above comments, but a few lawyers, justifiably, were beaten up.

      • No offense was taken, but thank you for the response. No I’m not looking to be beaten or anything like that, I do have another fetish that goes along with this and it is tickling. She does know of this and and finds it odd but suffers threw it for me. She is a great woman and I love her but I would love seeing her wear them. She is younger than I by 6 years and Is a very independent woman who will not be made to do anything she didn’t want to do. I have seen her wear them a few times but immediately takes them off when she gets home from work. She like to dress how she feels comfortable. We have a year till we wed, it’s very hard to find a good woman let alone one that wears pantyhose alot. I did think your advice is on point and I am debating telling her I have another fetish. She has felt with one but don’t want to freak her out with another. She let’s me have fun and tickle her but both together tuff sell.

    • I also feel the same way! There could be 20 women in a room, and the one wearing Pantyhose will ALWAYS get my undivided attention. I wish that more women wore them, the are so sexy! Why do you think that Hooters is so popular? Men go there and become mesmerized by all the beautiful Nylon Clad Legs. Later fantasizing about caressing, Licking, kissing, and smelling them! Every time I have seen a woman in Pantyhose working as a waitress, bartender, or other occupations that interact with the public, they are always more popular, and make more money. I know a woman that is a bartender, and I suggested that she start wearing Pantyhose, Sneakers, and no socks for 1 week, and see if I was correct. I assured her that she would make more money, and have more regular customers then the other girls. She said if I bought a weeks worth of pantyhose, she would wear them. Long story short, she still wears them, and she is the top bartender. Other girls squawked at her a bit, but some have jumped on the wagon!
      Fact is that women wearing Pantyhose Mesmerize men! Just look at how popular shows like The Dukes of Hazzard, Threes Company, and Wonder Woman were. Think it was anything other then the women in beautiful Pantyhose?
      Bottom line, women could rule the world, if they just started wearing Pantyhose!!


      • They really would rule world because pantyhose and stockings makes a woman sexy to the max. I have a giant fetish them. If a woman spends 30 mins putting on makeup then should take 30 seconds to put nylons on because nylons are more than makeup on women’s legs.

  • What drives my passion for pantyhose on women? Like many other comments on this post, it started during childhood. My mother was…and still is a very elegant woman. My 4th grade teacher wore dresses, pantyhose and heels all the time. In middle school the passion really kicked up a few nothces. That’s when I really started liking girls, and girls back then in the 80’s wore them all the time. Yes. In middle school. With dresses and high heels. So did some of the teachers. My stepmother also was, and still is very elegant and wore them all the time. So I assume my father liked them too, we have never discussed this, but it is evident that my taste for women who wear them followed along with his. Pantyhose legs always got my attention, even before puberty. Then there was the TV commercials, Daisy Duke, and the Solid Gold Dancers.

    I never really had any serious relationships with girls in middle school and the first two years in high school. I was sort of this athletic nerd, very shy, but good grades and good at sports; but I never initiated any conversation with girls…ever. I was flirted with a number of times, but nothing ever came of it. I’d get embarrassed, clam up, and look for a quick exit from the situation. My friends and peers, meaning my buddies, always talked about girls sexually in a manner that bothered me. I don’t why. I agreed with them, but never could bring myself to talk about them that way, like girls were something I had to score. Some of my friends even accused me of being gay.

    My junior year I lost my virginity to my step-sister. She wasn’t my step-sister yet at the time. It was when my Dad was dating my step-mother. She was six years older than me, and we got along great. For some reason she was comfortable to be around….and like her mom….wore pantyhose all the time. They even looked more like sisters rather than mom and daughter. Anyways, my first sexual experience was with a lady in pantyhose. It was quite a sensation, and from that moment on I was locked in, and began to rapidly climb out of my shell.

    At about that time, I was also into Heavy Metal rock and roll. With some of my friends we started a rock band. Yeah…with all the hair and everything. I was a drummer….and that world my friends was loaded with hot girls in short skirts and pantyhose. For some reason I never connected with girls my age in highschool….but the college girls at the parties we played at? BONANZA!!!

    We were never really that good as a band, but all you had to do was dress like a rock star back then and you’d get attention. Playing in a band, weather or not we were any good, was a bonus. Silky legs and heels just jumped out at you.

    After high school we all grew out of it and went our separate ways. I chose a path that required me to have a haircut and travel all over the world. My first two years after high school were in Western Europe. Sexy pantyhose legs were everywhere. And ladies with class, even at my age. I was 18 to 20 years old and in paradise. Eventually my travels took me to Asia. Same thing. Pantyhose everywhere. Even in hot climates. Then one day I returned to the US and they were gone, but my passion for them on women still burns.

    • Hi axelx10,

      Thank you for sharing your very interesting story here. Hey, if nothing else, you are now fulfilling your obsession with pantyhose through the work you do on your website. How many out there can say that?

      • It doesn’t seem like many. I hope I’m wrong.

        Hey, this topic sparked another thought. Not sure if this is the right place for this response, but it does relate to our fetish.

        I have always that it was an interesting coincidence that right about the same time bare-legs started becoming popular; there was also a push at about the same time for this new product for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) called Viagra.

        Now I’m not saying bare-legs cause ED, nor are pantyhose the only garment that causes sexual arousal. Both ED and things that cause sexual arousal have been around throughout the history of man long before pantyhose, but it still is an interesting coincidence.

        I’m not an expert on ED, but I do have a significant medical background and have a relative understanding how the human body functions. Men and women. Old and young. Since we are discussing ED here, I’m mostly referring to men.

        First we have to understand what causes an erection.

        Sexual Arousal.

        What causes our arousal? A number of things can, but it’s our fetish that does it immediately. That’s why it’s a fetish. That’s it folks. It’s not rocket science.

        The sight of a lady’s legs and feet in pantyhose gets us going, and for many of us, the view for an extended period of time, like beyond ten seconds, which can seem like forever, can give many of us the high hard one. Touching them almost always gets us there and immediately. One moment your swangin bo dangin, then upon touching you are posted like a flagpole we can hang Old Glory from.

        And according Robin’s post here, the Foot Fetish is #1 and pantyhose go hand in hand…or foot in hand…ok you get it. So we’re talking about a multitude of people here…still suffering from PDS (Pantyhose Deficiency Syndrome) like many of us.

        Now let’s take a look at what is considered to cause ED, and what is clinically taught:

        1. Medications such as anti-depressants
        2. Neurogenic disorders
        3. Psychological causes such as stress
        4. The after effects of surgery
        5. Aging. (Oh you thought that was number 1 didn’t you?)
        6. Kidney failure
        7. Diseases such as diabetes
        8. Lifestyle, such as smoking or tobacco use

        The list goes on and on, even bicycling.

        I was totally blown away that not listed among them was the opposite of what causes an erection….being: The Lack of Sexual Stimulation.

        The sex you want, you’re not getting. The sex you’re getting, you don’t want.

        After so much of this I would expect things will begin to stop working. One may begin to become depressed, getting prescribed by those “experts” those anti-depressants…and so on…..down the road to ED.

        So…as your unofficial medical representative, I would like to conduct one more test if you or someone you know is suffering from ED…which is very real folks. I’m not joking.

        Before you go get that prescription of Viagra, have your partner, especially if she complains about your condition, dress those legs up in some quality nylons. Don’t ask her to get some. Buy them for her. Hand them to her as you’re asking. Take a proactive role in this. Better chance of a positive response that way. Do not demand…..unless that turns her on. Perhaps even with some sexy heels.

        When she puts them on (perhaps ask if you can watch) start the gentle touching. I’d recommend starting at her toes and work your way north. Help her put her shoes on, or maybe guide her feet to touch you. Maybe give you a little rub.

        I guess our fetish can go foot on flagpole too…..with the #1 fetish.

        If things still don’t function properly after that? Yes. You have ED. Check yourself against the causes list above, get some Viagra, and repeat the “Before Viagra Fetish Exam” again. You should be fine.

        • Thank you for your comment, Axelx10.

          Actually, Steve (you know … the one here who always tells us about all those amazing real-life pantyhose encounters he experiences practically daily) recently made that same connection between the dawning of the “bear”-legs culture and the invention and high sales volume of Viagra, although Steve didn’t go into the detail you’ve presented. (Thank God.)

          So, here’s the thing: I live in Florida and there are some pretty scary bugs and things that slither around here. I’ve had much anxiety about the latter, so I checked with my doctor. And, wouldn’t you know it, he confirmed that I indeed am suffering from RD … (Reptile disfunction)! Thank you. Thank you very much. I’m here until Thursday.

        • Things got bad for my wife when she turned the big Five-O. She hadn’t noticed that age was catching up with her. Some of her friends were retired women.

          I realized that I had some blame myself. I’m nearly 60 and my virility was waning. And we didn’t have much of a sex life anymore. That didn’t help.

          When we first got together I couldn’t keep my hands off her. Since high school I was an amateur photographer. I took a lot of very revealing pictures with my new wife as my sexy model. After a few years my hobby took different directions and eventually years went by without my wife being nude in my basement photo studio. It had been maybe 6 years since I had her pose nude for me.

          Out of a feeling of not being sexually attractive she had an affair with a “boy toy” who was into older women. That made me self-conscious about my own virility. Our marriage was a sham. We lived together, but that was about all we had. We had become room mates.

          She and her “toy” were going to a gym to workout together. Her workout clothing got to be more and more revealing. Tight leggings, then semi-transparent tights, then a one-piece thong and pantyhose. Her toy was encouraging her and she was keen on keeping him interested. About a month ago they signed up for co-ed yoga classes. She really got into yoga and did her routine at home in our private back yard every morning before leaving the house for her office job. And, not feeling at all self-conscious with just her indifferent husband present she didn’t bother to wear a thong. Yes. Running shoes, seamless pantyhose and a jogging bra. That was all.

          My sexual interest was renewed. I wanted to take pictures again – pictures of her.

          A couple of mornings ago I announced that I needed to take some test shots with a new camera lens. Would she let me take a few pics before her workout. She shrugged, “Sure. But you have leave when I start my routine so I can concentrate.”

          I was really turned on. Took more pics the following few days too.

          I’m going to photoshop the pics to remove the background, and blur her face before posting. Don’t want to give away our identities.

          • Thank you for your comment in reply to axelx10’s comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog, Jimmy AKA Benson.
            I realize this was intended for Axel, but I wanted to say your comment is well written, however, it leaves us wondering whether you and your wife are all the way back now, or not? Hope so.

            • When you write a new comment, look above to the tabs, such as b (to bold text) and i (to italicize text). The 7th tab, img, allows you to add an image. I’ve never done it, so if you find that it doesn’t work, just email me and attach the image. I will find a way to post it. In fact, if the image is suitable, I will post it as your entry in our Reader-submitted image contest.

  • I didn’t know how attracted I was to hose and heels until my first encounter at age 17. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, Pantyhose was a standard. Women wore them all the time, as well as lipstick and blue and green eye shadow. I didn’t think anything about it, until I had my first encounter with a pantyhose foot.

    She was in her mid 40’s and I was 17. I was wearing a pair of those nylon gym shorts and she a pair of Hanes UnderAlls. The two materials made for a sensuous encounter, and my fetish for sheer hose, feet and heels was started. Needless to say, I am very attracted to a well hosed leg. Especially sheer hose.

    I spent my entire 20’s with older women who loved to wear sheer pantyhose. I was spoiled rotten. Today, you can go to any shopping mall or event and never see women wearing hose. Back then, you never saw a lady without them.

    I have to agree, its the feel, smooth softness, the allure. Pure Sexy!

      • Thank You. I really have enjoyed your site and reading your blog. It’s so great to find a site that keeps this great fetish alive. Most sites about pantyhose haven’t had any activity for years. So from me to you, Thank You, for keeping the fires alive.

        • Thank for your appreciation, Bigjim. I’ve been fighting the fight against the “bear”-legs cause since 2001. It’s been quite a battle, but lately, I’ve seen positive signs that pantyhose are gradually mounting a comeback. Thanks again for continuing to read my posts and comment even about the comments of others here.

  • The look and the feel of a woman’s legs in pantyhose. Nothing better in my opinion. I don’t know what it was that kicked in for me but I know I was pretty young when it did and I have been hooked on ladies legs in nylons ever since.

    • I didn’t know about my fetish at the time but a few years ago my mom told me when I was a young child around three or four years old I would sit under the dining room table after church or whatever and feel on women’s legs that were in pantyhose like my aunts, my mom’s friends or whoever was wearing them. Not In a sexual way of course but she guessed that I just like the feel of them or something …

      My mom doesn’t know about my fetish with pantyhose, legs and feet as an adult, but when she told me that story at random I knew then … That’s where it first began for me. My fetish for legs, pantyhose and feet has only grown.

      Thank God my wife has accepted it. She is enjoying and benefiting from my fetish in her own way.

  • I remember very well when I knew I loved pantyhose, I was about 5 years old. My mother always wore pantyhose. No, I did not have a thing for my mother, but she was a gorgeous woman and she never left the house unless she had on pantyhose.

    She and my Dad and I were going somewhere, and back then there were no seat belt laws. I was sitting in the front seat between her and my dad. As a five year old I thought I was supposed to do everything my dad did, so I mimicked him in about everything he did.

    While we were driving down the road, he reached over and put his hand on my moms knee, (I am pretty sure he loved hose too) so when he moved his hand, I put my hand on her nylon clad knee too. When I touched her hose, I fell in love with them and have had a love affair with them ever since.

    When I was in my teens I would look at pantyhose catalogs over a Playboy any day. LOL

  • Hi from France.

    Two weeks ago, i’ve just discovered this website and now you surely say to yourself that i’m very gossip. In first, after reading most of the site, I can say that Robin, the webmaster, is a very kind person. She’s very tolerant about us, men having a pantyhose fetishism and wearing them and in add, she’s a daily pantyhose wearer, all that I love for a lady. So I’m happy for that, to make this website living, by contributing to it.

    So, as you know I wear myself daily but today I’ve chosen to speak about women because I love with the same strength wearing pantyhoses myself but seeing women wearing them too. Summer is coming and in France, mostly in the south where I live, summer is a very poor season to see women in pantyhose. Myself, even if I’m a big pantyhose wearer and lover, if I’m outside of my home, my legs can’t endure the heat of a pantyhose under pants, if the heat is high. If men could walk freely in the street, wearing pantyhose under short without being mocked, even in a high heat weather day, I should be always dressed in this way in the street.

    So, when I’m outside my home by a summer hot day, I’m wearing short and bare(bear) legs. And if I cross my way with a girl wearing pantyhose despite the heat, it’s an absolute torture for me, and I think to only one thing: Coming quickly back home to feel again the so smooth sheer nylon covering my legs. Because I love seeing women wearing pantyhose, very often, on the web, I look at girl’s blogs showing their “outfit of the day” to keep their pictures on my computer and I’ve more than 150000 pictures on my hard drive with a random viewer as I said previously in another testimony.

    Unnecessary to specify that when I search this kind of blog, or when I’m look some pics in a random order during around ten minutes by day, I’m home and so you already know how I’m dressed. But I don’t like at all the dedicated women in pantyhose websites. Why ? On these sites, you’ll find, of course, pictures of women in hose but they’re posing in lascivious or sexual attitude, very often wearing just their pantyhoses. In fact, they aren’t pictures of the real life and in my imagination; they’re just posing for the photo shooting session and pull off their hosiery as soon the shooting is over. They’re wearing pantyhoses just to win money and they aren’t real pantyhose lovers. And I don’t like that.

    In other hand, a girl wearing sheer pantyhose for an OOTD shoot for her blog, I know she will wear it for entire day, naturally and I love that. And if I see that even the heat of the summer, some girl keeping her legs in nylon, I really love that. When I keep the web shortcut, to see updates, I give it in it’s title, the special mention PEIS ( Pantyhose Even In Summer).

    I had noticed just an exception about dedicated women in pantyhose websites. It was a site where the only model was wearing pantyhoses absolutely all the times of her life, 24h per day, 365 days per year. She even kept them on for sleeping or around a swimming pool or on the beach. Alas, she’s gone for a better world, some years ago. Surely some of yours have known her, I remember that her site was calling: “ Sweet’n pantyhose”. She was for me the absolute pantyhose lover, wearing hosiery absolutely all of the time.

    In the real life, I’ve seen just once in my life, during my army year, a girl keeping her pantyhose on, in the middle of the summer, on a beach. I knew her a little, just during three month, and she wasn’t very friendly, but the fact she was wearing hosiery even on the beach, I was ready to forgive her grumpiness. She wasn’t my girlfriend at all but an army friend’s girlfriend. If you want, I will tell you this day, on a more detailed manner.

    Thanks for reading !

  • Hi from France. I’ve just discovered your website some weeks ago and i really love it. Some years ago, i’ve wrote my autbiography for a website about men with pantyhose fetishism and i’ve translated it for posting here. I’m french so forgive me for the mistakes in translation. This isn’t a bad google tranlation and i’ve done it yesterday and today. All i tell in this is the truth and there is absolutly no fantasy in the text, all is real:

    All began in the first years of the sixties and i was 4 old. My grandmother was used to keep her old stockings in a bag. It was a family Sunday afternoon and, I don’t know why, as a game, I took an old stocking from the bag and pulled it on my leg. If, at this moment, I would know how this gesture was going to absolutely change my life, surely I would never do it. I remember having immediately felt this infinite smoothness on my skin and feverish I took another stocking to pull it on my other leg. Then I came in front my family without seeing any ambiguity ( I was just 4 old) and my grandfather touched my leg and smiled, making notice me that it was smooth. The problem with just the 4 years of my young life, it was that I had noticed myself that it was smooth. Other members of family didn’t notice what I’ve just done. Then I pulled the stockings off and put away them in their bag.

    Some days later, I asked my grandmother to play with old stockings and she agreed. Until the day when she realized that this was pleased me a little too much and she told me that she didn’t want that I play with stockings anymore. I wasn’t chocked at all and as an obedient little boy, I let this game sleeping for years. However, I remember that I was very interested by girl’s legs and I was saying to myself that I would love to be at their place. But at this time, I discovered that girls were wearing pantyhose and I believed that just woolen pantyhose or opaque pantyhose were pantyhose and, as soon as it was sheer, this just could be only stockings.

    Then pre-puberty was coming, just at the beginning of 70’ I discovered that this so sheer nylon I had pulled on by game in my early years and which had procured me a so infinite smoothness to mid-thighs, now girls were wearing it from hips to toes. Even my mother was wearing that. And in the same way, at this time, girls began to wake some male pulses in me. And so, it was at this time that existence of sheer pantyhose made me discover that stockings were just a fraud reserved for the grandmothers. And evidently, the initiation way passed by the irresistible need to try a pair. I found a mother’s pair, an afternoon I was alone at home, I put it on and kept it on only a few seconds by fear to make ladders on it.

    One day, I remember that I’ve said to my mother that this would feel strange to wearing that and she proposed me to try a pair, just to see. You don’t image how I’ve regretted, for many years, my young male pride, for not having took advantage for this offer of this day and which never came again. From this time, I was hiding myself for wearing pantyhose and I began to buy myself some pairs, with each time, my stomach like a knotted rope before going into the shop. But, step by step i formed for myself a little collection during years. It was as if I had two lives. On one hand, I was always with my friends, always trying to seduce girls, sometimes I got my way (Alas, my first “conquest” wearing sheer nylon on her legs, I had her when i was 19 old, so really later) but on the other hand, when I could be alone at home, I opened my secret hideout and spent times more and more long with nylon coated legs. But soon I asked myself some questions about my future, knowing that I will not be able to do without wearing pantyhose. Then, one day, I fell in totally love. She was wearing pantyhose all of the time, but I couldn’t confess her my irresistible needs to wear pantyhose myself. But very soon, I received the official notification to go to army for one obligatory year ( as all french men of the same age than mine, at these times). Some days before going to army, I threw away all pairs of pantyhose that I’ve bought during years, not wanting that my parents find them. A few time after I’ve gone to army, the girl I wanted to share my life, was gone with a friend of mine. And if today, I know that she wasn’t made for me, I felt deeply unhappy at this time and I even confess that I’ve thought about suicide. The only thing stayed intact was my nylon desire on my legs.

    Then, the time began to do its healing work on the soul injuries, and the nature and human needs being here, I had some love connection without future during my army period and just after too. I began to work in the public administration which I had achieved the entrance examination before going to my military year. I began again to coming back to life and all week-ends were successions of feast and nights in night-clubs, with my friends. All cheered up my some loves adventures without future. Until the day we decided to change the night-club we are used to go every week, just for one time. Like what, sometimes, destiny holds only one thread. We sat just near the dance floor and we all together ordered a bottle of vodka. Suddenly I noticed this girl clowning around with two friends of her, she wasn’t even in skirt, but pants and when she saw that I looked at her, she smiled to me. Some minutes later, she approached me and asked me if I could give her some orange juice since my friends and I had bought a bottle of vodka, we can had freely all the orange juice we wanted. I gave her the juice and we began to talk when the disk-jockey decided to play slows. I invited her to dance and less than a slow later we kissed.

    When I brought her home (the friends who she came with were gone) she told me that she wanted to see me again and I agreed and told her that I preferred when a girl was wearing a dress or a skirt (mostly hoping secretly the nyloned legs coming with). We took a date for the next week-end because, for my job, I had to be far of my town during this week. As we were at the beginning of May, I had the hope that she will not come bare-legged. So, the week-end after, this is with a skirt and sheer pantyhose (Yeah !!) that she came in the night-club that my friends and I were used to go. We continued to date and very soon, the barriers of platonic flirt were broken but she understood very quickly that when she had thin nylon on her legs I was cuddlier with her. And as she loves hugs…(As you’re saying on this website, she quickly understood the power she had on me when she wore pantyhose. But in other hand, I was terribly jealous, as a man, to cannot wearing pantyhose myself).

    We passed summer holydays separately because she had reserved a paying traineeship of embroidery in the center of France since weeks and I, I had planned to camp with a friend of mine, decided to take advantage of the female single neighborhood camping around. But this summer, as an express fact, nothing gone well for me with the girls around, but the friend camping with me found quickly a girlfriend. In the tent, I was pretending to snore, to not embarrass them in their lovemaking, for they believe that I was sleeping but I was pissed off, I don’t tell you. I phoned to my girlfriend, telling her that after her traineeship, my grandmother lent us, a few days, her villa on the Atlantic seaside. When the camping ended, I still had two weeks of holydays, but my friend should return to work and as he was the owner of the tent. I went to the station for welcoming my girlfriend coming back from her traineeship and we drove directly to my grandmother’s villa. Seen the three weeks I’ve just spend in forced celibacy with my friend playing with his summer girlfriend in the other bedroom of the tent, I directly taking her to our bedroom and … censured !!!!!

    We spent three days on the beach or bicycle tours in the pine forests around and torrid nights (and days too) and the evening before leaving my grandmother’s villa, I invited her to restaurant, but I told her that I would prefer if she’s wearing pantyhose for restaurant. She answered me that, as we were in summer, she hadn’t no pair in her luggage, and that it was too hot for wearing pantyhose (We were at the end of August). I insisted and she agreed unwillingly and told me to wait her in the car, in front of the little drugstore where we had bought our feed. Some minutes later, she came back with a cheap pair, in a beige color, telling me that this was all they have in the drugstore. When we returned in the villa, she pulled pantyhose on, I was still naked and she saw immediately what effect her in pantyhose had on me. Censured again !!!

    After our lovemaking, I told her again that I loved girls wearing pantyhose but that pantyhose would be bizarre to wear. Her answer was the answer what I hoped and she proposed me to try the pair she bought. This time, in contrary of what I’ve answered to my mother many years before, I agreed. I pretending to not knowing how pulling pantyhose on and she helped me. When it was done, I pretending to be surprised and how I felt that smooth and pleasant to wear. She answered me that if I loved that, she had seen a specialty shop in the seaside resort we were but she knew that this shop was closed at the hour I asked her to buy a pair, but on tomorrow, as we would leaving seaside in the afternoon, we could go to this shop early on morning and she will buy some pairs for me and asked what colors I wanted. We came to restaurant and she was bare-legged (I’ve made ladders in the pantyhose we bought because was not the same size than her). The next morning, I pulled on the black sheer pantyhose she bought for me with the good size and quickly I confessed her my big secret that I’ve hidden to everyone since many years. She told me that if wearing pantyhose pleased me, she wanted to accept by love for me.

    All that spent many years ago now (We were in 1983) and she’s my wife since 1985 and our two boys are adults. Since this far day, I wear pantyhose practically daily with a short at home and in front of my children who are used to see me dressed like that and had never done a commentary. There is love enough in our home and we’d raised them in tolerance and they’re not embarrassed with that. Now they’re living in their own home but when they’re coming to our house, I don’t change my clothes (for now, they’re always single). I hide my pantyhose under pants only if there is someone else in our home and I shave my legs twice a day, since many years.

    Now my wife just wear pantyhose occasionally because for her job, she should rather wearing pants ( she works with kids) and on week-end she wants to dress in casual manner while I’m wearing short and pantyhose all evenings ( black sheer or nude if I have to go in the garden) and on week-end and holidays at home. But when she wears pantyhose with a dress or a skirt, at Christmas for example, I don’t miss to touch her legs with mine because I love absolutely when our pantyhose touch and rub together. Often it’s the same brand and model that I’m wearing because she forgets to buy pantyhose for herself and I give her a pair of mine ( I have around 100 pairs in my closet). Even if they are a little oversized for her and she’s obliged to stretch the nylon on her legs, she has the right to take among my pairs but before, she was her who bought me in drugstore. Now I buy my pantyhoses online. I’m now 57 old and my wife too but I can say one thing: I think that never I couldn’t built a couple life and a family with a lady who never accept my pantyhose fetishism.

    But since I’ve wrote this autobiography for a french website about men wearing pantyhose, there was a new fact in my life. My father has passed away in 2012. He was my male model and he would be the last person to which i confess my secret, because I think he would have a bad interpretation about that, with the manner you guess surely. Now my mother is elderly and I come to see her more often than before and she’s living alone. I live around 130 miles from her home, but I didn’t want that my need to have sheer nylon-covered legs without having to hide them under pants (wearing pants takes me away 99 percent of the pleasure to wear pantyhose), prevent me to visit her. So I’ve all confessed her about my pantyhose fetishism. My younger years, how I was stealing some of her pairs and all the big frustration I’ve always felt when I was young or adolescent, to not had the right to wear pantyhoses as all the girls were wearing, and how I was highly jealous of them about this fact.

    I specified her that the fact of wanting to wear pantyhoses, had never influenced my sexual orientation, that I’ve always be 100 percent heterosexual and that I had absolutely no intentions to change that, that pantyhoses are just clothes and all the things that one must explain to someone to which one confess this kind of truth to prevent this person to fall in erroneous stereotypes. And my mother took it well and some minutes later she saw me in short and black sheer nyloned legs. I asked her if she had noticed when I was young that some of her pairs had vanish in the haze and she answered no. She made me an unexpected compliment, telling me, according to her, that I had nice legs that some women could be envious. Although this is not my concern to know if I have nice legs or not, I confess that this compliment pleased me.

    Now I can wear obviously my pantyhose with shorts in other place than my home, when I go to visit my mother or when she comes to my home for some days. My wife was a little upset to not being anymore the only person sharing this secret with me ( except our sons) but now she accepted the fact. This can allow me to drive in short and pantyhose in my car between my home and my mother’s house, since I haven’t to show me in public. That’s how I’ve done for all men who do not dare to confess to their wives.

    Thanks for reading !

    • Hi French anonymous,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      OK, if there were an award for longest comment here, you’d win. (There isn’t, though.) 🙂

      In any case, yours is an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it. It should be quite inspiring to all the men here who have struggled with guilt or shame and having to maintain a secret life. We might receive many comments here in reaction to your story.

      Thanks again for writing all this out. I hope we hear from you again and again.

      • Thanks for your answer, Actsensuous, and for having published my story. This afternoon i wrote a little detailled fact about my own story. As i wrote previous, i dated my first pantyhosed girlfriend when i was 19 old. I have a little fact about this slice of life. I tell you and hope you will enjoy :

        When I was 19 old, when I was in university, I was with a girl two years younger than me, but with a heavy brain. That’s why she was in the same grade than me in university. Every day, she wore jeans or slacks and when the weather gets better in the middle of the spring, she began to wear summer dresses or denim skirts.

        My first reflex, each time I saw her coming from her home, to kiss me on the morning, before the classes begins, when she was wearing a dress or a skirt, was to verify if she was wearing sheer nylon on her legs. And each time I was disappointed because she was bare-legged. In June, I’ve totally lost the habit to verify if perhaps, she wore pantyhose, saying to me that she surely didn’t heard about the existence of this clothing.

        One afternoon we were at her parent’s house. It was mid-June. The sky was grey and we were in a room on the ground floor of her parent’s house, the main living part being at the first floor. The room was a little dark (window on north side and grey rainy sky) and surely sent by her parents, her little sister to keep an eye on us (don’t forget that she was 2 years younger than me, and I had my majority yet and not her and her parents were heavily strict).

        She was wearing a summer dress just under her knees and her parents had just offered her a drum because she was learning drums. At this time, I haven’t yet learned playing drums, and I was trying to play with a music playing behind me. It’s unnecessary to specify that it was a musical disaster for ears. So I returned sitting on the sofa near her. But with the little nasty sister around, it was out of question to kiss or more…..

        Suddenly, I don’t know why, my gf pulled off her slippers and it was if I had put my fingers in the electrical outlet. Her toes were covered by the reinforced toes part of a nude pantyhose. My feelings at this time, were shared between absolute excitation, absolute jealousy towards her and all other girls to not have the right, as a man, to wear pantyhose too and the shame that me, an absolute and extreme pantyhose lover, had spent all the afternoon beside my gf without seeing that she was wearing pantyhose. And she was the first gf of my life, who was wearing pantyhose.

        The next day, it was the exam results day. This time the sun shined with no clouds in the sky and the weather was hot. I came to take her at her parent’s home. Before going together, she asked me: “Do you want that I go dressed like I am now (she was wearing a jean) or do you want that I change for a skirt” ?

        Guess my answer!

        The first thing I’ve done when she returned from her bedroom was to look at her legs and they were covered by the same sheer nude nylon she was wearing the day before. Did she understand at this time, the power she could have on me, by wearing pantyhose?

        • Another great story, French anonymous. Very interesting and exciting reading about your pantyhose adventures back in the day. Thank you again for this comment.

          • Thanks for having published again. Nowadays, something new has changed in my life. I’ve changed my work and i can work at home. Now, it’s unnecessary to say that i’m living always always in short and pantyhose except the times i must going out with pants over my nylon legs.

            I’m aware of my happyness and i know that many men here would love to be in my place. My shorts are just mid thighs and i’m always showing a big bit of legs for my wife and myself . But very often i think about my youth and all the frustration i felt during years, to not have the right to wear pantyhoses openly until i find my wife, as i told you in my story.

            Often i think : ” And if i had been a girl ? would i have had this pantyhose fetishism or pantyhoses would be for me, a clothing as an other ?” I realize that perhaps the fetishism born by the forbidden. It’s sure that when the fetishism is here, it’s to late and now that i can live all of the time dressed like that, i feel naked if my legs aren’t covered by sheer nylon and i absolutly don’t want to live without it.

            Often i surprise myself, when, without thinking specially about my pantyhose, one of my hand goes to touch and caress my nyloned legs and i always love the feeling at these time. During my youth, i thought that never never a girl wearing sheer pantyhose could be bored herself. I thought that it was enough that she touches one of her legs to forget his boredom. I’ve noticed that many women are exactly doing the same, when they are wearing pantyhoses with skirt or dress or shorts as me. So a woman can say: ”

            No pantyhoses are just a piece of clothing with no special interest and i just wear them to keep my legs warm” but if you look at her during some minutes while she talks with other, talking about everything else, if she’s seated, you will see one of her hands going down to her knee and innocently caressing her nyloned leg without thinking. And if you look at the same woman, in the same situation but bare(bear)-legged, never you will see her hand going down to touch and caress her leg. I think that all women wearing pantyhoses have a part of fetishism without knowing.

            An other question i ask myself is about the touch sensation. I think that if i love to wear pantyhose, the tactical sensation isn’t the only reason. If not why i would just wear the same model and the same nude shade ? No i love to change and except the fact that some brands and models are smoother than others, smoothness being, with the size of course, the main criteria in the choice of my pantyhoses, i love to change colours or wearing fantasy pantyhoses sometimes.

            Most of the time, i wear black pantyhoses. Why blacks ? As a fetishist man, could it be enough to just have the touch sensation ? No, i like seeing my legs in the mystery of a sheer black transparency covering them and i don’t know why. However, as i said in my story, i never felt attracted by other men and i don’t want to look like a woman. I havn’t the need to wear dresses or skirt or high heels, i even wear a goatee ( my wife love that), i have boyish habits and my voice is very bass and i don’t try to change it. I feel like a man but in other way, i love to wear sometimes black polka-dots pantyhoses or, my favourites, black pantyhoses with seams behind the legs.( I’m wearing them at this moment).

            Sometimes i wear nude pantyhoses ( often to be not noticed from far in my garden) or grey smoked pantyhoses or even white, but always always sheer. I hate opaque pantyhoses or the absolute abomination, the fishnet pantyhose. I hate for me to wear but i hate seeing a girl wearing them.

            The fetishism is a very mysterious thing with different degrees and i think that psychic medecine isn’t ready to break trough these brain mysteries.

            • Hi again, French anonymous.

              Your stories are also interesting, and it is easy to see that you are not ashamed of having this fetish, but rather, enjoy it to its fullest extent. Good for you.

              Thanks for your intriguing story.

            • Thanks for all your remarks…the parallels in your story with many of us just shows that the pull of the fetish is cross-cultural.

    • love your story n i myself have been lucky enoufh to find me a lady who accepts this of me as well and we enjoy our time togetber n hose rubbing our leggs upon one another n hose love pantyhose as does she

  • What drives our fetish is interesting. It seems most men become fascinated with pantyhose at an early age, before puberty or sexuality come in to play. I don’t know if it comes down to a specific incident in life or if it is something that one just inherits. Either way, most pantyhose fetishists start at a very young age, don’t usually know why they have it and is something that continues with them throughout their lives. It also seems that the pantyhose fetish relates mainly to the male population. It is rare, if even at all that this applies to women at least from what I have come across, maybe because it is a female item that they have easy access to and can choose to wear or not. Women may like the look, feel and attention they get from wearing pantyhose but I don’t know or at least it doesn’t seem they can relate to a pantyhose fetish from the male point of view. By this, I mean the stimulation/arousal the male gets from the look or feel of pantyhose along with the restrictions he faces. Society looks down on the male pantyhose fetishist. He is viewed as someone who is odd, so he must, in most cases, keep this a secret or kept in the company of a few trusted people. Women, however, can freely discuss, comment and even wear pantyhose without the stigma men face.

    Another interesting aspect of a pantyhose fetish is the many variations. Some like the look strictly on women while others think both men and women can look amazing in pantyhose. Some only like specific colors and strongly dislike others, some like glossy, some matte, some like sheer, some like thicker. Many love wearing pantyhose themselves while others only prefer them on their partners. Some wear during intimate situations, achieving greater levels of arousal with their partners. Some like to wear daily while others only occasionally. Some think pantyhose with runs have a sex appeal to them, others prefer them without any imperfections. When it comes down to it, each pantyhose fetishist is unique in his own right, each has his own particular likes when it comes to this fetish.

    I don’t have a single incident that started my fetish, I just remember being young and fascinated by the look of pantyhose. It was more common when I was younger to see women wearing pantyhose whether it was in public, on television, or in the movies but either way it was mesmerizing. Plus, sexy commercials would rave about how soft, silky and energizing pantyhose were, enough to spark the curiosity in a young boys mind. Legs in pantyhose have always drawn my attention, whether it was ladies walking for exercise and wearing shorts with suntan pantyhose in my younger days, the girls of Hooters, cheerleaders or especially the professional lady wearing classic business attire…heels, skirt and blouse.

    As far as the extent of my fetish and what drives it, I like pantyhose that are both sheer and opaque. I like the colors suntan and darker but nothing lighter, in fact colors lighter than suntan aren’t appealing to me. I think glossy are sexier than matte. Both control top and sheer to waist are sexy to me. I think pantyhose look best on athletic/fit legs and lose interest if legs are out of shape. I think ripped or pantyhose with runs look tacky. I am not a fan of thigh-highs, I like hosiery that goes from toes to waist. I enjoy shopping for pantyhose…the nervousness of going to the ladies hosiery section, looking at new or interesting styles, and the awkwardness of buying them at the counter wondering what the ladies may be thinking.

    The other extent of the pantyhose fetish and what drives it, is the wearing aspect. My desire to wear pantyhose started at a young age but being young and a male it wasn’t the easiest thing to do, some have been fortunate to have sisters or mothers who gave them the opportunity. My first time trying happened around the age of twelve. It was a wonderful feeling finally getting the chance to do something I had been fantasizing about for such a long time, enjoying the pleasant sensations that females get to experience. I really enjoyed wearing two pairs of Hanes suntan pantyhose at a time…the look and the feel was very arousing.

    Over the years I have worn pantyhose on and off. Taking a break over time helps keep the experience refreshing. I think to truly enjoy the experience you should have clean shaven legs both for looks and feel. Nothing uglier than hair under pantyhose. My excitement begins when I have the packaging in my hands, examining the picture on the front. Then carefully taking the pantyhose out, examining the color, and feeling the smooth texture. Then comes the pleasurable moment of bunching up the fabric around my toes, slowly working the pantyhose up my hair free legs, watching as they take on a new color and texture, enjoying the soft, silkiness as they come up around my waist. Even though it gets a bit feminine, I think a pair of black stiletto pumps helps accentuate pantyhose legs. My legs are long and thin and I wouldn’t wear heels without pantyhose but when I do the combination helps enhance the experience.

    So, that is where I stand. I find it interesting as well that Wolford is also marketing some of their hosiery to men. I guess manufacturers are realizing there is a male market. I’m sure ActSensuous is probably also selling to a lot of pantyhose wearing men.

    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Your story is much like the ones of the many hundreds of men who’ve written about this subject here, but I greatly appreciate the positive, clean and classy way you told yours.

      I expect your comment will elicit responses from many of the mostly-male readers here, while I would imagine the minority female readers won’t weigh in. And, sorry, but that includes me, even though your well-conceived-and-presented letter deserves, at least, my reaction. So, I’ll say just this …

      I am sure most ladies out there (myself included, however, I make no judgments) just don’t understand a man’s desire to wear pantyhose. Heck, today, it’s difficult enough to find much love, interest or respect for pantyhose among females, and that fact could be one of the motivations for men to wear themselves. In other words, if females aren’t wearing (even though men are practically begging them to), men have to find a way to realize their love and excitement of pantyhose for themselves.

      Mark, you obviously are very well-educated and have the ability to communicate your thoughts clearly and effectively. Thanks for your excellent sentence structure and attention to detail in spelling and punctuation (I didn’t really keep track, but noticed only one miss in punctuation out of the gillion or so words you wrote — very well done). Also, thanks for breaking your comment into several paragraphs and for keeping your story interesting.

      Hope to read more from you here and in reaction to some of my other posts that might interest you.

      • Robin,

        Mark gets an A+ in my book for his very open, honest, and intelligent posting.

        > “I am sure most ladies out there (myself included, however, I make no
        > judgments) just don’t understand a man’s desire to wear pantyhose.”

        I think there are some very strong symbolic parallels between pantyhose and human sexuality that may not be obvious to everyone. For me, it starts with the stretching and elongation that pantyhose undergo when they are being pulled on, and continues with the overall “tingly” sensation and increased sense of touch pantyhose provides the wearer. Not only is their transformation from something small, limp, and weak into something long, strong, and tight deeply symbolic of a man’s anatomy, but the physics and biology behind the pleasurable sensations pantyhose can provide are gender independent. (If you think about it, pantyhose might even feel BETTER on a man, but that simply reinforces my point.)

        So, wouldn’t it only seem logical for a man who is attracted to women in pantyhose to be at least a little bit curious about how it feels to be “past his privates” in sheer, silky nylon? And if that experience turns out to be pleasurable, why would it stop there?

        But, there’s more to it than that. In 1974, the American public was exposed to the image of football player Joe Namath wearing a pair of Hanes Beautymist pantyhose on a television commercial. The motive was obviously for entertainment, but neither before nor after this commercial aired have we ever seen any other men wearing any other fashion accessory or article of women’s clothing for the purpose of selling them to women. If the goal of the Hanes commercial was to provide amusement and to grab attention, how come we haven’t seen ads showing hairy, cigar smoking men modeling eye shadow or women’s dresses? Or women with long hair and red lipstick modeling men’s shoes or selling razor blades?

        Is there a double-standard at work, or does pantyhose follow an unspoken set of rules that very few men and women fully understand?

        Studies have shown that brain activity in sports fans mirrors that of active players. In fact, it becomes obvious that spectators are playing the game in their heads when they begin gesturing with their hands and leaping out of their seats during the execution of an exciting play.

        So, whether they are conscious of it or not (or are willing to admit it or not), isn’t it within the realm of possibility that some men are deeply attracted to women in pantyhose, and want to see more women wearing pantyhose at least in part because it allows them to live vicariously through these women in much the same way sports fans live vicariously through their favorite athletes during a game?

        Obviously, there’s a LOT more to pantyhose than is openly discussed, understood, and accepted by the general public. It’s a complicated subject, and anyone who considers pantyhose as merely an article of women’s clothing simply DOESN’T GET IT. We certainly wouldn’t see the enthusiastic discussions and the gender disparity we see on this blog if the subject were women’s bracelets, purses, or mascara.


        PS: Happy Easter, a holiday when Mothers often ushered their daughters into adulthood by giving them their first pair of pantyhose in egg-shaped containers.

        • Wow, JA, what a comment. You get an A+ of your own.

          The content is one thing, but your clean sentence structure, spelling and punctuation are all very impressive. Thank you for your well-conceived and well-presented argument, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Hope to read more from you here.

      • I have to second Mark on this one. I myself also realized that I had an affinity towards not only pantyhose but women’s clothing in general at a very young age (so young you don’t even know why the heck ‘this’ feels right). Same with Mark I didn’t really have any incident that triggered it but I do remember my first time actually realizing I liked women’s clothes.

        If memory serves correct I was about 5 maybe 6 years old visiting my grandparents. They live on a small island with a close knit community. Anyway I was at a sleepover with one of the island kids and I discovered this trunk in the upstairs loft. When I opened it I discovered it was filled with costumes and clothes and all sorts of other paraphernalia that immediately drew my attention and curiosity. Of course I pulled the first thing out that caught my eye and put it on (I was the only one in the house at the time). It was basically a frilly Tinkerbell dress with built in tights. Even after 22 years as I am now 27 I will never forget that lucid moment of clarity when it hit me ‘this feels right’. I have been fascinated with women’s clothes ever since.

        And of course I am absolutely not trying to steal the spotlight from Mark. I don’t understand why guys wearing girly stuff is so taboo. I can understand why a woman would find it unappealing on a man but what if you do find ‘Mr. Perfect’ and he shares the same interests as us? My wife for example knows all about my fascination. Of course she does not find it attractive but we respect each other enough to accept it. Aside from seeing me dolled up she really has no problem with it.

        Just like with what Mark said us men have to ‘hide it and keep it secret’. I sadly have to agree with that on what I have dealt with personally. The last two girlfriends I have had were openly disgusted when I FINALLY gathered up enough courage and brazened my guts to ‘hint’ that I liked their feet. Total humiliation and heart breaker especially if you are a shy guy like me not to mention the let down after sweating trying to say what’s on your mind respectively and having it shot down in flaming non glory to crash and burn in the dust. Same thing happened with a girl in high school when I told her about my liking to doll up. Horrifying humiliation. Aside from my absolute best friend and best man my wife is the only other person that knows.

        Personally I don’t see what the big fuss is about a ‘dude wearing a dress’. He is human and can wear whatever he pleases, again just my personal opinion. Women can get away with wearing any of our clothes why not us theirs?

        Anyway after reading that extremely well said letter from Mark and ActSensuous’s response I felt compelled to throw my two cents in on the subject at hand.

        • Hi Morgan,

          Thank you for your comment about Mark’s comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

          Like Mark’s comment, and a reply to it by JA, I appreciate your well-thought-out and soul-baring comment, Morgan.

          Again, I’ll say that I am not equipped to diagnose or even really offer anything useful in a reply. Nevertheless, your comment makes a great deal of sense, and it’s content is one that we’re finding many men out there share.

          As I am trying to be a nonjudgmental (Zen-like) person, I will say I am sorry to read of the angst so many men seem to have about their desires to wear pantyhose (or women’s clothes in general), and again, I have no qualifications to speculate as to why. Really, my biggest concern (OK, angst) in life is why so few women will oblige a simple, innocent and loving request as wearing pantyhose for their men.

          I’ve said this before, but it “bears” (I love bears) repeating: Maybe (and this is a huge maybe), the reason so many men are feeling compelled to wear pantyhose is because so few women are wearing pantyhose for them. In other words, men aren’t getting to enjoy pantyhose on their women, so perhaps the only satisfaction they can get is to wear pantyhose themselves.

          OK, obviously, after reading so many letters like Mark’s, JA’s and now yours, it’s a great deal more than just that. But this is where I disembark. I can’t pretend to understand how men feel about … well, anything, really … so I’ll let you guys debate away here in my blog.

          Thanks again for your comment, Morgan.

    • Hi from France

      I can see how Mark’s analys is near mine. When i read, i have a self-discovery when i read what he wrote, some likes runs, others without any imperfections. It’s my case and i change immediatly if a see the less little run in the pantyhose i’m wearing or if a little hook shows a very lttle point of bare skin.

      For some economic reason, when one of my pantyhose is ruined, il keep it after having cut with the ruined leg. When i make a run in the same model and shade of pantyhose, i do one with 2 and i add a pantyhose panty ( 2 legs cut) over them to not have a junction problem near my intimates ( don’t laugh ) but i’m doing some economy with that. In other way, more the pantyhose come high on my torso, more i’m happy.

      In some of my models i own with high panties part, i’ve asked my wife to made some straps with large fabric elastic where she knitted on some buttons and made some buttonholes. When i wear this kind of pantyhose, i make delicately some holes in the waistband and i pass the straps through these holes , i make a loop with strap and lock the strap on herself with the button and buttonhole. So i can wear my pantyhose with straps over my shoulders, keeping pantyhose in place high on my chest like a bodystocking without sleeves.

      It’s not very practical when i have to go where you guess but i take my T-shirt off and i slide the straps on my arms before sitting. I’m sure some will laugh reading these lines and i don’t care about that but it’s to say that i like wearing, when i can do it, my pantyhoses in this this manner due to my degree of fetishism .

      Friendly Robin said me that i’m very comfortable with my fetishism. It’s easy to be comfortable through a computer with an anonymous e-mail, and talking freely with all of us, living on the other side of Atlantic ocean, but in the real life, it’s not easy at all. As i said in my testimonies, just my wife (and sons) and now, my mother are knowing about my pantyhoses habits and i do all i can do to not be caught by other persons.

      On some french sites about men wearing pantyhose, some of men are boasting that they’re wearing openly with shorts as i do myself and are going, dressed like that, in public with no problems.

      Personnaly, I’d never seen ( except in carnaval periods) a man wearing pantyhose with short in the street, but i hope to can do it myself one day but i don’t want at all to be the first, if you see what i mean.

      I just hope this kind of thing will become soon so anodyne that ladies in pants.

    • think tht there are more n more men becoming comfortble n acheiving this feel of shaven legs n pulling up hosery over there feet n legs n expereincing n loving the loom touch n feel of this garment n i prefer sheer to waist n or sheer energy sheer panty meaning the non support or non control top n omg i love it tht my woman loves me in hose just as i love her in hers n she also accepts the heels on by both ofus n then to highten the expereince we made our way to satan sheets n both are amazed of the feeling of us both n hose on the satan sheets with legs intertwinded n rubbed against the both others legs n hose n sheets feeling magical with mixed with our love making time comes omg love pantyhose n my fetish started back young age i remember stealing my moms n aunts hose n sneaking n my room or bathroom or alone time n pulling them on n being aroused to the max n its still to this day magically desired by myself emmmm love the garments of hose

    • Thanks for your input. You are completely correct in your assumption that there is a incredible market for pantyhose and not just women. The power of pantyhose and the reason for this is easily explained. Many women shun having to wear pantyhose in some cases because of the maintenance involved. Shaving, pedicures, costs in the long term. Others feel confined and already have more important issues than leg wear. Spanx for example maybe popular, but lack certain ideas about conventional wisdom. In conclusion, we assume that men who endeavor to wear pantyhose and other attire may have a fetish or deviation from the norm. Women have no such thing as a fetish- and if they do , it’s considered fashionable not a paraphilia.

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  • First of all I’d like to say what an amazing site. Very professional. I’ve tried to look for a forum like this but could only find sleazy sites.
    I have a ‘fetish’ with nylon and I just want to understand where it comes from!! I see a lot of comments saying it stems form being a child…… but why!!! I did wear when I was young but can’t understand why other than I loved the feeling.

    I still like to wear now, it makes me feel confident and somewhat powerful. I always thought growing up that the ‘fetish’ would diminish, but it just grows stronger… anybody else feel this? I’m 34 with an amazing wife who is trying to understand it, I just find it hard to explain it.

    Thoughts would be very much appreciated!

    • Hi L.W,

      Thank you for your comment and compliment, and welcome to The ActSenusous blog.

      You’re definitely in the right place, and we’re happy to have you. Hope to see more comments from you in the future.

      • Thank you for your reply! I’ve just been going through some more of the blogs…. what an amazing, well written and interesting site you have! Think I have a great place to finally express how I feel… Thank you!

        • Hi Robin:

          I really enjoy your blog. The tone is very mature and non-judgmental and it’s nice that you welcome comments from men, even though the product you promote is designed for women. I was a late bloomer, about nineteen, when I realized I had a pantyhose fetish. It was sparked by two incidents.

          On my first day of college, one of my new classmates was a girl, who looked to be approximately 20 lbs overweight. She was wearing a skirt and pantyhose and I couldn’t help but notice how nice her legs looked. The hose made them look slimmer and very shapely. We eventually became good friends and I went out with her for awhile. I never told her how much I liked her hose, but did compliment her on her appearance from time to time.

          The second incident occurred when I was working in an office in my early twenties. All the young women were into casual dress and seldom wore skirts or dresses. However, a woman in her forties, wore a dress and pantyhose approximately two or three times per week. Because of the way she dressed, I thought she was more attractive than the younger women, even though she was twenty-five years older than me. One day I paid her a compliment and told her I liked her dress.

          Keep in mind, this was more than thirty years ago. I would never dream of making such a remark today. She thanked me and seemed genuinely flattered that a young man thought she looked nice. Somehow, I think she would have given me a cold stare if I had told her that I liked her pantyhose.

          Women really do underestimate the power of pantyhose. They hide imperfections in older legs, add color to pale legs and make heavier legs look more slender and shapely. Most high heeled shoes look great with hose, especially when the toes and portions of the foot are exposed.

          I am not the least bit ashamed of my pantyhose fetish. My rule on fetishes is this: If it’s an item of clothing that can be worn in public, there is nothing wrong with admitting you think its sexy.

          • Hi chuck169,

            Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous blog.

            Your story is a good one, and I agree with everything you wrote, although I think, given the age difference at the time, you could have told your coworker that you liked her pantyhose, and she might have been amused by it, then later, flattered. I think since you were so much younger at the time, she might have thought you and what you said were harmless.

            Also, you’re right that today, unfortunately, one likely couldn’t compliment a female coworker about (anything, really) her pantyhose.

            Finally, I think there is never anything to apologize for about having a pantyhose fetish. There are many more worse ones a guy could have today, but admiring how pantyhose look on a lady seems a classy and sophisticated thing to me.

            Thanks again, chuck169, and I hope to see more comments from you here.

            • Thanks for your reply. My fetish definitely caused me to push the envelope with the older co-worker. I was very young and I am just thankful that I did not cross any boundaries and offend her.

              As it turns out, this is not the first time I have read your blog. A few years ago, I made a Google search of one of my favorite TV shows and clicked on a link to ActSensuous.

              In the thread, your were highly critical of actresses over 40 sporting bear legs on TV. I agree with you completely. At that age, sporting bear legs on TV is almost as bad as not wearing make-up.

          • OMG!! You are so dead on. Back in my 20’s (early 80’s) you could openly compliment a woman in her dress and pantyhose, even her shoes, and you would get a great smile and usually a thank you. A few times, it was an ice breaker to a conversation about the outfit and such. Today you do that, and you’re dead. Or a pervert, stalker, etc…

  • Hey there! Great website. I grew up in the 70’s, the age of very short skirts, strappy low heals and lots of beige, tan and nude pantyhose. I miss those times. Has any male out there ever asked a cheerleader, Flight Attendant or any women for her pantyhose? Is there a certain way to approach them if you do? Would say that the majority of women would be willing to give you their hose if you approach or ask in them in a certain way? Or maybe it’s best if you don’t take the risk of embarrassment, or worse in asking at all. Thanks

    • Hey James,

      Thank you for your first comment here, and welcome to The ActSensuous blog.

      Ahhhhh, the 1970s, a great decade for music, movies and fashion (particularly, pantyhose). Well, I’ve heard, anyway. I’m way too young to have experienced that era firsthand. 🙂

      I think it was a relatively safe period for issuing a compliment to a woman on her beautiful pantyhose, but asking a cheerleader, flight attendant or everyday regular woman for her pantyhose … I don’t know about that. Probably would depend on her mood, as well as your approach.

      But I’d sure like to hear our other readers’ answers to that question. Hope we get some good ones.

      Please come here again, James, and let us know your success or failure rate, if you try it.

    • In the 70’s, it was easy to acquire some worn pantyhose. I never asked straight forward for them, but I have asked for them after they have become soiled. During that time, it was considered a compliment to want her pantyhose after sex. But I have been with few who wouldn’t give them up because they was so part of their wardrobe, they didn’t want to part with them.

  • Hi Robin,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog on Oct 18, 2016, “Power that comes with wearing pantyhose unknown to most ladies!”

    When you were talking about men whose gfs won’t wear pantyhose for them, I felt you were talking directly to me actually. I’ve been dealing with thoughts for a while now whether this relationship, of about 8 years now, is worth continuing without having my passion for a woman in pantyhose being satisfied (in public or especially in the bedroom).

    I feel that if I elect to break it off with her that I’d be shallow minded. But I don’t want to feel like I’m basing a potential long term relationship, or possibly marriage, on whether she’ll wear pantyhose.

    Like many others, I think my infatuation for women in nylons (pantyhose, thigh highs, etc) probably goes back to my childhood, well before puberty, and just seems to have manifested to a level of desire, as I think they also enhance a woman’s femininity, elegance, and certainly sex appeal.

    I’ve always preferred the earth-tone shades, never cared for the rainbow colors, and definitely not fishnets! Your blog is absolutely fantastic Robin! It’s extremely refreshing to read about others that have very similar thoughts/feelings as I do, as well as experiencing/experienced similar situations with their gfs or wives.

    I know I need to have a serious, difficult conversation with my gf to readdress my preferences. In the past, she has acknowledged my desire for her to wear hose (she prefers thigh highs, hates pantyhose…too uncomfortable), but has only acquiesced a few times, reluctantly, because feels she shouldn’t have to wear them in the bedroom. She has told me that makes her feel like trash and that I don’t find her sexy or erotic without them.

    I hope this isn’t TMI or inappropriate for your blog…perhaps if there are other men, and certainly women, who read my comments can give me some advice.

    Thank you again for keeping this blog going!

    • Hi Tim,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome the The ActSensuous blog.

      I’m with you regarding everything you wrote, except I don’t believe having a serious talk with your gf about this should have to be difficult. If she’s that set against wearing for you, I would be afraid the relationship already is in peril.

      I hate hearing that she thinks pantyhose are “too uncomfortable” because that tells me probably the few times she’s worn them, she chose the wrong size, or more likely, the wrong style. You ought to invite her to read my post: What’s your ‘feeling’ about pantyhose?, or my explanation on our website about why women “think” pantyhose are uncomfortable.


      In both places, I state that the vast majority of pantyhose manufacturers today make pantyhose with spandex (man-made compound of rubberized particles), which can make pantyhose too tight, especially around the waist and hips. However, if she were to try 100 percent nylon pantyhose in the proper size, she could not say, with any sincerity, that pantyhose are uncomfortable. If she did, then she is just making excuses, as she’s one of those women who just hate (even the very concept of) pantyhose.

      In such a case, you will never be fully happy or satisfied in your relationship with this woman. Sorry, Tim, but I have little patience with women who are so hostile about a thing as beautiful, delicate and decidedly feminine as pantyhose.

      So please know that you aren’t being shallow for considering an end to your relationship just because your gf refuses to wear for you even occasionally. Who’s really the shallow person here?

      In any case, I’ll say again that I am no marriage counselor (thank God, huh?), and it’s really not even my place to give advice about such things. Nevertheless, as I’ve stated many times in this blog, if a man’s gf or wife won’t do such a simple and innocent thing as wear pantyhose from time to time for him, he ought to be wondering (as you are) whether she’s truly the right one for him.

    • I have to agree with ActSensuous. My first wife enjoyed wearing pantyhose. In the late 80’s we were “Swingers” and would go to Swing parties. My wife love to dress up and show off and tease.

      Most of her outfits came from Fredrick’s of Hollywood. She loved to wear sheer body stockings in nude or black, plus open toe heels. Unfortunately we didn’t last long because of her wanting to swing solo. My second wife was Hispanic. She was a gift from God. She wore pantyhose day and night, even to bed. Most every pair she wore was crotchless (she cut them herself).

      She wore open toe heels all the time. She didn’t let anybody influence her and she even defended my love for hose and heels by saying she dressed that way for her man. She was my queen. After 20 years of marriage she succumbed to cancer.

      My current partner is Asian. She is originally from Japan. She is 50 years old but looks 25. 🙂 She also wears pantyhose day and night, and she sometimes wears them to bed. She loves to please and her loyalty is so amazing. So is her soft touch.

      I guess my point is a true happy life means partnering with someone who shares what you like. Your needs are important. I hear so many stories of relationships that start out filling your needs then for some reason, they stop. When I met each of my wives, I explained my love and passions with them, and in return, they did the same with me.

      Yes, some women despise pantyhose and have sworn to never touch them. Those women can never be a part of my life, but there is a woman out there who will fill your needs and you hers. They exist. Happiness is the success of all relationships.

      Good Luck! 🙂

      • Wow, what a comment, BigJim.

        You’ve lived and are living your life being true to your passions and the standards of beauty you hold for your women. Good for you. I hope this inspires at least some of all those men who’ve commented here about how their wives or gfs know of their love for pantyhose, yet, refuse to wear for them, even occasionally.

        It is refreshing to hear the success you’ve enjoyed by being honest from the outset, and looking to share your passions together.

        Thanks, BigJim.

  • Found an interesting article. Thought I’d share it with the community:

    Pantyhose fetishism

    Due to the nature of this website, I think it’s inevitable that pantyhose fetishists visit these pages as well; therefore it is suitable that we address that issue too. For people less open for the unusual, pantyhose fetishism is like some sort of a nasty disease with unknown origins. In reality, it is everything but that though. Turns out that being a pantyhose fetishist doesn’t mean one is homosexual, nor does it mean that he/she is some sort of a weirdo. Apparently, it is about as harmful from an erotic perspective as being the member of a motorcycle club or collecting stamps.

    What exactly is pantyhose fetishism though? Pantyhose fetishism is by definition a form of fetishism (sexual desire induced by the presence and visual appearance of certain inanimate objects), related to ladies’ pantyhose. This peculiar form of fetishism seems to have deep roots in pantyhose fetishists, in the sense that it can usually be traced back to an early childhood experience.

    How pantyhose fetishists get hooked on nylons is relatively easy to explain. Given the visually appealing nature of pantyhose and the fact that kids are easy to visually impress, the whole thing is self-explanatory really. Pantyhose fetishism may or may not extend to stockings and bodystockings. More often than not, pantyhose fetishism starts before puberty when those who go on to develop the fetish, experiment by wearing their sister’s or their mother’s hosiery. Pantyhose fetishism may manifest itself in several ways:

    – Males/females wearing hosiery alone and experiencing sexual arousal as a result.
    – One or both partners wearing pantyhose/stockings during sexual intercourse.
    – The simple fondling of pantyhose/hosiery with the goal of attaining sexual arousal.
    – Experiencing increased arousal when watching females in pantyhose.
    – Completely encasing oneself in pantyhose.
    – etc.

    Pantyhose fetishism is – from a social perspective – off the beaten path and therefore not readily acceptable. This lack of social acceptance may lead to the development of guilt and doubt in pantyhose fetishists who may even begin to question their own sexual orientation as a result.

    According to statistics however, the vast majority of pantyhose fetishist males are NOT the least bit attracted to the same sex: they are overwhelmingly heterosexual. A handy explanation would be that the very essence of the attraction that pantyhose and nylons exert over this category is rooted in the underlying femininity of hosiery. Someone who is not – by nature – attracted to femininity, will find it difficult to place pantyhose onto a fetish pedestal. It is indeed statistically confirmed that homosexuals don’t really care much about wearing pantyhose or seeing other people wear it. Therefore, fetishists shouldn’t question themselves from a sexual perspective, simply on account of society’s failure to accept the highly unusual/shocking.

    Most pantyhose fetishists will keep their turn-on a secret though, and this secrecy and feeling of guilt may in time further amplify an already voracious fetish.

    Given the fact that most males seem to appreciate the visual appearance of female legs encased in nylons more than the bare-legged look, it is safe to say that the majority of males do in fact nurture some degree of pantyhose fetishism. Some however take this preference for nylon clad legs further, and those are commonly referred to as “fetishists”. At the end of the day, it is really only a question of how much one likes the nylon look.

    Another issue that often arises in the mind of the pantyhose fetishist: does pantyhose and nylon fetishism have anything to do with trans-sexuality and transgender issues? The answer is again: no. As long as one doesn’t feel like he/she is in fact a member of the opposite sex stuck in the wrong body, trans-sexuality is out of the question. Such issues run much deeper than getting a kick out of putting on some nylons.

  • Hi my name les this is the best blog yet i was worndering if u could n ur own wards explian a hosiery fetishism is i need a little help i been working on a projectto help my gf to understand my passion for hosiery. to make along story short i need help to help her understand i love hose so much maybe she can start getting n to wearin hose alittle morein a better understandment for my passion in love for hose in feet.
    Thanks, les

    • Hi Les,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      You ask for me to explain in my own words a hosiery fetish. Well, in the post you’ve commented on, What drives our pantyhose fetish?, and in a similar one in this blog: How/Why do I have this pantyhose fetish?, in each case, those ARE my own words.

      I don’t know how I could state my feelings about a pantyhose fetish any differently than I have in this forum many times. However, since you asked, I will say this: First, I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a pantyhose fetish, and therefore, nothing to be ashamed of about it. Second, I believe having a pantyhose fetish is (under the vast majority of circumstances) completely harmless. Third, I believe that for the most part, of all the fetishes men could have, women should be the most relieved that their men love pantyhose because one rightfully could associate a man’s noticing and admiring a woman’s legs in pantyhose as that of someone who is a gentleman, is professional and has class.

      Of course, I say that because (especially, in today’s world) a woman who wears pantyhose at the office, to a formal event and because it is called for with her outfit, is one others would call a lady, who is professional, and has class.

      Les, the most difficult thing to answer about your request is that I have no way of knowing (nor would I want to) what your relationship with your gf is like. I would hope that your relationship is loving, supportive, giving, honest and caring. If so, I cannot fathom how it could be so difficult for your gf to do such a simple and lovely thing for you, (and for any woman not to accept her man’s simple, honest and innocent desire for her to wear something as beautiful, elegant, delicate and decidedly feminine as a pair of pantyhose).

      Now, missing the boat on all those counts, I have to believe that any man has the wrong woman in his life. To me, there’s no excuse for a woman to deny her man such a such a request. And, if a woman does deny her man this, why would he want her to be his woman in the first place?

      I think today, it’s important for a man to tell his new girlfriend his feelings about pantyhose early in the relationship. That shouldn’t be too difficult. If you take your new gf on a few dates to very nice venues and you wear dress slacks, dress shoes, a dress shirt and a jacket, and she wears pants, I think you let that one incident go. Then, on the next date, you tell her you’re taking her to another nice place and you show up dressed nicely and she wears pants again, or a dress with no pantyhose, you let that one go. And on the third date, if it happens again, you should have strong suspicions that she’s not the one for you. But if you otherwise like her tremendously, you politely tell her your feelings about the kind of girl you’re looking for, and if that’s not her, she’ll know, and more importantly, you’ll know.

      The main thing I can tell you, Les, is be polite and show her what’s in your heart. But, more than anything else, it all has to start with you. You’ve got to be kind, considerate, honest and good to her first. If you are all those things to her, and she won’t wear pantyhose for (herself, first) (and for you, second), then you have a decision to make.

      Really, it’s up to you, Les. It’s up to all men.

  • Like many on here, my fetish started at an early age, around 4 or 5. Back in the early 70’s when most women wore them faithfully, I was able to feel the leg of my sisters friend, I guess she didn’t mind me rubbing it due to my age, but ever since then I have been obsessed with them. pantyhose, tights, thigh highs, even knee highs to a small degree. Even the smell of them drives me crazy.

    There are several points that others have brought up that I share the same feeling. For me those with cut off feet do nothing for me, (yet I have no real foot fetish) Bare legs look unfinished to me, just wear pants! Wearing a long dress and boots, again negates the whole idea of wearing them for me.

    As far as colors go, I prefer natural/tan//sheer colors, that compliment the woman’s natural skin tone. However, Black, white, grey and other colors like hot pink etc, turn me on also.

    It’s about the look and the feel. For that reason I loathe fishnets. I cannot stand the way they feel. Shiny hose or anything with sparkle is like an added bonus for me. I wish more women would get on board. I have ended many of an otherwise great relationship simply because the woman refused to wear them. Women can forgo putting makeup on, but please put those nylons of some kind on with a mid length or higher dress, and the shoes for me are unimportant, heels do look great, but flats are just fine too.

    • Hi Nylon leg nut,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Yes, you’re right on with the points that many others here have brought up. Thanks for sharing your views. Hope to hear more from you.

  • Hello,

    My name is Paula and I work for a chiropractor as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) I am 45 years old and have been wearing pantyhose most of my adult life. One of my regular clients gave me five pairs of Act IV pantyhose and asked me to stop by this blog and say hi.

    As an LMT, I wear smocks at work, but I usually wear pantyhose underneath because they feel good on my legs while standing all day giving massages. However, when I go out and dress up, or just have on a jean skirt or sundress, I always wear pantyhose because they make me feel feminine and look sexy. I still look pretty good and they tell me I have nice legs, if I do say so myself.

    One day while giving this client a massage, he noticed I was wearing hose and he asked about it. I told him I liked wearing them, but to be honest, I really never gave it much thought, that’s just something a woman does to look nice and feel pretty. I always thought bare legs looked cheap. I told him I think all women should wear hose, especially when wearing a dress or skirt. So, he asked me if I would try Act IV, I agreed and at our next session he gave me five pairs, two black and three suntan. I really like the Act IV; they are soft, sheer and elegant and almost feel like a second skin. They look magnificent too.

    My daughter was going to homecoming and was putting on her dress, and she asked me if I had any more of those pantyhose she saw me wearing the night before. I said, you have hose in your bed room and besides you normally go bare legged. She said, yes, but they look so great on you and I want to wear hose with my dress tonight. So, you should be proud that you got a 15 year old girl to want to wear pantyhose.

    Since I have five pairs, I gave her a pair of the suntan, and they really looked nice on her. God, I hope she didn’t have every boy in the school looking at her. Robin, you have really nice hose and I plan on making the Act IV my primary brand.

    That was a nice story about the bear too.

    I think I saw my client giving a pair to our tech at the chiropractor’s office last week. I think he is on a quest. haha

    • Hi Paula,

      Thank you introducing yourself and sharing your awesome experience with us. And, welcome to ActSensuous.

      Wow, what a fabulous comment. I am so pleased your client introduced you to ActSensuous and The ActSensuous Blog. There are many hundreds of male readers here, and they so long to read the viewpoints of women (besides mine all the time), so I hope we will hear from you as often as you are so inclined to comment here.

      I must say, Paula, you are one of those very special ladies I often write about. Ladies, such as you, give hope and inspiration to our readers who yearn for evidence that not all women hate pantyhose. I loved (and the men here will, as well) what you said about “bear” legs looking cheap, and that you always wear pantyhose with a dress or skirt.

      And, yes, you are right. I am very proud to know that your 15-year-old daughter wanted to wear pantyhose (especially, Act IV) to her homecoming.

      You have made my evening, Paula.

      Thank you again for your comment, and please do keep in touch.

      Oh, and you are right again. David most definitely is on a mission (to assist me in my mission to bring sheer pantyhose back into the mainstream). He tells me he is “bear hunting.” 🙂

      All the best to you and your daughter,


      comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog

      • Robin,

        Thank you for such a wonderful welcome, you have really made me feel at home at your blog. As I said, I was reluctant to say hi, but David asked me to stop by and it looked like a fun place. I am glad I did. I am sure I will enjoy stopping by from time to time.

        Please allow me to tell a funny pantyhose story. I told this to David one day during a massage. I think David wanted to cry, because a pair of hose gave the ultimate sacrifice at the end of this story. (Just kidding David.)

        Back when I was around 19 or 20 years old and working my way through school, I drove an old Ford Escort. This car had once been in an accident, and it was on its last leg (Bear leg) LOL. The car was red but it had a black hood from a salvage yard, and I was embarrassed to be seen driving it. But it got me to where I needed to be.

        On one Saturday afternoon I decided to go for a drive in the county to just be alone and enjoy the pretty day, and I ended up getting lost. I got so turned around I didn’t think I would ever find my way home. There were no gas stations, or convenience stores, just corn fields.

        I had gotten up that morning and put on a tee shirt, a pair of cutoff jeans and of course, pantyhose. I always wore pantyhose, even with cutoff jeans. I once even put on a pair of hose going to the beach. Anyway, I finally started seeing some familiar landscapes and could breathe a sigh of relief. All of a sudden, my serpentine belt on my car broke. I pulled over to the side of the road and there was nothing or no one in sight and it was getting dark.

        There I was in the middle of rural Ohio stranded because of a stupid belt. So I got innovative, I took off my pantyhose and made a belt out of them. My pantyhose got me home. I felt bad for ruining a perfectly good pair of pantyhose, but what was a girl to do?

        • Hey Paula,

          Wow, another awesome comment by you. Wow-2: What a girly-girl you are — you wore pantyhose even in your teens and as a young adult, and you wore even with cutoffs. Wow-3: You fixed your car with your pantyhose. That is amazing. I’ll bet that’s not on anyone’s list of reasons one should always wear pantyhose.

          Now, Paula, you have to tell us how your daughter liked our pantyhose during her Homecoming. Please. All the readers here will want to know.

          Thank you again for another great comment.

          • My daughter only had one complaint about the hose, she is not used to wearing heels, and she complained that wearing hose made her foot slide in her shoes. But she really liked wearing hose, and I gave her a couple pairs of mine.

            She did get some ridicule from a couple of the girls saying, “Are you trying to look like your grandma with those pantyhose?” Most teenagers would have made excuses and given in to peer pressure. However, she is more of a trend setter than a follower, so when she likes something, she goes for it despite what others say.

            What she did next I think is hilarious, and where she came up with this idea, God only knows. She looked at the main girl giving her a hard time and pointed to one of the “Hot guys” who was standing close by. She said, I am going to walk to the refreshment table and back, and then you do the same. Miss congeniality said, why? My daughter said, just do it, I’ll go first. So she walks over to the table and back and then the other girl did the same. The other girl said, “Ok I did it, so what??” My daughter said, who’s legs did he stare at, not yours. And then she walks off leaving her speechless.

            I noticed the next school week, she wore pantyhose every day, not always Act IV but she wore pantyhose. I am sure it was to make a statement that she will do what she wants to do. God help us when she is grown, and she has a little sister. LOL

            • Like mother, like daughter, Paula. She sounds like a great teen. Thank you for sharing this about her.

              And thanks for keeping the comments coming. You’re going to be more popular than me pretty soon. 🙂

    • Paula, thanks for posting. I am so glad that there are still ladies who want to look classy when they are wearing dresses and skirts. What a great story about your daughter. Hopefully after here experience with the Act IV at homecoming she well want to continue your legacy of looking her best and wearing hosiery as the rule, not the exception
      As Robin pointed out, her loyal male readers always enjoy hearing from women who embrace their feminity and want to look their best from head to toe. Welcome…we look forward to hearing more from you.

  • I’ve had a pantyhose fetish seriously as long as I can remember. My wife wears pantyhose alot and even under her scrubs at work. I wear when I have my “alone time” but have no interest in wearing if she has them on.

  • I’ve been hose person for as far as I can remember. My brother told me when I was little around the age of 5 or 6 years old he had his girlfriend over, they were in the mid to late teens, at our house and the three of us were in the kitchen. I had hid under the kitchen table with my toys while the table cloth hid me from passerbys.

    He told me that I was feeling up his girlfriends sheer pantyhose legs humming like a little perve. He thought I was eating sweets. I was instead feeling the sweets! She was giggling and thought it was cute so she let me continue for a little bit. My brother said I felt her up more than he had by that time! He said it was because she was wearing nylons and that all of us boys, the other brothers, love legs in nylons.

    I love to see a woman in sheer nylons. My wife will wear them for me but she too complains about them. She thinks her legs are ugly and doesn’t like the attention.

    Her mother has great legs and she knows of my fetish thanks to my wife’s big mouth. But because of that she’s a little flirty with me while she’s wearing silky hose. WIN WIN !!!

      • Robin,

        Thank you for the welcome.

        I forgot to mention that I guess my affinity to silky things was due to always having blankets with the satiny fringes growing up. I loved my blanket with the silky edges!

        I guess because of that I always associated the sheeny shine of sheer hose to silky smooth softness. I’ve always been attracted to silky shiny looking hose either pantyhose or thigh highs. It is the most feminine garment on the planet.

        As my wife’s pretty mom once said of nylons “that’s what they’re for…for them to be seen and looked at.”

        I love a woman who understands the power of the most beautiful garment on earth.

        Thank you for your Blog and your non judgementalness.

  • This is a very interesting question which I’ve thought about a lot. I think this fetish comes in a lot of flavors. For me, it’s all about the black tights. I’m really not sure exactly why they turn me on, but they do.

    It’s first and foremost a visual thing for me. I’ve noticed that I’m particularly turned on by opaque black tights. Sheer doesn’t do much for me, and neither do nudes or other colors. I also noticed that the more leg I see in black tights, the more attracted I am.. IE if a woman is wearing a long skirt and high boots with black tights..nothing. However, if she is wearing shorts and ballet flats… I can’t help but stare and get a huge erection. And for some reason- leggings just don’t do it for me! Nothing more disappointing than seeing hosiery that is cut off at the ankle. It seems like my fetish is very particular/specific!

    I never knew I had this fetish really until I had my first real girlfriend at around 19 years old. When she wore black tights, I found her irresistible. Before that, I never even thought about black tights. Once I realized what was going on, I realized that I must have a tights fetish.

    Thinking back on it, as a kid I always found black sexy. I had a weird thing where I didn’t want to wear black socks ever and would fight my mom about it… however, I secretly had this fascination with them and would wear them at home when no one was looking. Black was “naughty” for me. I eventually grew out of that, but it wasn’t until my first girlfriend wore black tights that I really noticed my sexual attraction for them.

    That being said, there is just something extremely feminine about black tights to me. I’m turned on by the mere fact of knowing that a girl loves to wear black tights out and that she made the decision to put them on. I associate it with a certain confidence which I find very sexy. I think it has to do with knowing that she is purposefully drawing attention to her legs and making the decision to wear a sexy pair of black tights to accentuate features versus another girl who just put on pants. I feel like a girl in black opaque tights is more promiscuous, confident, and feminine (though I recognize that this probably isn’t true lol) Girls wearing black tights are usually wearing skirts/dresses/shorts which I find much sexier than pants/jeans. Black tights are just so alluring to me and I love all women who choose to wear them. I exclusively masturbate to just candid pictures of girls in their outfits with black opaque tights, not even doing anything particularly sexy.

    I also love the feel of tights too. Nothing like running my hand over my fiance’s tights. I also definitely don’t have a foot fetish but feet in black tights can turn me on! In fact, like I stated earlier, it MUST be full black tights that cover the feet that gets me going. Otherwise, I’m not that into it. Also seeing the top/gusset portion of tights is awesome.. kind of like the forbidden fruit like another poster mentioned.

    My attraction to opaque black tights is definitely a weird thing and I can’t pinpoint the WHY. Visually, it just looks sexy as hell for me. Mentally, black tights are the epitome of sexuality, femininity, and I associate it with confidence and allure.

    It’s intersting to hear everyone elses reasons and it really does seem like this fetish comes in a lot of flavors and everyone is into different things for different reasons. I’m not into wearing tights at all, but it’s interesting to me that some men are into that too.

    I used to think it was a weird thing and felt uncomfortable about it, but now that my fiance is a black tights wearer and loves to appease me my tights fetish has been a dream come true. She loves it too because of how easy it is to turn me on and make me go crazy.

    • Hi Adrian Medina,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Yes, you have a true fetish. I like that black tights don’t have the same effect on you when they are paired with a long skirt and high boots, just as bare feet don’t do it for you, but feet in black tights really get to you.

      You are as particular about such things as I am.

      Thanks again for commenting, and I hope we hear more from you in the future.

      I also don’t care for legging.

      • I’m glad I found this site. I agree I’m a black pantyhose guy myself foremost , but the other darker colors pique my interest as well. I remember my mothers friend had them on at a party when I was little & I was hooked. As a kid I’d see my aunt have them on & id get these feelings that I know weren’t right but I didn’t care! Even today I’ll see a crossdressers in them & get the same stirrings even tho men do nothing for me. At least it’s one of the healthier fetishes to have I guess 🙂

  • The problem with all the expert theories is – They don’t account for people like me.
    I do not have a foot-fetish – bare feet do absolutely nothing for me. I do have a nylon-fetish.
    Here’s the thing – I’ve had it since I was 5 years old. It’s one of my earliest memories: This was back in the 60s, when women always wore nylons – even in the house. (Ahhh – the Good Old Days). My mother was sitting at the kitchen table, shelling hazelnuts. She had kicked off her shoes. I was playing under the table. For some reason, I noticed her nylon-clad feet and lost interest in my toys. I began fondling her feet. (She didn’t seem to mind, as she neither pulled her feet back, nor told me to stop, lol.) I must have really enjoyed the sight and feel, because it gave me the first erection, I remember. I was too young to understand what was happening of course – I just remember the exquisite pressure/ache in my nether regions.

    So – as I was only five, and was barely aware of the fact, that females were somewhat different from males, I can only assume there was some sort of biological/genetic programming involved. I offer no explanation. I only say that the theories of the experts are way too simplistic.

    I am now nearing 60, And there is still nothing which turns me on more than the sight of a woman’s feet – and legs – in nylons.

    Sadly, a sight which has become very rare – in the real world, at least.

    • Hi Frank,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      You discovered an awful lot at age 5. Wow. I thought boys were basically asleep at the wheel until about 11. Anyway, I say embrace your fetish, never let it go and always look for ways to fulfill it — even in today’s real world.

  • Dear Robin,

    First of all, thank you so much for your blog. The energy you invest in bringing pantyhose back is incredible. Your cause is a noble one. I cannot understand why women voluntarily got rid of one of the most powerful “weapons” they have when it comes to being attractive and sexy.

    I live in Europe, where pantyhose are still more frequent, but whenever I go to the US I am “shocked” by the overwhelmingly (almost exclusively) “bear” (I like the term!) legs there.

    I am in the lucky position that my wife is very understanding, and she wears pantyhose when we have sex, so I am really pretty privileged on that front.

    So, back to the original question. What drives our fetish?

    Apart from all the obvious reasons (silkiness, sexiness, …) I often wondered why I like pantyhose but am not aroused by stockings and garters. I think the reason is that stockings are actually worn to appear sexy, are explicitly meant to be seen even in intimate situations, while pantyhose are more kind of “private” and are (at least their “upper” part) not meant to be seen. The reinforcement, the gusset, the seam holding the two parts together, all this is objectively not pretty – and therefore extremely exciting once we are allowed to see it. So if we see an otherwise naked woman in pantyhose, this is the ultimate transgression: We see something that we are not supposed to see. The same applies (maybe even more) to nylon socks and knee highs, normally worn under pants. It arouses me tremendously to see my wife naked, wearing only knee highs, as this is the ultimate intimacy: No one else is allowed to see this, this is the final taboo broken.

    OK, I hope this makes sense… (English is also not my native language… 🙂

    • Hi PantyhoseLover,

      Thank you for your excellent comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Also, thanks for your compliment about the energy I put into my cause for bringing pantyhose back.

      Congratulations on having a wife who cares enough about you to wear pantyhose for you, and it’s good that you realize that you’re “privileged” in that regard.

      You have an interesting take (very similar to mine) on the mystique surrounding pantyhose, as opposed to stockings. I am not the least bit interested in stockings, but love pantyhose for many of the reasons you mentioned.

      As for the top part of pantyhose not being meant to be seen, except in the most intimate of situations, I do understand that thinking.

      On the other hand, what’s different about ActSensuous is we make our pantyhose intentionally beautiful to be seen in all their glory, as they are completely sheer-to-waist, meaning no there are no reinforced areas, no cotton panel, and in fact, no gusset whatsoever. I get the excitement level of seeing the forbidden areas that most pantyhose out there offer, and I liked that at one time myself. However, I started ActSensuous, in part, because I no longer could find the kind that are completely S-T-W — what I now believe make pantyhose sexiest.

      Also, it’s interesting that you apply the same arousal factor to nylon footies and knee highs, as they are meant to be worn under pants and not generally seen. There’s a perspective I hadn’t run in to before.

      Again, thank you for your comment, PantyhoseLover. And, by the way, if English is not your native language, you certainly pull it off very nicely. Yours is a very well-conceived and well-written comment.

      Now, let’s please hear more from you in the future.

    • As a European from Poland I can confirm that women here really care for their legs by wearing pantyhose daily and sometimes even during the summertime. However what I can not agree with is PantyhoseLover’s assumption that attractiveness of pantyhose derives from their “privacy” and concealment.

      My own assertion goes to the contrary. Women’s legs in pantyhose are so alluring when they are exposed to be seen and admired. Obviously, there are more or less intimate parts of female body and garments but I suppose that pantyhose were designed more to show than to hide. I mean legs above the knee. They can not be compared to women’s underwear which is indeed reserved for private and out of sight in daily circumstances.

      The power of pantyhose is the ability to express seductive charm in everyday public life, at work, in the streets, at home. A woman in pantyhose wearing a short skirt or a dress is perfect enough to increase men’s heart rate without showing seams or pants. Her whole legs and body are just exciting. That is why I don’t like knee highs which appear to deform this beautiful image.

      Pantyhose make woman look complete, integral, secure and most of all – fully feminine.


  • Hi Guys.😇

    Great discussions here.

    Wowser. …….sound’s like pantyhose legs are rare over in the USA. That’s a big shame. It was American TV such as “Dynasty” that ignited my hose obsession. So sad to hear things have changed.

    Things couldn’t be more different here in the UK as pantyhose legs are everywhere. Absolutely everywhere! They are just a part of the fashion. My wife always wears them and she has incredible legs and thighs and feet. So living the pantyhose dream.

    I hope things change for you guys as soon as possible. If not get yourself over to the UK. 😊

    • Hi Big D,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      It’s great to hear from another source across the pond. We do have hundreds of loyal customers (and readers) from throughout the UK. For that matter, we have thousands of customers (and readers) from almost every corner of the globe.

      Seems only in the U.S. a “bear” legs culture could exist, but take heart: Things aren’t quite as bleak as had you written this same comment back in 2001 (when ActSensuous was founded). Today, pantyhose are showing up more and more in magazines, on fashion runways, on music stages (except in the case of Carrie Underwood; hate her), in movies, on TV shows and even TV commercials.

      I think the vast majority of people in the U.S. would agree that we all owe a debt of gratitude to Duchess of Windsor, Kate Middleton, for bringing back sheer pantyhose practically from the dead. Here, we have young singer/actor Ariana Grande, to some extent, singer/actor Selena Gomez, to some extent, singer/actor Miranda Cosgrove, and other young stars to thank for their devotion to wearing sheer pantyhose on stage and even just out-and-about.

      While there likely will always be some Carrie Underwoods (did I mention I hate her?) out there, for the most part, I believe pantyhose are gradually making their way back into the mainstream. For now though, you deserve to celebrate the UK’s lead in this area.

      Thanks again for your comment, Big D. Hope to hear more from you in the near future.

      • Well that is jolly good news. As I say it was 80’s American tv shows such as dynasty that triggered my passion for pantyhose. Sexy women such as Alexis Colby in glamorous dresses , nylons and heels, really got a hold of my attention as a young boy. I remember as a child wanting to touch these magnificent lady’s pantyhose legs. It was unbearable that i could not get my hands on them…..and then when puberty took a grip….well……wow!!! You’ve all been there. 🙂

        Now as a 38 year old man I have my own Alexis Colby ( though not a bitch 🙂 ). Met the woman of my dreams. An intelligent beautiful lady who just so happens to like to wear glamorous dresses, nylons and heels. Dreams can come true. My beautiful sexy Wife. 🙂
        She’s in her 40’s and has the most fantastic body and incredible legs. I think she would still be a great pantyhose model ( if I don’t say so myself). She’s a fantastic example of how sophisticated and sexy a woman can look when they incorporate pantyhose into there wardrobe.

        • Thank you for your reply to my reply to your original comment, Big D. And congratulations on being married to the woman of your dreams, who likes wearing glamorous dresses, high heels and nylons.

  • Hi Robin, I have had a pantyhose fetish since I was about 4 years old. I am now 45 and the fetish has only gotten stronger over the last 40 plus years. I remember very well when I knew they did something to me. I was driving with my parents, (My mother always has and still does wear pantyhose) and my dad had his hand on my mothers knee. I thought (Being a 4 year old) that I was supposed to do what my dad did. So, I put my hand on her knee, and at that moment, I was hooked. No, I don’t have a thing for my mother, just her hose.They did something to me, and I didn’t know what. I used to get her old pantyhose out of the trash (secretly) and play with them when I was alone. I would stick my hand in them and rub them and feel them.

    When I reached puberty, I was more interested in Pantyhose catalogs than a nude magazine like “Playboy” I was in love with pantyhose. I recall one day I when I was alone and watching the TV show,”Bewitched” . Samantha was wear a short skirt and pantyhose. In one scene they did a close up of her legs and I could see the fiber on her hose. Without touching myself, I ejaculated in my pants. I thought something was wrong with me and I thought that I was the only person in the world who loved pantyhose. I had no one to talk to about my fetish, but it was gaining momentum. When I would see a woman in hose I would get short of breath and instantly get an erection.

    When I started having erotic dreams, I would always dream of pantyhose. When I got my first serious girl friend I was 19 years old, and she always wore pantyhose. I worked up the nerve to tell her about my fetish, and she was more than happy to indulgent my fetish. She thought that a women should always wear hose, she said bare legs looked cheap. she wore a brand that was not all that smooth or silky. One day we went seeking the best brands that would turned me on, Hanes Silk Reflections was and still is my favorite to this day. I am really anxious to buy a pair of your brand and have my wife to wear them. My wife used to wear hose all the time but thanks to Sex in the City, she only wears them occasionally, however, when she does, I am in heaven. I really want her to wear a pair of your brand, I am so excited about finding you. I loved the interview with the bear. Lets go bear hunting and make a rug out of him. LOL

    I could tell you a thousand more stories about my love for hose growing up and even adulthood, but I think I’ve made my point.. But you have asked the one question that I have never found an answer, and that is….Why??

    I don’t know, but God I still love pantyhose and at 45 they still do the same thing they did to me when I was going through puberty. Thank God for Kate Middleton and people like you who are bringing them back.

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I am glad you’ve found us. It might be a long ride, but we’re all on the track to beating the ugly “bear”-legs culture.

  • I wear as often as I can. I am married and have a sexy wife. She seldom wears pantyhose. She has legs to die for!

    As most male wearers I am narcissistic and Wear for myself and the pleasure it gives me. I actually have very nice legs and they are even better in a pair of pantyhose.

    My doesn’t mind if I wear around the house when no one is around. But on an outing to a mall I wore shorts and skin tone hose. My legs are smaller smooth waxed so no hair visible. She made the comment that I was just wearing publicly to make a statement and get the attention of other women and men that may notice. This may be true but that day I wanted the freedom to wear publicly and with her. I could have done this without her. I was unhappy and duly took the shorts off and wore trousers with the hose under. Needless to say the day was ruined.

    Pantyhose are simply apparel and so what of it! Many die for our friends know and have seen me in pantyhose and have either commented the next how nice it looks or have just accepted it and ignored it making no fuss. Wife on the other hand well….

    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      In my view, the saddest part of your comment is that your wife has “legs to die for,” but she seldom wears pantyhose. Of course, I’m in no position to voice my opinion about that, as I don’t know anything about your relationship, but I’ll just say that I think it’s sad when a wife won’t do even a simple and lovely thing as wear pantyhose for her husband.

      So many women in this country became brainwashed in the mid-1990s, and even though it’s been proved a million times that their pitiful arguments for not wearing just aren’t the reality of today, they stand by those reasons as an excuse not to do something that is professional, classy, beautiful, elegant and decidedly feminine.

      If I were you, I’d keep wearing as openly and freely as you like just to drive her crazy. Good thing I’m not you, huh?

  • Another black female who looks quite hot in pantyhose would be Wendy Williams.I don’t know her exact age . However she does look quite hot in them.She wears them quite frequently and I think Robin has mentioned her name at least a time or two.

  • Thank you for this Blog.I am a 45 y.o. African-American male. Women wearing hosiery is almost completely absent from the African-American perspective. The 70’s & 80’s was heaven for me. But with rap music came the sweat suits and tennis shoes as “formal wear” (so stupid). It is nearly impossible to see a Black female under the age of 50 wearing any sort of hosiery. Going to church used to be a guarantee, but even now that is hit or miss. I miss the good ole days.

    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Sadly, my own observations mirror yours exactly. It is difficult enough to see young- to middle-aged women in pantyhose these days, but to see young- to middle-aged African-American woman wearing seems almost impossible.

      As with all nationalities and ethnicities, there are exceptions everywhere (see my post):

      And on the celebrity side, thank God for Beyonce’ and Rhianna who both continue to set the bar high on stage and often when they’re out and about.

      Hopefully, someday soon, women everywhere will wake up and realize that they command so much power when they dress like ladies, and especially, when they wear pantyhose.

      Thanks again, Mark. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

    • Hi Mark,
      I am very sorry to hear that not many African-American women are not wearing hosiery today than years before. It is not just due to Sex and the City, or the rap and hip hop culture of “casual” dress, it is due to trendsetting U.S. First lady Michelle Obama and her anti-hose stance after she made the admission that she gave up wearing pantyhose a long time ago during her 2008 appearance on the talk show, The View. After her admission, many African-American women on various online blogs, and magazines such as Ebony/Jet, and Essence began praising Ms. Obama for giving up wearing pantyhose and would begin doing the same. That is very sad for us pantyhose lovers like myself who like seeing black women in hosiery.

      Fortunately, you still have Beyonce, and Rihanna who still wear pantyhose on and off stage. Talk show host Wendy Williams is a regular pantyhose and tights wearer for most of the time on her show. Harris Faulkner on Fox News show, Outnumbered wears pantyhose regularly during the fall, winter, and spring months. Mariah Carey has also started wearing hose in the last few months after years of going “bear” legged, so at least not all hope is lost seeing African-American women in hosiery.

    • Hi Mark,

      I’m sorry to read that you aren’t seeing a considerable number of black women wearing hosiery with the frequency that they once used to. I agree with you that the 70’s, 80’s, and even through most of the 90’s were a great time period when the majority of women wore hosiery (pantyhose or tights) regardless of what personal reservations they had.

      I believe that back during those decades women didn’t have the so called influences they have today. By that, I mean that with the TV show Sex and the City, so called influential women like First Lady Michelle OBama (as mentioned by Brian W.), Social Media, and the ever changing Women’s Lib movement. If you take in to account all of those factors you can see the “so called” progression to today’s current status, in which a large number of women in general feel that the notion of wearing hosiery of any kind does not equate to class or professionalism. That is highly disturbing and just wrong in my mind and I’m sure many followers of this blog would agree.

      Of course, we (followers) of this blog and Robin know there are the rare few women who agree with us or realize that women who continue to wear hosiery of any kind will always have more power, respect, and attention from men then those that do not wear.

      I feel that the factors I mentioned above have blinded and disillusioned women into thinking they have more power now than ever before. Yes, they have personal choice and freedom to wear or not to wear hosiery. But, to those of us who read and follow this blog, we know that any woman with true class and professionalism who chooses to wear hosiery of any kind will have the utmost influence(dare I say control) over us.

      There are a few things to remember that can help us to keep hope: “Nothing lasts forever”, “Trends or Fads come and go”, & there are still some women out there who do not jump on band wagons.

      I will say that I feel lucky to live in ATL; I get to see a good number of women who still wear hosiery on a daily basis. In fact, I saw 5 women today (Sunday) wearing. Three of them were black women, I’m sure dressed for church and the other 2 were random women.

    • Hi Mark, Robin, and all,

      I had to work overtime for my job today. I had the great fortune of seeing two black ladies dressed up while waiting in the lobby of the building I live in. When I got to the lobby, I was pleasantly surprised to see two much less one woman dressed up. They wore white dresses; one of them was wearing a nude to tan color pantyhose and the other was wearing a nice sheer pair of white pantyhose. At first I thought they were dressed to go to church. As it turns out, I later found out that they were headed to an (AKA: Alpha Kappa Alpha) convention being held in ATL. As I walked to work passing a hotel, I saw about 12 more women dressed in white dresses and pantyhose. It was a great way to start the morning, I was very happy.
      And, by the time I got back home later in the evening I had counted 26 total women I saw today wearing pantyhose. The women were varying ages, though most of them were older. That doesn’t matter as much as the fact there is hope. And, keep in mind today was a very hot day and these ladies still made the conscious choice to dress professionally and classy. I might say Mark, if you still are not seeing that many black women in your area wearing pantyhose, maybe you should try to travel when you can to ATL or go to your local airport. I’ve found that to be a pretty good place to see women wearing pantyhose. Even if it is for their job, it’s still a good opportunity to see them wearing.

      Keep the hope alive.

  • I recently started dating a guy with a pantyhose fetish. I don’t know what to think about it. I’ve tried indulging him as much as he wants, but honestly I just don’t like the feel of them and can only take them on my legs for a short period of time. Should I just give up on him and hope he finds someone who enjoys them as much as he does? It’s not a big deal to endure a little discomfort now and then for his pleasure, but honestly, why is his fetish more important than my aversion to these not-so-natural clothing items? I get it you guys love the look and feel of them, but isn’t it just a tad bit unhealthy to be so obsessed with an item of clothing? It’s starting to cause problems when he wants me to wear them and I don’t feel like it. It’s not like I haven’t happily gone along with it countless times already, but it can’t be every time. It is just getting boring.

    • Hi Elsa,

      Thank you for your comment. I am sure it will generate some replies from the thousands of readers here.

      First, I appreciate that you have indulged the desires of the guy you’re dating. We have received many letters from men who lament the fact that their wives just outright refuse to wear for them, so kudos to you for trying to please your man.

      Second, I am troubled by the fact that you don’t like the feeling on your legs of the pantyhose you’re wearing, and can stand it for only a short period of time. To me, it sounds as if you’re wearing those super tight, shiny kind of pantyhose, which are made with spandex (a rubberized compound to give the nylon fabric strength, tightness and elasticity).

      I realize this style of pantyhose is very popular among men with a fetish for all things to do with tight encasement. If that’s the case with the guy you’re dating, there’s no help I can offer.

      To me (and the vast majority of the readers here), pantyhose are the ultimate expression in soft, silky, class, glamour and femininity. Elsa, if you aren’t wearing pantyhose that are 100 percent nylon (no spandex, of which Lycra is the most popular brand name), you should give that style a try.

      If you really just have a total hatred of any kind of pantyhose, then I fear you’re just completely missing the boat and you should let the guy you’re dating know that so both of you can go your separate ways.

      Again, thank you for sharing your story with The ActSensuous Blog. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.

      • Yes pantyhose = power and some women do take advantage of that. I am a bi male in my 60’s with great legs and now men want me because I wear pantyhose and have beautiful feet (pedicured) and can wear heels. It feels good to have my long time fetish appreciated, admired.

    • Elsa, I too want to applaud all your efforts to indulge your boyfriend’s preference that you wear pantyhose. Robin had already addressed the questions of your aversion to wearing but I wanted to talk the other point. If your SO gets petulant and fussy when you don’t wear or acts uninterested in you, then I agree that something is amiss and you would be better off cutting him loose. Obviously if it is a DEMAND with reprecussions if not obliged then don’t walk away from him; run.
      If the above is not the case than I do think that maybe a “quid pro quo” scenario would work where he accommodates your desires and preferences at what you like him to do or how you like him to dress. Trying to help him understand the reason you don’t enjoy wearing may help him concede that it doesn’t have to be all they time.
      Quite frankly most of us guys here who follow Robin’s blog recognize the power that you ladies do have when you go to the extra effort to adorn your legs in such a feminine way. You can pretty much get us to do what you want.
      Anyway, that’s my $0.02.
      All the best to you and I hope you can come to an understanding.

    • Dear Elsa,
      I get your frustration and it’s completely understandable. But then again all fetishes are like that, you simply can’t get enough of them. Your bf can’t probably function sexually without you wearing ph, so asking for some days off is really no option. I can understand that this can badly affect your self-confidence but it has nothing to do with you. No one can really understand a fetishist unless he/she has a very strong addiction of his/her own. Try for example to convince a heavy smoker to drink his coffeee without a smoke. He may be able to pull it off once or twice if ever. That analogy may get you close to what he feels. You have a choise to wear or not to wear but he has no choise whatsoever..
      All these coupled with your aversion to wearing ph make things look pretty gloomy I have to say. But then again let me ask you a simple question. Pantyhose fetish aside, what are your bf’s true feelings about you? Do you get the feeling that he really loves you? Cause if he does and you hapilly indulge his fetish, then you will not simply be his SO, you will be his goddess to worship forever. If this is not a good enough reason for you to wear pantyhose, nothing else will be I am afraid.
      All the best to both of you
      (some thoughts of a hapilly married stocking fetishist..)

      • Wow, thank you, E.Z. Yours is a very well-conceived and excellently presented comment. One of the best I’ve read in a long time.

        Well, we’ve had a few good comments in response to Elsa’s. It will be interesting to see whether she responds, or if her reaching out here in the first place was just a fluke, or an act of frustration.

        Thank you, E.Z.

  • Hi, I’m Adrian, 52 from the UK.

    My fetish for pantyhose (or tights as we call them here in the UK) began at a very early age.

    In the early 70’s short skirts and hotpants were quite fashionable. My mum wore skirts with tights most of the time. My dad who was a bit of sex maniac would often put his hand up the back of her skirt while she was doing the housework etc and have a good feel. He did this quite openly and she would look a bit embarassed.

    Even though I was young I sensed that something exciting and adult was going on. I took to laying around on the floor so that when she stepped over me I could get a quick look up her skirt. Sometimes she would sit crossed legged in the armchair and her skirt would ride up revealing her wonderful nyloned thighs. She generally wore control tops and it was always exciting when the darker tops at the thighs/hips became visible.

    On other occasions she would sit reading the broadsheet newspaper, holding it up in front of her face. She would start crossing and uncrossing her legs, letting them fall open and I would sit opposite enjoying the sexy show that she was unwittingly performing for me.

    I have to say that mum had the sexiest legs and most shapely arse I have ever seen on a woman and the tights enhanced them beautifully.
    I dreamed of doing what my dad did and sliding my hand up her skirt to fondle and caress her gorgeous nylon covered legs and bum.

  • Hi Robyn. I am a 41 year old guy who misses the 80’s when as junior high school kid who enjoyed seeing girls in hosiery.

    I am mostly straight who has never had a girlfriend in my life. I am hideous looking. I have no sex life and basically live life as a virgin. But wearing pantyhose, a miniskirt, and high heels, I can be both the girlfriend and me at the same time. I have done things while being alone that would convince everyone that I am gay. I have never been with a man, though been through a lot of solo activities. Though I get more satisfaction seeing pantyhose on women.

    I may be the only guy here that does this thing. I own and work in a small business laundry store. I give away pair(s) of Wolford tights and pantyhose to my female customers.

    I really love hearing hearing good reviews/compliments about their products from the ladies. To hear positive things directly from them is like an approval that I really enjoy. I have no affiliation with Wolford.

    But I do also enjoy buying them in person at the boutique. There is an arrousal factor when I buy them from an attractive sales employee. They all know I buy them for my clients.

    It makes me want to buy and give away more when a customer tells me that, “I love them”. Sounds crazy, but I have probably spent more than $10,000 at Wolford just giving away tights and pantyhose.

    But the ultimate gratification is if a woman who I gave a pair, loves the nude pantyhose. Nude pantyhose is my favorite look on a woman.

    Of course I keep my distance. I never ask for dates or photos. I could understand how someone may think I am creepy.

    Just wanted to share my life story. Thanks.

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      That was some comment. I feel like I got taken back to the 1980s — a great pantyhose decade along with the 1970s. (Of course, I don’t really know that. I am way too young to have lived during either of those decades.) 🙂

      Don’t be too hard on yourself, David. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good thing going as it is. I love that you buy and give away pantyhose to your female customers. That’s different.

      It is said “There’s someone for everyone.” I hope you find the one for you.

  • Many men enjoy the feel of pantyhose on their legs and the feminine quality of them as well. Not only can women enjoy this experience. The term fetish makes this behavior sound taboo and marketing them to men abnormal. Where my actual fetish came from, I don’t know but my initial curiosity began when I was really young. I can’t remember how old I was but it seems like it’s been around as long as I can remember.
    I was fascinated when I was younger about what pantyhose would feel like. They looked so silky and sexy. I loved how they looked on women and would constantly wonder how I could get a pair and try them myself. When I was about twelve I finally found an opportunity. I got access to a few pairs of Hanes pantyhose in the color suntan. I would go to the bathroom, remove all my clothes and slip on the silky pantyhose, sometimes two or more pairs at a time. I stood in front of the mirror admiring the feminine look that I had only seen on women. They felt really enjoyable to wear and I finally got to experience what women were experiencing all along.
    Wearing hosiery would come and go over the years but the thought and admiration would and has never left. This is the fetish part of it. The internet opened a whole new world and made new products available. I have shaved my legs multiple times and that has provided a very nice sensation while wearing pantyhose. Also, I’ve purchased black stilettos which I think give a nice look and enhance pantyhosed legs.
    To this day it is hard not to admire a pair of nice legs in pantyhose or a display of pantyhose at a store. I’ve become more comfortable buying pantyhose over the years in person. My best experience was when I went to a boutique and the sales lady helped me out as if it was no big deal. I brought a pair of black stilettos and a skirt to the store. She opened the pantyhose package and handed them to me to try while I was in the dressing room. She and the other sales lady were very accommodating and non-judgmental while I was standing there wearing pantyhose, heels and a skirt.
    So, the fetish continues. It is almost a daily thing but wearing happens less frequently, I do this to keep the experience fresh and exciting.

  • I got to see the weave if I’m close to pair of nylon legs. It’s bizarre but if i can’t see the weave pattern at a certain distance I can’t help but look every 10 secs or so for a milli second. Once I’ve spotted the weaving gaps in the fabric, I’ve no real need to look anymore. I’d rather be done with this strange obsession but I do it very discreetly and understand that it can be uncomfortable for women to be stared at.But this whole nylon clad legs thing is a mystery to me, when my gf wears them, she knows i like them but i hold back a little because i get the feeling that she’d think i was a bit strange if she knew how much i did like them. I’ve paid a few times to go to a hooker and wear them with a hooker wearing them but only when I’ve not been in a relationship and i got to say it’s the most amazing experience each time but i don’t have the courage to ask a partner if we can get down wearing hoes.

  • I must say that I am grateful for Google Images. When I type the name of an actress or another female celebrity and add the word ‘pantyhose’ after her name, it often enables me to see a good number of pictures of her in pantyhose. I would still prefer that more celebrities wore them because certain good looking celebrities who would definitely look good in them don’t wear them and I am sometimes disappointed when all I can find are pictures with bare legs.

  • I think pantyhose simply make women’s legs look better and sexier. I used to try my mom’s pantyhose discreetly when I was about 12. They felt so sensual and that’s when my fetish started.

    About 10 years ago, I visited a staffing agency where most of the employees were good looking women in their 20s who wore pantyhose because it was required of them. I barely managed to control my excitement because the looks of their legs were turning me on the entire time.

    Luckily everything ended well but I hope my fetish doesn’t get out of control when I’m in a place with good looking women wearing hose.

    • Hi BM,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      When will women who look so great in pantyhose finally “get it,” and stop with this idiotic “bear”-legs thing in the workplace and everywhere else? Thankfully, some companies still have enough conviction to make it a policy that women wear.

  • hi robin. i just wanted to tell you that i have been attracted to the look and feel of pantyhose for forty- five years now. there’s nothing in the world that is sexier than a woman in a pair of silky smooth pantyhose. keep up the good work.

  • Hi Robin well another story again about my gf and her cousin their grandmother died and they asked me to move some stuff out of their old house.. My gf convinced me to help by telling me that her cousin was wearing that black dress with the pantyhose you like.My gf was bear legged in a dress but she goes why don’t you help us out and you could feel up my cousins legs .When I got to the house her cousin goes I have those act sensuous pantyhose on that you like and she was pouring the perfume on the back of her legs..Mygf goes Ididnt think he could resist that .Well it took us about two hours to get the job done.Needless to say I was distracted by her cousin feeling her up and she goes to my gf .You should dress like this for Steve more often. Afterwards my gr goes were going to the dress barn to look for more dresses and to wear and which one would you like us to wear on thanksgiving. My gf goes I wouldn’t think of wearing a dress without pantyhose on a holiday. The clerk actually thought me and her cousin were the couple when probably because of the way I was distracted by her cousin and touching her legs.My gf said I think they can be uncomfortable even though I don’t mind wearing them sometimes.Well I have a great gf who understands my fetish.My gf has her outfit ready for Thursday which is an aqua colored dress with matching heels and nude pantyhose.The distractions a pair of act sensuous pantyhose could cause.

  • When I was five years old, I was playing underneath the kitchen-table. My mom was sitting at the table, with her nylon-clad legs stretched out. She had kicked off her shoes.

    For some reason, I lost interest in my toys. I was fascinated by mom’s feet. I touched them, rubbed them, played with her toes.

    As – to this day – bare feet or legs do absolutely nothing for me, it must have been the look and feel of her feet in nylons which turned me on.

    And turned on I was – although at the time I was too young to understand the aching pressure in my – uh – groin.

    Also, by the age of 11, I was fascinated by the sight of an arched foot in high heels.

    Somehow, we seem to be biologically programmed to respond to nylons and heels.

    Perhaps that explains in part the rise of cross-dressers – as women seem to have largely abandoned wearing nylons and heels.


  • I am a CD myself since I was about 5 years old. I love the feel and touch of any type hosiery especially that of glossy type because they have the smoothest leg to leg contact. Of course let us not forget about silk stockings too. I don’t go a day without wearing either pantyhose & or stockings I do like the look of stockings over pantyhose and vice versa especially like the look of hot pink fishnets over glossy black tights very kool look if you step back a few feet from whomever maybe wearing hosiery like that. Besides the pantyhose I also of course never leave the house unless I am wearing stilettos with the hosiery. I have a full body pic of me dressed of course but also wearing stiletto’s & hosiery (glossy) on fb if anyone wants to look. Look up Robin Black not sure how many others may pop up under that name but it shows me with pink lipstick & blond hair. When I was in kindergarten I can recall liking to look at the girls wearing they’re tights to school like on picture day, being envious that I couldn’t cause I was not dressing as a girl in public yet, only at home. There was one particular girl that I had a crush on in that grade as well going forward till 7th. But in kindergarten she came to school in a dress, and white tights and mary jane shoes. I couldn’t take my eyes off her looking at her legs, and this was when I was just 5.

    • Thank you for your comment, Dr. Griffiths. As you were kind enough to submit it, I am hoping this means you are open to communication from the many hundreds of readers here who might reply to your comment.

      Either way, I read the post from your own blog, and I’m glad to learn this subject has the interest of the mental health community.

      Hope to hear more from you here in the future.

  • Hi Robin.Well I got another pair for my collection..My gfs aunt who is a flight attendant was visiting her.She is the mother of her first cousin I. told you about.Well anyway she was wearing her outfit before going to work and I noticed the run in her pantyhose in the back around the calf area.She is a hot looking woman in her mid forties she seemed to be self conscious.My gf goes Steve can fix it so she gave me a tube of nail polish and I sealed the small hole and she goes how can I repay you for that.I go can I touch your legs and she goes anytime you want. My gf jokingly said you two want to be alone.About an hour later she said Steve I changed into another pair since I think this pair has been ruined you want these and I don’t know if those repairs will hold up on the job She then left or her job. I go thanks foletting me cop a feel.My gf just said I think you can see who my first cousin takes after and they have always been girly girly. I go to her doesn’t it bother you.She goes no your a man and my aunt seems to like what just happened.

  • hi,

    im a 14 year old boy and i suffer from this unusual fetish, i can happily wear tights as i love the feel of them against my skin, my mother currently knows that i own some pairs however i have only told her they are for warmth, as i have a paper round very early in the cold, however, i love feeling them on other girls and i do this with their permission of course. but its weird and i cant really explain this, but i cant help staring at the girls at school with their sheer black tights

    • Hi Michael,

      I kinda hope that isn’t your real name. I feel a bit uncomfortable reading a comment from (and replying to) a 14-year-old boy, as I’m thinking this isn’t the proper forum for you to be visiting and participating in. Then again, we’ve got to be the cleanest and most pure of all websites devoted to tights.

      So, I’ll say only this: I believe there is nothing to feel ashamed of regarding your interest in tights, as long as you maintain a gentlemanly demeanor when it comes to staring at and feeling them on girls ( and, thankfully, you said) with their permission.

      Also, I wouldn’t say you “suffer” with the effects of your interest in tights. As long as you aren’t hurting yourself or others, your love of tights is not a thing to feel guilty about.

      Take care and best wishes to you.

    • Michael,

      Nothing unusual about this fetish. Many guys your age and older ‘suffer’ from it.

      You seem to be respectful of the girls who are wearing them. That is good. I think most of the girls probably appreciate the attention they get, even if they don’t say so.

      You are fairly normal. Don’t worry.


  • Hi Robin,

    I love the look and feel of hosiery! I do not wear them, but I love when women do. It started for me when I was young, younger than I can remember. I know this because my mother told me I used to rub her legs and other women’s legs in the family when they wore them. Well, it stuck, cause now I can’t go in public without looking at women to see if they’re wearing or not! Even knee high’s are a turn on! But it’s not always sexual.

    I’m in no way sexually attracted to my mother, but she does have pretty feet and occasionally wears knee highs with slacks. One time when I was around 17, she was sitting around with her shoes off and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her feet! My desire to feel got the best of me, so I reached down and grabbed her foot at the same time asking if I could give her a massage! She didn’t snatch her foot away, but said she was way to ticklish for me to do that and I should stop! I was bummed and a little embarrassed, but for those 30 or 45 seconds, her foot felt great in my hands! A soothing kinda feeling, sort of like relieving a stress! Not sexual! I’m 37 now and I’m married. My wife knows and will indulge me every now and then. She doesn’t wear regularly, so it’s usually just at home and just for me! Usually just knee highs so I can give her a foot massage!

    I love this fetish, but it torments me and makes my life a little more difficult! I look for sightings of hosiery every where! I’ll even look for it on the news networks for anchors wearing and the shopping channels also! I could get a lot more accomplished if I wasn’t so obsessed with this fetish! But it’s all good! I know no different having lived with it all my life!

    One more tidbit! In school, I had some nice looking teachers who wore. While they were in the front of class teaching, I would get up to throw some paper away. As I made my way to the trash can, I would walk behind the teacher, “accidentally” drop my paper right behind her and as I picked it up, I would let the side or back of my hand rub up her calf on the way back up!!! Not sure they ever caught on, but I was a hormone raging teenager!

    • Hi Jeremy,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Your comment is well conceived and well written.

      I agree with everything you wrote. I particularly love that you said you’re tormented by this fetish, and that you’d accomplish a great deal more if you didn’t have it. I feel this way all the time. 🙂 And, I am glad you added that you’d have it no other way.

      Like you, I look for sightings everywhere, including on TV shows, even TV commercials, and movies.

      Finally, I like your school teacher story, as well.

      Thanks again, and please feel free to comment on any other posts here that so inspire you.


  • I guess I still consider myself lucky, I always had to let girlfriends know about my pantyhose fetish before we got serious because I always believed that honesty builds a good relationship.

    Well, it bit me a couple times and even a few g\f’s got mad at me for something really trivial and told my mom or my friends about my fetish, but then I met Karen (she had Natalie Woods eyes) and we went out for a few months and she wanted to move in with me. “Time to have the talk.”

    I told her I would like that very much but I have to lay it on the table for her first, and she said “What, your pantyhose fetish?” I said yes, and she said “So what? I had already dropped hints and even got her to wear them during sex, so I told her about my bad experiences with other girlfriends and that my fetish cant be helped and that it will not go away and I also cant perform at my peak. OH BOY, HERE COMES REJECTION. But Karen said “Can I wear them too?”

    UH, I think I love you more than I did a few minutes ago. This awesome lady wore pantyhose every single day … under jeans, slacks, and skirts for eight years. I was a very happy man and she said I gave her the best climaxes she has ever had while we both wore pantyhose.

    Karen died from breast cancer and I will never forget my best friend and lover. Like I said before, I’m almost 50 now and dated a few times but finally came to the conclusion that I was given a gift and need to accept that I can learn to live the rest of my life alone.

    I still enjoy my pantyhose without guilt and can actually say that I have had what a lot of what other men may never enjoy. This is all true and Karen passed away in 2000.

  • I finally found out where my pantyhose came from…I will be 50 this year and have had this fetish as long as I can remember…I went on vacation with my oldest sister this year,”havent seen her in 25 yrs” we had some good talks and so I casually asked her why I might have a nylon fetish and right away, she said ” yes I do” ok, I wasnt ready for such a quick responce…since I am the youngest of two sisters and one brother thats ten yrs. younger than the one closet to my age..she told me that I walked and talked early and I was also an escape artist so my mother used to tie me in my playpen with pantyhose and mom also gave me her slips to rub between my fingers while I sucked my thumb…my sister said she didnt approve of what mom did and feels bad about it..remember,this was in the early 60’s but now days they would put my mother in jail…I assured my sister that should never feel guilty for anything that happened to me and that I love her very much, and that was the end of that subject…I am 100% sure that thats where it all started and feel very satisfied in actually finding the answer to a question I have asked myself for many years….

    • Hi, robert. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Interesting story. Makes sense that that’s how your pantyhose fetish originated.

  • There is a profound feeling of total relaxation in Having the sexy and shapely nylon feet of a woman resting on my face.a

  • Hello Robin and everyone,

    As a Polish guy who enjoys the daily view of beautiful women wearing pantyhose I am very happy to have found this blog. And what caught my attention even more is the ongoing discussion on the issue of nylon pantyhose fetish. Honestly I share the opinion expressed here in several previous comments that calling the male attention to pantyhose as ‘fetish’ might be misleading.

    Indeed, I am the one who finds this garment on female legs extremely addictive and seductive but this kind of interest, while on various levels of intensity, appears to be quite common and natural.

    Fortunately my girlfriend accepts my focus on pantyhose without any objection and she likes it since it also makes her feel much more attractive. But moreover she has found recently that her legs in pantyhose invite the attention of men in general, regardless of age.

    Therefore, after her initial disbelief regarding pantyhose as sexual attraction, she now says that there must be something in it. And it is encouraging to know that there are so many women across the world who are aware of the power of pantyhose.

    From my observation I can assume that a woman who wears pantyhose is not just much more feminine, sexy and charming but she also demonstrates her conscious beauty. In other words pantyhose serves to express female grace in the most refined form possible.

    In my country most women still favor pantyhose despite the fact that ‘bare’ fashion has entered into celebrities’ community. Sometimes I even think that many ladies treat this garment as ordinary part of costume, not worthy of much attention. That may explain why some of them are so surpised when they learn about men who are focused on it. On the other hand this kind of positive ‘unconcern’ by women wearing pantyhose increases their charm. Ladies who look unpretentious and alluring at the same time are the most tempting.

    A feminine look can not be imagined without pantyhose. They are designed to expose and cover, to be a kind of ladies’ underwear for show, a soft and mysterious expression of perfection of female appeal.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      I appreciate your take on the subject of the pantyhose fetish, and women’s role in wearing/not wearing them.

      To chime in here, I would say that whether men notice or even focus on women’s legs in pantyhose, it is well known and documented that most men throughout the world indeed have a pantyhose fetish, and I think there is nothing wrong with that (mostly).

      Recently, there’s been a little headway made in the acceptance of the return of pantyhose as a fashion accessory, as they have been scene gracing the legs of professional models on the runway, and by more and more actresses.

      There’s only one thing I disagree with about your comment, Chris. I would never think of pantyhose as an under garment. Pantyhose are an accessory, much the way scarves and gloves once were. Pantyhose are designed to be noticed, as they always were intended to enhance the natural beauty of women’s legs.

      Thanks again for your comment, Chris. Hope to hear more from you in the future.


      • Thank You, Robin, for quick reply. And yes, You are right, pantyhose are designed to be admired openly and not to be hidden under cover. When I mentioned underwear I meant to note that pantyhose is also a part of sensual expression of feminity which usually is affiliated with under garment. In my opinion this attribute distinguishes pantyhose from both underwear and other parts of costume. And obviously it proves pantyhose are so unique.

        To be continued in the future…

        Kind Regards,

  • I know Robin and I have a great one who wears them a lot herself and also understands my fetish.Also doesn’t get .upset when I stare at and feel up her cousinns legs. KEEPER

  • This might be another dangerous thing to say but things a woman could say to make me fall in love would be. 1.bare legs are inappropriate 2. for my birthday or Christmas the perfect gift for me would be a few pairs of pantyhose. 3. Say I’m looking at a woman in a beautiful dress and a sexy pair of pantyhose.and she goes wow would you like me to wear something like that. I hope a statement like this doesn’t put me on thin ice.

  • I genuinely had no idea this fetish existed until last night. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way; I just want to paint you a picture from the other side.

    I was going home late, wearing a short skirt, black sheer pantyhose and ballerina flats. I sat in front of a guy in the train who kept staring at my legs. I would cross them and he’d get visibly anxious/excited. I was too tired to move and it didn’t feel as creepy.

    I got off the train and he came behind me. It was clear that he wanted to talk to me. After a while of walking next to me, he did. I get followed by guys at night more often than I’d like to, since I look relatively vulnerable (I guess cause I’m small, young and sort of delicate looking). Anyway, the dude was extremely sorry for the awkwardness, but he said he thought I was very pretty. Then he said that he couldn’t stop staring at my legs because of my pantyhose and that women in pantyhose are the most attractive combo in the world.

    He offered me a leg/foot massage which I tactfully declined, but I asked him about his fetish and listened for a while there on the street. He seemed extremely nervous, even scared, and very aroused. I thought it was creepy, yes, but also sort of understandable and I felt a bit sorry for him. You could tell he seriously couldn’t control himself. I actually even let him stroke my legs.

    I wanted to sleep really bad so I said goodbye. As a last attempt, he desperately asked if he could keep my pantyhose. I was absolutely blown away by this request. What the hell does he want to do with my pantyhose? But I don’t know, it felt honest and he was nice and I sorta understand how desires can get as intense. I mean, if he actually dared to ask a girl out of the blue for her pantyhose…

    So yeah I gave him my pantyhose. He was very happy. It was funny and I have to admit I felt a bit powerful. I’ve been reading on this the entire morning because it’s so new and weird. I don’t know what you peeps think about what I did, maybe I was too patronizing, I don’t know… Was it okay?

    • Hi Mo,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Interesting story. I think you are very brave, or maybe a bit too trusting of strangers. Or, maybe you are a martial arts master (like me). I say that since you described yourself as small, young and delicate-looking. More so than me? (I don’t know anyone smaller than myself.)

      Certainly, you seem to be quite open-minded and understanding to even talk with this guy, allow him to feel your legs, and then actually give him your pantyhose. You really took them off right there on the street and handed them to this guy? Wow. Even I could never top that story.

      Well, to answer your question, a pantyhose fetish is quite real, and possibly the most powerful, but otherwise, innocent fetish out there. I say innocent because (I believe) most guys who have this fetish are gentlemen who have the good taste and class to notice, appreciate and be attracted to women who have the elegance and femininity to wear sheer pantyhose today, despite the ardent efforts so-called fashion experts have been making for two decades to brainwash women into no longer wearing them.

      Indeed, while men want to compliment and thank a woman they see wearing sheer pantyhose today, most just admire (and fantasize) from a distance, specifically, because they don’t want to alarm a woman who might misinterpret their intentions and feel “creeped out,” as that would have the opposite effect and possibly discourage, rather than encourage, those women from wearing again.

      So, Mo, please know this love and physical attraction most men (and some women) have to pantyhose is not new (it’s been around for as long as pantyhose have been — mid 1960s, and possibly even longer in the case of nylon stockings, which was primarily a 1940s to ’50s thing.) And, while it was “new and weird” in your view, the fetish itself isn’t either of those things, except in rare cases like the one you experienced.

      And, yes, men have been trying to tell us for years that women don’t seem to understand (or worse, don’t care) just how much power they have when wearing sheer pantyhose. So the feelings you experienced after the incident you described are real, and you obviously “got it.”

      As for whether you did the right thing, that can be only someone’s opinion, and believe me, this comment of yours is sure to elicit many responses from the readers here.

      And, finally, to my point in the third full paragraph of this reply, unlike those who frequent the majority of pantyhose blogs out there, you will find the guys who comment here are gentlemen and are as classy as I designed and maintain this blog to be.

      Thank you again for your comment, Mo, and best wishes to you always.

    • Hello Mo. I hope you don’t mind me answering your blog on the recent experience you had the other night. I have only been a participant on this blog for a few months now and have really enjoyed the articles Robin has written and have also studied this subject. I have to say I appreciate the comment that she said we are gentlemen, and also the word classy boosts my ego, but if I may include, it helps us with this “fetish for pantyhose” to express and convey our thoughts and feelings in a way that there are no judgements. That I really do appreciate!

      What you experienced the other night in my opinion was a bit extreme, and am happy it ended with him just taking your pantyhose. As for your feeling of a “being a bit powerful”, I believe there is truth to that, though I don’t speak for everyone, this is just my opinion.
      I enjoy the look and feel of hose on women, for as I have explained before, I believe a woman’s body is “the most perfect artform” there is and that having a silky, stretchy, satiny, thin piece of material stretched over that artform enhances it. It is mezmerising! It really shows a womans curves. We all deal with it in our own ways. I appreciate how sexy it makes women’s legs look. I can’t go around rubbing women’s legs, but the sheen and sheerness look satisfies me. It is your choice to wear them or not, however, just to express, we really appreciate you for choosing to wear them. That is my thoughts on the

      There is so much more to say but it would take volumes for me. I just wanted to say I enjoyed your story and hope you inquire more about understanding this subject. Robin is a great listener I have found out. It is great to have another female point of view! Good luck with your reading!


    • Mo, I just wanted to say thanks for posting your experience. I agree with Tracy that your experience was extreme and am glad it ended well. Please post often as it is nice when more women share on the blog. We gentlemen (thanks Robin) do appreciate any woman that would make the effort to get fully dressed when in a skirt and include hosiery. You now know the power that pantyhose possess when you wear, but please, always use your power for good. 😃

  • Thanks Robin and I’m lucky to have a gf who is very underrstanding and her legs are actually prettier than her cousins. If my gf could wear them more than she does My gf has often said they could be hot and uncomfortable. She goes beauty is pain.I bet that doesn’t sit well with a woman who wears them everyday and lives in let’s say Florida.

  • Hey Robin,

    Well you do have a great product. Recently my gfs cousin I told you about seems to like your products. For easter I went to her cousins house and her cousin showed me a few pairs of your act sensuous pantyhose. I forget if it was act 3 or 4 but they were black ones before she changed into the pair she was wearing she goes come feel this one. Do you like the finish on this one These are very comfortable for me to wear and I like the tingling feeling I get when I put them on.

    Well I felt them on her legs later and she was right. My gf who I was talking about who doesn’t wear pantyhose quite as often as her cousin had on a pair of pantyhose too saying I don’t want my cousin getting all of the attention.

    Then when we left to go to her other relatives we had to take one of their cars and have one of them drive instead of me. If I drove all 3 of us could have ended up dead from me being distracted.

    Well her cousin has bought your product and I think she likes them. Great product. If I had to say anything bad about it, well it caused distractions.

    • Hi steve,

      Thanks for your comment. I am glad your girlfriend’s cousin likes ActSensuous pantyhose, and it’s great that you got a chance to feel them on her legs. You lead a dangerous life, admiring the legs of your girlfriend’s cousin. 🙂

  • Hi Tracy.I’m just wondering if anybody has felt the nylon on your legs when you were wearing pantyhose and how did you. react to it.

    • Hey Steve. Well I can’t say for I don’t wear them myself. I just like To see them on women and trying to get my wife to wear them again. Have been asking Robin questions about different types to see if I can get a game plan together. Thank you for asking though.

      • Hey Tracy,

        I think Steve thought you are female because your name is more often given to a girl. I have to admit, when I saw your first comment, I thought the same thing.

        Classy way of responding to Steve’s comment though. Nice going.

        • Thank you Robin. As you can see that has been a common misconception for many a year. I don’t mind though. If you notice my e-mail address, I have grown up with two first names, two last names, two boys names, and two girls names, with no middle name. I guess you can think of it as a very universal transgender name. The stories I could tell!
          Steve asked a very good question, and being that we all on this great blog share a common interest, I don’t need to answer his question, or anyone else’s for that matter, with a bad attitude remark. We are all open here. Tracy seems to be the name most people remember me by so I just roll with it. In all fairness to Steve’s question, my answer would probably be “yes” if I wore them. However, most preferably female touching them.☺ Thanks again Robin for being true with your ideals.I enjoy your articles!

            • Yeh, it has helped me through the years. By the way Robin, I have always meant to ask you…who is the model displaying your pantyhose on the top of your blog “The Act Sensuous Blog All things pantyhose? Really caught my eye. As I have always said, “hose really show the curves on a woman!”😄

            • Hi Tracy,

              That legs header image belong to Michelle, a Korean-American professional model, who has done a lot of work for us. Thanks for asking.

  • Hello Robin. As I have stated, I am fortunate enough to work in a place where pantyhose is mandatory for the female workers. Of course the two colors are either black or nude. One of my female co-workers knows of my fetish and is quite understanding about it. She passed by a Wolford’s store the other day and told me she checked out a pair of Seamless hose and that they felt so soft to the touch. I have seen them on mannequins but don’t quite know how they are. Being that they are seamless, do they wear as well as those with a seam, or are they a bit more fragile? To me, I believe they would look great on a woman. Of course I am no expert, just a man who loves seeing them on women. Any insight?


    • Hi Tracy,

      Actually, I have never worn a pair of seamless pantyhose, but they are in our plans to make some day. As for them being more fragile, that really depends on the nylon fabric used and, especially, the amount of spandex.

      Thank you for your comment.

      • Thank you Robin. Those plans sound great. Made out of nylon only should look and feel great in my opinion.

  • Thank you Robin, Well it is true that feel is the key word. I have looked over many a site and am appreciative to have a female perspective about this subject, as well as a great blog to be able to hear from and express it to a woman. After all, to me they are the experts when it comes to pantyhose and tights. To be able to even be allowed to give a massage to a lovely lady with them on is a high privilege. Just go slow and enjoy the sense of touch! Patience is a virtue.

  • As far back as I can remember, the one thought that has driven my fetish for women in pantyhose and tights is that to me a women’s body is the most perfect art form there is. It is based on curves. Males have been fixated on that form for centuries! As I ponder over that fact, the thought that a thin, silky, satiny, shiney material stretched tightly over the lower half of that art form as to make it compact and firm brings me to state of euphoria that is beyond description! The feel is fantastic on women. They show every curve with exactness! As far as I am concerned, pantyhose and tights are the most erotic piece of clothing a woman can wear. Best item of pleasure to eyes and touch man has invented In my opinion! Thank you ladies who love to wear them!

    • Hi Tracy,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I agree with everything you wrote, and I am glad you added “feel” in there, as well.

  • I had no idea about the effect pantyhose could have on a man until this past week. Met a Dominant man who has a full-blown pantyhose/nylon fetish We have played around with me in a body stocking and in crotchless nylons. It is thrilling & scintillating for me, and absolutely sends him over the edge. I am a BBW, and hose have always made me feel hot and sweaty…and I’ve avoided them like the plague. But no more! I bought a couple of pair of thigh-highs yesterday and am currently wearing a pair with an over-size men’s white t-shirt and nothing else….and I feel sexy as hell. Just sent him a pic of my legs encased in the hose with a peek at the lace top and t-shirt and he’s going crazy. Glad I found this site/blog. Helps me understand him and his desires better!

    • Dory, thanks for posting about your “discovery”. Would that all women would have the same discovery of the power of wearing pantyhose. It does drive us guys crazy…you have found the secret. From all us guys on this blog, thank you for driving us crazy and then posting your experience.

    • Hi Annette,

      Thank you for your compliment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Our male readers are always thrilled when a new (and rare) female finds this blog. They’d love to hear a woman’s point of view (besides mine all the time). Hope you’ll weigh in on any of the posts here that so inspire you.

  • I saw the great Sarah McGlachlan in concert last night but was disappointed to see an audience filled with “bear”-legged women. Aside from a few exceptions – most every woman wearing a skirt had bear legs.

    I still find it hard to believe that so many women think they look good bare. I saw one lady in a short skirt and heels but with white, pasty legs that clearly hadn’t been exposed to sun or a tanning booth in a long while. She probably had never worn a pair of hose in her life. By the way – the weather conditions outside were about 45-50 degrees. The bear legs were out in force.

    God I wish I lived my adult years during a time when women understood what it meant to be classy and feminine.

    • I hear ya, Steven. What about Sarah McLachlan? How did she dress? Wait, nevermind. Just did a quick images search through Google, and out of two full pages, I saw just one picture of her wearing pantyhose. Oh well, thanks as always for your comment, Steven.

  • I hate to call it a “pantyhose fetish”. Rather, for me, I love seeing women’s legs and in sheer pantyhose, especially the nude and off-black tones. Practically, the appeal goes well beyond the the cosmetic enhancement pantyhose creates when worn (and this enhancement is way more effective on women whose legs already look amazing when bare…The analogy I use is lipstick; sure, grannies wear lipstick too, but hell, lipstick is really meant to be applied to a great pair of lips).

    For me, there is something unique about pantyhose as far as hosiery goes. There’s nothing like it in the repertoire of hosiery for men, who’s options are typically relegated to wool or cotton socks of various sorts. Pantyhose on the other hand were invented and designed to be proto-feminine; i.e. to be worn by women. They elevate the smoothness, sheen and sensual qualities of the leg to supernatural levels of femininity. Furthermore, there’s an “unnecessity” to pantyhose, because most women from my experience have indicated the functionality of pantyhose is pretty limited: (1) they don’t work well to keep legs warm when it’s cold, (2) they are often hot or uncomfortable when worn for long periods or during warm weather, and (3) they’re relatively fragile, prone to runs, etc. And (4), they don’t absorb moisture well compared to non-synthetic materials, and in particular can cause odor issues when worn with dress shoes, boots or other tight or non-breathing footwear, which is typically what is worn with nylons at work, etc. So the fact that women put up with these not-insignificant drawbacks to nylons and continue to wear them for their aesthetic qualities, despite the limitations, is an incredible turn-on for me!! Mad respect!

    From a male psychosexual point of view, I find women’s pantyhose-clad legs are sexually appealing to me for a couple of reasons. The skin-tone or “nude” variety is especially nice, because to me they give off an impression of softness and, in particular, vulnerability. It’s like a tease – the skin is almost bare, but not quite. There’s a thin, “second skin” adherent to the true skin underneath that you might not even notice unless you took the effort to look closely. But for all intents and purposes, the legs remain “trapped” in sheer, confining fabric that resembles spider silk, and are “off-limits” except to be admired from a distance, unless you are The Man (i.e. the spider) who is permitted to descend on them and and have his way with them… Secondly, this may be even kinkier, but I do actually find the smell of a woman’s feet to be a turn on, especially fresh out of heels or boots at the end of a long day. And I’m not talking about rancid foot odor (that’s just gross), but that musty, cheddary scent that some women’s feet give off after being enclosed in shoes and nylons all day. Which is why for me there’s nothing better than giving a girl an after-work foot massage because it’s mutually gratifying for the both of us. I think many women would be surprised to know many men dig the “natural smells” as part of the whole package. It’s the visual, tactile and olfactory stimulation that all count toward the pleasure. If all three come together perfectly, it’s like the ultimate Trifecta, which equates with instant, powerful arousal for me.

    • Hi Leaby,

      Thank you for your detailed comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Hope to read more of your deep thoughts regarding any of my other posts if they so inspire you.

  • I didn’t read all the comments, but, as far as I’ve read, I agree with most of them. To me, legs in pantyhose are much more exciting than bare legs. Here are a few reasons. First of all, pantyhose are made of a very smooth matter, which is always a turn-on. I’ve also been told by some of my female friends, that a woman/girl who wears pantyhose in public wants her legs to be noticed. If she wants them to be noticed, that means, at leas to me, that she is searching for sexual attention.

    Removing the pantyhose right before sexual intercourse is very sexy. It’s as if they’re like an extra layer of a woman’s skin and she voluntarily lets me remove it from her, so we can have sex. Not removing the pantyhose is even sexier, because she lets me tear up that extra skin in order to have sex with her. Pantyhose are the perfect combo of dirtiness and innocence.

    Well… I’ve listed some of the reasons why I find pantyhose sexy. However, that doesn’t answer the question ‘What drives our pantyhose fetish?’ To be honest, I don’t know. I remember I’ve had it since I was a kid but I don’t know why is that. I read somewhere that it’s usually caused by a female figure of authority (for example a mother, a teacher, etc.) who wears pantyhose frequently. And it may be true. Both my mother and my aunt used to wear pantyhose pretty often back when I was a kid. However, I think there must be something more to it.

    PS: I find it very interesting that bare legs are more popular than pantyhose in America. I currently live in Italy, and every friday/saturday night when I go out I see beautiful women in pantyhose all around. And I think that’s valid for most of Europe. I’ve also lived in the Netherlands, Austria and Germany and I’ve noticed that pantyhose are really popular there as well. They’re also quite popular in my home country (although, not as much as I would like them to be.)

  • As a woman who enjoys wearing pantyhose it is my hope that they come back into fashion. Whether they do or not, I will continue wearing them and dressing in a way that I feel is elegant and attractive. I was dismayed when I just saw the latest issue of Vogue magazine showing so many “bear”-legged women.

    Perhaps it is as many of you have described, only here in America. In Europe the trend seems a little more toward the elegant and I was pleased to have discovered a website with photos of designs by Austrian designer Lena Hoschek. The photos are from Fall of 2014, very recent so there is hope, at least for Europe. If only the fashions would become popular here in the U.S.

    These are styles I love to wear when I can find them. Here is a link to the website: http://bcr8tive.com/lena-hoschek-fall-2014/


    • Hi Sophia. Thanks very much for sharing that fabulous link. Thanks also for going against a slob and dressed down culture we have here in the US. Dare to be elegant and keep wearing pantyhose. Class rises to the top. Real women wear sheer nylon pantyhose (or tights for readers in the UK)

  • Did anyone happen to see Good Morning America earlier this week? It included a story by one of their reporters in which the gist was sheer pantyhose are back in high fashion for women of ALL ages, and is it worth it to spend more on an expensive, designer pair of “tights”.

    • Hi Amy,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Also, thanks for attaching that link to the Good Morning America episode you referenced.

      OK, now wait a minute — you’re not THE Amy Robach, are you?

      Either way, thanks again for your comment. Our male readers here love it when a woman (besides me all the time) comments on this blog. We’d love to hear more from you if any of the posts here so inspire you to weigh in.

      Best wishes,


    • Hi, thanks for posting. Not a real great written article, but the video was pretty good. All in all, positive exposure for pantyhose (much needed!)

  • Well, this article and comments nail it pretty good. As a man of a certain age I adore a woman in hose (I say hose because stockings or hose both work). As a woman you can have the greatest shaped legs in the world, but a lesser shaped gam in hose has that certain mystique that draws men in. Proven in anecdotal studies by women at hookup bars. Bare legs are for the beach. I have worn pantyhose experimentaly and find them very comfortable, even as undergarment. Bare legged arguments just don’t hold up. Men wear pants all day, right? Tight and warm in the crouch, rubbing on legs all day. Maybe we all should wear kilts.

  • Hi. Robin did you get everything you wanted for Christmas.Well once again I got to sit between my girlfriend and her cousin at the dinner table.My favorite gift which was both of them wearing sheer black pantyhose and a nice pair of red high heels.Her cousin had a red dress on and my gf had A a green dress on Once again I got to feel the nylon on both of their legs which was a real treat. Let’s. just say that I would have been embarrassed to stand up at one point.Later on my gfs cousin said my cousinn has nicer legs than I do and told her cousin she should wear them more often when no one else was around. My gf still doesn’t wear them as frequently as her cousin does.Well I did get some other gifts But I would say that was a great present for a man who has everything he needs.

  • Hi Robin. Well at thanksgiving I got another treat when I got to go over to my girlfriends cousins house and I got to sit between both of them while they were both in dresses and wearing pantyhose .That was the second time I got to see her in that delicious state.She said she is an administrative assistant who practically lives in them and she is only 22. My gf is 31 and an infant toddler teacher who wears them once or twice a week.Well my gf said we can go over there for Christmas and I can sit between them at the dinner table like I did at thanksgiving feeling the pantyhose on both of their legs.My gf knew I was doing that at thanksgiving at the table .Any ideas on what I can get them as Christmas gifts.

    • Thank you for your comment, steve. What a life you have. If you have a girlfriend who’s that understanding about your pantyhose fetish, here’s my suggestion for what to get her (and her cousin) for Christmas: Anything they want.

  • Do you believe on,y females get to have fun and fantasy. I’m not bi or anything, but drab is in clothing traditionally for men are: khaki, flannel wool, black or brown. Maybe denim and similarly scratchy and chafing.At my proportions, when I go to a big and tall store (for men) I was lucky to find a pair of trousers at all. It seems the “big and tall” outlets offer me big or tall not both. Anyway, I enjoy nylon, both in outerware and underware. I wear pantyhose under my pants for skiing, motorcycling, and at work in frigid weather. Being on my feet for > 10h on the work site at the pharmacy the support helps my legs as I have intermittet diabetic neurological pain. Pantyhose are inexpensive and not only that I enjoy the look too.

  • Honestly, some men and women too think that hosiery is something of a taboo. Showing some leg above the knee is flirty. With guys, they cannot see enough hosiery clad pantyhose laden legs. In the areas where, unlike Buffalo or cold climates, they enjoin women and vicariously wear their own legware to accentuate the absence of women who always wear pants or go bare legged. Call it what you will, but I wouldn’t tag this as a abnormally so much as a predilection or liking or even perhaps a contrivance of selection that is infinitely more desirable than heavy bulky thermals.

  • When I read the comments I really feel sorry for all those men whose wife is not willing to please them by wearing pantyhose. Since my wife discovered (by accident) my fetish, she wears pantyhose whenever she thinks I might like it and it might lead to sex.

    Even if she didn’t wear hose during the day, whenever we start sex, she asks whether I like her to put on a pantyhose. Since I particularly like to see women walking barefoot in pantyhose, even if they ruin their pantyhose in this way, she also often puts on a pantyhose and walks barefoot for me. Or she wears open shoes, slingback heels or pumps.

    I just want to say I have married the most terrific wife on earth.

    Another remark about women who hate pantyhose. They complain about the feeling on their legs, in their crotch, it is warm, it is uncomfortable. Can someone explain me why about half of all (Dutch) women seem to know only one type of legwear: the legging. Either ankle length, calf length, or knee length. Even (or especially) in the hottest of the summer. Hey, I thought tights were uncomfortable? Apparently not, as long as it doesn’t have feet. Does anyone see the logic?

    • Hello Jack,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I agree with you, and I’ve written it in this blog several times — it’s sad that most women today won’t do a simple little thing like wearing pantyhose to please their husbands or boyfriends.

      It appears that the slob generation in today’s western world has regressed not only in values pertaining to dressing with class and elegance, but also in women becoming much less feminine, and interested only in pleasing themselves.

      Is it any wonder then that so many men today are looking for women of other nationalities, as those outside the west are much more feminine, classy and elegant? And those women truly enjoy being female and dressing the part, especially, when it comes to wearing sheer pantyhose.

  • If you flaunt your legs by wearing flamboyant pantyhose and high heels too high, women think you are a tart. Sometimes this is true I suppose. But, then again the addition of sheer beautiful attactive pantyhose and pretty footware is something that women without the attributes of nicely sensuous legs resent the fact they can’t be as attactive as tne female with long attractive legs and the jealously those legs cause as the men may be crossings their legs to hide the effect the legs have on mens endowment.

  • As a teen, pantyhose were just invented. That was in the mid sixties. Still, some wore the stockings and garter belts. In the late 1960’s, miniskirts took hold. As teenagers, girls were all excitable about pantyhose as a growing up stage like mom and others. The skirts were 6 inches above the knee almost like cheerleading outfits. High heels brought attention to boyfriends. It was regular, normal, nothing really racy. Fashionable actually. Now legging and spanx type hose are popular.
    Now it seems nobody pretends to notice a nice shapely pair of legs in pretty pantyhose. Women I. The know understand the niceties that sexy shoes and smooth pantyhose creates a aura of prowess to the women in them. Men, and women are all aware of nice legs and the attention they bring. Glaring at a women is ill mannered, but even at that, a compliment directed to a impeccably dressed woman is always welcomed.

  • For as long as I can remember I have had a thing for pantyhose. Back in the early 80’s all my teachers were female and most of the times wore sandal heels with pantyhose and I can remember just looking at them all day and when the day was over I would go up and give the teachers a hug goodbye and at times I was lucky enough to get a feel of them. Back then it was not a sexual thing as I was to young to understand that. The look and feel just made me a happy little boy.

    As I grew my like for pantyhose grew. Being in a Catholic Highschool was heaven for me. All the girls wearing their kilts very short and almost always had pantyhose or tights on. Bare legs were rare back then.

    At the age of 15 I had my first real girlfriend and I would spend hours with her at home after school. Just loved when she sat across my lap and I could run my hands over her tight/pantyhose covered legs and bum. Being a 15 year old it was very hard not to be excited all the time and yes the kissing and rubbing her legs in tights did cause a few premature issues to arise.

    As I was dating her she threw a pair of torn pantyhose at me in a playful way and I grabbed them and put them in my school bag without her seeing. When I got home I went straight to my room and placed my hand down one of the legs and rubbed the pantyhose all over my face and body. That caused me to be the most sexually excited I had yet to be. I was hooked. I started to sneak a pair here and there from her and soon I had a dozen pair of tights and pantyhose hidden away in my room. I began to experiment with them more and more and by college I was using them many times a day to please myself.

    Now my fetish for pantyhose was there and growing strong. I only was attracted to women that wore them but one day it became more about the pantyhose then the woman. Seeing a store display was (still is) very arousing for me as was (is) the thought of buying a new pair. To open up the package and to feel the soft smooth Lycra and Nylon as I unravel it is ecstasy.

    I am now 41, married with kids and no one knows of my pantyhose fetish. My wife knows I do like the way stockings and pantyhose look on her but then again most men do like that. I thought my sexual desire for pantyhose and tights would fade in time but it just keeps growing. Never have worn them but they are my sexual self pleasure toy that I keep hidden.

    Like many I have been searching to find out why I have this and if others also share my fetish. Within the last few years I have come to realize that many share this fetish. There are so many adult sites dedicated to pantyhose and also so many message boards posting the same questions I have. God I love pantyhose!

    • Hi Steve,

      We have at least one other Steve — a longtime reader, but I think this is your first comment here. Thank you for participating, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Hope you’ll continue to comment on other posts that so inspire you here.

  • My fetish for pantyhose began when I was at least five or six years old. Most evenings after work she would lay in bed wearing a slip and her pantyhose, and would rub my legs against hers. As I became more attracted to them, I would sneak into my mother’s dresser and steal a pair to wear after school in my room. As any young boy attracted to pantyhose would confess, I loved the way they looked and felt on my legs. As I grew older, I made another personal discovery in reference to my pantyhose attraction. I would watch the old episodes of Batman on TV, and I would become somewhat aroused when Batman and Robin were overpowered and placed in any type of perilous situation, especially when they were bound or strapped down. I began to fantasize about being a superhero or secret agent who is captured by some fiendish villan and his henchmen, gassed and then tied up and struggling to escape. One day while fantasizing I “accidentally” began to masturbate, thus my sexual connection to pantyhose coming to light. There is definitely something arousing and erotic in the act of a man wearing pantyhose or tights. There is a feeling of submission that overcomes me as I wear them, even when having pantyhose sex with my girlfriend.

  • Feminine attire has a sensuous feel, look, usually satin, (slips) lace, smoothness that is accentuated for tactile sensationalism rendering the attractive woman clad in those sexy fabrics a “sexy feminine woman who is looking colorful in the gorgeous intimate garb only for her and her lovers pleasure” Some men wear lingerie. That is between the couple. If the partner loves him and she isn’t indignant, they may very well enjoy a satisfied sexuality. Kinky, yes. But maybe just a little something to “spice” up a mundane situation requiring some sugar. I must admit the silk and satin IS erogenous.

  • Really, it’s the entire feminine attire in it’s complete enticing arousal factor. Hose is a major attraction that both men and women covet. Business attire professionals (female) in management are all but required to look their very best. That almost always includes the ensemble of say Ralph Lauren silk dress and the most flattering pantyhose and designer shoes they are expected to wear according to their position. Casual dress is allowed, but no woman will not look her most flattering and best feminine looking “Dress to Impress” attire. They simply won’t look second best.

  • Mainly, women dress for other women to express their unique fashion sense and individuality. Hosiery I’m afraid is only a option in colder weather. It’s become a bit of a hindrance to women’s movement and comfort. Of course in the office or professional setting, a 125.00 pair of silk and cashmere tights do get noticed.The other factor for women’s dominance is her choice of high heels or boots. They will wear 4 inch heels all day to prove the fem fatale aura of their favorite pumps or sexy heels. No matter the discomfort, they endure. And what goes best with those killer high heels? PANTYHOSE!

  • Wow, imagine if you will the (years when you add them up) that women go though almost daily. All that maintenance, 100’s of products to offer a more beautiful appealing look. Add to that the whole family thing. We laugh sometimes when a woman breaks a nail. Well, if pantyhose covers a few flaws for women’s pretty legs, great. They really go all out to look presentable and do it all.

  • Clinically, Sigmund Freud espoused that the substituting of normal relationships was a perversion that was based on the “castration complex” and the childs thinking that the female has a phallus. Now that’s not to say fur, hair, silk is not desired. It very much is. The crux is the use of a fetish exclusive to sexuality as a non human entity. Excluding procreation. Heavy stuff. I don’t pretend to know psychiatry.

  • It’s one aspect of my life I’ve never been able to fully explain. As with a lot of you, it started when I was young. My mom knew about it, but kind of discouraged it. She worked at a nursing home, back when virtually all nurses wore the white dress and white tights. There was actually a nurse who would come up to me and say “wanna touch my legs?”, apparently, my mom had said something to her about it. Thats a pretty awesome perk to have at 4 years old, but looking back, I’m like “why did she let a 4 year old touch her legs?” Anyways, it progressed through the years. I didn’t tell any of my high school girlfriends about it, knowing high school would become even more hellacious. When I became an adult, I told my first wife about it, and she was somewhat okay with it. We divorced and I remarried. My wife now is awesome. Not only does she wear them occassionally, she takes me to stores shopping for my size (one time buying me mantyhose, which are AWESOME btw). One big problem is that everyone associates pantyhose fetishes with cross dressing or being gay. I am straight and have no desire to go the other way, but this fetish is hard to explain. The funny thing about it is I don’t actually dig feet. Ya I’ll take a footjob if there’s pantyhose involved, but I’m not actually interested in feet themselves (not interested in them and I’m turned off by the smell). Hopefully, someday, I will be able to live in a society where the fetish is acceptable, but I don’t see it happening any time soon. The funny thing id the women I have said something to all say “oh, thats pretty common”, however, the way its said is also very similar to the way a woman would say “oh, it happens to guys sometimes”, or “its not the size, its what you do with it”, almost overly reassuring..

    • Thanks for your comment, Bob. I’ll say again, I think a pantyhose fetish is very common today, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. And, while, I’ve written a few times that a pantyhose fetish goes hand-in-hand with a foot fetish (or, is it foot-in-hand?), I certainly don’t believe that one can’t survive without the other.

  • Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but
    after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and
    checking back frequently!

  • Now there is a right and wrong way to indulge your pantyhose fetish… but this fool from Taiwan didn’t get the memo. No thanks to this moron, he’s just gave us normal and mild mannered pantyhose loving guys, like myself, a black eye. Here’s a YouTube video link below. It was posted on April of this year. The actual date is unknown.

    Bus pervert with pantyhose fetish harasses woman on bus, claims ‘mental illness’

  • While on the road today, I was quite surprised to actually see a pair of nude pantyhose hung out on a clothesline among a load of laundry. It’s one of those nice make your day kind of sights which are very rare in my experience. I believe it’s actually been probably 5 years or more since I’ve seen that. I spend much of my day on the road for work but still find this a rare sighting. My wife like many women just hangs hers inside, but it’s always pretty cool to see them out in the open on a clothesline.

    • Hi Mike T,

      Another example of how today’s ugly “bear”-legs culture has negatively affected society when we actually get excited by just seeing a pair of pantyhose hanging on a clothesline.

      Love the comment. Thanks.

  • Hi again Robin.I wrote a blog recently about
    my gfs first cousin.Well a few days ago her
    cousin went out of town for a couple of days
    and my gf asked me to go over her house
    and feed her fish.She gave me the keys to
    her cousins house and I went into her house.

    After I fed the fish I wondered into her
    bedroom where her pantyhose drawer
    where i have gone before and right outside
    were the 2 pairs of act sensuous act 3
    black pantyhose. Then I went inside her
    drawer and found twelve pairs and started
    going thru them. I forgot to mention that
    the act sensuous ones were still in the

    Anyway as I went thru the ones
    in the drawer there was a note saying hi
    Steve did you like the gift I gave to my
    cousin to give to you and I know that was
    kinky giving my cousin my underwear to
    give to her boyfriend however it was very
    flattering considering my cousin looks
    prettier dressed up than I do.

    I then went
    to her hamper but it was empty with a
    note inside saying I did my laundry.Thanks .
    for feeding my fish.

  • I love the senuousness of pantyhose so very much it has become a obsession for me. Recently, the additition of 6 inch high heel pumps with the hosiery has become obligated to slip on to finish to complete look and elongation of the pretty legs by allowing the calf to protrude. The fetish also has a component of expensive lingerie too. Complete with beautiful blonde wigs and make up. I love the completed feminine look. I plan to expand my wardrobe extensively.

  • When I was younger, I worked in a womens shoe store next to the pantyhose isle. I took to it immediately. Winter has better as most wore pantyhose. Short skirts were in style then. The women liked being given special service. Often, I would offer a employee’s discount on the high heels. I so enjoyed slipping off their shoes and then bringing 4 or 5 pairs of high heels to slip on their pretty nylon clad feet. If they were bare legged, I would slip on a knee high to facilitate the smooth fit of the heels. Some were brazen enough to show me some thigh. I enjoyed this job where I was payed to fondle sexy womens legs. I am in the process of opening my own shoe store with pantyhose also. I cannot wait until opening day!

  • Although pantyhose/stockings have recently taken a holiday, in the metropolitan areas where it is cool or cold they remain popular. Men like myself feel the compression and the look and feel most comfy and enhance my legs.I usually turn the air down to. 62 degrees. At home I wear my pantyhose and 6 inch high heels to accentuate my long legs. Being a narcissistic, I simply adore the look and smooth feel on the sensuous feel on my shaven legs. Recently online, I have found expensive pantyhose like Wolfords, Cette, Falke, and others that fit perfect look sensational, and are worth 50.00 to even 100.00 as they are ultra premium pantyhose.

  • I have a crazy strong fetish for pantyhose. I can remember back when 80’s shows had it all over the screen that I enjoyed the look a lot. Elvira, Wonder Woman, Daisy Duke, etc. Maybe mine was started because my mother wore them. I have no idea. But, I enjoy the hell out of them. Legs are beautiful, and, though I don’t have a foot fetish, I like feet. I’m a massage therapist, so I have to, you know!

    I am married, and have been happily for 4 years. My wife has been awesome with the support, and she is starting to enjoy wearing them more. And nothing beats pantyhose and a sexy outfit! Though I can’t get her to wear them in public, yet.

    I find that the shinier, the better, but also they must have a great feel to them.

    Great site! Thanks!

  • Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia.com about pantyhose fetishism:

    Pantyhose fetishism is a very common fetish involving women’s pantyhose (known as “tights” in the UK). As with many other common fetishes it has been suggested that it first surfaces in early childhood and/or during adolescence.[4]

    Often a pantyhose fetishist may also engage in stocking fetishism, the unique silky sheer aspect and allure of both items being the common denominator. Many current day males’ fetishistic preferences for pantyhose over stockings may be related to the fact that pantyhose are, unlike stockings, in virtual direct contact with female genitalia and/or perhaps even more important are the preferred hosiery for most women when skirts and dresses are worn.

    In very basic simple terms pantyhose fetishism most commonly manifests itself in one or more of the following ways:

    Tearing or cutting holes in pantyhose to modify the garment or gain access to the wearer’s body.
    Wearing of pantyhose by either or both partners during sexual activity.
    A male wearing pantyhose alone or in front of others who may praise or humiliate him.
    Using pantyhose as bondage restraints.
    Interacting with pantyhose in any other way or form during sexual activity.
    Simply observing/admiring and experiencing heightened arousal/interest of females or males who are wearing pantyhose.
    Viewing material from store catalogues to pornography of models and actors wearing pantyhose.
    A man or woman in pantyhose encasement.
    Specifically during the lone activity of a young fetishist in his early formative years it is sometimes preferable for the pair of pantyhose to have been seen to be worn by a specific ‘role model’, be it a family member such as their mother, an aunt or grandmother; or others such as a neighbor, family friend or teacher.

    The sub-categories and degrees of pantyhose fetishism are too many to list and is in many cases combined with other fetishes or paraphilias of the fetishist (and often his partner too) so as to make an individual’s preferences as with many other popular fetishes unique.

    A few typical examples of sub-categories perhaps would be:

    a focus on certain areas of the body while wearing pantyhose, e.g. feet a variation of the very common foot fetishism,
    wearing pantyhose with other specific garments, e.g. shoes, boots, or skirts, uniforms that usually include pantyhose (girl at work, secretary, flight stewardess, policewoman, Hooters waitress, girl next door etc.,)
    certain styles e.g. sheer-to-waist, opaque, patterned or specific deniers; certain brands or shades,
    simply admiring women who wear pantyhose (a mild form of voyeurism),
    finding the wearing of them to be a primarily sensual comforting experience, rather than sexual.
    The pantyhose covered foot can be extremely arousing to men who often find satisfaction in just looking at or more in that of rubbing, sucking/licking, and massage of the nylon clad feet. Others find arousal in sniffing the sour and pungent smell of soles made by excessive sweat when in pantyhose. Pantyhose fetish can also be linked to that of the women dressing as the schoolgirl where stockings, knee high socks and pantyhose can be worn with a short skirt.

    The act of purchasing pantyhose, especially when aided by a female assistant, can also generate a degree of arousal.

    Female attractiveness
    There are several reasons for women to wear pantyhose, each a possible reason for the allure of pantyhose fetishism:

    Thighs and buttocks encased in pantyhose appear firm and fit, flaws such as cellulite and blemishes are not visible.
    The reflectiveness of the material, coupled with the way they appear less transparent at the edges, often gives legs more contrast and definition, as though lit by dramatic lighting. This accentuates the curves of the legs, making them less “flat”, and can also make legs appear slimmer (with dark pantyhose).
    They often have a silky texture which is pleasing to both the wearer and her partner.
    They enhance the pleasure (and anticipation) associated with the removal of a woman’s clothes. Not only serving as an additional item to be removed; they allow the exciting moment of exposure to be drawn out much longer than other clothing items, as the pantyhose are slowly pulled down the legs. In addition to this, they do not actually hide what they cover.
    The slipperiness and smoothness of sheer pantyhose and stockings also makes women’s low cut court shoes slip off more easily. This vulnerability is often sexually attractive, and can often result in the women engaging in shoe dangling or shoe play which is also appealing to shoe and foot fetishists.

    It’s real…..

  • Hi Kim nice comments there. I was wondering how often you wear pantyhose and what kind of compliments you have recieved by
    wearing them if im not being too forward?

    • From my wife of course. I don’t really know if it’s just a white lie, but if so she’s sure into it.

  • It all comes down to this:”If you got super perfectly proportioned long legs, USE THEM! “They will get you that job, that promotion, and make all the other women jealous.

  • Some people claim that the silky texture and the feel of the pantyhose rubbing together between one’s thighs makes a sexy swooshing sound that drives men mad. Well a woman smoothing her pantyhose would certainly be nice to look at for men. As for the sliding of nylons together might sound nice, I would not say it drives men mad. Then again, it’s no coincidence that lingerie is made of the most smooth sexy beautiful sleek features to feel so sensuous to all.

  • All women are crazy about shoes. They simply must have more. It’s not a fetish for women to like many different types. They understand they get all the stares from men when they are in their expensive 350.00 designer sky high heels and 65.00 dollar Wolford’s pantyhose.

  • it began during WWII. Silk was used for parachutes so nylon was substituted. Stockings were 1st, but the smooth contour of no garters came to be. Since then in the sixties with the advent of brands like ‘Legg’s” and others with the mini skirt fad, pantyhose were a sensation. High heels followed suit. Dress codes by male bosses mandated pantyhose heels and dresses. It wasn’t until the mid seventies until women demanded comfort and equality with pants. I prefer a professional woman to wear a dress in general. Most women shun the pantyhose in the warm weather. Men cannot wear shorts to work though.For women with unsightly blemishes it may be a plus. if men had to wear them as much as women, they would understand the reason some women dislike them. This is regardless of the fact men like to look at women’s attractive legs in expensive pantyhose and high heels.

    • Hello, Kim. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. You make some interesting observations and have a rather peculiar point of view for a woman (I presume you are female) in this and your other five sequential comments.

      I disagree with a few things you write, but I certainly respect your opinions, and I appreciate your contribution to my blog.

      Hopefully, the longtime readers here also will appreciate hearing from you and will weigh in on your comments. Looking forward to hearing more from you, Kim.

  • I sure am glad you made this web site. I wholeheartedly agree with your connection of pantyhose to a fetish. When I first put on pantyhose at the age of 15 I had a spontaneous orgasm more pleasing and longer lasting than ever before. So, you can positively say that I have a pantyhose fetish and what drives it is simply orgasms.

    I see your point about the pure nylon, but I do like the kind with some lycra too. Don’t dismiss me out of hand, please Robin, because of that. I also like to pull the waistband up to just under my arms so I feel the sensuous caress of the pantyhose all over my body.

    Since I have been practicing erotic pleasure this way for decades I’ve got to be able to have orgasms repeatedly and continuously for hours at a time. In my youth I expected that, as I got older the thrill of it would fade away, but it hasn’t. I still get excited in anticipation of getting into pantyhose and having orgasms when I get home. I don’t dress up like a girl or go out in public in them.

    It’s great to know you’re a nice real female with a pantyhose fetish too. I sure wish I could have a girlfriend like you.

    • Hello, Guy. Thank you for your comment and compliment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Please note: I never dismiss anyone who has a different viewpoint about pantyhose than mine. I’ve stated repeatedly that, while I personally don’t care for some of the other kinds of pantyhose available today (such as those made with spandex, the full-fashioned RHT kind, and the super tight and shiny styles), I respect others’ love of all varieties. I always say “Any pantyhose are better than no pantyhose.”

      Thanks again for your comment, Guy.

  • Hi there Robyn, Firstly I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and your passion for pantyhose, And for starting this thread.
    Answering your question about what drives our pantyhose fetish, is a complicated one, tho I may be able to shed some light on this, I started wearing pantyhose when I was 10 years old, my initial desire was snooping through the hallway closet early one morning, my parents were still a sleep in bed, and I was the only one up , in the back of the hallway closet was a large pile of pantyhose all mixed up, there must of been about 30 pairs.
    My mother were pantyhose everyday, I remember her even wearing them to bed, and sometimes putting them on. It was the 70’s pantyhose were quite popular and most women and girls wore them, when I found that pile of pantyhose in the back of the closet, even tho I was very young, in the hall way I took of my shorts so I was naked slipped into a pair of nude pantyhose for the first time, and was instantly aroused by the feel and the look of them on my own legs, I quickly took them of put them back in the closet and went to bed, completely denying it to myself that it just happened, from that first time I was completely hooked, I did get caught quite a bit by my family, everybody seemed to turn a blind eye, I understood they didn’t know what to say or do about it, I questioned myself everyday, but could not resist the urge to wear them every chance I got, I would take silly chances walk around my backyard wearing only pantyhose, even walking the block at night time wearing only pantyhose, I was addicted like a drug, as I matured I thought it would go away, tho today as I’m typing this I am wearing them, tho have progressed I’m married my wife excepts them tho it’s not her cup of tea, she says wear them when u have to, tho she does not want to see me wearing them anymore, I do shave my body hair and for a guy I have really nice legs, I use to cross dress for many years and got very good at it, I could of easily fooled anybody that I was a girl, I would go out fully dressed up always with nude sheer to waist pantyhose, to this day I still get excited when I see a smart dressed woman wearing pantyhose under her skirt with high heels, it’s extremely sexy, I have had a lot pantyhose sex over the years, I have made lots of pantyhose videos and pictures, trying to perfect the ultimate look, women have stopped wearing pantyhose in this era, stating that they are unnecessary , I truly believe that half the problem is that they have not worn a decent pair of pantyhose, cheap pantyhose don’t look or feel good,i have personally tried on 100’s of different brands, and some are truly horrible, so a good quality, smooth texture makes or breaks pantyhose, I understand if they don’t feel good you will not to wear them, buy expensive pantyhose!

    • Hello, Andy. You write very much like Robert — all one paragraph, no periods, just commas everywhere. Hmmmmm. You and Robert have much to talk about. Anyway, thanks for your lonnnnnnnnng comment.

  • I wear pantyhose everyday and I have my entire life but I’ve said that before and you can file that in the family tradition folder. I stumbled across this web page on a shopping quest. I’ve popped back in out of sheer curiosity. I’m wondering about this whole fetish labeling thing. Back when my mother was in high school everyone was in pantyhose and the shortest micro mini you can imagine.

    Now it seems that guys who still appreciate that look have a fetish? Is myself that has a fetish for wearing it? Why is something like cotton yoga pants better or more fashionable? It seems to me that pantyhose are a sheerer, sexier version of the same thing. Ok they have feet attached. Just my thoughts.

    • It’s not exactly automatic, Jill. There might be millions of men who have a true pantyhose fetish, but it doesn’t mean that all men do just because they appreciate seeing a woman in a skirt and pantyhose and heels. And this ain’t anything new, either. I’m pretty sure men have had a pantyhose fetish since its beginnings in the 1960s. And, before then, men very likely had a fetish for nylon stockings.

  • I can’t explain why I have this pantyhose fetish any further than what’s been said but I can trace it’s evolution all the way back to childhood. I am 45, male, with a passion for pantyhose and feet.

    My grandmother watched me as a toddler. She wore hose all the time. Naturally I spent much of my time down on the floor playing. I have a memory of her sitting in her chair, shoes off and me sniffing those nylon feet laying under her on the floor. Bear in mind I was about two years old and had no idea about anything other than they smelled good.

    As a budding teen I loved the hosiery section of the Sears catalog that we’d always get. Around the age of 12 I would hang out at my friend Tom’s house. He lived with his single mom and her roommate – a young, sexy lady named Barbara. They’d go out at night leaving us to ourselves and we’d dare each other to go put on Barbara’s pantyhose. It was such innocent fun. Those were the days when masturbating with your friend didn’t seem weird. We were at that stage between being little kids and young men.

    I don’t think the fetish really kicked in however until my twenties. I used to steal used pantyhose whenever the opportunity presented itself. I was a master thief. I always felt that maybe I was a little “perverted” but I couldn’t help myself. After getting married the opportunities for heisting hose largely dissappeared so one day I decided that it’s okay to buy my own.

    Eventually I’d move from wearing them in private around the house to wearing them under my regular clothes to work. My wife knows I’m nuts about hosiery and indulges me from time to time, but I don’t think she knows just how nuts I am about hosiery. At any given time I probably have more than she does. I still keep it “in the closet”.

    Last year something new happened. I got the sudden and overwhelming urge to wear high heels. I don’t consider myself a crossdresser but I simply had to experience this. So I did. What a rush. I hide them carefully and break them out every now and then to feel what it is like wearing sexy hose and heels. In the mirror I realized I look like an idiot but it’s a powerful feeling. If I were caught I think I’d be absolutely as mortified as the one who caught me. I keep it dark. It seems silly. It’s just clothing after all. But I suppose the stigma of a straight, married man wearing hose and heels is there and I’d like to avoid that.

    I’ve tried to “turn it off”. There is no turning it off. I’ve decided that I’m not actually a pervert but just a man with a preference. It seems a strange passion but I know that it’s a passion shared by many. Nothing looks better than a lady in hose. Glad I got that out there.


    • Wow, what a comment. Thank you, E.B., and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      A couple things: First, this is an exceptionally well-written comment. With one of two extremely minor adjustments, I could make your writing perfect (like mine). 🙂

      Seriously, well done, E.B. Second, there must be millions of men who have a pantyhose (and feet in pantyhose) fetish, but I had no idea so many men (thousands; maybe hundreds of thousands) also have the same desire as you to wear pantyhose. This blog does seem to be a place where men can, as you say, get it out there.

      While I am not the least bit judgmental about (well, hardly anything really), it’s comments and emails like this one that I receive all the time from men like you that makes me shake my head in dismay that so many of you understand the beauty, the femininity and, ultimately, the power that women in pantyhose wield. Yet, so many women in the world don’t seem to “get it.” Or, worse maybe — just don’t care.

      To me, this is a disturbing trend. Women appear to be getting less and less feminine, and men are missing that quality in them so much, they are having to devise their own methods for beholding, appreciating and enjoying those aspects of femininity that they are no longer getting from the ladies in their lives.

      C’mon, ladies. It’s pretty clear that men love us in pantyhose. It’s not like they’re asking us to wear corsets, girdles, or stilettos. Those things hurt. But how hard is it — how much of an inconvenience is it — to wear a soft, silky, delicate little thing as pantyhose to drive men wild with love, admiration and passion for us?

      Thanks again for your comment, E.B. Hoping to hear more from you in the future.

      • Thanks for the compliment. I’m no English major but I try. You may have nailed it with this…

        “To me, this is a disturbing trend. Women appear to be getting less and less feminine, and men are missing that quality in them so much, they are having to devise their own methods for beholding, appreciating and enjoying those aspects of femininity that they are no longer getting from the ladies in their lives.”

        I don’t know. Perhaps if my childhood friend had never dared me to wear pantyhose I wouldn’t have the desire now. Perhaps this fetish is something beyond our control, embedded in our very DNA. I really don’t know. Perhaps getting older in combination with a less than blazing marriage prompted me to explore a little further.

        I do know that this fabric holds a special magic and they feel amazing despite any taboo that may exist about a man in pantyhose. Though, honestly, I only wear them outside of the house in the winter. They make a fantastic insulation layer in the cold weather. Aside from that it’s just a playtime thing when the urge hits, and the urge does hit.

        So be it.

    • That is so hot! My. Girlfriend also loves to roleplay. We wear the same size shoes and pantyhose. It’s really fun to have her make me up and we play around in our sexy attire. She loves it as I do. She’s a cosmetic worker at Macy’s. She gets discounts on our outfits and make up. I always buy her the nicest outfits and she responds by reciprocity. So glad you enjoy this little fetish. I love it too.

  • Hello all! Hi Robin! Haven’t been on in a while.
    Been busy, plus, I needed a real topic. Lol! I’ll
    make it short as possible, but is wanting to own
    a worn pair of pantyhose from a woman
    (presumably a woman one knows) an act of
    pervertedness? Is it not normal? Should I be placed in front of a firing squad and executed, or
    go to hell for which I committed some sin? Lol!
    Just bringing a tad bit humor to it, but I feel like
    one of the speakers on here, Maciver, where I’m
    isolated, and, pretty much on the borderline of
    deeming myself a pervert. Please help community. -Richard

    • Hi rclosure1,

      As I told Maciver, no, your wanting to own a pair of pantyhose worn by a woman you know (or don’t) doesn’t make you perverted. There is nothing wrong with you (or anyone) (except, steve, maybe) (kidding, steve) for having this desire.

      Thanks for making your comment, rclosure1.

  • it is hard to explain the fetish.It can actual
    ly be a combination of each I can probably
    speak for a lot of men.We men can be visual
    creatures in that when we see something we
    like we look. Women who love to wear
    pantyhose would tend to say they like the
    squishhy feeling and a good pair can make
    it feel as if everything else their wearing
    with it has disappeared. women also have
    also put perfume on their pantyhose and
    or on the hem of their skirt or dress .The
    site of that alone can also be a major turn

  • Hi pretty feet nice comment.Well I dont
    think it has to be the odor.It can be the
    fact that women take the time to.Oh who
    am i kidding I guess the odor can have
    something to do with it..

  • Most men who are obsess with women wearing Pantyhose/Nylon also have a serious foot fetish. What drives them is the odor that Pantyhose feet can collect (especially with the right shoes). Guys with this fetish prefer odor collected from 3-4 days of consecutive wear.

    • Hey, Prettyfeet. Thanks for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Jeez, I kinda disagree with that, too. I know that’s true of some men, but I think most men who have a serious foot fetish (which, yes, does go hand-in hand, or maybe foot-in-hand, with pantyhose) love how the sheer nylon enhances the beauty of feet, just as it does the legs.

    • The scent of a hygenic woman,her perfume and pherenomes are all turn ons. The estrus of a female is particularly senuous. Smelly feet may do it for some, but we all perspire. That feminine scent is always a turn on for men. Viva La differance!

  • I am a pantyhose lover and have an infatuation for same. I believe pantyhose augments the female form far beyond its intrinsic and natural form. Pantyhose transforms the beauty of women to celestial beings that I worship. My fascination is growing rapidly and I think I am now obsessed with pantyhose as I wear a pair when masturbating which catapults me into a world of ecstasy and bliss.
    I am grateful for this forum to vent my fascination and as a man, I am seeking advice or feedback in understanding my delight and questioning whether I am crossing the line of normal human behaviour. Please help – I have a collection of pantyhose pictures that I have gathered over many years that never ceases to excite me.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Hello, Maciver. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      You are most definitely not alone. And take heart — you are not crossing any line of normal human behavior. I believe pantyhose are the most beautiful, sensual and decidedly feminine thing ever created to enhance the natural beauty of a woman’s legs.

      It’s sad that so many of today’s women don’t get that. To me, that’s a statement about the unfortunate decrease in femininity that has become prevalent in the U.S. during the past two decades. Women want to act like men, dress like men and, sadly, look like men.

      I’ve read that men in the U.S. are attracted more to women of other countries because they are more feminine and like being female. And, not surprisingly, women in all other countries are more devoted pantyhose-wearers than those in the U.S.

      While far too many women here just don’t “get it,” the vast majority of most men do. It always amazes me that women today don’t seem to care what men love about them. Rather, it almost seems as if women hate most what men love most — pantyhose.

      And it’s not like men are asking us to wear 6-inch stilettos or things that cause us pain. Pantyhose aren’t painful to wear, unless we buy the wrong size or the kind that have too much of a support-effect. Pantyhose are a delicate and beautiful accessory that are as important and relevant today as makeup. Why so many women try so hard to vilify pantyhose remains a mystery to me.

      But, the good news is more and more young women in the U.S. are coming back to, or discovering pantyhose for the first time. I don’t think the dreaded “bear”-legs culture will continue to have as strong an influence on women as it did during the late 1990s and the entire decade of 2000.

      Either way, hang in there, Maciver. There is nothing wrong with your love and appreciation for women in pantyhose.

      • Thank you for welcoming me into the fold as I was isolated and bordering on labelling myself as perverted.:)
        I accord with your sentiments and appreciate the deeper insight.

        I just wish to complement one aspect relating to your view that pantyhose enhances the natural beauty of a woman’s legs – I opine that pantyhose transcends a woman’s legs as the female human form is designed fundamentally, salaciously. Pantyhose then transforms such “eye-candy” into the epitome of elegance and good taste. Essentially a woman augments her inherent beauty, if she so chooses, to become conspicuous among the “herds” that veer to the mundane.

        Pantyhose is to my mind far more than an item of clothing – it is significant part of a woman’s attire that should emotionally and psychologically catapult her to greater awe of herself who should be rewarded for the concerted effort in presenting an image that conjurs an array of sensations to those that have the ability and care to “look and see.”

  • Hi Robin.
    I Agree With Sheer Mike One
    Hundred Percent On his recent comment
    about this blog and you being a
    pantyhose goddess.

  • It started in childhood. And there was plenty of women in pantyhose in the 80’s. It seemed women everywhere wore pantyhose back then. They wouldn’t be caught without them. So I naturally began to associate pantyhose with women, and feminine.

    As a young boy, there is sexual interest in pantyhose. A mystery even…taboo. But I find pantyhose fetish matures with age. I liken this to how a teenager likes to play loud heavy metal. But once older, whenever that same teenager plays the same thing, (albeit at a much lesser volume), they merely appreciates the beauty in the music. The sophistication, not the rage, or the depression. Kinda like how when I was young it was merely a sexual thing. But now, its a lost art of feminine beauty, and dignity.

    One thing I have noticed now, is that women seem to treat the wearing of pantyhose as slutty or trashy. Yet, women wear fishnets as stylish, or office wear on great occasion. These fishnets are called “tights”. So now its cool. But what is the difference in tights and pantyhose? In America, tights are thicker than pantyhose, and usually opaque. In Britain, all pantyhose are called tights. But technically? All fishnets are pantyhose and not tights, because of the holes in the net/fabric.

    Right now its like a strange paradox. As a kid I remember the only women that wore fishnets, were usually prostitutes, pole dancers. And fishnets themselves, were considered to be trashy. No women would have dared going to work, or out in public, in fishnets. But most women wore regular suntan, or black, pantyhose. And on great occasion, would a women wear fishnets.

    Now, virtually no women in America wear pantyhose (save work, special occasion, or intimate affairs). And on occasion, wear fishnets.

    What do you think about this? I would like to hear your female perspective, on the last point.

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog.

    • Hi, usa423. Thanks for your comment.

      I understand your viewpoint, but I disagree with one thing you wrote. From my perspective (and, really, I don’t get out much, so …), I don’t think women treat the wearing of pantyhose as slutty or trashy. I believe those who claim to be pantyhose haters are motivated by one of three things (or, in some cases, all three things): (1.) They believe pantyhose are uncomfortable (too tight, too hot); (2.) They believe pantyhose are not in style today (or are irrelevant because of a trend toward casual dressing, even at the office; (3.) They don’t want to be required (by a boss, or by convention) to wear pantyhose.

      Of course, they are wrong on all three counts: (1.) If they think pantyhose are uncomfortable, it’s because they are buying the wrong style and/or the wrong size and the wrong fabric blend; (2.) Class never goes out of style. Nor, should professionalism, so depending on the job and the company at which they work, if they get away with not wearing pantyhose, that reflects poorly on them and their company; (3.) A boss has every right to set and enforce dress code. And convention doesn’t have much pull today in anything, so if women don’t want to wear pantyhose even for formal occasions/venues, again, that just reflects poorly on them.

      And the whole issue of pantyhose not being in style or fashion might have been a weak-at-best argument during the late 1990s through most of the decade of 2000, but that hasn’t been the case for some time now, as evidenced by the vast majority of Hollywood entertainers of all eras who are wearing pantyhose more and more lately, and the fact that pantyhose are again showing up on professional models on runways all across the world. Then, there are the thousands of everyday women throughout the world who never gave up on pantyhose. We tend to hear from and focus on the vocal pantyhose haters, but more credit should be given to the classy and feminine women who never stopped wearing pantyhose during the bare-legs heyday.

      So, I don’t think women view wearing pantyhose as slutty or trashy. I just think the ones who truly are anti-pantyhose are those who are equally non-professional, non-feminine, non-classy and anti-establishment types. They might have worn pantyhose once in their lives because it was required by their companies, and because once, everybody else did, but the difference is now, the bare-legs culture that arose in the late 90s to most of the 2000 decade — even though it ultimately didn’t last — has given the true haters a bandwagon on which to jump. That bandwagon might still roll a while, but, either way, we all know that some women will never be devoted to femininity no matter what fashion or society itself dictates.

      • Thanks for taking the time to give me a very insightful reply. I value your opinion highly on this. Because your a women, and because you’re a strong supporter of pantyhose. Your thoughts on all this give me thoughts and reasoning. Even though I do know alot about pantyhose (to be a man). I was not aware that pantyhose stopped being all nylon in the 90’s, till I came to this blog. Most men change out the words nylons and pantyhose as the same thing.

        I learned this from reading your product page for your 100 percent pantyhose that you sell. Thats interesting… Lycra and Spandex with nylon, mix, began in the 90s, and coincidentally, thats when women began complaining about them and many stopped wearing them. You explain that Lycra and Spandex make pantyhose tighter and more compressed. Not only deforming the leg, but being more uncomfortable to wear. I think the term you used was “diver’s suit”.

        Wow, it all makes sense then! The definition of sensuous is “affecting the senses in a pleasing way : pleasant, attractive, or appealing in a way that produces or suggests feelings of physical or sexual pleasure”. By pantyhose not being 100 percent nylon, it takes away from them being a sensuous item. They become more uncomfortable, maybe less soft or silky, more towards abrasive, and they also become less attractive (what you said about the compression leg changing effects of lycra and spandex).

        All that = women not wearing them. If women do not wear them, they become less feminine in dress/appearance. And by appearing less feminine. They appear less desirable to a man I would think. Opposites attract right? And a women that doesn’t choose to appear as a women, is a woman that doesn’t want to be viewed as feminine? Or as professional? What about the implications of this on men? If men desire to see this feminine difference. And cannot get it. Then it seems the man would become more feminine to compensate for the loss of femininity provided by the women. And this is exactly what we are seeing right now in society.

  • Since I was young I have had a strong attraction to beautiful legs, and everything that goes with them to enhance their beauty. So both high heels and hosiery are high on my love list. I also grew to enjoy wearing these items myself as I got a bit older as the sensation of putting them on was just amazing to me.

    I am not a full on cross dresser by any means, but do like to often incorporate these items into my public wardrobe, usually under long boot-cut jeans, for example. I don’t take it to the extreme, and usually blend things together as in a mostly androgynous overall appearance, definitely not flamboyant or anything. Over time it feels like the original fetish/sexual part of this has faded out and now its just a part of me. I consider it a daily freestyle fashion sort of thing now.

    My wife has accepted this part of me, it was a little challenging at first when I opened up to her about it, but its all been good between us ever since, and even get some mutual enjoyment from it on occasion. She normally does not wear them (pantyhose and/or heels) day to day, but does indulge me on occasion. Anyway, I guess my post is a little bit on a tangent, but wanted to give my perspective and really liked the comments made in the original post and the replies and I plan to look around this blog a bit more in the coming days.

    I definitely still have a strong attraction to a beautiful pair of legs in pantyhose and heels, even though I wear them myself too. Nothing is finer on a woman, that’s for sure.

    • Nice comments DM. While I know pantyhose look far better on women like my wife, I too like wearing this most sensuous garment. I now have medical reasons, but that makes it easier to wear daily and great having her support as well. Thanks to Robin’s blog, website and Actsensuous products, my wife is enjoying wearing all nylon sheer pantyhose again as well. Welcome to the blog. Cheers!

  • This is a charming discussion/blog/website which is classier then any I’ve thus far seen. Probably because it’s run by a lady which is a good thing. More female involvement is to be applauded on all levels.

    I’d like to hear from women who really believe why their legs in their opinion look better unclothed, as fake tan is awful stuff and an un-hosed leg will always spoil, at least detract from or worse ruin every outfit except a bikini on a beach I can think of. I tend to believe ladies wouldn’t/don’t wear for reasons OTHER than the overall look.

    I’d like to see more UK involvement, as there are plenty of celebs on the TV over here who need help/cajoling/berating/encouraging and through them, fashion is more likely to change more quickly. Saying that, we refer to the far more usual ‘tights’ as opposed to the the US “panny-hurse” which is a far less attractive name for essentially the same thing.

    Some women in the UK seem to go either (as you say) ‘bear-legged’ or for thick opaques when wearing skirts with no in-between (the lovely Holly Willoughby being a good example) so they’re not opposed to wearing seemingly, just opposed for some reason to sheer, patterned, nets etc. which to me is even odder ? I think ‘bear’ legs indicates a lack of class and I’m surprised ladies prefer that over a gentle dignity ? Gents over here are wearing less and less ties with collared shirts, so are both sexes getting ‘acceptably’ scruffier ?

    It’s a tough call for guys to discuss these things openly when some women will scream pervert (or indicate a severe moral disapproval) which in my mind is unfair when you consider some of the far more dramatic fetishes. Gay guys don’t get argued with over this who’d make similar fashion comment. The appreciation of hosiery is not purely sexual. Even the word fetish conjurers up darker elements. Some have called me shallow for picking partners that wear skirts (and heels) so usually nylons of some variation more than trousers.

    There is little more (subtly) sexy than the swish and crackle of the nylon material on, say, the crossing of legs. If you see a well dressed lady, half the fun is guessing whether she is wearing tights, stay-ups, or the favoured proper stockings, even though you’ll probably never find out.

    I’ll try and explain. I recently saw an average (medium build) looking lady, in a normal smart business suit and heels and under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have given her a second glance above the others around but (and I don’t know why) I glimpsed the fact the nylons crinkled over her ankles, which indicates higher quality old-fashioned manufacture and bless her, I then realised she was wearing reinforced heel types, so ‘proper’ stockings for sure as they don’t make tights like that as far as I know. Sadly no seams, but the point is she was now of massive visual interest to me and her ‘average’ sky-rocketed to awesome. Bottom line is the simple things make a massive difference if you’re dressing to impress, and although she never knew it, she absolutely made my day, and my main thought was ‘lucky partner’…….you see, she was now oozing class, and that is very alluring. If I had to pick a new lady to date, and there were 10 ladies of stunning looks (none with nylons) and one of average looks (but with nylons) I’d pick the latter every time because it indicates they care enough to make a smaller extra effort.

    Ladies don’t tend to look for things such as this on men, for example I know of no woman who rates men in socks the way many, many men do the reverse with women over their leg attire. Perhaps men are just more visual, I don’t know.

    Certainly the look is of great importance, and if you’re lucky enough you get to the feel, then that’s even better.

    I’ll keep checking in.

    Keep up the great posts, I’ll check in regularly now, perhaps I’ve found my home ? x

    • Hello, T.A. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Also, thank you for your compliment.

      I agree with everything you’ve written here, especially, the scenario you described: If there were 10 women with stunning looks but “bear” legs in a room, and among them, one average-looking woman wearing tights/pantyhose — you’d be much more attracted to the average-looking woman, who’d be instantly propelled to awesome status.

      By the way, ActSensuous has many hundreds of U.K. customers, and some of them have commented here. If you go back and read enough of my past posts and the corresponding comments, you’ll see a bunch of them. I think it is pretty widely understood that the U.K. is much more devoted to wearing sheer tights (and even to just dressing nicer on the whole) than the U.S. (Same goes for Asia. In fact, I’d say the U.S. is Number One in dressing like slobs.) And in the U.K., the most famous example of that (at least from our point of view) is Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

      In fact, even the mostly dumbass writers/editors of so-called fashion magazines here recognize (most often begrudgingly) that Kate Middleton single-handedly has sparked the return of sheer nude pantyhose in the U.S. and possibly the world. (Gee, and I thought it was me who did that!)

      And, as for your point about the word tights versus pantyhose, I think it dates back to the introduction of tights to the U.S. during the 1960s. The tights our women were buying were thick and made of cotton. And we had no awareness of the term, sheer tights. So, to us, tights will always be those thick cotton things, while pantyhose are the delicate sheer nylon accessory for legs (that most women here hate anyway). Just a cultural thing you understand?

      Again, thank you, T.A., for coming to The ActSensuous Blog. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  • The sensuousness of long luscious legs clad in smooth sheer shimmering pantyhose have been long the delight of all men weather they admit it or not. Many men dare like myself to wear pantyhose under their pants. Usually a pair of silky lace panties too. I sometimes wear no socks to see if anyone notices. My wife and I dress up in our pantyhose and high heels and make love in them. I love the feel of our pantyhose rubbing together.

  • 1.In my opinion,long ago showing any leg was taboo. 2. Now that stockings are all but gone,women prefer pantyhose that give them a nice smooth figure and usually wear their sheer black or shimmering pantyhose to show off their pretty legs with a pair of high heels too mack the men look.3. Only women are allowed to wear the smooth silky pantyhose, not men.This is wfhy so many men like to feel the nylon against their legs. 4. Women are aware that the swooshing sound that the pantyhose make when they rub together make men so hot. The hidden attirbutes of a womans slip,lace panties and other lingerie under a dress also has men with a fetish wanting to look hot too. Especially on their OWN legs!

  • Amazing blog !
    I have never written on a blog EVER, in fact i dont usually read them ;-( Havent seen my wife for 2 months, sitting in a hotel waiting to go see her, got to thinking whether i had an issue in some way, due to my love of pantyhose, tights, thigh highs, nylons etc ( you get the picture i am sure)

    Like most of you, i have always loved hosiery, i started very young,i am still trying to figure out where it all came from, regardless, i feel for each and every one of you that has posted, simply as at once time or another i have experienced everything you are all discussing.

    I have always been a little ashamed about my obsession, hence my inability to openly broach the topic or discuss it, perhaps as i was always scolded by my parent when they found my pantyhose, that of course i was masturbating with..there is not one single aspect of pantyhose / tights (lets call it hosiery for simplicity) that i do not love, be it the fact that it covers without hiding, SOFT……makes legs look amazing, you all know what i am talking about i have no doubt.

    i have lost partners due to my interest, although many have been ‘understanding’, some have not. the first time i saw a pair of seamless wolfords, i thought i had died and gone to heaven, at the time i didnt know they were Wolford and i spent many hours researching, trying to find these manna from heaven, finally i learned they were in fact Wolford.That started my collection, i used to search for Hosiery that i (internally) would love to see my girlfriend in, my thought process was that if i offered the best hosiery money could buy, in some way it complimented us both and ultimately satisfied my desire to know what a certain type felt like and looked like….for the most part this worked extremely well until my girlfriend and i parted company for other reasons.

    I had managed to amass a small fortune in tights and pantyhose, ex girlfriend was not so interested in these (most she didnt know about) so i had a huge collection of ‘rare’ and ‘exotic’ hosiery wolford play boy, fatal in colors you just dont see any more and interesting patterns etc. The most important part for me is that they have to be transparant and so very soft, i used to love black as a lot of you did, i am quite partial to Wolford fatal in white now and the suntan / skin tone gradually garnered more interest for me, specifically i think due to the fact that i am aware there is something there, but the appearance is that there is not…plus the added WOW factor of the sensation of how they feel when you stroke your significant others legs whilst encased in perfection…

    I would like to point out at this stage that i have never discussed this with anyone in so much detail and am finding it quite therapeutic putting my feelings down on paper…

    To continue, ex girlfriend left, have huge collection of hosiery in the house, time goes by, i collect more as i am now hooked – i start dating someone, all well and good i hear you say, indeed. One night she asks for a jumper or something, i tell her to help herself without thinking that my hosiery collection happens to be in a huge box in the same cupboard..needless to say she comes back with the jumper and a question (oh dear god how do i ever answer this) i try to explain in my embarrassed state, which doesnt seem to assist the situation, she explains how she hates pantyhose because they are always so uncomfortable etc, cue me….Ahhh, perhaps that has something to do with the quality of the tights you have been wearing? have you ever tried….a pair of Wolford Fatal by any chance? I start extolling their virtues like i was actually working for Wolford, eventually i tell her to go and get a pair and put them on…….BANG…instantly hooked, i am sure i do not need to detail what happened next, rest assured you have all dreamt and though about it endlessly.

    I Married her..

    i continue my collection, have all my hopes and dreams fulfilled regularly and love hosiery more by the day. I have plenty of stories, but i am not sure they belong on this blog and for some reason i seem to have lost my flow, but im thinking its enough to digest for the time being….

    Thanks for listening

    • Wow, what a first blog post comment, munky. Thank you, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Great comment. Thanks for pouring your heart out and finally getting it all (or most of it) out of your system. You’re right — you do have a lot of friends here. Hoping to hear more from you.

  • Ok…. So I’m a woman and I know all about men who love nylons or I think I do….. I’d like some answers if any of you would care to reply. First let me start by saying I have a male best friend who has this fetish and I’ve known about it since I was 16. I’m 40 now. I never cared. I’m very open – to each their own. But we used to talk about it a lot and he always wanted to us me nylons and I let him.

    So fast forward to the past 4 years of my life with a man who was my FWB for whatever reason he choose to disclose his nylon fetish ( I assume because he trusted me) I don’t think he has shared that with many girls. I indulged it, to me it was hot! Such a very simple easy fetish to please. Anyways, I ended up really liking it. I find it to be very intimate and whats not to love about someone touching your feet or legs in such a sensual way?

    So my questions are this: (1) as men with this fetish, would you just stay with a woman for this reason? (2) I used to send him legs pics nothing dirty and he would covet those pics, why not just get them online from some fetish site? (3) do you think about nylons every day or go through periods where you are really fixated on them and need what I call a nylon fix and once you get that fix feel content almost like a drug? (4) I used to leave mine at his house for him which he still has and I’m sure I know what he does with them, but why mine? We were FWB for 4 yrs and I’m the only woman he shared that with to this degree. Do you men find it special to one woman or just all us?

    I’m looking for more perspective because me and Mr. nylon seem to always come back to this with each other and I don’t get why he doesn’t pursue that with a girl he really wants to be with as opposed to me, his nylon lover….

    So thanks for your thoughts. My writing may be a little random but I have a lot on my mind and I never write anything.

    • Hi, Aimee. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      OK, guys, this is what you’ve been asking for the past few years — a woman’s point of view (other than just mine all the time) about nylons. Aimee has laid it all on the line here for you. Now, please help her out. Let her know the inner-workings of a man with a nylons fetish.

    • OK I’ll give my perspective Aimee.

      (1) I have stayed with a woman for the fetish. She was not wife material in the least, but I dated her for several years because she indulged my fetish on a regular basis. I’m sure it sounds a little desperate, but in the era we live in hosiery is met with some hostility and as a result we sometimes feel lucky to find a woman that will wear them at all. (2) The leg pics have a greater value because they are from a real woman that isn’t just doing it for a paycheck. Your photos while you did get a benefit from them symbolized something that seems very rare in this day and age which is a woman that embraced the fetish. (3) I do think about them daily and in different forms i.e. pantyhose, stockings or thigh highs. If I am whimsical in any way it would be color tan one day and black another, but always sheer. (4) I’m not sure why Mr. Nylon doesn’t pursue it with other women unless he’s just very uncomfortable regarding the subject.

      In my dating life I have tried to be open about it as it is a pivotal side of me and I don’t want there to be any question later down the road about my expectations. On the flip side I don’t fret as much about body shape, hair length or color or many of the other things that cause hang ups for other relationships.

      I hope this adds a little clarity to your situation and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask. I’m 40 as well so I probably have some of the same experiences of the people you are encountering.

      • I appreciate your reply, rneeser. I have often wondered how controlling the nylons may or may not have been to him or any man. Is it really that hard to get a girl to wear them? I just don’t get the complexity of it but then again I’m not a man trying to get a girl to wear them. I think upfront and honesty about the nylons is a must or you are lying to yourself.

        I’m a very accepting person though. From a woman’s perspective about nylons I think they feel the man desires the nylons and not them, so they feel hurt, upset or whatever. For me I think to please someone is a huge turn-on — taking them to the next level. I guess that’s all in what kind of lover you are.

        I suppose my relationship with Mr. Nylon is very complex. We get along well, are attracted to each other and I know he thinks I’m great with the nylons always being the bonus — I’ve even gotten the “I love you” a few times. But, we were never in a relationship, just FWB (we all know that never works).

        So I started wondering a few nights ago why he would come back to a girl (me) he never really wanted, say “I love you, miss you, think about you.” and if the nylons can be that controlling? I should say in defense of myself — I am marriage material, a really good person, men like me, I’m pretty, sexy, etc. and I think Mr. Nylon has commitment issues and likes to deny himself his desire.

        So I think as much as I’m drawn to him and wearing the nylons for him, it’s time to really end the friendship, or his desire for nylons will have him lying to me forever.

        What’s not to love about nylons preferably sheer silky soft nude ones?


        • You are welcome Aimee. You do have something with the feeling of self worth, but I also think that in my relationships there has been a bit of a power struggle in that giving in to my desires for the woman to wear hosiery somehow compromised her. I, like you agree that it should be more about pleasing the person you are with thus taking the relationship to the next level.

          Your situation is tricky in that it almost feels like the old adage of buying the cow when the milk is free. If you do move on there will be plenty of guys out there that will be pleasantly surprised to find a lady that embraces hosiery. Have you started to wear hosiery for day to day activities i.e. work, going out or anything more than just the bedroom?

    • Hi Aimee,

      I guess it’s a little bit late to respond to your post but it so hapenned that a ran into this fabulous blog only recently. (My deepest compliments to you Robin for running it so elegantly..)
      Suffice it to say that I am also a huge nylon enthusiast otherwise I wouldn’d be here in the first place:-) I simply can not imagine my sex life with a woman who doesn’t wear nylons (namely stockings) for me almost every time we make love. So here are my subjective ofcourse answers to your questions
      1) No, I would never stay with a woman just for the sake of nylons, there is much more to a true relation that this as I am sure you know. But I would also, without hessitation, leave any woman who would not be so caring as to indulge me on my fetish. This maybe comes out a bit blunt but it’s what actually happened between me and my ex wife with whom I stayed over 20 years.. Sharing your fetish with someone you really care for can be very challenging cause there is always the fear of rejection.. My ex wife used also to come up with concerns that I wanted the nylons more than her and I can not really blame her for thinking like that, but what I always wanted was to be accepted for what I were. I never wanted to be with anyone else nor did I try to pursue my fetish elsewere. Although she tried she always thought of me as a pervert and this kind of rejection finally drove me away.
      2) It would be a lie to say that I am not aroused by photos of women in nylons but I treasure the ones that my now to be wife let me take of her and the reason is not only because she looks sexy in them but namely because they remind me that I am whole heartedly accepted by her and that means the world for me.
      3) I think of nylons every day and there is hopefully no cure to that..

      My guess is that Mr. Nylon no matter how obsessed with nylons he may be, he has also other important reasons to stay with you, but I suppose you already know that..

  • Very interesting topic and discussion here. And I happen to be one die hard pantyhose lover. I’m 23 from China, living in the Netherlands for the last 5 years as a student. And I’ve developed my obsession for pantyhose since I was very little, maybe when I was around 4. My first encounter was also because my mom used to wear them, as many of you mentioned. But my curiosity has always been very strong, and soon enough I tried them on myself and was carried away by the feeling of it. I was very little so I couldn’t actually fit in any of those pantyhose. So I just started experimenting. I remember I liked putting my both legs in one hose and fantasize being trapped in it somehow, seems weird but it kinda explains my own take on what drives me to love pantyhose on women.

    Apart from all the fantastic visual effects that pantyhose does to women’s legs, I think there is a powerful psychological impression as well. The sheer pantyhose kinda gives an impression that a woman is trapped in a very delicate thing, which makes a very sexual combination. Maybe this has the same roots to BDSM fetish, but more aesthetic and less violent. I’m also more into “daily pantyhose” instead of stockings with suspenders, although the latter is appreciated as well. To me, “daily pantyhose” are more attractive because they are integrated, and not too obvious. Which is far more teasing than the obvious “sex implying” stockings.

    It also put a sour smile on my face when I saw you guys commented on your partners being reluctant to wearing pantyhose in daily life or in bed. I have experienced the same (thing) and it was absolutely frustrating. But fortunately I’ve worked my way around it, which I will explain later. Almost all the girls I’ve been with didn’t REALLY like wearing pantyhose the way we wish they do. And one of them, who was the most gorgeous girl that I met and maybe ever will, hated pantyhose with a PASSION and proud of it. She was also the one person that truly had my heart and broke it, well not because of pantyhose. But the issue of pantyhose has got in the middle of the way many times. She would get ANGRY every time when I suggested her to wear them, even after explaining her that I have a thing for it. She did eventually wear them a few times for me, and we didn;t really enjoy it because I knew she was just forcing herself to do it. She never really could explain why she hated it, but I do remember two things: one being it’s not comfortable (bullcrap to me, cuz they feel amazing), two is that she felt like I was trying to manipulate her. It really hurt me a lot back then every time to come across this. I really don’t think it’s manipulating, especially it was only a little special wish for the bedroom, which I thought would be normal. But she was kinda extreme, her personality was way too strong. Then there was another girl I was kinda being friends with benefits with, she would wear pantyhose quite often when she goes to school or go out. After telling her that I have a thing for it, she did it in bed, for once. It’s weird that most men see pantyhose helplessly as a turn on and most women just have no clue and don’t care. Check out the red light district even, the only goal of those women there is to please men, and see how many women in pantyhose you can count. NO LOGIC.

    Another thing is that I think the fashion world is to blame big time for this pantyhose hatred trend going on in the recent years or maybe decade. I don’t know the exact reason why they do this to pantyhose, but women buy their crap story. I’m not a sexist, and I definitely support gender equality and empowerment. But it is a fact that men and women grew up differently, and we behave different. Our point of interest was shaped differently, and most likely women are more concerned about the fashion world. While we grew up competing with each other by how well we can play soccer, basketball, cards, video games and picking up girls. They girls grew up competing with each other by being the most fashionable one in the group. Although each one of them fall into this box on a different degree, it has a powerful influence on them in general I believe.

    As for my way to deal with this, it’s kinda extreme, and it doesn’t work for everyone. But actually many men do it. I have been always more curious than average, while I enjoyed watching women in pantyhose, I wondered what they feel like. When I started watching porn, and enjoying seeing the horny nympho getting 3somed, I as well wondered what they feel like. Because simply, the women just looked more sexual, and more aroused and stimulated, although knowing it can be fake in most cases in porn. From a young age, I had started to try on pantyhose and couldn’t explain what was it I was enjoying until I was old enough to masturbate and know what is sex. So this has been the origin of my fairly developed crossdressing right now. It took me a long time, and hard time in my head trying to understand and accept this part of me. And also living independently played a major role. Not to brag about it, I am lucky enough to have the physical qualities (smooth skin, facial structure, few body hair, moderate height, athletic body, long legs, non-massive hands and feet) to transform into a woman the way I want, and look 99% like a woman (and I would stop doing it when one day I’m not able to look like one). I’m straight as a guy, but I wanna feel totally like a woman when I’m crossdressing, including sex. The way I want, wearing the things I like to see on women. So now, if I’m gonna meet another girl I like, I won’t (care) if she likes pantyhose or not, cuz I’m having all the fun in my own way. I can’t imagine living the rest of my life being frustrated with not being able to satisfy this need of mine.

    Anyways, apparently the reality of pantyhose is at the moment not in our favor, and there’s little we can do about it. My unusual way does not work for most men, and no offense, I don’t think most men are physically suited for the job. I really don’t enjoy seeing other men with hairy face, arms, and legs and a beer belly in lingerie. If you wanna check out how I look, go on xhamster and search for Zeta_CD.

    • Hi, ZZZ. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      I appreciate your perspective, as well as the depth with which you stated your case. While I don’t usually edit a reader’s comments, in your case, I changed or omitted, a few of the words you used, which I put in parentheses.

      Please notice that, like the content of my posts, the readers here keep their comments clean, with no inappropriate or offensive language. Had you not put so much work into this comment, I might have contacted you via email and asked you to rewrite it without the offensive words. Instead, this time, I changed those words myself.

      In any case, feel free to comment again, but now that you know that we all take this seriously, please don’t use any inappropriate or offensive language in the future.

      Thanks again.

  • To Robin and my fellow pantyhose lovers, here is a grumpy cat meme I came across on Facebook some months ago. Definitely a Nuff’ Said! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

  • ah, what a thing. I’ve loved a woman (or feminine man) in any type of nylons since i was a child. – so many comments that resonate with my situation, or similar, where their wife seemed to stop wearing any type of nylons once the ‘fetish’ was brought to light.
    I swear, 90% of the time together during the time we were dating she was outfitted in something fantastic on her legs. – Now, it’s so infrequent, even with the knowledge that it drives me insane.
    I’m not just of the nylon type, I’ve also had a foot fetish for years, as well. They need to be well kept and such, but you combine nylons and a beautiful pair of feet (especially with dark nail coloring) – and I’m salivating.
    – I’m not sure which is more severe (and i mean that in a positive light) – I suppose they’re about equal. – Seeing legs in hose gets me just as much as bare, yet well maintained feet.
    And the smell! – Maybe it was that I scared my wife off with it. Eventually I told her about the fetish, and how I enjoyed smelling her shoes and hosed feet after a day of work – at first she was embarrassed, until she finally understood I LIKED it. It wasn’t a negative at all in my mind. – But, again – after that, she doesn’t seem to wear nylons much at all anymore.
    And, if she does, takes them off right when she gets home.
    Still lets me smell her shoes and all, so that’s all good and decent. But I completely understand being helpless to the nylon/feet combination.

  • Omg mike talk about deja vu! Thats how I got started on my obsession
    My mom was a nurse too and before i had any concept of sex, i was obsessee with the way nylons felt!

  • Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Robin, and fellow pantyhose lovers. I came across an interesting article a few weeks ago entitled “Sense and Nonsense: Pantyhose, it’s about time for a fashion comeback”. It was written by Lynda Hollenbeck is senior editor of The Saline Courier. She states that pantyhose, even in this wretched barelegged age, has it’s place, and it’s a testimony of how she proudly wears them. I have only one word for this remarkable woman… SALUTE!!! You can view the entire article on the link below.


    Thanks and have great weekend, everybody!

    P.S. — Apologies in advance if this article has been posted before.

    • Hike Mikey G. Thank you for your comment and the link. And Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

      No apology necessary, but yes, it was posted here before (back in September) under my post, “Wearing Pantyhose an issue of values.”


      Ironically, it was another Mike — Sheer Mike, actually — who first brought it to our attention here. But it certainly was a great article, and thank you again for sharing it with everyone.

      Incidentally, both Sheer Mike and I reached out to the author, Lynda Hollenbeck, but she ignored both of us. Sheer Mike complimented her on her piece, and I invited her to be interviewed for a feature on my blog, as she clearly deserves to be recognized and praised for her pro-pantyhose stance. Oh well.

  • I think all the reasons that drive our “fetish” (A word I hate, as it labels us as weirdos.) have been thoroughly covered here. As for me; I was attracted to women in nylons as a child. I’m now in my mid forties. I think it came from my mother who was a nurse. In the early 70’s nurses wore white pantyhose and skirts. This was so enamoring to me, even though I was young and had no idea what sex was, or what it entailed. But interestingly, I innately knew that a woman’s legs wrapped in shiny, silky, nylon did something to my little insides. In my twenties, I worked in close proximity to many women in an office setting. The business attire was nearly always a skirt, stockings or pantyhose, and heels. It was heavenly.

    I found this blog tonight looking for comfort. I wanted to know if there were others who shared my fascination with nylon clad legs. I came from a lovely Thanksgiving buffet dinner at a very nice restaurant, where many of the ladies were, to my delight, wearing pantyhose, tights, or stockings with skirts, dresses and high heels. There was even one beautiful, twenty something Asian Goth girl, wearing a short skirt with black stockings, and exposed garter straps! I nearly came out of my skin. I wanted to yell out loud to the other men in the room, “Don’t you see this! am I the only one that can’t seem to function when these women come into view! Is there anything better on God’s green earth!” It was pure torture. Everywhere I looked, I saw beautiful nylon clad legs that I couldn’t touch.

    What makes it so torturous, is that my own beautiful wife never wears nylons. She won’t even wear them when we make love. (Which is not often.) I have clearly stated to her that I have a thing for nylons and that I want her to wear them. But to no avail. Do you realize how damn frustrating this is? My wife is beautiful and has some of the nicest legs I’ve ever seen. In the past, she wore them reluctantly to bed, but she did wear them once in a while. It’s been at least fifteen years since then. I’m relegated to visually enjoying other women in nylons. Or perusing stocking porn sites to get my fix. When I see women in nylons, I am at once mentally aroused, and then I feel a deep sense of loss. It’s hard to explain. It literally hurts inside.

    I’m a simple guy. I have few proclivities in the bedroom that deviate from the norm. All I’ve ever asked was for some stocking therapy. I can only dream of making love to my wife as she wears business attire. Which of course, includes stockings, heels and a skirt. My fantasy is to take her on a desk in an office setting. I don’t think that is a very deviant sexual desire. Maybe I’m wrong. But when a man has a proclivity towards something as socially acceptable as nylons on his woman; why is it considered a fetish?

    I guess the only thing that I can’t come to grips with, is why some women get it; In that they have a natural libido that allows them to recognize the pure sensuality of wearing sexy clothing and how it affects their partner. While some women either suppress this sensuality, or don’t possess the awareness at all. I happen to be with a woman of the latter persuasion. But I hope that someday before were both too old to enjoy sex, she will somehow come to recapture this desire.

    • Hello, Mike. Thank you for your heart-felt comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      A couple of things: First, I don’t think that the “fetish” label automatically carries with it “weirdo” designation. I think without a fetish — especially one as innocent as nylons on a woman’s legs — life would be less interesting and certainly not as exciting. Second, I share your frustration regarding women who don’t “get,” or worse, don’t care about the love and thrill men experience over nylons.

      If you go back and read some of my earlier posts, you’ll find that at least a few times I lament the fact that wives and girlfriends today are too unwilling to do make the tiniest sacrifices to please their men. In fact, it shouldn’t be a sacrifice at all for them to do something as simple, as innocent and as non-humiliating as wearing nylons occasionally because their husbands and boyfriends love it so much.

      It’s not as if men today are asking their wives and girlfriends to wear 6-inch heels and corsets, or anything uncomfortable from a physical or emotional point of view.

      I’m not sure whether it’s sadder that many women today don’t have the sense of beauty and ultra femininity to recognize and embrace the sensual qualities inherent in sheer hosiery, or that they are so unwilling to take the smallest steps to bring extreme happiness to their men.

      Either way, I feel and understand your frustration.

    • Excellent thoughts on the subject, Mike. I totally understand it. I’m also in my mid-40s and grew up during the heyday of pantyhose in the 1970s through late-90s. Not that women wore them all of the time. But it wasn’t unusual to go to the mall where the retail girls wore pantyhose. It wasn’t unusual to see women in the workplace, or at parties/weddings/funerals, wearing them. And watching TV during the 70s and 80s was spectacular! Nearly every actress wore them.

      Once I went to junior high, a lot of girls wore pantyhose. No problem! All of the female teachers were required to wear them. In high school a lot of girls wore them almost everyday once the weather started cooling down a bit. So you can imagine as a teenage guy who loved seeing pantyhose on a girl, this was heavenly.

      I always dreamed of meeting a girl who just simply wore pantyhose because they liked it or “it completed an outfit,” rather than doing it on occasion or not at all. There used to be girls like that. What happened?

      I understand your frustration about having a spouse or girlfriend who doesn’t wear pantyhose. My luck was similar. The girls I liked, who did dress well, didn’t like me. I’d usually meet and date a girl who liked to dress down (or “be comfortable”). Nothing wrong with that. It is the person who inside who matters. But I must admit it was frustrating.

      I had some girls, after dating for awhile, ask me what turned me on. I’d mention pantyhose or any kind of hosiery. They’d be aghast and say, “Oh I don’t wear those anymore.” Or, “I hate, hate, hate those things! Sooo uncomfortable!” These girls would sometimes wear a corset, “spanx” shorts or tight jeans (incredibly hard to take off, btw), wear makeup and maybe even high heels, but heaven forbid, hosiery? Are you crazy?

      My ex-wife used to wear hosiery almost all of the time. She then decided to wear workout clothes almost daily. When I talked to her about it, she’d throw it back in my face and say I was shallow. My reply would be that she’d dress up for people at work and they’d compliment her, yet she’d only be in work out clothes when she was around me. She’d shrug her shoulders. “You have a fetish, don’t you?”

      I, too, have never liked the connotation of the word “fetish,” because people are pigeonholed into being some kind of deviant or weird person. I find it amazing that guys (in particular) can have fetishes for “boobs” or tattoos, etc., and people never seem to bat an eyelash. But if you enjoy women in hosiery, you’re a nut! Lock you away, you freak of nature! How dare you enjoy pantyhose on a woman? Since when did pantyhose become a stigma?

      In the bedroom behind closed doors, I’ve found there is no normal. Asking your wife or girlfriend, in my opinion, to wear pantyhose or perhaps stockings is perfectly fine! People do all sorts of strange things in the bedroom…much stranger than wearing pantyhose. So I feel your pain. Hang in there!

      (I have been noticing that more women are wearing pantyhose and tights more so than in the last few years. I’ve noticed it in retail stores (where women usually wore whatever T-shirt and pants they wanted) and in the workplace. So there is hope! People tend to follow the crowd in fashion. That’s part of the reason why pantyhose “went out” and people became more casual).

  • Was just reading the gentleman’s comment and the ‘bear’ leg thing in Japan. I’ve always thought, and even seen, women from Japan, China, the entire middle east wear. I mean, here in Chicago, Asian women seem to be the only women that wear, which upset me, cause why can’t all women here wear. Lol! But anyhoo, anywhere I am at in Chicago, it seems Asian women wear more than anyone. And the sights are so great. I wish I could share them with you. I just would like to thank that gentleman for his comment, and Welcome to the blog! This is a great place for like-minds. 🙂

  • Hi, I’m a male nylon lover from Japan. Since I tried a pair of stockings when I was 3, I’ve been a hose lover and wearer. But I prefer watching and touching women in hose to wearing them myself. When I began to earn money, I started to try as many kinds of pantyhose as possible. Unfortunately, however, it was too late. At that time, 100% nylon hose was disappearing and so called covering yarn had already begun to prevail.

    I completely agree with Ms. Robin Maryland, really attractive president of ActSensuous, in that not only the look but also the touch of fabric is important. I don’t like the feeling of covering yarn nor spandex nor Lycra.

    After the long age of darkness of bare legs, the number of female pantyhose wearers seems to be increasing little by little here in Japan. I think there are two major types of wearers: one is those who enjoy colorful or printed hose for fashion, and the other is working women, who want hose woven with strong yarn.

    The problem is that both types are wearing hose of supported yarn or Lycra~mixed yarn. They say 100% nylon hose are easily torn, so impractical. I’m so disappointed to hear that, because it means they don’t understand feminity comes from the vulnerability of pure nylon. So far for today.

    • Konichiwa, Ushinosuke. Thank you for your comment (and compliment), and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      It is great to hear from a reader in Japan. I was under the strong impression that Asian women in general, and Japanese women in particular, are the most prolific wearers of pantyhose in all the world. I still want to believe that.

      It’s a shame that the ugly bare legs culture that started here in the USA reached around the globe, causing pantyhose to “lose their legs” even in Japan. I didn’t realize the bare legs culture was prevalent in your country, but it’s good to hear that pantyhose-wearing is making a comeback in Japan, just as it is in this country and throughout the world.

      I am also glad that you understand and agree with me that the femininity in pantyhose comes from the vulnerability of the delicate all-nylon fabric. Sadly, most women in the USA don’t seem to get that at all.

      Thanks again for your comment, Ushinosuke. Hope to hear a great deal more from you in the near future.

    • Hi Ushinosuke,
      Welcome to this blog forum, and thanks for the clarification. I did not know that the “bear” legs movement invaded Japan as well. I thought Japanese women were frequent hose wearers as I read somewhere that it is considered etiquette for women in Japan to wear skirts, dresses, and pantyhose when they work or attend a business function even during the hottest months of the summer since the Japanese culture is very strict in traditions especially when it applies to the conservative business culture. I still hope that applies in Japan today.

  • I have commented on this post in October and another post before that about my fetish for pantyhose. I have loved the look of stockings and pantyhose on so many women, from my first grade teacher, a babysitter , many girls I dated in high school, women in college and of course my wife.

    She doesn’t wear pantyhose as often as I like, but also never subscribed to the bare legs culture either. She has the prettiest pedicure feet and they look great in a pair of sheer nude or beige hose. I love giving her a foot massage whenever possible. Thankfully she knows I like doing that for her. I have loved the feel of hose since I can remember at age 10 touching my babysitter’s nylon clad ankles (see comment on other post-“Why I have this Pantyhose Fetish”). So much so that I started putting on my mom’s pantyhose a few years later at age 13. I was never any regular wearer. Just tried them on whenever alone and went most of the past several years not wearing.

    Last year my knees gave out and had knee replacement surgeries for both knees 9 months apart. About 7 months ago my physician said I had edema and circulation issues, so some knee high compression hose were prescribed. However there was also swelling above my knee so I bought compression pantyhose. It has helped my health, with my wife’s full support. In fact she sees nothing wrong with me wearing my shorts with them in public. I’m not ready for that. Also living in the Upper Midwest, they give warmth to the legs. Yet this also reignited my fetish, that I had long before any health issues. I saw this blog and Robin’s website about 3 months ago. I now wear the ActSensuous pantyhose and love it. They are the best. Sheer, soft, comfortable and sexy. I now wear everyday, and there’s no turning back. They still look better on my wife and women, than me. However just because I have male anatomy does not exclude me from enjoying the sensual and soft feel of nylon.

    Robin thanks again for your blog, website and outstanding product. I am thankful there is a place to discuss our love of this garment, as well as seeing more women wearing pantyhose again.

  • Hello,

    I am a woman in my late 20s and I love wearing pantyhose. I teach in a public school here in California and tend to get odd looks for my professional dress. Most of the other teachers tend to wear flip flops and jeans. I believe looking professional is important and I wear pantyhose regularly, even if my elders and peers at work do not. When I went to school as a child, all the teachers dressed professionally with hose and I’m sure since my mother has always worn them it rubbed off on me. For me they finish off the professional look and are feminine and sexy. My boyfriend loves them too, so I make sure to wear stockings with my lingerie.

    • Hi, Tori.

      Wow, you are my new hero. I love hearing that a young teacher is being professional and setting a good example for her colleagues and her students, even if no one seems to appreciate it. And, in California, no less.

      Well, in case you don’t hear it often enough — Tori, you are AWESOME! Thank you for what you are doing. Please keep being the shining example of what a young professional woman (and a teacher in particular) could be and should be during this awful time when being a slob seems to be the preferred standard.

      Always know, Tori, I appreciate you for who you are and what you are doing. And, there surely are hundreds of readers here who feel the same way.

      Thank you for your comment, Tori, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.


  • It is great to have found this article and all your comments about the topic. I recently found out that a man I have been seeing for a couple of months likes pantyhose. When he first told me, I thought of something along the lines of what I had seen in my last relationships: men that like lingerie and for which the pantyhose, or the stockings, are just part of the whole ensemble. However, as we have talked more about the topic (we are good friends that only became intimate recently, so we are very open about everything) he told me that he actually liked them much more than any other piece of lingerie, and we have since been talking about how he believes he could just get gratification from caressing and focusing solely on the pantyhosed legs, or how he would love it if there was any way of keeping the pantyhose on the woman for the whole night, sex included. We have shared many fantasies and I am quite ready to start introducing pantyhose to the bedroom activities.

    For me, I have always been extremely keen on wearing lingerie. I feel much more feminine and sexy, and stockings and suspender belts are one of my favourite pieces of clothing. I tend to use them even when I go out at night, even clubbing, as for some reason I feel empowered and much more sexual when I do. That is why I can understand why he would like it too. Legs in stockings are much nicer, as the article says, they look much cleaner, smooth and curvy, and it is a game of showing but being completely covered that, at least for myself, is an amazing one.

    Now, I am actually browsing around because I really want to get to understand the pantyhose interest, in a broader sense, and also this situations in which the fetiche is so powerful that even the sex is second to the caressing and admiration of the pantyhose. I really dont know if I could be satisfied if there was no sex at all… I believe I can be aroused by the games and the caressing, and the fact that my partner is enjoying it, but I am not sure about not doing anything actually sexual. Wouldn’t it be extremely frustrating? Or am I looking at it from the wrong angle?

    Finally, yes, girl in her mid 20s here. And yes, I will probably spend the next couple of hours reading articles on the website. It is extremely difficult to talk about these topic in a tasteful manner, and I am very happy to have found you.

    • Hi, Mary. I am very happy you found us, too.

      And “finally” is right. My many longtime loyal readers will be thrilled to have a girl in her mid-20s commenting here, as well. For many years, my readers have been lamenting the fact that there are almost no comments from girls, whose viewpoint they so long to hear.

      And what a comment yours is. Thank you, Mary, for sharing your feelings about this topic (and keeping it in the established tasteful manner). While women all over the world jumped on the ugly “bear” legs bandwagon during its heyday (mid-to-late-90s to mid-to-late-2000s), almost “running” pantyhose out of existence, the reality is that most men everywhere on the planet love pantyhose on their women.

      I understand (and appreciate) that. Half of our global customer base since 2001 is men. And from New England to New Zealand, they all say the same thing — they want their girlfriends and wives to go back to wearing pantyhose at work, on date night, and in the bedroom.

      I believe that there is nothing more beautiful, sensual and decidedly feminine a woman could ever wear than 100 percent nylon, completely sheer-to-waist pantyhose. And perhaps the mystique and power it holds over men, can best be explained by how one of our friends and readers (a mid-30s woman in Malaysia) puts it:

      “I guess what we love about pantyhose is the fact that they hide nothing, yet deny everything. It is your classic ‘look but don’t touch’ scenario, with women holding the upper hand entirely. I wear mine virtually all the time.”

      So, thank you again for your comment, Mary, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Hope to read more comments from you about any of the posts here you find intriguing.

      And I am sure there’ll be many comments to your comment from our most dedicated readers, who also will welcome you here.

  • Even if it’s an old post (which I just discovered) I’d like to share my thoughts.

    I loved women in pantyhose since I was a little kid.

    And like most of you said: I love the smooth look of pantyhosed legs and feet, the soft feel and the special sound which pantyhose produce when a woman crosses her legs.

    But when I think about the reason, why I have this fetish I come to a different answer.

    I also have a fetish for…let me call it unwanted sex (don’t get it twisted… I am NOT talking about rape!). It’s just the idea of a woman who drives herself into arkwad situations,
    where her only way to get out of this situation is a sexual action (which she chooses voluntarily by some degree). It is nothing real but it exists in my imagination and can sometimes be seen in some porn movies (mostly in japanese ones).

    This brings me to pantyhose. Pantyhose are some sort of forced sexuality. Society “forces” women to wear them (because they enhance a womans beauty or because a job requires them or beacause it is just compusive for woman to wear them on certain occasions). Aditionally it wraps the entire lower half of a woman which is a slight form of bondage for me. It’s not that I like SM or something, but the idea of a womed tied-up in a very subtile way adds much to my pantyhose fetish.

    What turns me on is that a lot of women might think: “I hate wearing pantyhose but unfortunately I have to wear them”.

    This is maybe the reason I don’t wear pantyhose myself. My fetish does only work on a womans leg/foot/waist.

    My way to “live” my fetish is just to watch pantyhosed women. Ask myself if she is wearing pantyhose or not, and rate them (the pantyhose themself AND the pantyhosed womans) on a scale from 1 to 10. At the end of a working day I sometimes create an imaginational ranking of all pantyhosed woman I saw that day.
    (Here in Germany pantyhose are pretty common, especially in the last 6 Years so there are a lot legs to rate on a regular day).

    My wife -sad but true- hates pantyhose and wears them only on very few occasions. And as I am pretty shy in terms of sexuality I would never admit my fetish to her. I only try to push her towards pantyhose in a very subtle way, like convincing her to wear skirts more often or complimenting her look at her very very rare pantyhose-days (like at a wedding or so). But my method never showed any sucess (and never will…I know that) so I limit my fetish to to world of imagination and to moments when I am home alone (if you know what I mean).

    Is my pantyhose fetish a blessing or a curse?
    Clearly it is a blessing.
    It makes my days much more exiting.
    A great pantyhose sighting can turn miserable day at work into a great day.

    Thanks for listening.
    This was the fist time in my life that I talked about it.

    • Hi Jan,

      Thank you for your comment (and it’s perfectly OK to comment on any post regardless of when it was written.)

      You have an interesting perspective, and I appreciate that you shared it here — the first time in your life that you’ve talked about it.

      Also, thanks for letting us know about the state of pantyhose-wearing in Germany today.

      I agree that a pantyhose fetish is a blessing, not a curse.

  • I have now, at 47, fully embraced the fetish and thank God my loving wife (who is a hottie by the way at 50) has indulged my predilection for hose since we were dating; she likes them too but not in the same way. The thing for me is that I think it’s all about texture for me. I am, and always have been, a ‘texture guy’. Textures like scratchy wool and that ‘rough lace’ and stuff like that can actually make me recoil. But smooth textures have always been relevant to me. When I was a baby I was one of those ones that rubbed the silky borders of my blankets. And when I first started wearing pantyhose (at least trying them on) it was about rubbing my hands all over my legs. I don’t think the visual stuff started until my teens. I also don’t really like to wear that much; I like my partner to wear. But I wore like crazy in my teens during masturbation which we all know can be a full time activity in our early teens.

    It started with texture and the feel for me but has become very visual since I’m really keen on the nudes and flesh tones but not so hot on black, unless they are semi or full opaque and on some nice legs!

    • Hi Wolfey,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Like you, I believe texture is a huge part of what makes (some) pantyhose very beautiful and sexy. That’s why I designed ActSensuous to be 100 percent nylon (no Lycra, no Spandex) for the softest and silkiest feel. Lycra and Spandex are reinforcing elements, which can make the fabric feel more tight and coarse, whereas 100 percent nylon gives and feels amazing to the touch.

      Also, I’m with you regarding nude and flesh tone shades. It seems that the relatively few occasions that we get to see a girl in pantyhose today, 90 percent of the time, the shade is black. Of course, I believe that any pantyhose are better than no pantyhose, but I’m sick of black. There, I said it.

      Thanks again, Wolfey.

  • I grew up with my Grandparents and my Great Aunt and uncle on the farm in PA. I can honestly say that i never saw either of them in pants and never bare-legged. Even after my aunt lost her left leg to diabetes, she continued to wear a skirt or dress and nylon stockings or pantyhose all of the time. they never left house in some form of a heel, and my aunt used crutches full time so she always wore some kind of heel. i can remember going to the laundry room and seeing all of the stockings with reinforced heel and toe and pantyhose with reinforced toe in various tones of tan, black, off-black, taupe and grays hanging there.
    When i was in high school, the only girl i ever dated ALWAYS wore pantyhose, whether it was in jeans a pants suit, skirt or dress, she always had red toenails and pantyhose, I also had an advanced math teacher who always wore a skirt, pantyhose and peep toe shoes. Made it very hard to concentrate, but it definitely fueled my interest in pantyhose. I too wear pantyhose everyday, even in the summer although only for dress occasions but every day in the fall winter and spring. I am a Silkies guy, as they have a size that fits me really well, There is nothing that beats the feel or look of a great pair of Pantyhose.

  • I wish there was a site to actually meet people with the same fetish that is in the US. Often on dating sites when I bring this interest up, it tends to frighten off people.

  • To me, there’s a profound dichotomy about pantyhose, which I find very exciting: Pantyhose possess enormous power, yet, by design, they are extremely delicate and feminine, causing an irresistable vulnerability for the wearer.
    Profound dichotomy … enormous power … delicate and feminine … irresistible vulnerability.
    That’s it in the proverbial nutshell. Those nine words make me want to go straight to my lingerie drawers.

    • Hi Gini,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      It is so nice to have a new girl here. Longtime readers (99% male) often make comments lamenting the fact that so few females share their views on this blog. You’ll find that we maintain a professional and classy site here, and that is true of all the great commenters we have here, too.

      Please feel free to comment many times again on any of my posts (and/or the comments of others here) that so inspire you. You’re likely to get some warm greetings from our many loyal readers.

      Yours sheerly,

  • I went to the Liberal Party of Canada leadership post party tonight at the conference centre in downtown Ottawa. There were about 60-70 women in hose and tights including 30 in nude hose, and about 4 or 5 wearing them with open toe shoes. I only counted about 20 women that were barelegged with some having white, pasty, veiny and blotchy legs (shame on them…lol!!!). Justin Trudeau won the leadership, and his wife Sophie Gregoire, who some in the media are comparing her fashion to Michelle Obama, but unlike Ms. Obama, Sophie showed a lot of class wearing sheer white hose with her outfit (take note Ms. Obama). When I left the party, I saw a young woman walking up the stairs outside barefoot in opaque tights.

    I am also working on a ratio in my city of women in hose/no hose and colored/nude hose. I thought about including those from the party but there were lots of women in hose, it was too much. I am going to post my ratio by the end of the month.

    Here is an article on Sophie Gregoire and her fashion.


  • Hi all,
    Robin, I was in Costco yesterday and I saw two women, probably sisters, one had pantyhose on and the other didn’t. NO comparison, pantyhose ruled here. I noticed other men and women admiring the hose clad lady and not even a second glance to the “bear” clad one. They were both dressed to “the nines” but the pantyhose completed the look beautifuly!!

  • Wearing pantyhose and tights is just simply fun. I wear them, and my wife wears them. I shave my legs, and wear them with pants, shorts, and occasionally a denim skirt. The only people who don’t know about it are our older family members, who still believe that real men wear burlap. They’re still getting used to men with long hair, beards and ear rings, so who can blame them?

  • As a bi masculine male i love wearing pantyhose/stockings daily under my everyday clothing, no undies of course and love them on my partner, any female stocking foot lovers out there?

  • I think wemon really don’t undrestand the power of the panyhose.Pantyhose give wemon power over a man in alot of ways.So many that the men can’t controll them selves,it’s the look shinyness and the feel that drives men nuts.I myself wish my wife would wear them all the time but she don’t like to wear them and she knows what it doe’s to me.When I see a women in pantyhose it does something to me that is hard to explain.I love to watch wemon when they walk in pantyhose and high heels.Ask any man what they perfer wemon in pantyhose or none and see what type of comment you get.

  • The way sheer nylon fabric manipulates reflected light is a major factor in the perceived shape of a woman’s (or man’s) legs as the illusion enhances the “slimness” or “length” of the leg. Photographers love this. Just the fact that they are relatively delicate attire adds to the sense of erotic “vulnerability” and femininity that you mentioned in your article. For me, personally, I consider the types with a true and pronounced “shadow welt” to be way higher on the “sexy” scale than “sheer-to-waist.” An occasional glimpse of the “forbidden” darker tops of a pair of tan, brown or black pantyhose or stockings never fails to alter my male body chemistry. I always try to never get caught “looking,” but never fail to notice, and most often, I notice twice. It always results in a smile on my face that usually lasts for hours. Thank you to all women in hosiery.

    • Great comment, Michael. And well-expressed (thank you for keeping it classy).

      Before pantyhose began to be designed in a sheer-to-waist style, I felt exactly the same way about that “forbidden” zone, but once STW became a reality, I’ve been hooked ever since. And while I know that a great many people share your love for the “shadow welt” (never heard that term before) style, I believe that any kind of pantyhose is better than no pantyhose.

      I’d love to hear your perspective about other pantyhose issues, too, and I am sure our readers would, as well.

      Happy holidays,


  • Thank you John for answering my question. I kinda been doing a little research, and learned that you are right. Women from Eastern Europe and even parts of Russia wear hosiery like it’s a ritual. Lol! I have to be honest, I Love It. Just wish women here in the States wore as often as they do. 😦 Hi Robin! Again, Thank you John.

  • As a wearer of these beautiful pantyhose I can definitely say that it is a beautiful sensual experience that is both erotic and sexually stimulating.

    When I’m putting the pantyhose on (without panties of course), and I slide the delicate fabric up my legs, it’s definitely the feel of the soft silky nylon tingling on my skin that initially pleasures me. Then as I begin to encase my bottom and most intimate areas with the silky sheer nylon, I definitely like to take my time positioning the pantyhose making sure that the delicate single seam is perfectly straight and nestled sensually against my most intimate places.

    I then like to enjoy the visual pleasure of seeing my legs and bottom covered by only the most deliciously soft nylon, and then seeing my intimacy clearly visible through the gossamer thin nylon is definitely arousing. But combining this beautiful visual indulgence with the physical sensation of the soft nylon caressing me as I move only heightens my sensuality further. I’m extremely fond of the feeling of the soft warm nylon between my legs and in particular, I totally enjoy the single seam gently pressing and caressing against my most intimate places while sitting.

    Then selecting the perfect outfit to go with the beautiful sensation is the icing on the cake, a beautiful short dress or skirt and top is a definite must to show off as much of my smooth nylons legs as possible. But there is something more… Walking around knowing that although I am wearing pantyhose and I am “covered”, the fact that they are completely see-through makes me feel as if I’m naked under my skirt, and in knowing that keeps me thinking of how exposed my intimate areas are.

    And it is anticipating the excitement of an interested onlooker being able to catch a glimpse up my skirt and imagining what they will see that arouses me even more. I think that maybe that could be considered sexually fetishistic for the onlooker, and perhaps even exhibitionistic for me. In either case, it is indeed a mutually pleasurable experience that I wholeheartedly recommend.

    I can only go further to say that being intimately caressed whilst wearing these beautiful pantyhose is utterly amazing, and being kissed through them simply takes you into a world of pure pleasure.

    • Wow, what a great comment, pantykitten. Thank you for your detailed comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I don’t think I could have described ActSensuous pantyhose as well as you did. I should get you to write our marketing material. 🙂

      Hope to hear more from you in the near future.

      Take care.


    • Pantykitten do you think most women feel this way ? I have a nylon/pantyhose fetish and my wife left me because of it . I hated that , but its still a big part of me I wish I could findd a woman thats into it like I am . I say if it feels good do it! Its not hurting anyone and it feels so good!! I love giving footrubs with nylons on and Ive always wanted a footjob.

    • I would ask you to send a picture of your legs but I don’t think it would do justice to the incredible description you’ve graced us with.

  • Hi Robin

    I came across this really obscure pantyhose fetish site/blog, http://www.pantyhosephotos.info, and are the photos just random pictures of women who just happen to be wearing pantyhose and tights at the time the picture(s) were taken? Or are they all by design? (As if someone posted an ad in the newspaper offering cash for a photo of yourself in your hose…lol!) What do you think? Readers? What do you all think?


    • These are mostly Eastern European and European women who just normally wear hosiery and these are random photos of them. Pictures were probably mostly taken in Poland and Czech Republic. If these women there are Polish and Czech, I would assume none of them there wore pantyhose for money but were just wearing them and were just randomly photographed.

  • Hello all. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments from the readers. ActSenuous, I love your blog, and appreciate you putting some work like this together. I don’t have really much to say, but hear to read, and soak up as much knowledge about my pantyhose/fetish as I can. I think I was in 4th or 5th grade maybe, when I realized I had this “liking” for women in hosiery. My 4th grade teacher, Ms. Reynolds, looked a lot like the lady that played the mom on the show Family Ties. She was very beautiful to me. And she came to class, every single day, with a dress or skirt, and wore pantyhose with everyday. Even when she wore pants, she’d wear pantyhose with heels. On this one particular day, she came to class wearing a creme colored skirt, heels and top matched, and so did the hose. But what was so attractive about them to me were, they were the ones with the seems going from the foot up the legs. I remember this like it happened yesterday. And to top it all off, as she got up from her desk to pass out testing materials for a quiz we had that day, she walked around the class barefoot, rather in just her pantyhosed feet. It blew my mind. And I had a pantyhose and heels fetish ever since. The only thing about this, which is why I looked for and found this blog, is I don’t understand where it really comes from, and why it feels so profound in wanting to understand it. I don’t share this with many people, because today’s world is so judgemental, so it’s always something I’ve kept to myself. Even now. Well, since the Internet is here, lol!, I can now connect and communicate with others who share this same “liking”. I’m sure that will help me understand it more. I find myself, every where I go, even when looking at television, or reading a book or magazine, looking for a pair of womens legs in either pantyhose or tights in heels. It’s overwhelmingly arouses me. Well, I won’t take up too much of the blog ramblng, lol! Again, I’d like to Thank ActSensous for putting together this blog so that I could finally get that out (that was on the tip of the iceberg, lol!!!) to others that understand and share the same interest. Thank you everyone for reading. -Richard

    • Great comment, Richard.

      Take heart … there are a great many more people than you think who have the same love and excitement over pantyhose that you do. And you’ve come to the right place to voice your thoughts or pose questions, as readers of The ActSensuous Blog are very compassionate and classy people who are quick to embrace and respond to others’ views.

      Thanks for joining us.


    • well said. it is good to know we are not alone. had a similar teacher. also the ladies at church back in the day wore dresses/skirts, always with hose and heels. I appreciate women who make the effort to include nylons in their dressing. Finally found a girl who actually enjoys it and it made all the difference. I especially like her painted toenails showing through sheer brown nylons and strappy high heels. When we started dating 22 years ago she would be the only woman in the place dressed like that, and I could never take my eyes off of her. I too, wondered where this came from and for a long time felt strange about it. I finally figured out there’s nothing strange at all if you find a girl who will indulge the fondness. She has delicate, little feet and I like to buy her heels with thin straps that show off a lot of foot. Now it seems like the most natural thing.

      • Hi John,

        Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

        I’ve been saying for a long time in this blog there is nothing wrong with adoring pantyhose and pantyhose-adorned feet. It’s a completely natural obsession, and those who have it, should learn to appreciate it. It’s a gift that separates those who have it from the rest of the herd. 🙂

  • V1.3

    I have finally gotten to the core of the reason why I continue to wear pantyhose
    (even though my bout with psoriasis ended). Yes there are actually good
    wholesome reasons for both women and men to wear outside of the “evil”

    In the late 1970’s and up until the pantyhose “fad” fell out of favor
    with women, I used to date gal’s that would occasionally wear pantyhose with a
    dress or skirt. I fell in love with the way they looked and the way they would
    feel on their legs. I used to think so highly of girls back then because they
    were beautiful, feminine, and used to care about how they looked and acted.
    Yes… I used the word fad. Why? Because that’s what (roughly) 98% of women
    believe that wearing pantyhose is. A FAD! Because this percentage of women
    choose to allow Hellywood and the main stream media to dictate their thought
    patterns (brainwashing) and how they are to dress, they won’t wear pantyhose
    today mainly out of a rebellious spirit and if they do, it is mainly because
    they are in a position that they have to or else.

    Deep down inside that group of American women actually hate us men and despise us with a passion.
    Look at the favor all them women are doing their husbands by divorcing them. Who would
    want to be married to the wenches? They believe that we men are stupid and we
    are the scum of the earth. Take for instance at how stupid the actor Jim
    Belushi is portrayed (as the dad) in “According to Jim”. Women pick up on
    this mind control claptrap and they have been convinced that we are inferior
    and we are to be treated as such. Hellywood is full of $hit like this. As a
    result of this attitude you would have thought that I gave up on women
    altogether, but nooooo, I had to spend several more years looking for someone
    in the 2% group. I finally had to give up and realize that it was the 2% that
    were already taken and were happily married.

    So what was left for me to do? Hang on to the only thing you have left that can give you some enjoyment and give it your all. When the psoriasis cleared up I began to experience something that I once had when I was attracted to the nice girls of the 70’s that were wearing pantyhose. You realize that you will go through the rest of your life with no lady to wear pantyhose for you (that you already had a fetish for) and that the only way you will ever be able to get that feeling and enjoyment again is to wear them yourself. Yes, I would be considered queer for wearing pantyhose by most everyone, but, I don’t care what anyone thinks. I am not going to be ashamed of that. Yes… if a man wears any garment that a woman wears, you are immediately a cross-dresser.

    It’s a different ballgame for a woman. If a woman wears any garment that pertains to a man (including his boxers) then you might think that it’s ok or cute? Sometimes the truth hurts.

    History can show account after account of Kings and men that wore breeches
    made of silk that went from their toes all the way up to the waistline. Gee…
    sounds a lot like pantyhose to me. Last time I felt anything made with silk,
    it felt an awful lot like the nylon in ultra sheer pantyhose. Women wore full
    length dresses to cover their legs, but, didn’t wear breeches or “leggings”.
    Are you still awake?

    Do you get my point? Probably not if you are a ninety eight percenter. Strange isn’t it how things seem to get flipped over (perverted) in time. This “fashion” if you will, can be recorded up to the late 1800’s. Go and search it out for yourself. You have a web browser if you are reading this and there are plenty of books in major libraries on historical dress.

    If there will ever be a war between American women and men, you can be sure it will be a very bloody battle. You be the judge! If you still can’t understand why men are sick of the 98% of American women and wear their own pantyhose then try this link:


    • Wow, what a sad commentary. I feel your pain, Mike.

      Also, very interesting read on that link you posted. I can’t say that I disagree with what is said there, except that it’s not true of each and every American woman, nor is it true of every foreign woman out there. Just like stereotypes, it isn’t accurate or right to say that ALL women of a certain nationality or origin are exactly the same.

      • When I wrote that comment, I was feeling really down. Don’t take it wrong. I’m not looking for sympathy from anyone. I’ve had to learn to accept the way things are nowadays.

        Robin, I know there’s a few left like you that fall into that two percentile group and I also realize the comments made by the men on that boycott site sound as if they mean ALL American women. For that I can only say that I’m in total agreement with your comment.

        Thank you for posting my comment and your reply.
        Your friend,

    • Just wanted to say that pantyhose was a fad but only in America. Maybe pantyhose weren’t something American to begin with but, everywhere else, and in most places other than America women wear pantyhose normally and do it till this day. Look at European, Russian and Asian women. There are many countries today where you can see women wear pantyhose nonstop. In fact I think most women today wear pantyhose if you look at it globally. In China with a population of 1.5 billion you can see lots of women wearing pantyhose on the street. Same in Korea. And, It is the same in most European countries like Poland, Czech Republic, and Serbia, especially. If anyone ever visits foreign countries you will see what I’m talking about.

      • Hey John,

        Thank you for your comment. I agree with your position that today we’re more likely to see women wearing pantyhose are worn all over the world, especially throughout Asia and Europe, than in the United States. However, I disagree with your statement: ” … pantyhose (were) a fad, but only in America.”

        On the contrary, pantyhose were an invention that changed the economic, social and fashion culture of American women, and then the world.

        Similarly, I strongly disagree with your statement: “Maybe pantyhose weren’t something American to begin with …”

        It is common knowledge that pantyhose are an American invention dating back to the late 1950s/early 1960s; (the late 1920s/early 1930s with respect to stockings as a women’s fashion garment.) Here are some facts that might be of interest to those who care:

        Allen Gant Senior invented pantyhose. In 1959, Glen Raven Mills of North Carolina introduced pantyhose – underpants and stockings all in one garment. With the addition of an opaque nylon top, panthose eliminated the need for multiple “foundation” garments. In 1965, Glen Raven Mills developed a seamless pantyhose version that coincided with the introduction of the miniskirt. Allen Grant Senior is a descendant of John Gant, who founded the textile mill in 1902.

        In 1942, nylon went to war in the form of parachutes and tents. Nylon stockings were the favorite gift of American soldiers to impress British women. Nylon stockings were scarce in America until the end of World War II, but then returned with a vengeance. Shoppers crowded stores, and one San Francisco store was forced to halt stocking sales when it was mobbed by 10,000 anxious shoppers.

        In the 1920s, the fashionable hemline for women rose enough to show the legs, and sheer hosiery that covered the legs was only available as stockings. They were first made of silk or rayon (then known as “artificial silk”), and after 1940 with nylon, which had been invented by Du Pont in 1938. During the 1940s and 1950s, play and film producers were having stockings sewn to the briefs of their actresses and dancers. This fact has been stated by actress-dancer Ann Miller[1]. These garments were seen in popular motion pictures such as Daddy Long Legs.

        In 1953, Allen Gant, Sr., of Glen Raven Knitting Mills developed a commercial equivalent to these hose that he named “Panti-Legs”, but these were not brought to the open market until about 1959.[2] During this time, Ernest G. Rice invented his own design for pantyhose (similar to those worn today), and in 1956 he submitted a patent titled “Combination Stockings and Panty”.[3] This design was adopted by other makers, and this caused disputes in American courts for many years before the patent was upheld some time after Rice’s own death.[4]

        • In an important breakthrough, two scientists at DuPont laboratories (Julian Hill and Wallace Hume Carothers) invented nylon. By using trial-and-error techniques with coal tar, water, petroleum, natural gas and even by-products from agricultural processes, they came up with a polymer that was strong yet flexible.

        The Name
        • The name of the new discovery, nylon, came from DuPont entering it in the New York World Fair in 1939. Ny(-lon) is the abbreviation for New York. The publicity was a hit and the basic products were advertised (see link in Resources).

        Nylon Stockings

        • Stockings were typically silk and pricey. When nylon stockings became available (May 15, 1940), DuPont sold nearly 800,000 the first day. By the end of the first year, 64 million stockings had been sold. They were still being produced the same as the silk stockings – “fully-fashioned” with hand-sewn backs.

        • Joseph Shivers, a chemist for DuPont, created Lycra (the official brand name of Spandex). This addition in 1959 made the formation of the nylon stockings easier. No longer was there a focus on specific sizes because nylon now had a new stretchiness, due to the addition of Spandex.

        Pantyhose was produced by Glen Raven Mills (the joining of panties and nylon stockings) in 1959, called Panti-Tights and Panti-Legs. Alan Gant Sr. was the inventor and company president. Glen Raven Mills then introduced a seamless version of pantyhose in 1965, which are roughly the first type of the “nylons” we have today.

        The year was 1953 and if you were a woman, a night on the town meant either squeezing into a girdle or slipping on a garter belt. Formal dress dictated that females wear such intimate, and often uncomfortable, articles of clothing. How else could you hold up your nylons?

        Allen Gant Sr., then running textile company Glen Raven Mills, was inspired by his wife’s lament. “How would it be if we made a pair of panties and fastened the stockings to it?” he asked Ethel. She stitched some crude garments together, tried them on, and handed the products to her husband. “You got to figure out how to do this,” she said. Allen brought his wife’s experiment into the office, and with the help of his colleagues Arthur Rogers, J. O. Austin, and Irvin Combs, developed what they later called “Panti-Legs.” Their product–the world’s first commercial pantyhose–began lining department store shelves in 1959.

      • John
        There are a many factors why pantyhose wearing is not now popular in America….

        All over the world pantyhose is pantyhose… Humans are Humans… So what is different… It is a thing called “Mindset”…..

        Think…. How are mindsets controlled around the world…. Do the people think for themselves…. No… Unknowing for most people it is done for them…

  • I have been married to a beautiful 5’9″ gal for many years, and she has the longest sexy legs. When she wears nylons or pantyhose, a short dress and sexy high heel strappy shoes; she turns heads every where we go. The sheer pantyhose and sheer toe look with the strappy sandals still drives me nutz! (<– intentional misspelling…) It's not just the look but the way that they feel, is so incredibly sexy! Not to mention, that painted toes under those non reinforced toe pantyhose really takes my breath away! She can be seen here.


    Believe it or not, she is 40 years young! Her long legs and sheer pantyhose have been a fixation of mine for the last 25 years! I won't go in to detail about our escapades in the bedroom, but she has made and continues to make all my nylonic dreams a reality!

    • Hello, Stingray.

      Thank you for your well-written comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Pretty neat that you publicly give props to your wife for fulfilling 25 years worth of your dreams and desires where nylons are concerned.

      I hope you’ll become a frequent commenter on this blog.


  • Personally what drives my pantyhose fetish is that I like seeing women wear pantyhose, and feeling the silkiness of the hose on their legs and feet. It also shows that a woman cares about her appearance as well as shows a lot of class, elegance, beauty, and professionalism when wearing pantyhose with her outfit to complete her look.

    However, I don’t like it when the fashion experts through the media keep berating women for wearing pantyhose, and still telling them that they are out of style, which we all know is not true since a number of celebrities do wear pantyhose as well as Kate Middleton who wore with grace and elegance at various events including her Royal Tour with her husband Prince William here in Canada last year.

    Pantyhose does not just cover the hideous but it also enhances the look on their legs and feet. It also makes women feel very good about their personal appearance.

  • Back again with pantyhose vs tights? You be the judge. Readers and you which would be the best and what drives your fetish wild….

    • Too much makeup on the face doesn’t enhance its natural beauty. Since pantyhose are sometimes called makeup for the legs the same idea applies. Since tights are of a thicker nature it’s like having too much makeup. Pantyhose are far better in that regard. I guess you could say that tights tend to cover the natural attractiveness of a woman’s legs, but pantyhose helps to bring it out. Plus if you get to touch, with tights that may be all you are touching, with pantyhose you get a feel of both the fabric and her legs.

  • This isn’t so much about this particular post, but I’ve noticed a couple of guys on here who like pantyhose but their wives don’t. That might be an interesting article or post for the future, how can men get their wife/girlfriend who doesn’t wear pantyhose to wear them.

  • Gotta give cuddos to the ladies of The Good Wife.
    Besides it being a great show the ladies in hose
    make it that much better. 🙂

    • I think it’s the best written and best acted show on television. Not only is it realistic from a script/dialogue point of view, but also in its depiction of proper dress. One should expect that the women attorneys and staff of a prestigious and high-ranking law firm in Chicago would always wear dresses or skirt suits with pantyhose and heels, and the costume designer has never let us down in that regard the way other shows with similar storylines have and do all the time.

    • ACKKKK! I saw it again today at my professional office building. Two women in BEAR legs on the coldest day of the winter – 30 degrees. One of the women was a 20 something who probably has never bought a pair of hose in her life and wouldn’t know where to find them even if she wanted to wear them. Seeing her goose-bumped pasty white legs outside in the cold was incredible. The other woman was in her 30’s – and clearly clueless. These are the same women – by the way – who will be the first to complain if you turn down the heat in the house below 72 degrees. Just awful.

      • hi libertarianqman,
        Sorry to hear about that. Maybe those women should be the next recipients of the grizzly award…lol!!! Serious though, why would they show their legs without pantyhose in cold freezing weather. That is foolish, immature, and laughable at best.

        My experience was different than yours. I just came back from Montreal where the city is hose heaven. A majority of women, including the ones downtown were wearing various hosiery mostly sheer and colored opaque tights with either boots or high heels. I only saw three women wearing nude hose today including a women of East Indian descent in her 20s wearing nude hose with open toe shoes in the Montreal Metro. No BEAR legs in Montreal. Great to see women wearing hose in a city known for its chic European fashion culture.

  • O yes very much these fit her much better so
    Will be getting more and now she can wear them out and to her
    Conferences (at the bar )
    O and the VIEW was amazing lol

  • Nice post. I am also a big fan of hose and feet
    in hose. Just had new pairs of ActSensuous (Act III) come for my wife
    and got to TRY them out last night. WOW

    Looking forward to more.

  • I probly should have wrote this in one post to save you from too much trouble…. but I do see why pantyhose are attractive to men.. Men have a vision of women being soft, sensual and arousing. Beauty from the hair on our pretty heads down to our little toes. And hose not only hide imperfections like a make-up brush, but also add a softer feel. Men are rough, get dirty, but their interest in pantyhose also adds a small sense of a feminine side. ( they might not agree to that term. But I see that in them) they also want a touch of softness that only a woman can provide. They like pretty things too!

    • I am a real latecomer to this post. So I might be repeating some of the things previously stated by many readers. I saw a comment from a reader name Chrystal. It was refreshing hearing a view from another woman in addition to Robin about what drives a fetish for pantyhose, especially among men. Pantyhose worn by women like my wife bring out 2 of my 5 senses- vision and touch-to a powerful mix.”Hose hides the imperfections, but also adds a softer feel” as Chrystal mentioned. My wife has the most beautiful pedicure feet (yes there’s a foot fetish to it too). I love when she wears the pantyhose that accentuates her legs and make her nail polished toes sexier through the denier of the hose. Yet those rare times when giving her pantyhose feet a massage are pure ecstacy for her, but maybe more so for me. A turn on no doubt. Maybe she is right too in that my interest in pantyhose brings out a softer feminine side , I otherwise don’t get in my everyday world of experiences. As men we are wearing cotton, polyester or wool and have seldom had the feel of nylon touch our skin until recently with activewear from brand names like Under Armor. The pantyhose bring out all that.

  • I do think pantyhose look great, and ill wear them for my hubby, but there are times that bare legs simply feel better to me. Without them I can feel more, and I’m a lot cooler. I like the looks of them and since I’m like almost 9 months pregnant I have found it difficult to have the waistband around my waist. I’ve even tried maternity hose… and that was a no go. So what can I do? Believe me I like hose. But why can’t they be bit more comfy? Another question… to a woman who wears them.. what can I do to releav the itchy dry feeling after I shave? Lotion makes this worse.. thx for reading.

    • Hi There
      You said “Another question… to a woman who wears them.. what can I do to releav the itchy dry feeling after I shave? Lotion makes this worse..”

      I have found over many years… That if i do have an itchy dry feeling after shaving or have any soreness after shaving… I have found that a good quality Aloe Vera gel or moisturiser does the job perfectly….

      Hope this is a help

  • I love my wife for understanding me pantyhose foot fetish most grils couldn’t exsept I had one but I knew thay wasn’t. The one for me I realy wanted to share with the one I had pland to marry its was something for us to share together. She wrote her name is my loving wife crystal that she realy don’t have my fetish I have but she understand my pf and exspet that’s she said its how I am. That’s something I had for 22 years she was 16teen at the time we met I wouldn’t give her up and never will how many women would do that for a man today exsept a pf. Its great to get that and will do that pf for me its a give and take for two people to share a fetish together. I hve read a lot of people want to change that person how has a pf that wrong in so many ways. I love watching my wife putting on pantyhose I could watch her do that every day I could vidoe tape so I could watch it but I couldn’t do it that some times shell tell me hay look it drives me crazy. I’m a lucky man to have a woman to do that for. I wish I could do something for her is there some thing that I can do ? She wears pantyhose with all of her outfits I can ask her to wear them any time I want at night or the day I know its crazy she would wear them 24 7 if I want her to put 24 7 is a lot. But I coudnt that’s a little much I think. Pantyhose is a fetish I love the smell of all day wearing tickling her feet watching her dang her shoe on her foot teasing me she even rubs my back with her hose feet I love it so much I. Love the fill her sexy feet on my back moveing back and forth she let’s me sleep with her pf feet at night its great. She plays with me with her pantyhose feet not sexual at all just playing around pantyhose feet she fills my passion for pantyhose feet and every dream I have its cazy that her legs are cross ill sit on her foot wile she moves her leg up and down I fill like a kid agin. Lol. Some times ill just watch her feet for hours at a time befor I make a move at her pf feet. The first thing whin she puts them on I kiss her foo and whin she has to take them off to. I get sad I just can’t sand she has to but she has to I know that. Thanks for making the greatest blog you done the best I have ever seen. Keep up the good work !!!! I love posting my pantyhose foot fetish for people to read. And you take time to read what we have to say and share a pantyhose fetish like me and all the people how have are passion to.
    Your pantyhose paission friend
    Lester and crystal
    P.s. keep it up girl you done a great job!

  • This is Lester’s wife, Crystal. And I have to admit for a while I hated pantyhose. It got to the point I even quit wearing them and I seen it hurt my hubby. At one point I would wear them all the time then I just stopped for no good reason. He started explaining to me what it was he liked about them and that they are not only sexual, but he simply loved the look and feel of them. When we first got together ( 6 years ago..) he told me he had a foot fetish. Then explained he liked pantyhose too. I was a bit confused because I never knew anyone with a foot / Ph fetish, so I supported it. I love him with all my heart and accepted everything about him, so now I wear them for him whenever he wants me to. It takes love and understanding from a woman who lacks a foot fetish.

    • Hi, Crystal. Thank you for your comment. It’s good to hear a woman’s perspective (besides just mine) on this blog.
      I think it’s a great thing that you indulge your husband’s love for pantyhose. Good for you. And, by the way, I think a foot fetish and a pantyhose fetish are a perfect combination. They go together like two chocolate chips in a cookie.

  • You got a great site I’m glad to share my passion for pantyhose there is people out there like me. Fashion today is gone so far pantyhose has reach a hole new meaning to many to choose fron silk, sheer, reinforce, no waist band, toe less, fishnets, just tomany to write down. I’m glad there more out there to see what’s new to come in the new year. What drives my pantyhose passion is that wards cannt explian. Its greatest thing I the new fashion world today is great to see the rating o what thay think and how to inprove on the product. Mostly thay say there ichy but thay got a pair out know that hanes leggs is a medicaloitment that helps ichy, fatigue, and all day wear my wife likes them she said there realy good product for women. Most of woman don’t know to waer or not to wear? What do you think of most of women say about pantyhose on do’s and donts? What is your favorate band that you think that most women would try once? I drives my passion is satin sheer reinforce toe I just love satin and sun beige I think there are the sexyest ones on my wife I love the way thay shine in light thay match her skin tone I just love them on her black okay but my favorate is satin or beige pantyhose there the sexy special ones I can buy for her. She wears the ones that matchs her outfits most is a tan color. I love short shorts sun beige or satin pantyhose high hills and a white shirt she wears this outfit in late spring throw the end of september she wears this for me the biggest part is shell superize me before we go out on the town or movies. She wairs nylon starts the winter a west virginia life you don’t know what to wear nylons or pantyhose. I wish I could find stain or sun beige nylons I wish I could but black or blue mostly blue drives me to I just love nylons whin being in boots or her shoes thay smell so so so great I love the smell taste to that’s why I like nylons. Pantyhose you can see all ten toes and see the beauty of her feet. Bare legs and feet are okay I’m really not in to it the hole think I’m a hose fanatic 100% hose man.
    Your friend lester.

  • I want to say I really like this site. Pantyhose are the main topic. My wife just started to wear pantyhose every day sents she seen this site. There are so many kinds of hose out there. Its like buying a new car. The thing is what you or her like the most. The best one I like are leggs thay are sheer soft great way for shape a womens lower body. My wife wears realy any kind but yet has not found the one she fills sexy in we buy around $100.000 every mouth know but she said it don’t bother me at all. She is the greatest wife I could ever find. She understands know and nows I always love hose for 21 years I was a kid whin I started likeing the know I love them. Women know adays do understand that pantyhose are not at all bad they are really great for a woman. I read a lot of pantyhose stories how people can not stand why people like us love them some don’t want a partner, kid, family matter, teens, and adlts like or lovebthem thay want them to change how thay are I know I was one of them thay think we are sick people. Put whin you find one to understand your passion for hose hold on you mit not get it agin. People just need to understand if you have a passion or a fetish for anything let them injoy this and stand by the exsept that person how thay are and don’t chage or try to you are you that’s how you realy are. Pantyhose come a long way from the 1950s but realy do you think there will be a come back I think thay will whin a wear I don’t know only thing I can do is just wait on it to come back. To me pantyhose is an art for a woman. Some people don’t know pantyhose very useful to men and women thay help you with warmth in the winter, ticks in thew summer, bug bits, jelly fish stings in the salt water, sun burn, swelling, med resons there’s a lot of useds for hose not for sexual used or med or just to wear there’s always helpful to every one men and women. Any body has been scaird of there passion or fetish for hose and foot fetish tell them its just apart of me. Ps don’t give up be how you are a man or women or teen with a passion for pantyhose or any kind of hose that’s apart of all of us. Your friend a passion for hose lester…….

  • I love pantyhose a lot I can’t get enough of them I ask my wife to wear them all the time I don’t think she fully understand my passion for hose I don’t wear them. To me its a special bond we shear together. 15% of the time sexual 85% not I like to kiss her feet a lot really a lot but rub her feet and legs while she wears them I just can’t get enough I ask her to wear them whin we go out but whin we don’t I ask her to wear them for two or threw hours a day if she fills like it usually she dose sometimes she don’t but I understand her need and respect her wishes to like she dose me. Most of the time she wears knee highs for the time I ask for I wish it was pantyhose instead but I can live with that that what fules me need for any kind of hose I love them all ankle highs, knee high, any kind of pantyhose, stockings, thigh highs, fishnets, and nylons to. Pantyhose are the greatest thing my wife wears for me I was really bad one time with my fetish she set some ground rules for me to follow and she would do the same for me all women want is a man to respect her and she will do the same for you to its great to have my fetish and a woman to do this for me. So you people out there how got it that bad set some ground rules and work together and believe me it will turn out great giveot a try you won’t be let down. If some body can tell me a little bit helping my wife with my pantyhose foot fetish please send it to me. Thanks lester

  • As being new to the blog I am late to this discussion. I am purposely not reading anyone else’s reply until I write mine, so I may repeat a lot of what has already been said.

    As you say in the post a lot of this is hard to define and qualify. There seems to be different opinions as to what exactly a fetish is. The way one person defines it may be different from the way other people define it. Some simply define it as something that turns someone on, or excites or arouses him/her, sexually. Others have defined it as something that is necessary to gratify one sexually. Or even something that has an adverse effect on one’s life in other areas. Under the first definition pretty much everyone has some sort of fetish, unless he/she is totally uninterested in sex. So, I’ll just define it as that arouses a person sexually.

    For me pantyhose make a lady’s legs look great. I have heard them described as makeup for the legs and that’s a pretty good analogy. I’m not saying women look bad in bare legs (though some do) it’s just that pantyhose make them look so much better.

    They also make her legs feel great. Again bare legs, shaved of course, feel good, but there’s no comparison to how they feel when encased in nylon. The smooth, silky, slippery feel can’t really be described.

    There’s also the sheer (sorry for the pun) feminine nature of them. If we want to hang with the guys we’ll go hunting or fishing or gather round the tv for the ball game. But pantyhose say “I’m not one of the guys.” Men are more rough by nature and pantyhose suggest and display a soft femininity.

    So those are some of my thoughts, now to see how much I said that was already said.

  • Was wondering I love to see my wife in pantyhose and also the feel. How do I tell her that I want her to wear more? She doesn’t like.

    • Tell her she’s got to go! Just kidding. Hi, Mike. Thanks for your question, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      I appreciate your dilemma. Marriage is all about compromising. I would suggest you talk with your wife, try to understand what it is she doesn’t like about wearing pantyhose, then, tell her all the things you love about seeing her in pantyhose. Keep it about how extraordiarily fine she looks (and feels)to you in pantyhose, and try to come up with something special you’ll do for her in return.

      Readers: Any thoughts to help Mike out? Ladies …?

    • That all depends. I’ve had good success but you must approach this gently. It needs to be about her. I’ve explained it this way: If you dress for me it makes you more appetizing, like a delicious dessert. You are the cake & the lingere is the icing. Or like a wrapped gift. It’s more fun & exciting to open. If I’m more excited you’ll enjoy me ravishing you.
      I also tried not to fixate too much on the pantyhose, but more on the overall outfit. Explain how sexy it is to see her rear covered in nylon, as opposed to stockings. Just make sure that it’s to increase her desirability,not all legs either. Her legs, her feet. If she thinks you look at all womens legs with desire she’s less likely to please you.
      After all we need to give them something first. Whatever favor that is, do it. You’re asking something from her, so practice the golden rule. A selfish lover is the last thing women want. If you truly enjoy pleasing her ( which to me is hotter than receiving) than long slow foreplay is a good start. Or massage her whole body ( not just the favorite parts). Pay a lot of attention to her-not enough men do this! Once she’s warmed up whisper in her ear how beautiful she is, how wonderful her body is & how sexy she looks (or would look) in pantyhose. The idea is to convince her just how sensual pantyhose can be. If she’s aroused than the idea will sink in better. If you’re adoring her she’ll be more than happy to please you. I’m giving away my methods here, but they work IF YOU SINCERELY mean it. Passion can’t be faked.
      My 2 last girlfriends were converted by me. At first they saw ph as an uncomfortable accessory, but I was able to make it a regular part of our sexlife this way. Once you’ve got her wearing them you can “position” things so she realizes just how STIMULATING ph can be, especially ActSensuous brand. Once I helped them feel the waves of pleasure from nylon, I never had to ask again. Same with their feet. Slowly warmed-up to the idea, next thing you know I’m getting beautiful nylon feet in my lap when they get home. And I would adore them like other parts of the body, erotic kisses and licking.
      So try to get her to dress sexy first, then work into the pantyhose later.
      Good Luck

      • Hi, G. Thanks for replying to Mike’s question, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

        Nice job with that detailed advice. You offered some good suggestions, and I’m sure they’re appreciated.

        • Likewise, G, I think your approach is very good! With my wife, I’ve followed a similar approach, but have attempted to try and find something that similarly turns her on the way her hot non-bear legs do for me. In my case, I have a semi-non visual woman (are women less visual than men in general? I wonder…), so I’ve tried finding clothes that gets her motor running. Although not as successful as she’s been with me, she does like an occasional tie, so I wear one w/o being asked and that works to some degree.
          Since in my case, visual things don’t seem to bring out the same level of turn-on, I also try non-visual things, like creating an atmosphere that she likes (e.g. playing the right kind of background music, candles and scents…) and that seems to work better. I don’t know if my wife is fairly typical of most women, but if so, don’t ignore the non-visual things, especially if they work. Of course, always communicate, but the hunt continues to find something that she enjoys to the same degree that I enjoy seeing her out on the town in a hot outfit, showing off gorgeous legs, non-bear, of course!
          And ladies, please don’t hesitate to let yer guy know what works for you; especially since we’re usually pretty good about letting y’all know what works for us!

  • The look and the feel. I have always enjoyed the look and the feel. All my life. I enjoyed playing with teacher legs in high-school. I have enjoyed them as long as I can remember and I want to keep on doing as long as I can.

    • Another thing that drives my pantyhose fetish is seeing a woman in a short dress/skirt and showing off her legs and it is like you’re wondering if she’s wearing pantyhose or just showing off bare legs.

  • What drives my pantyhose fetish to me is the idea of seeing a woman dressed up in a nice dress or outfit and the first thing you notice is her wearing sheer pantyhose and also the idea of her always wanting to dress up just to wear them and show off the natural beauty of her legs.

  • What drives a pantyhose fetish…. “Pantyhose”

    Life is too short… Enjoy your pantyhose to the full…

    Actsensuous pantyhose should be top of the list..

    Take Care

  • I can appreciate and respect all the posts I see above. I certainly understand the appeal of vulnerability, whether it’s being felt by the wearer, or the wearer’s vulnerability can be sensed by the admirer.

    There was even a time in high school when I had a tendency to date the more shy or gentle women. With respect to what drives me nutty about pantyhose, I must come from the opposite perspective. I look straight at the photo at the topic header and it says everything about why I love pantyhose on my girlfriend. If you were to give me two photos of models wearing pantyhose, one with a model without shoes sitting on her behind with a look of “do you like me?”, the other of a business woman standing before an employee explaining a procedure, a look of slight exasperation yet determination, her pantyhose clad legs highlighted by a pair of boots or pumps, I find a light speed conclusion as to which photo grabs my brain, heart and muscles all at once –- the latter photo.

    And fetish or non-fetish, and no matter what your inclination might be, it’s what grabs everything simultaneously that tends to help one determine where a fetish or passion lies. I listen to certain violinists and I’m a goner — others, I have to listen to again and again until I reach one element that grabs me. I can say I like pumps or boots too — but not if they are motionless on a shelf or even sitting in my hands — where’s the story behind them? Where’s that commanding presence that insists I take note of these accessories and adjust my thinking, my behavior, my feelings in favor of hers?

    I don’t know if I could say I have a pantyhose fetish –- the pantyhose need to be worn by someone I have some communication with -– they need to have the right woman in them –- like a woman who’s in charge of her work and home life. At the very least, if we’re talking photos, they need to be worn by a celebrity whose basic nature or personality I have some grasp of -– I know nothing about Lady Gaga or some others, so I can’t get too excited about photos of them in hosiery.

    On the other hand, in a very twisted or eccentric way, I reacted strongly to a celebrity I previously knew nothing about — simply because of her attitude and then the discovery of some classy photos of her wearing pantyhose. I once read an interview of Ashlee Simpson who wondered why so many people in the world couldn’t admit that she was a superior singing talent. I was only aware that a few times she had not performed well (I’m being generous). I checked out some net images of her including a few of her strutting or posing in pantyhose and high heel pumps. Again, I previously knew nothing about Ashlee Simpson and didn’t want to. I read the interview 3 times, itself with some other content which seemed to speak of a woman in favor of herself and not her detractors. I viewed the images 3 times, downloaded some songs with mixed reviews, and nonetheless started asking myself why so many people in the world couldn’t admit that Ashlee Simpson was a superior singing talent and wondering if I was too old to be her fan club president. Bold, cocky, fearless, voluntarily unaware of detractors. Completely imperfect but because of her attitude and attire the epitomy of perfection in my brain, heart and muscles.

    When I meet non-celebrity women like this I become unglued — certainly the pantyose do something for me as worn by these ladies, but its the combination of pantyhose and attitude that makes them just too right for description.

    If it’s a woman I know very well, there’s this scenario: I’m watching television and eating a sandwich –- my girlfriend comes home from shopping and tosses a package of pantyhose in my lap and asks me “well, what do you think? Are these cool?”. She wants me to open the package. Because she’s my girlfriend and I love her, I dare glance a few moments at the package, notice that everything seems cool and nice before asking her how her day was and setting the package to the side.

    I change the aforementioned girlfriend scenario, as inspired by the topic header photo: I’m watching television and eating a sandwich. My girlfriend comes home from a day’s worth of work and shopping wearing pantyhose and boots or pumps she put on in the morning. She doesn’t ask questions, doesn’t wait for answers, sometimes doesn’t even visually acknowledge me -– she lets me gaze at her while she gives me a quick list of what’s gonna happen next -– no threats, no consternation, no phony dominatrix role playing -– just her being her tired self and choosing one of two available questions within her own mind: first question available to her- “oh, I’ve been wearing pantyhose and tight boots all day without stoppage — how will my legs or feet smell? Certainly my girlfriends or sisters wouldn’t approve of me taking off my shoes near my guy!”. Second question: “Well, because there are no other women that compare with me, and because I shouldn’t be allowing my own perfection to be compromised by the viewpoints of my girlfriends or sisters, am I not the most influential and powerful human being he has ever encountered, is he not the luckiest human being to ever enjoy the opportunity of me thoroughly invading his space, and would he not give his life for the privilege of being around my scent for as long as I choose to allow him to”?.

    If you are lucky as I am, your girlfriend asks herself the second question before outlining what I will do for her next: 1. I get off my behind to fix dinner. 2. Once she’s satisfied with dinner, I’m going to clean up the mess and hand her the remote. 3. Once the mess is cleaned up, I’m going to gently and without disrupting her posture remove one shoe/boot at a time and spend immeasurably long periods of time tending to each foot and calf until she’s decided it’s bath time. 4. If I’ve prepared the right water temperature, she’s going to have me remove the pantyhose and hand wash them as gently, soundlessly and lovingly as I can while she lets the vision of her taking a bath make my level of submission creep yet to a higher level. She’s screaming a message of “I do these things to you because I can and because I happen to want to right now — enjoy, feel torment, it’s of no consequence — you will never find someone like me unless you magically discover a new planet on your own…”.

    I don’t know –- so many people, so many ways stuff can affect them –- I can like the feel of pantyhose on her legs and feet, but it’s how they lead me to the legs and the feet -– they are her legs, her feet, and her brain and heart are putting me in my place –- the hosiery is like a tennis racket being held by Serena Williams –- it takes my levels of energy and or submission and throttles them into another galaxy –- and rarely does anyone or anything confidently return a Serena Williams hit. I’m going on several thousand days and I have yet to return her serve — score: Woman wearing pantyhose: 19,764 – Me: 0

    • Dave, thank you for your detailed and highly personal perspective about this post. I know — but it might be helpful for readers to know — that you’re an American living in China, and the girlfriend of whom you speak is Chinese. Lucky you.

  • This intigues me that men write on your blog. because i was once a man who grew-up wearing pantyhose as much as I could

    my pantyhose fetish was discovered when I was 5. I had such pantyhose fetish living as a man. My pantyhose fetish is so serious. Then At 26 came out of my closet and made a change and started to buy lots of woman clothes and I became a tranvestite. It’s so much better this way, and it looks more appriate. Wearing 100% nylon sheer to waist pantyhose is so much fun. It’s so nice getting to wear 100% nylon sheer to waist pantyhose all the time. Very rarely will you find not wearing nylon stw pantyhose It’s nice when men tell me I’m sexy whistle at me whatever. I like it when alot of good looking men do hit on me too.. My pantyhose collection in of off black is what I have to wear to work everyday and my stock is running low, only 4 pairs left Robin? and I keep checking your website Robin for your stw pink ph too? Well if you have some pink and/or off-black then you will have another pantyhose order?

  • What drives our pantyhose fetish….

    It took me some time finding the right words to help

    answering this very interesting question. I agree with most

    statements above. No doubt. And i like to add another one

    or two…;)

    No one looks worse when wearing pantyhose or hose in any

    And there is no reason for not wearing pantyhose.

    Its simply because minor flaws are camouflaged and gives

    the legs and feet a smooth look. Of course the pantyhose

    needs to be without runs, snags etc. and should have a

    decent look of the material.

    But what is it that draws our attention to this daily

    garment? From my point of view it may be a fact that we

    only can see a part of it. A leg, feet calves and so on.

    But we aren´t supposed to see the Top of it because it´s

    Private. In opposite to panties which should not be seen

    when you dress well mannered, The PH can and should be

    shown. We can see through, but we can´t touch directly, Its

    like a sweet barrier so to say, a give and denial thing.

    ´You can see but no touching directly, cause im clothed.´

    I am used to live with loads of pantyhose cause my wife of

    ten years not only shares my hobby of collecting pantyhose,

    she really likes to wear them on job and private. She is

    really amazed how the people and passersby stare at her

    legs and sometimes excentric shoes. The women are the most

    annoying watchers. We can´t really explain but they stare

    shamelessly. Some with disrespectful eyes…bg.

    My focus of attention is the section of nylon No-Go. ???

    It is something the society says noooooo you can´t, the

    fashion says yes please, and the girls and ladys, just do

    it without thinking. Still wondering what am i talking


    Strange rules like no nylon in open toe shoes, no nylon or

    PH in sneekers. No Toe reinforcement visible, no runs, no

    control top….. You all know this stuff and you can

    continue as you like.

    If you can´t see it right wether it is pantyhose / nylon or

    not this may be the last proof: A run exists only in a

    pantyhose or stocking 😉 same goes for RHT…
    Isn´t it nice to see the top of the pantyhose peeking above

    a skirt or trouser?

    The special thing about pantyhose and nylonfashion is that

    the border between nice and ugly is very thin. A basic

    pantyhose looks good when worn seriously, but it looks

    really ugly when worn without sense. You can see slightly

    if a run just happened or if this is nylon worn for many

    days how it shouldn´t be done?

    So far now and many greetings…


    • Wow! Very interesting perspective. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. BTW, I think a run, or even a bit of a sag in very sheer pantyhose is really kinda sexy. It demonstrates the delicateness of the fabric, and ultimately, the vulnerability of the wearer.

      • Vulnerability. Hmmm thats right.
        Ever thought about this extreme different expression a woman gives wearing PH and shoes, standing and without shoes? That some kind of needing protection or so.. That´s what i mean about this very thin border between the effect this item can have.

        A blouse with a hole is just a ruined blouse. but a pantyhose with a bittersweet run…

        Or the wrinkles while bending or just wearing a cheap one with less lycra. It´s not nice but can we tear our eyes away?

        Today in my town i saw loads of womén in strange costumes. Black pantyhose with flats and white shorts. All the so called nogos are running free!! My wifes stomach is turning around in highspeed seing this, but I like it…lol

        These strange combinations with black hose stuff and light summer clothes. Doesn´t match. Just an hour ago we were discussing it and came to the conclusion that the legging itself is seen as a full-worth trouser, mostly in black but with rising degrees pantyhose are preferred then. Black pantyhose with white sneekers or chucks. Uff…

  • there is a somewhat interesting rule, at the church I attend, a female member or guest singer(at a certain age) is required to wear some sort of hosiery (pantyhose, leggings, etc.) when they are on the pulpit area in front of the church for a presentation, singing group/solo, or whatever. I think the one thing that will drive me crazy with a woman and her style is when you have a gal that has a well put together outfit(hair, makeup, dress, jewelry) even down to a complimenting set of pantyhose and then they screw all up with non flattering heels or footwear. To me, they might as well have been bare legged at that point

  • You said it better, Robin, then I could! The femininity aspect hits it right on the head. And how many women don’t realize that there are plenty of men who love a great pair o’ legs, especially when pantyhose accompanies the outfit? Maybe these women need to listen to ZZ Top more often – they get it (Fool For Your Stockings, Legs).

    There’s no bigger turnoff then to see a woman wearing a nice dress, but not sealing the look by displaying legs as pale as the light from a full moon.

    I was at a First Communion Mass a few wks ago and sadly, about 80%-90% of the women had pale, bare legs. And most of these women seemed to understand this was a formal event, since they wore very nice dresses and most wore heels.

    To me, it’s like a man wearing a suit jacket, nice shirt, dress shoes…and shorts.

  • What drives the pantyhose fetish? That is a great topic.

    I decided to look on the internet to see what I could find regarding definitions for the term fetish. The definitions vary quite a bit, but a common theme was the “sexual attraction to objects or body parts not conventionally viewed as being sexual in nature.”

    I found that statement to be a bit ironic because pantyhose are in