When Pantyhose Attack

     Anna is out of this world.  Way outta this world.

    Not sure what planet the head alien in ABC’s “V” television series is from, but we have been promised that these visitors come to Earth in peace.  Or is that “in piece,” meaning they’ve come for a piece of us humans?

     These visitors bring with them a seemingly innocent desire to share with us their medical and technological superiority.
     But c’mon.  What’s the catch here?  What do they want from us?  After enthusiastically watching the series last season, and then the premiere of the second season at 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday, March 30, 2010, I believe I have figured it all out.
     I think we can all agree that the “V”s are an obviously advanced civilization.  And Anna, its beautiful, classy and elegant leader, appears to be on a one-alien mission to see that women on all planets in the universe assume such power roles. 
     Anna knows that the only way she can accomplish her goal of having women run the world is to first win over all the men on Earth.  To do that, she has to dress for success, so she routinely wears incredibly awesome designer suits, high heels and some delicious-looking sheer nude pantyhose.  Upon beholding this absolute goddess, all men on Earth instantly pledge total loyalty to Anna. They will kill or die for her.  And rightfully so.  
SPOILER ALERT:  Now, with control over all men, Anna turns her attention to training women in the finer art of beauty, grace and glamour, preparing them to fulfill their destiny as rulers of the world.  After all, if the charismatic leader of such vastly superior beings wouldn’t dream of going out in public without wearing pantyhose, how could mere human women?
    Anna definitely has the right idea here, and I for one, salute her most ambitious goal.  Females are more highly evolved creatures and clearly should be running things.   But we’ve got to start looking the part again. 
     Thank you, Anna, for being the shining example of what all women could be.   So ladies, if you’ve always wanted to be an alien (or just look like one) tune in to ABC at 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday nights and start supporting the cause. 
     Unfortunately, at the end of the show, I read this disclaimer, which I’ve written word-for-word below.  This is very discouraging to me:
The characters and events depicted in this motion picture are fictional.  Any similarity to any actual person, living or dead, or to any actual events, firms, and institutions or other entities, is coincidental and unintentional.
Darn.  Somewhere, Sarah Jessica Parker must be smiling.

2 thoughts on “When Pantyhose Attack

  • Hello everyone.

    I found this website while searching for the causes of the pantyhose fetish some of us are afflicted or blessed by.

    I’m 54 now and since the age of 5 have had this obsession. No, I don’t wear them myself. I know that’s a thing for some guys, but personally the idea of seeing them on a man or wearing them myself is just about the only thing that might cure me of this passion. 😉

    But seeing them on a woman, especially if she’s lucky enough to be blessed with shapely legs and feet…well it kindles a lust that has literally overwhelmed me at times over the course of my life–and it shows no sign of abating.

    I was researching the topic because some months ago I decided to write about my pantyhose fetish and the experiences it has led me to have. I’m a writer by profession, but have never attempted something creative for cathartic purposes. When I began writing, I thought I would just set down my earliest memories of the fetish and maybe how it took such hold of me after my first full fledged experiences in my teens. Fifty-two pages later, I think I may have a book on my hands. I’m realizing that like any other interest that consumes one to the degree that this has consumed me, my fetish been the mover behind many of the choices that shaped my life.

    I know this might be starting to sound like I’m dysfunctional, but that’s not the case. I’m healthy, happily married, financially comfortable, and feel fortunate to lead a life that is balanced and enriched…but there’s this side of me I’ve never been able to fully share…and it’s almost like some muse is pushing me to record it in words.

    Thank you for this blog. If anyone is interested in reading what I’ve written so far, I’d be honoured to have the opinions of some fellow obsessives…and especially of any ladies who may recognize the power and allure a pair of nylon encased legs have over some of us.

  • “…. Anna knows that the only way she can accomplish her goal of having women run the world is to first win over all the men on Earth. To do that, she has to dress for success, so she routinely wears incredibly awesome designer suits, high heels and deliciously sheer pantyhose. Upon beholding this goddess, all the men on Earth instantly pledge total loyalty to Anna. They will kill or die for her…”.

    Truer words were never typed, Robin. So many women today do not realize how much men enjoy seeing a well dressed woman in sheer hosiery and the art of “the tease” or a touch of eroticism seems to be lost. Hosiery accentuates the lines and profile of a nice pair of legs. Shame so many forgot this.

    Your example of SJP is a good one. As much as she and the rest of her crew had nice tanned legs, with a nod to hosiery and bit of gloss thrown in, she could’ve reeled in Mr. Big with much more ease.

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