Why not pantyhose with open-toe high heels II?

Update:  As of May 15, 2010, 74 of you had voted on the poll attached to the original post I wrote on this subject in January.  Of those, 72 (97 percent) chose the answer, “Absolutely! Yes, please.”   So only 2 of the 74 cast a “No” vote.   That begs the question:  What monkey came up with the rule that one should NEVER wear pantyhose with open-toe high heels?

I like it when you agree with me.   Good job with that.


Thank you to those who wrote comments about my January post, “Why not pantyhose with open-toe high heels?”

I try to be relevant, if not compelling, in this blog — hoping to get more of you involved in it.   I really thought more of you would weigh in about pantyhose with dress sandals because my research showed that so many women absolutely believe this is a fashion no-no. 

Well, of the whole six (yeah, six) comments I got about my post in January that it’s not only OK, but really sexy, to wear pantyhose with open-toe high heels, all of them were positive.  Men and women agreed.

But while I wrote in the first sentence of this post that I like when you agree with me, seriously, it’s OK if you have a different opinion.  The content in this blog is open to debate.

I would just like to know why so many women believe it is wrong to wear pantyhose with open-toe dress shoes.  I think women everywhere believe they should never do this, but I’ve never heard anyone explain why?

Just look at the attached photo (you can expand it by clicking on it).  I dare anyone to say that pantyhose should not be worn with open-toe high heels.

And for those who say that it is unsightly for the (delicate little) seam across the toes to show, I say that that is actually kinda sexy.

Let the debate continue!

16 thoughts on “Why not pantyhose with open-toe high heels II?

  • I like both hose with open toed heels and I also like toe less hose with open toe heels.. I guess pantyhose in any form is good by me. But to see pantyhose feet, toes, legs with open toed heels is mesmerizing to say the least! And I never agreed with the statement of people saying you shouldn’t wear open toed heels with pantyhose… I always thought that was absurd. It looks amazing and I’ve never understood that why people wouldn’t like it. I love when my wife puts on her sandal wedges that are open toe with her coffee or nude pantyhose and her toenails painted.

    • By far, one of the dumbest “don’ts” the fashion police ever came up with. Still, I always enjoyed seeing how almost NO ONE ever listened to that one.

  • I recently bought some open toe red heels for my wife as a gift. Lucky for me they fit well and she seemed to love them. She wore them that day and yes with sheer black pantyhose. The combination looked amazing. She had me checking her out all day.

  • Yes, I definitely love pantyhose worn with open toe shoes or heels. The denier or sheerness of the hose enhance the pedicure feet. Very sexy.

  • I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing pantyhose with open toe high heels, actually that is pretty much what I wear out all the time. Between the sexy nylon pantyhose of Actsensuous and 6 inch strappy heels there are not too many other things I put on that make me feel more sexy or feminine.

    As far as the seam at the toes I just position that so it is just under my toes and you can’t even see it, so it doesn’t interfere with your nail polish if you have it on.

    So for me there is no debate, pantyhose are sexy and wearing them with open toe heels is that much more sexy and the women who doubt it should try it, I think they would be surprised at the response they get.

    Thanks Robin for such a great product.


  • I have to agree with everyone, particularly with the points Peter made. I love to see women wearing pantyhose and even wear them myself.

    I guess what annoys me is when a 20-30 something fashionista says something like, “it’s never been ok to wear pantyhose with open toe shoes.” Those of us who are a little older and/or are more in tune with history know differently.

    I’m 49, and can remember back to the mid-1960s when it was still common for women to wear stockings. The women then wore their hosiery both with open and closed toe shoes. Look at pictures from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. Women can be seen wearing hosiery with open toed shoes. The no-hose with open toe shoe trend is a relatively new phenomena.

    I know a lot of women object to the pantyhose/open toe shoe thing. But I think that this is more of a by-product of the whole anti-pantyhose mentality more than anything else.

    Personally, I think one of the hottest looks today is pantyhose with peep toe shoes. Get’s my heart rate going! I also think a pedicure can look great (sometimes even better) through a pair of high quality, sheer pantyhose.

    I do think that the Birkenstock and pantyhose with reinforced toe-look should be illegal. 😀


  • A little piece of my heart dies when I hear someone say pantyhose shouldn’t be worn with open toed shoes. I hate thinking that the woman on the receiving end of that statement just joined the “no pantyhose with open toed shoes club”.

    I am sure it goes without saying but I will anyway because I too love to talk about women in pantyhose, YES TO PANTYHOSE WITH OPEN TOED SHOES! I am usually careful not to be seen by anyone, let alone the woman wearing them, that I am looking at her feet. However, as I get older I seem to care less. Afterall, maybe something good will come from gettin caught looking.

    • Well said, Peter. I feel the same way.

      I just read some more on the Internet about this topic yesterday, and it is amazing how adamant so many women are that wearing pantyhose with open-toe shoes is not only a total no-no, but possibly even a sin. It amazes me even more that the so-called fashion experts jump on this bandwagon too.

      One of these “experts” actually wrote that it’s kinda, sorta maybe OK in today’s flexible society to wear dark, opague pantyhose or tights with open-toe shoes, but that one should Never Ever wear them with sheer nude pantyhose. Who are these people? They have no clue about anything and should be banished to a deserted island somewhere! OK, not an island. More like a barren wasteland. Inhabited by brain-munching zombies.

      It’s reading such stupid opinions of so-called experts and the idiots they’ve brainwashed that make me want to hurt people! And when I get this way, I try instead to take comfort in two things: First, look again at the picture attached to my blog post. How anyone could say this is a no-no is way beyond me. Second, as of this writing, 56 of the 57 readers who’ve taken my poll voted YES to wearing pantyhose with open-toe shoes! See, these are the real experts!

      So, screw those “fashion experts” and the idiots who listen to them.

      As for getting caught looking, don’t worry. I say if a woman wearing sheer nude pantyhose with open-toe shoes catches you, she probably would (or at least should) be glad that someone notices and appreciates her for how beautiful she looks doing it.

      Thanks so much for your comment, Peter.


  • “Pantyhose with dress sandals” are thrilling to wear. ActSensuous pantyhose are thrilling to wear.

    A boyfriend bought me some ActSensuous pantyhose. They’re fun to wear. I love wearing 100% nylon stw pantyhose so much. Now that spring is here, they will be funner to wear with strappy heels and mini skirts, making men’s heads turn and horns honk.

    Thumbs up for ActSensuous. They look sexy on my legs. They fit and feel great.

    Sincerely, Lisa H from Canada

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for that fun and uplifting comment. So glad you’re out there carrying the torch for pantyhose and dress sandals. (Feel free to send us some pics?)

      Keep up the good work for a great cause!

      Robin 🙂

      • Yes, Wow, Robin!

        ActSensuous pantyhose are fun to wear. It’s like being in Pantyhose Heaven. Even funner to wear if there’s good lookin men around who get turned on when they see a nice peice of tempting nylon candy.

        And sure I send you some pics, so you can put a person, a face, to the name. I’m also going to have to get some more ActSensuous pantyhose. Wow! I’m gonna have to get some of your stw pink pantyhose. Would be fun to wear with my pink strappy sandels and mini skirts and crop tops all summer long. Then I have to get some pics taken of that too for you to see.

        Have a good one, Robin!

        c ya


  • Although I am a male pantyhose wearer and do not wear high heels I do appreciate women that wear hose and heels. So from one mans perspective I certainly find it acceptable. I think the prejudice against open toed baring hosiery stems from two viewpoints. The first being all that money ladies spend on pedicures; they want to show off their pretty toes and the thought of pantyhose covering up or dulling the look leaves many cold. The second one I think stems from views of yesteryear. Think of your old Aunt Martha wearing sandals and that heavy pantyhose and seeing her toes. Many women are horrified of that look as they equate it with old ladies. Sadly, so much has changed and myself, I find a nylon foot quite erotic as do many men. Now if only more women realized this!

    • Hey, Peter.

      Well, thanks for that visual! I don’t want to think of any old woman wearing hose — period.

      I do appreciate your other theory though about the money women spend on pedicures, but I believe nylons do nothing but enhance pretty toes — certainly they don’t dull them. Then again, it depends on the kind of pantyhose being worn. I’ve said before that when women select the kind of pantyhose with too much Lycra and/or Spandex, the fabric is so tight, it diminshes the natural curves and beauty of a woman’s legs and feet. When her toes are smooshed together so tightly that they lose their normal shape, they don’t look attractive at all.

      But 100 percent sheer delicate pantyhose do make pretty legs and feet beautiful, if not erotic.

      Yes, you’re right: Too bad so many women don’t seem to get that.

      Thank you for your comment, Peter.

  • Sorry, have to comment again. I just realized what this blog is all about. I LOVE IT!!!! Pantyhose rule the world. There is nothing more sexier than women who wear pantyhose. The look and feel and smell of Pantyhose is just out of this world. I love to hear what women think. I could only imagine being with a woman who has a pantyhose fetish like myself. I love to talk about Pantyhose. I will definitely check in to this site!!

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