Was Sandra ‘wearing’ on Letterman Monday?

Sandra Bullock arrives at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York for an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Sandra always can be counted on to wear pantyhose for the right occasions.

     Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actors (they like to be called actors — not actresses).  First, she is a great comedic actor.  Second, she is beautiful and very classy.

     So it was important to me to check her out on Monday’s (2/8/2010) episode of David Letterman to see what she’d wear.  I knew it would be a black dress, and I was quietly confident that she would be wearing pantyhose.   I mean, this is Academy Award-nominated Sandra Bullock we’re talking about here.

     Well, was she?  At first, I was sure she was.  Then, the horrible thought that perhaps she wasn’t creeped into my mind.  Then, I wasn’t sure.   Now, I have no idea. 

     So, was she?  If so, those are some seriously sheer pantyhose.  I paused the DVR in all the right places and I am sticking with my original thought that she indeed was wearing pantyhose.

     But I’m not 100 percent sure.  So, I’m asking you.  Was she?

    Incidentally, I put Sandra on one of my recent polls, “Which celebrity do you most want to see wearing pantyhose?”  I am happy to see that Sandra got 21 of the 43 votes, or 44 percent.   Coming in at a distant second place was Jessica Alba with a mere nine votes, or 19 percent.  No one else was really close.

     I was sorry to see that the always lovely and elegant Michelle Yeoh got only one vote.  Seriously, just one?  Kinda cool though that you gave Bai Ling three votes.   I even gave you a chance to write in your favorite, but only a few were named and no one got more than one vote.   I did think it was great that tennis star Jelena Jankovic got a vote.   BTW, the poll is still open.

    I’d like to hear from you.  Was Sandra “wearing” on Letterman Monday?