Shelley Long

Actress Shelley Long always could be counted on to wear pantyhose during TV and movie performances, as in this still shot in pantyhose and peep-toe shoes.

6 thoughts on “Shelley Long

    • Hi, Rachel. Thanks for your comment. Most of those who comment on my blog are men (surprise), and they all say there aren’t enough females sharing their points of view on this blog. Please feel free to weigh in on any of the posts that interest you here. Take care. Robin

        • Whoa! Where’d that come from, brkev? I don’t think anyone (who’s a regular reader of this blog, anyway) feels that way. Pantyhose are the epitome of all that is class, elegance and total femininity. Any woman who complains that men are being sexist pigs for trying to encourage them to wear pantyhose needs therapy.

          • Relax Robin, that was my (apparently failed) attempt at humor. In print it’s sometimes hard to distinguish humor and sarcasm from the serious. If Rachel felt that way she wouldn’t have left the comment that she did.

            If there are any women who think that way however, I wish they would comment on here as well. At least that way the male readership here would have an opportunity to explain to them why we think the way we do.

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