Why not pantyhose and open-toe high heels?

Lately, I’ve read several posts on various blogs in which girls are asking for advice about what to wear to a special event.  Often – and I love this – they are open to wearing pantyhose but for the fact that they want to wear some sexy open-toe high heels and believe one is not supposed to wear pantyhose with such shoes.  

Who made that rule? 

While pantyhose of the 1960s predominantly were made with a reinforced heel and toe, beginning in the early 1970s, pantyhose evolved to sheer heels and toes, specificially for wear with dress sandals. 

In fact, some pantyhose are so sheer, it can be difficult to tell whether a woman is wearing them with open-toe high heels or not.  And on a TV show or a movie, without a closeup, it’s practically impossible to tell.  

I say it can be beautiful and extremely sexy to wear sheer pantyhose with open-toe high heels.  Pantyhose can make nice legs lethal weapons.  Likewise, they can make nice feet incredibly gorgeous and erotic.   Remember, that’s the whole idea behind pantyhose – they enhance a woman’s natural beauty.  Most guys get that.  Funny how so many girls don’t seem to.    

Always known for wearing exotic outfits on stage, singer Cher, shows her lovely toes in Suntan pantyhose and high heel sandals.

To support my case, I’ve attached this photo for your viewing pleasure. Now, you tell me ….. pantyhose, or no pantyhose, with open toe high heels? 

Want more?  See the gallery I’ve put together for you of a few notable celebrities wearing pantyhose with dress sandals.  (Scroll down below the poll.)
I rest my case. 

Happy New Year, everyone. 

Robin Maryland 

Here’s a gallery of celebrities (what do they know?), who must not have gotten that memo about not wearing pantyhose with open-toe high heels.  Enjoy! 

25 thoughts on “Why not pantyhose and open-toe high heels?

  • Hello again Robin!

    I had a great sight at work the other day. I happened to be with a woman from another airline and she was wearing sheer nude pantyhose with a nice pair of open toed heeled shoes. It looked so good on her. She had on a nice form fitting skirt, but not too tight, and nice blouse that complimented her whole outfit.

    She doesn’t know about my fascination of pantyhose on women, however I did tell her that she looked great! She is an avid wearer of hose and wears different colors every few days to mix things up. She is probably in her late 40’s or early 50’s but the shorter skirts on her from time to time don’t look out of place at all. The hose and open toed shoes really do their job well. Was impressive!

    Had to concentrate on my work. Powerful magic pantyhose are. We men do not have a chance to resist them … well, those who are in tune enough to know what a good thing is. Brings beauty to the world.

    Thanks for your caring Robin.


  • Hello Robin,

    Totally enjoyed your article and the pictures are great! Would love to see your complete collection. I do have a question however regarding pantyhose with open toed shoes. I thoroughly agree with you on how fantastic they look on, but my question is “what do you think the reason is that some women think pantyhose with open toed shoes is wrong? Why do they detest it so much? Did you explain that in another one of your articles before? Perhaps I missed it?” I cannot fathom that some women do not think it is nice. Being that I am a complete fan of women wearing pantyhose, I would like to understand all the angles if possible to be more learned. Please share your wisdom. 🙂


    • Thanks for your comment, Tracy. You’ve raised a very good question, and no, I didn’t really explain the reasoning behind some women’s (stupid) objection of wearing pantyhose with open toe shoes. But, instead of explaining it now, you’ve given me a good topic for a new blog post. Thanks again, Tracy.

      • Robin, I look forward to your next blog post, especially on this issue of pantyhose with open toe shoes. As a teen in the 70’s ( now you can guess my age), I have loved seeing women wear sheer tan or beige pantyhose with sandal heels. Enhances the beauty of feet and toes. Yes, I love and adore women’s feet even without hosiery, but love hosed toes more. Thank you Robin that you get it, as to what most of us men see in open toe hosiery. Thanks also Tracy for giving Robin an idea for her next blog. Also on a personal note, it was 2 years ago this week, I stumbled on your blog and website. Always enjoy your brilliant written blog posts. You are the pantyhose goddess.

          • You’re welcome Robin. Yes,I have been away, but you know what a pantyhose addict I am. I do not stay away too long. Love the readers comments.

          • You are welcome Sheer Mike and all. I too can always use some wisdom from Robin. It just bothered me as to why it was so disliked by some women. I have always enjoyed a woman’s foot with pantyhose on. So many of my co-workers take their feet out of their shoes or just dangle them at their desks and the sight is absolutely fabulous. “Sexy” is a word that can be used to describe hosed feet whether used for attention or not.

            Good luck on your article Robin. We all who really enjoy your writings can’t wait, but then as they say, “Good things come to those who wait.” Thank you!!


  • I was in Vegas this Weekend. There was a Group of Asian,it Seemed in line For a show. I’m talking about 100 Asians,and most of the women were dress in short skirts and high heels. I approached one of the lady’s that caught my eye. Red Business suit, Red and Gold open toe platform hi heels And TAN REINFORCED TOE PANTYHOSE!!!!! I only approached her to pay her a compliment on her outfit. She responded with a thank u and a ” Doesn’t your wife dress like this for you” I laughed and responded” I WISH” she replied “u should date ASIAN WOMEN MORE”

  • Hello, Asian John.

    Thanks for your inquiry. You should read my blog, “A Good Time to be Asian,” posted July 2009.
    In it, I talk about the many wonderful qualities of Asian women.

    That may shed some light on your question. And now, perhaps some of our readers will give you their take on the subject, too.

    Take care.


  • I have to say, it is amazing to me how many guys I know are going out with Asian girls. I’ll confess that I do find some Asian women to be very gorgeous, but what do you think the attraction is really based on? Why do some white guys only go out with Asian girls…can somebody explain the attraction to me?

  • Nice gallery, Robin!

    And thankfully, there’re a few women out there, such as my wonderful wife, that ignore the “fashion experts” and will wear open-toed shoes and pantyhose. Along the same lines, our local newspaper at least a couple times during each summer will run articles saying that under no circumstances should pantyhose be worn in the summer heat. I salute the women who ignore such “fashion advice”

    • Wow, what a ridiculous story for a newspaper to write. You should check to see if Sarah Jessica Parker is on the board of directors at that paper. 🙂

  • It is extremely interesting for me to read that article. Thanx for it. I like such themes and anything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

    Avril Simpson

  • Let me ask a quick question. My goal is to meet an Asian woman in particular. I guess I’ve always had an interest in beautiful Asian women. Perhaps somebody can tell me the differences between Chinese girls and Japanese girls? They are my favorites if you ask me. However do normal pickup techniques apply, if she doesn’t speak English?

    • Hi. Thank you for your comment, er, question.

      At first, I wondered why you didn’t write this as a comment to one of my first posts, “A Good Time to be Asian,” July 16, 2009. It’s still my favorite, although I got only two comments, and both were from the same reader. That shocked me because I truly believed at that time that the whole world — not just me — was discovering the beauty of Asian women. Then, I realized it was probably the picture of the lovely Chinese girl attached to this post, “Why not Pantyhose and open-toe high heels?” that prompted you to ask this question here.

      My bff is Asian (Vietnamese) and she is amazingly beautiful, although she has no idea that she is. But most importantly, she is beautiful on the inside. I certainly cannot give you advice on dating or how to “pick up” Asian women. I just hope that your interest in them as a nationality is pure and from the heart. There are many women of Asian descent but who were born in the U.S. and are practically completely Americanized. Maybe that’s a good place for you to start.

      Otherwise, my advice would be for you to learn something about Asian culture. My experience is that, while Asian women can be delicately beautiful, they are very strong and powerful people. IMO, the Japanese are very gracious, extremely polite and honorable people. Japanese women are much more dedicated to the concept of femininity, class and elegance than most other women of the world. Japanese women probably are the world’s most prolific wearers of pantyhose, especially at the office, but also just during everyday events. Japanese women tend to want to please their men more than women from most other cultures.

      Chinese women are extremely powerful beings. Yes, they are delicately beautiful, but they could kick your #@*& and mine and all our friends’ #@*& simultaneously. IMO, the Chinese are a very proud people. They are very industrious, extremely hardworking, caring people. Family values are everything to them. They are positive. They don’t complain about anything. They go about their business and everyone pulls his or her own weight for the good of the community. Chinese women also seem to be prolific wearers of pantyhose, as they are more committed to a look of grace, class and elegance, as well as professionalism in the office. Again, IMO, while Japanese women seem to want to please their men, I think Chinese women expect their men to please them.

      If you are serious about entering a relationship with a real Asian woman (“real” meaning not a totally Americanized one), you’d be wise to get your own act together first. Become the greatest person you can be so that you truly offer something to the relationship. I don’t think Asian women feel they need men to take care of them. I think they are extremely independent and capable. Also, I believe Asian women have stronger values than most cultures and they tend to be less emotional and more pragmatic than other peoples.

      Obviously, my opinion about Asian women is very high and honorable, but I should point out that I have seen firsthand a few cases where some Asian women have learned that they are the supreme goddesses of the universe, and they can be spoiled little divas who are quite difficult to please.

      In any event, if I were you, I’d do as much research as possible into Asian culture to prepare yourself or convince yourself or dissuade yourself about whether you really want to take on the challenge.

      I truly believe that the whole world is discovering Asian women because they are appearing in every TV show, movie, TV commercial, dance troupe, magazine cover, etc. They truly are beautiful and elegant creatures.

      OK, having written all that, here’s my ultimate disclaimer: I could be completely wrong! Any Asian women (or Asian men) out there want to set things straight? Would love to hear from you about this topic.

  • I am a 30 year old woman married to a 50 year old man. I had grown up with the notion that pantyhose are cumbersome and the bare leg look was the way to go.

    My husband bought me your Sultry Suntan pantyhose and asked me to try them. I put them on and I felt the soft nylon on my legs and I fell in love. My legs look very smooth and my feet are well proportioned with your pantyhose on.

    I love to wear short dresses with the pantyhose. I even wear the Sultry Suntan pantyhose with 6-inch heel sandals. I love my husband so much because he got me tuned into wearing pantyhose. I feel so feminine with these on and other men have complemented me when I wear these sexy pantyhose. I am now an ActSensuous woman.

    Amie H.
    Pantyhose wife

    • Wow, what a great comment, Amie. Thank you for sharing your story.

      Nice that you are doing something that makes your husband so happy, and in the process you become happier too. A win-win!

  • I think sheer pantyhose paired with open toed high heels and a short skirt are a deadly combination. Most men have no idea of how deadly this can be until its too late!

    • Hi, JG:

      Thank you for your comment. Of course, I think you’re right.

      I’m pleasantly surpised that, of the 19 votes on our poll about wearing pantyhose with open-toe high heel shoes, we’ve got 19 “Yes”es.

  • Definitely pantyhose with open toed shoes/sandals. Pantyhose enhance the legs and feet like makeup enhances a womans face. The only time a woman shouldn’t be wearing them is on the beach.

  • Those look great pantyhose and open toe heels just look sexy, Ive seen women trying to pull that bare leg look off for to long it just doesn’t look finished it detracts from from the waste down and that’s like giving up on 50% of your looks, wear those pantyhose Ladies they really do so much for your legs, feet and shoes weather there open toe styles or closed.

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