Even Aliens wear Pantyhose

Robin Maryland
Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

Earth girls, you should be ashamed.

So many of you think that it’s not hip, or you just plain can’t be bothered to wear pantyhose, yet, Anna, the leader of the VISITORS from another planet showed up at 8 p.m. EST Tuesday Nov. 3, looking totally hot in a gorgeous suit, high heels and some absolutely delicious looking pantyhose.

Hmmmmm, what should we make of this?  I mean the “V” are a highly advanced civilization from another world.  They’ve come to Earth, ostensibly, because they need some of our water to enable them to make it back home from their intergalactic roadtrip,  and in exchange they’ll give us low lifes some of their superior technological knowledge.

I think there’s a lesson here.   If you’re visiting another planet and trying to make a good first impression, especially when you bill yourself as the female leader of an advanced civilization, you and your female beings should wear pantyhose.  Otherwise, your bare legs might show themselves for what they really are — scaly-skinned reptile limbs.

I don’t know about you, but the “V” got my vote.  I like them.  Not that I am falling for this whole “We come in peace” line of theirs, but hey, if we Earthlings are gonna end up as din-din for a bunch of reptiles disguised as humans, I want their leader to at least have the good taste to wear pantyhose with her designer outfits.

“Take me to your leader.  I want to tell her she is a real credit to females of the human race — er, to looking like one, anyway.”

OK, I know it doesn’t take much to make my day, but I am just delighted that the costumer for the “V” didn’t lower himself or herself to Earthly standards of dress, or what is supposedly the fashion of today, and dress the aliens in bare legs.

I love that these highly advanced alien beings come to Earth and, in trying to fit in, go with a look that isn’t what’s supposedly hip right now, but rather the one that is classy and in good taste.  It kinda exposes the bare legs culture of today for what it really is — a fad that won’t last because when it comes right down to it, wearing beautiful dresses, skirts or suits with high heels and bare legs just isn’t attractive, and certainly isn’t classy.

I ask you, readers: Do you like “V” and its star alien, Morena Baccarin as Anna?

Also, please take our new poll, and feel free to write in your own choice in the last space.  (Or, if you prefer, leave a comment and tell me who your celebrity choice is).

13 thoughts on “Even Aliens wear Pantyhose

  • Here’s the latest results for our poll: “Which Celebrity do you Most want to see in Pantyhose?”

    Sandra Bullock is still ahead with 39 percent of the votes. (I’ve always liked her, and she always comes through, wearing pantyhose in her movies.)

    Kate Beckinsale is next at 22 percent, followed by Jessica Alba (13 percent). Two of my favorites, Nicole Kidman, is at only 4 percent (have you not seen her in pantyhose? (Wow!), and Bai Ling (she is so awesome, yet rarely seen in sheer pantyhose. Anyone have any such pics of her?).

    Other” also got 17 percent of the votes, with write-ins for Michelle Yeoh (I love her), Fran Dresher(she definitley deserves props for pantyhose), Bette Midler (seriously, Bette Midler?) and (one of my all-time favorites), Lucy Liu. She is so lovely, but I’d like to see her more often in sheer pantyhose. Anyone have any such pics of her?

    I’m leaving this poll up, so please let us know which celebrity you’d like most to see wearing pantyhose. Your favorite not listed? Write your’s in and vote under Other.


  • Here’s an update on the poll: “Which Celebrity to you Most want to see in Pantyhose?

    Congratulations to Sandra Bullock, who is leading the pack with (something ridiculous like a whole 6 votes.)

    Jessica Alba is in second place with 2 whole votes.

    OK, what’s the deal here? Do we not care? If you don’t like the choices, feel free to select Other and write in your favorite celeb. So far, Linda Fiorentino, Fran Dresher, and even pro tennis player Jelena Jankovich, have been written in.

    So, c’mon now, who’s your fave celeb? How about Geena Davis in pantyhose? She is awesome, and can ALWAYS be counted on for wearing pantyhose. Kim Basinger always could be counted on to wear pantyhose, too.

    So, really now, who do you most want to see wearing?

    Please vote.



    • Hi. Actually, I tried. I looked when I first wrote the post, but to my dismay, couldn’t find one.

      Anyone out there have any? Thanks.

      I was happy to see that Anna’s wardrobe and good taste in the first episode was not just a fluke, as she showed up in pantyhose throughout the second episode, too. Hooray for the V.

  • Hey readers,

    I’ve rewritten the poll, with choices for other celebs for whom to vote, and it is working again. So basically, we’re starting over with this one.

    So far, we’ve got only one vote: it’s for Bai Ling. Also, you should be able to write in your “Other” category votes. Don’t forget Lucy Liu, Gong Li, Michelle Yeoh, Sandra Oh, Maggie Cheung, and Joan Chen. They all look perfectly delicious in pantyhose. I’ve never seen Ziyi Zhang in a role where she would wear pantyhose, but I know she’d look incredible in them.

    Don’t forget Salma Hayak, Anne Heche, Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Eva Mendez, Rosario Dawson. I even had pro tennis player Jelena Jankovich in one of the earlier polls. I’d love to see her in pantyhose.

    Who’s your choice? Which celeb do you most want to see in pantyhose?

  • Here’s an update on our poll results.

    Bai Ling still leads with 6 votes (38 percent).

    Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Garner still are in second place with 2 votes each.

    “Other” entries, which got 1 vote each, are:
    Kate Beckensale, Jelena Jankovich, Jessica Alba, and All Women (love that one).

    I’m still trying to figure out how to make the poll voting work again, but if you aren’t able to vote, please do so by commenting or sending me an email (robin@actsensuous.com)


  • Its to bad we have to sit thru bad TV just to get a glimse. I find myself doing the same just to “get a fix” lol. Class is bare I don’t get it at all. When I do see a women clad she is perfection to say the least ,and the same women bare will do nothing for me. I happen to be with a 33yr old ex model that worked in Paris,Italy,NYC ,Miami ect. She goes bare a lot and has flawless tan legs,but doesn’t seem too get it. She rocks the opeque tights out and does stockings with a garter belt to bed once or twice a week ,but gets sooo defensive if I suggest hose when going out. I don’t need them I have beautiful legs she says. I’ve never run into this. I have always been with women that at least wore hose to work everyday ;so I havnt lived without like I do now. I guess I can live on a glimse here and there. LOL blog on

    • You really get it, Jake. I’ve been trying to make the same point for years — it’s not about wearing pantyhose because one needs to — it’s about wearing pantyhose because they are always going to be more beautiful, sexy and classy than going bare. I feel for you with that model gf who thinks she doesn’t “need” to wear pantyhose.

  • Hey people, thank you for voting on my poll. So far, the majority of you (38 percent) have voted for my favorite, Bai Ling.

    Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Garner are the next closest at 6 percent.

    However, 25 percent have voted for Other. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to set up the poll to accept write-in votes.

    Please leave a comment, or send me an email (Robin@ActSensuous.com) and let me know who your choices are.

    Thanks again.

    Robin 🙂

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