Show your Love (or not) for Pantyhose


Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

     OK, you people are really starting to piss me off.

     Each month, I write a Pulitzer-quality rant, thinking I am giving you clever and compelling material with which to launch your thoughts, opinions or ideas about pantyhose.  But Nooooooooooooooo!

     I’ve been writing since May and we have a whole six comments to show for it.  Oh wait, two of those were my replies to your comments.  OK, we have four comments.  Four. 

     And these literary masterpieces aren’t the work of some amateur writing from a basement in some seedy part of town. I mean these are coming from the president and co-founder of the sexiest pantyhose you can find anywhere.  Yet, even our hundreds of loyal customers from throughout the world, a captive audience if you will (they are visiting the ActSensuous Web site for a reason), won’t write a one-sentence nod or an alternate viewpoint?

     I have seen plain old blogs out there on the Internet (meaning not from a pantyhose company), where someone writes that pantyhose are too hot or too tight, and there are 30 comments that follow.  I am soooooooo jealous.

     I have to think it’s your fault.  Yes, that’s the only reasonable explanation. I keep thinking that perhaps all of you (except for those four I mentioned earlier) are unaccustomed to, or uncomfortable with, the whole blog concept.  So I’ve gone to great lengths to point out that you can remain completely anonymous. You don’t have to subscribe to anything.  Heck, you don’t even have to be an ActSensuous customer (but really, why wouldn’t you wanna be?  I mean, seriously!) to reply to one of my blogs.

     Just in case you think it’s too much trouble or you’re not sure how to comment, let me offer these instructions one more time:

     Simply click the tiny “Leave a Comment” link that appears at the end of each post, and a window will pop up for you to write in.  Your identity remains completely anonymous to the outside world.  All that appears is whatever name you use and your comment.  Only I ( as the blog administrator) see the original content, including your name and email address, so I’ll know when you post a comment.  All the reader will see is a name you choose and your comment.  You can even comment on someone else’s comment.

     So c’mon, help me out here.  Show me the love.  If you don’t have any opinion about the blog topics I’ve written, feel free to send me an idea for a pantyhose subject you’d like for me to write  about.

     Is anyone out there?  Want to be heard on the subject of pantyhose?  Pretty Please.

189 thoughts on “Show your Love (or not) for Pantyhose

  • Hi Robin!

    Now that it is Spring, I have been noticing that lighter types of pantyhose have been worn by the female passengers around work. There have been some nice pastel colors that catch the eye. Of course pattern types have come in a close second. Just kind of makes the days around here both sunny and refreshing! Would make for some “TOUCHING” memories I believe. But that’s just me. Please keep inspiring us Robin!


  • I love a women that wear silky shiny pantyhose I can’t help it I am drawn to the look and feel of a great pair of pantyhose legs. I refuse to date any woman that thinks bare legs and flip-flops or sandals are sexy well it’s not, there is no modesty in it. They look horrible without pantyhose it is showing modesty of femininity and beauty. I am so happy to find a woman that is working so diligently to bring back pantyhose the best thing made. When the right size and weight chart is used you can’t go wrong with the fit and look and they prevent restless leg syndrome, spider veins and varicose veins and no sun spots they are protected and they are very healthy. If you look at women in there 60’s to 100+ they don’t have those conditions there legs without pantyhose are still flawless and they still look sexy in pantyhose.

  • So OK man then here is my next question… Somehow I ended up liking the nylons and this is something I do find myself thinking about all the time. I really don’t want to be with a man who doesn’t like that or is just doing it for me because they think I like it I want to be with someone who likes that. How do you all-block the thoughts of the nylons out on a daily basis so that you’re not thinking about this stuff?

    • Hello Aimelous,

      Robin is right. This is subject that can generate some back and forth chats, and isn’t that what this blog is all about? I have pondered your experience for a day or two and thought I would add some of my two cents into the discussion.

      First, a little background into the matter about “pantyhose lovers”. I have been reading up on all of Robin’s masterpieces she has written and have realized that a majority of we males love pantyhose not just for a sexual nature, but for the amazing beauty and elegance it brings to a woman’s physical appearance. I for one appreciate the way they help bring a wonderful “compact ” form or shape and shows the natural curves a woman has, especially the smooth lines of the legs.

      I don’t wear pantyhose myself, however I have always loved how they feel on a woman. It is something I think about quite often, but I don’t obsess about it. Something about how they look from waist to toes. When worn with different types of skirts or dresses it just becomes magnificent!

      As for your former FWB, I kind of have a theory about that. For six years you two have enjoyed a relationship that included wearing pantyhose for him. To me that was a great way to share yourself with him. I don’t have that benefit myself but do know the joy it brings to a guy. I am sure you shared many great experiences and unfortunately it ended.

      I am not a therapist by no means, but to me it sounds as if he doesn’t want to give up your pantyhose because they ARE yours. I don’t believe he wants them because of the hose themselves, but because they were a pair you wore, something physical you actually had on before, a good memory. There are some of us who think that way. I do.

      I could be wrong, but I do think that is the reason. Pictures are nice, however the real, physical article is the ultimate. It may be his treasure. I believe all women wear them differently. He remembers how you wore them.

      Sorry for the long windedness. I hope it answers a few of your questions. It is always nice to talk and discuss this subject.

      Good luck!


      • Thank you Tracy,

        Personally your answer is what i truly believed but then i question myself just wanting to believe it. I wish it didnt matter to me but it does and always will. I miss him dearly & the dynamics of that relationship are difficult to understand for some.

        I believe he is in love with me so its hard for me to accept him not being with me when i love him. Its a very good story but long.

        The expierence means alot to me and i find it difficult to let go.

        I do thank you for taking the time to respond to me. Your response just so happend to be what was needed today & to remind myself to trust my myself; my gut instincts.

        You made me smile and im truly thankful.

        • I do wish you well Aimelous. I was a bit curious about your last blog regarding you liking the nylons now. Is it that you enjoy wearing them and always thinking about them, or that you enjoy the idea of someone noticing them on you and having a similar interest?

          If I am reading it wrong, I am sorry. Most guys have their own ideas about liking them. It is nice hearing a viewpoint from a female perspective. I myself never stop thinking about it but just control it. It can easily become an obsession if not checked. Like I said before, “I don’t wear them but do enjoy the feel when chance may give me.” I wonder if it is that for you?


          • Hi Tracy,

            For me personally I like wearing thrm for the man I’m with because I like the fact that it turns him on and it makes me feel desired and in control. It is such a simple request by a man asking me to wear a pair who would say no? I’m confused by all the women that do say no or think it’s weird there are so many fetishes and I find this one to be so easy to accommodate. I also like the feeling of somebody rubbing my legs or feet while I have on a pair it feels nice and I actually really do like it. I do read the men’s comments and they seem to have problems asking women or finding women that want to do this and I can’t understand why a woman wouldn’t? Again that is just how I feel because it’s just so easy. I wouldn’t have an issue with the man wearing a pair himself if that’s what he wanted to do as well. I suppose I’m just a very open person and I’m very non-judgemental. Live and let live without casting judgment on someone. I do also find the nylons to be a very intimate thing and that is more my style. I’m sure I could wear a pair for a guy who didn’t really like them because men basically do whatever you want and ask him to rub my legs but it simply would not be the same feeling to me as a man who truly enjoyed that. I would rather have a relationship now with a man who prefers them and likes them then a man who didn’t. I really like to wear all the high heel shoes with them too I have a lot…. That’s how I feel about it I’m sure other women feel differently but that’s my main reasons!

            • Hey Guys,

              Finally, at least one other girl who “gets” it.

              Aimelous, I’ve been writing for years that wearing pantyhose to please a man is a simple and innocent thing a woman can do. Sadly, the vast majority of women don’t realize the power they possess in pantyhose, or worse, don’t care.

              Guys, here’s what you’ve always wanted: Another woman (besides me) with whom you can communicate regarding a woman’s willingness or unwillingness to wear pantyhose for you. Keep the lines of communication open with Aimelous.

              Thank you for your comments and participation in my blog, Aimelous.

            • Thank you Aimelous!

              Wow! Pretty much what we guys want to hear. Such clarity in your understanding about the love of this material that feels wonderful on a person. Pretty much a visual and touch kind of feeling for me also. I could get into what the turn on’s are but this is a nice blog and don’t want to mess that up.

              Giving a good massage is always my favorite when the opportunity happens, but my wife is a non-wearer so those opportunities are few and far between. I have been reading and studying Robin’s articles since April of this year and find them excellent to read. Also the comments from other fellow pantyhose lovers are second to none for you learn from them. Yeh, it is something I think about all the time and it brings a smile to my face when I see you women wear them. Tights, bodystockings also. This time YOU made MY day Aimelous! It is a subject I could talk about all day if given the chance. Really loved your response! Thank you! By the way, what is your favorite color pantyhose? Just curious.☺

              Wear on!


      • For me its the nude and i prefer a better quality nylon. I like very soft/silky feels like cashmere. Since you like them so much as do most men here im confused why you all forgo them (i know its not your choice). How important is it to you in your relationship on a scale from 1/10. Im confused why people are with other when they cant really be themselves? I dont think i could ever do that. Dont get me wrong i understand life obligations, jobs, kids wife etc and nylons shouldnt be more important by any means but isnt it a part of you and who you are or no? Anyways just another random thought if my for today…. Id love to be a man for one day nust to really grasp how the think….

        • Hmm…if you were a man for a day, you may end up being more confused. This fetish, or liking, of pantyhose can really be frustrating to us. Now this is just my opinion and I don’t speak for everyone, but when many of us see a woman with pantyhose on, it brings out their physical aspects and magnifies them 100 fold. Obviously men and women are designed differently and what can I say, the curves you girls have just bring us to our knees with them on. It is a power that is hard to resist. What is frustrating is we just can’t just reach out and do what we please to any woman we see, especially if the sense of touch is involved. I won’t deny that my imagination runs away when a nice woman enters a room with a nice pair of hose on. Visual can be torture enough!

          I really enjoy your “random thoughts” Aimelous. They are rather challenging …to me at least. I respect a person who tells it like it is and goes right to the point about a subject. That’s why I enjoy Robin’s articles and responses. As for your wondering about why it doesn’t seem this fetish, or nylons, is not important in are relationships, let me clarify my situation for you, for every person is different and I can’t speak for them.

          Things do change in time and in the beginning of my relationship with my wife, she wore pantyhose for me many times, even during intimacy. I was in heaven. It was part of the culture at that time for her to wear them almost everyday. As time went on, little by little she stopped wearing them. I do get a treat from time to time from her, however it is my choice not to beat her over the head with it. I miss it, yes, but I choose not to let it put a rift in our marriage. There are those out there who’s wives and girlfriends will wear them all the time. I think that is great! To me the scale of importance is between 8 and 10. My wife knows and I will enjoy it again.

          I know it is important to you also Aimelous. Being able to share with someone your liking of intimacy with hose is great. Keep doing it. I feel that being a woman is just as interesting in feelings, if not more, than being a man. You have the POWER.



          P.S. I think nude hose are very sexy indeed.

    • Dear Aimelous,
      There is simply nothing in this world that I love more than a lady (such as yourself) who is in love with pantyhose with the exception of maybe pantyhose itself. I wish I could be with a gal just like you but i am of the opinion that they’re pretty much all taken. Robin is right in saying that you get it. I’m pretty sure Robin knows me pretty well and the crush I have on pantyhose. Thanks to you Robin for the passion and dedication that you exhibit toward getting people like us together in this blog and to promote the wearing of such a wonderful and lovely garment.

  • So I have a question for all you men who love nylons. I had a FWB relationship for 6 years with a man who love nylons. Definitely fell in love with him and I know he had deep feelings for me; maybe not totally in love feelings but he has issues expressing love. Anyways I always wore nylons form & use to take pictures of my legs. So we are no longer together and I had asked had to delete the pictures and discard a pair of my nylons I had given him. We hadn’t talked in over 8 months a recently we talked and he said he did delete the pictures but never did throw away my nylons, he couldn’t. It really bothers me that he has them. I’m still in love with him. So here is my question he never wants to get rid of them and I know he smells the ( obviously the smell like me) and thinks of me or so he says. I mean is it me or is it really the nylons? I feel like that’s getting to relive what we had over and over and always keeping a piece of me. He is with someone else and I know she wouldn’t wear nylons or if she did it just isn’t the same as me. Opinions would be helpful from all you nylon lovers. Is it because they are just nylons or my nylons and if that is the case I mean how can you keep them forever and think of another girl? I’m feeling sad I miss him a feel we should be together. I actually miss the nylons too sigh……..

    • Hi Aimelos,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      You’ve come to the right place, as there are many sensitive, thoughtful and wise readers here. You are likely to get some responses to your questions, which might generate more back-and-forth here.

      Best wishes,


    • I am not going to presume to know psychologically or what is going on in his mind and I don’t want to sound flippant or insensitive at all.
      I am speculating that his refusal to return your nylons has elements of both you and the nylons.

      While you were FWB, his love of things hosiery were well known and obviously a button to push that would “turn him on” and it was something you accommodated (I applaud you for that because that shows consideration on your part and a lot of class to try to look your best for him).

      So it makes sense to me that he WANTS that piece of YOU which happens to be distinctly YOU that he no longer has. The obvious question is then “why not stay with me” and I can only suggest that in all the areas between the two of you where there seemed to be compatibility, there were just not enough to go further in life together, but he still wanted that distinctly YOU piece.

      It IS a very selfish gesture on his part to keep that tangible piece of you and while I know it is trite, you are better off without being with someone that selfish.

      For you, I truly mourn the loss of an important relationship. I hope that you will be able to heal from this experience and in the near future, find that a REAL MAN who has more points of compatibility with you and will consider your feelings and not be so selfish.

      All the best to you.

      • That is a very thoughtful insightful reply….. I thank you very much; he is selfish and self admittedly so. Currently he is with someone and i do know the dynamics of that relationship and his obligations to it…. It is such a long complicated story. I can’t say he has ever lead me on he really hasn’t. I just think maybe taking it to far to express feelings for me and love which I would have rather not known. I’m positive I’m thought of everyday and I find it hard to move on from the entire nylon thing. Somehow it became a part of me, who I am and what I like and now want in my life……. Life does goes on however, thanks for the response.

    • Aimelos, I’m sorry for what has happened to you. To wear pantyhose for your FWB was very kind, considerate and caring of you. Hopefully he will wake up soon and come back to you. Maybe he partially realizes what he gave up and that is why he hangs on to that pair of pantyhose, so he can enjoy your personal perfume.

      I have an ex-gf who used to where pantyhose all the time. Now I find myself wearing pantyhose and tights for 2 reasons: 1.) I miss the feel of them; 2.) I’ve find them very comfortable to wear around the house/lounge around in. I’ve also found wearing Legos Sheer Energy and Active Support to make my legs feel better. Just a straight male who likes the feel, fit and comfort of pantyhose and tights.

      I’m hoping someday, I’ll find a woman who enjoys wearing pantyhose and tights as much as I do.

    • I’m a lover of women in pantyhose and stockings. Women look more polished, ‘finished’,refined when they wear nylons and heels.

    • Aimelous, just my two cents: He’s not going to throw them away because it was you he loved and he’s keeping the nylons because it’s what you’re all about. If it was only about the nylons then he could have easily thrown them away and obtained a similar pair elsewhere. Just thinking like a guy.

      • Thanks Video Mike

        Hmmm if only I didn’t now find myself in the same predicament as all you men, sigh…. But you all do know I’m sure nylon season is pretty much here; or at least where I live!

        • Hi Aimelous,

          Yes, Nylon season as you put it is here. I couldn’t be happier. That is the main reason why I love the Autumn season, among the normal routine answers. This week in my city, ATL, has been especially good. Today, yesterday, and the day before I counted the number of women I saw wearing pantyhose or hosiery of any kind. The numbers were 24 today, 43 yesterday, and 27 the day before. I really only try to count the women I’m sure are wearing pantyhose but, sometimes you have to take what you can get. Yesterday, was really great because 3 female coworkers who I think look great when wearing pantyhose were wearing them. Although, one was wearing a opaque maroon color tights, at least she was wearing. I’m hopeful with Fall upon us, that I will reach higher numbers as the days pass. I hope we all see more women start to wear pantyhose again. I think 60 to 80 percent of women who do wear them, either required to for work or some other reason, mainly or only wear them during the Fall and Winter seasons. The rare other women who wear simply because they want or better yet enjoy them are like seeing the rare lunar eclipses. So, kudos to you Aimelous, Robin, and any other females on this blog who truly enjoy wearing pantyhose and all the glory(attention) that comes along with it.

  • I love seeing a woman in hosiery and yes am male and do wear daily not as a crossdresser and not for fetish reasons be it male or female we all have legs and can benefit from wearing but we all have to wear correctly in public covering private areas those that expose give those of us a bad image so lets all of us wear properly then and only then it will be acceptable to society for men wearing wearing

  • Attention Robin and fellow pantyhose lovers… there may be hope for us yet, as far as that blasted pantyhose drought goes. This morning, Wednesday May 27th on Good Morning America, there was a story about pantyhose (nude pantyhose amazingly!) coming back in style! Of course any true pantyhose fan would know that they never really went away in the first place. Time will only tell.

  • After a nearly 20 year drought, women are finally starting to wear pantyhose again. This is welcome news because at no time in modern history has the look of “bear legs” ever been superior to those encased in sheer nylon. The honest truth is that “bear legs” have always lacked class, elegance, professionalism, femininity, maturity, and imagination, and for too many years, too few people have had the backbone to admit it.

    It seems the day the “fashion experts” rode into town and declared that pantyhose were out of style, all but a small percentage of women jumped on the bandwagon without giving it a second thought. No one questioned the fact that these declarations completely contradicted proven and long time established practices, or that they came from individuals who possessed no natural attraction toward women. Here was meat buying advice coming from a group of vegetarians who were about as far removed from the consequences of their advice as they could possibly get. Women’s “bear legs” were paraded around as if they were the Emperor’s New Clothes, and no one questioned the insanity. While the opinion being promoted was that the look was something “new” and “chic”, in reality it was closer to Wilma Flintstone in age and appearance than anything else.

    Pantyhose were designed to help women look and feel more attractive while eliminating the need for panties and stockings. If the recent proliferation of spray-on tanning products, body lotions, tights, leggings, and shapewear of various types are evidence of anything, it’s that those who reject pantyhose are condemned to re-invent them, poorly.

    The fact is that for many decades, women of all ages regularly went about their daily lives waist deep in nylon, and somehow we all managed to survive. Women dressed up in them, they dressed down in them, they worked out in them, and it was all good. Pantyhose were advertised on TV, in magazines, on milk cartons, and it was no big deal. They were on full display in clothing stores and supermarkets every day, and nobody gave it a second thought. There was even a popular football player who slipped into a pair for a television commercial, and suffered no harm. Overall, people were happier and more secure of themselves than they are today. The birth rate was higher, and there was no need for Viagra.

    If they were really as unflattering and as “evil” as present day pantyhose “haters” and fashion “experts” so often claim, then how on earth did humanity survive so many decades with such strong pantyhose exposure? What did the women of that era possess that the women of today obviously lack? Why is there so much aversion to pantyhose today when there used to be so much universal acceptance? How did the simple act of wearing pantyhose turn into such a crime? Did our society get so used to eating nitrate filled hot dogs over the past 20 years that it is now repulsed by Filet Mignon?

    The good news is that women of all ages are starting to wear pantyhose in greater numbers, and they look great! And they’re not just wearing pantyhose because they have to. They’re wearing pantyhose because they WANT to. They realize that wearing pantyhose is like putting icing on a cake. They know that pantyhose compliments their femininity, and they’re comfortable with that. And they’re smart enough to understand that preparing an ice cream sundae without the whipped cream and other delights would never constitute an improvement, regardless of what any “expert” might claim.

    • Whoa! Such a great comment, it’s as if I wrote it myself. Wow. Thank you for your extremely well-conceived and brilliantly written comment, JA, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Really, in the six years since I’ve been writing this blog, this might be the best comment ever posted. And that’s saying a lot because there have been some fantastic comments here.

      I’ll say this, JA: Your comment motivates even me. Very, very well done. Thank you. And now, let’s hear from you again and again.

      All the best to you, JA.


      • Robin,

        Thank you very much for your kind words and your warm welcome.

        You are to be commended for your efforts in helping to decriminalize pantyhose, and for creating a website that provides the opportunity for sharing intelligent, like-minded views on the subject.

        While the “bear legs” references in my little rant were clearly based on your earlier columns, the conclusions I tried to make were based on years of personal observations and rational thinking about the subject.

        This website is filled with examples of where women have been publicly ostracized by other women for the simple act of wearing pantyhose. The common belief being projected by these actions is that pantyhose, for any number of manufactured reasons, have become “undesirable” in today’s society, and must never be worn. (And if they are worn, they can only be worn in such a way as to make their detection nearly impossible.)

        If it were true that “bear legs” were really more appealing than those encased in sheer nylon, then why do “bear legged” women cause such an uproar when they come across a woman wearing pantyhose? If pantyhose were such a turn-off, wouldn’t it be to any “bear legged” women’s advantage to have as many women walking around our society in pantyhose as possible? Wouldn’t having all those silly, old-fashioned women on public display with their orange colored legs and open-toed shoes just make the “bear legged” women look that much better by comparison? Wouldn’t that contrast automatically drive all the available attention from men directly toward the more desirable “bear legged” women?

        Of course it wouldn’t. The exact opposite would happen, which is why “bare legged” women DO NOT want you wearing pantyhose, and why they go to the extent they do to make you stop! By their very actions, these “bear legged bullies” are admitting that pantyhose make YOU look better than THEY do!

        Knowledge is a pretty powerful thing, isn’t it?

        • Hey JA,

          Thanks for another great comment. You make a good point, just like last time.

          Actually, I can’t understand how the “bear” legs movement has any traction when so many young celebrities are wearing pantyhose for the first time, and many veteran celebs are starting to wear again, or never bought into the “grizzly” culture in the first place.

          I think the novelty of the “bear” legs thing is wearing off, and now, women everywhere are returning to their senses and embracing pantyhose more and more. We still have a long way to go, but I think the “bear” legs crowd will be hibernating before too long.

  • Having read this I thought it was very enlightening.
    I appreciate you taking the time and energy
    to put this article together. I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and commenting.
    But so what, it was still worthwhile!

  • I love women in hose of course it doesn’t stop there I wear myself am a straight male that love to wear the feel the way my legs look the support the warmth on cold days. I have over 300 pairs of pantyhose and tights. I love wearing its not a fetish with me its a article of clothing I love wearing I don’t wear openly cause of closed minded people with their ridicule and name calling after all men have legs to and men wore long before women wish I could wear openly in good taste of course

  • I’ve been reading your blog on and off for a long time, and recently came across it again – thank you for writing it and trying to spread the word of pantyhose. I honestly didn’t think any women out there liked them, and I DID NOT KNOW you had started your own line of pantyhose! How did I not know this? I will be placing orders very soon!

    I am a straight guy that wears pantyhose. My wife doesn’t; but I told her about me doing it, and she is ok with it. In fact, she often encourages me to wear because she knows how much I love it, and she wears them for me in the bedroom when I want her to, so… It’s all good. 😀

    Thanks again Robin!

    • Hi, Chad. Glad to hear you’ve been following my blog and that you’ve made your first comment. Welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

    • Know what you mean Chad. Due to a medical condition I wear gradient compression pantyhose almost everyday. Obviously I have my wife’s support. She now wears pantyhose more frequently than she used to thanks to Robin’s successful Actsensuous sheer to waist pantyhose to include the recently launched Act IV. Sometimes it’s nice taking a break from the medical hosiery and slipping on a pair of Act IV pantyhose myself. Still they look far better on her than me, even though my hosiery drawer is now larger than hers. You and your wife should enjoy wearing Act IV pantyhose. Cheers!

  • Thanks Robin. I think Ive mentioned that
    before in other articles.Also do you wear
    pantyhose when practicing martial arts.

  • Hi Robin.I was reading the comment from
    Robert.aside from the fact that his story
    turned out sad.I think he is a guy I can
    really RESPECT.So Im not the only straight
    man out there with a pantyhose fetish if
    anyone reading this thinks im a perv.

    • steve, steve, steve — I’ve told you a thousand times you’re not a perv and there’s nothing wrong with having a thing for pantyhose. And you’re certainly not alone. In fact, my belief is more men have a pantyhose fetish than don’t. Or, at least, they should have. I mandate it. My name is Robin, and I approve this message. 🙂

  • Wow that was strange. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment
    didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyways, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

  • I was curious if you ever thought of changing the structure of your site?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But
    maybe you could a little more in the way
    of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got
    an awful lot of text for only having one or two pictures.
    Maybe you could space it out better?

    • Hi, forced bi hypnosis. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      I appreciate your suggestion. And, yes, I have thought about changing up the look, but not to enhance content. My blog really is more like a newspaper column (thems my roots, ya know), so it is more about the writing. Yet, I thought I was doing a pretty good job with the art that accompanies the writing.

      Hey, it’s all I can do to even come up with a new blog post once in a while. I don’t have the time, energy or know-how to make a site as elaborate and as cool as your’s. Heck, it took me 13 years to finally upgrade our website!

      Truthfully, I’m just not tech-savvy (OK, or artistic-savvy) enough to design a better blog site. But now I’m thinking I should find someone to design a new format for me.

      Really, thanks again for caring enough to bring this to my attention.

  • I’m not sure if fishnet pantyhose qualify as the regular kind but I had been promising a night out with him wearing those and time was up. This post is somewhat related to another regarding staring/glaring.

    This weekend he was willing to pop for a very expensive (conservative/reservations only) restaurant so I figured I would put in a little extra also. I did Kate again with that insanely short black leather mini and stilleto sandals. I paired that with the turtleneck from two weeks ago topped with a black leather blazer. The fishnets were black of course and the large mesh kind (wide open weave).

    Here’s the part you probably wouldn’t expect, obviously everyone notices but the men turn away when you make eye contact, some of the women don’t and even whisper in each others ear while still glaring at you.

    It seems that a whole lot of people started texting while their phone was pointed directly at me. Hmmm. Well, I wonder who their husband was thinking of in bed later that night during the sweat fest. I know who mine was thinking of. I wonder how many cell phones I’m on right now. I doubt I’ll get a single thank-you note from anyone. All of that just from pantyhose. Go figure.

  • Hey Jill is that what they call nude
    pantyhose in england clear mules.That
    story sounded kind of interesting too bad
    you were too embarrassed to finish the
    rest.As I said before I have a fetish for
    womens pantyhose.Well sorry if I said
    something to make you uncomfortable

    • Steve you have got to Google up some of this stuff. Clear mules are a type of clear plastic high heel sandal ( FYI, I just found the most adorable cork wedge with a clear top). Pantyhose are generally called tights on the other side of the pond.

  • Jill you dont have to be ashamed to tell me
    anything I dont know if Robin Would edit
    what you would say.I kind of assumed
    thats what you meant when you said
    she was saying omg and the tingling
    sensation women get when putting on
    pantyhose.I dont know why but I think I
    Would be mesmerized by a good pantyhose
    story.Excusd My little joke

    • Not ashamed at all Steve. The way I see it I have every right to be my husband’s trophy wife. He calls me Viagra as a pet name and I am just fine with that.

      I was merely trying to give the girl a taste of what she was never going to get from her frumpy mum. For the first time she was able to experience a truly feminine sensation while letting just a peek of that be known. I so wanted to do her makeup and let her see her full potential. When her panties were put on display for everyone to see that was just over the line.

      The following Q&A pointed at me in front of everyone wasn’t nice either. It’s funny but all the other women were glaring at me like a lynch mob but the men weren’t.

      So there I was sitting in my shortest mini facing the question of whether I was wearing anything other than pantyhose. I didn’t answer and when she wanted me to try and play hostess in that mini with a serving tray in front of everyone my husband popped up and saved me.

      I guess sexy is a four letter word nowadays.

    • Oh lord, Steve, you’re talking about lighting a fag and Robin is making room reservations. There is no way I am finishing the story about the pantyhose conversation that followed etc. Too embarrassing.

      FYI, I caught you making a classic American assumption. Google up UK and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Thanks Mike T.It did hit me that coronation
    street was the name of the show not long
    after I sent that message.I agree with u
    one hundred percent.I heard that
    Beverey Callard also works out regularly too.
    Her legs are gods gift to pantyhose and in
    every picture ive seen of her.I have to admit
    that im a sucker for women who enjoy
    wearing pantyhose in general.

  • Okay Jill I screwed up and in that earlier
    comment you said you were 6f english
    descent.your ancestors are from england.
    well nice comments anyway .as for the
    freeze your ass off comment well ive
    heard a lot of women say beauty is pain.

  • All Right Jill I Must Of Read Something Wrong
    Please Dont Hurt Me..Also it must be hard
    work sliding into them where you live.well
    I guess beauty is pain right Robin

    • Don’t get your knickers in a bunch Steve, the worst I would do is punish you through the power of suggestion.

      I actually had a little more fun than I let on this past weekend, while at the same time getting myself into a bit of trouble. On our way over to our little gathering we stopped by the mall so I could replace some of my best pantyhose. When we got to our gathering a girl sat next to me on the couch. She was the daughter of another couple and about 16 I would say. She happened to notice what I was wearing and also the glances our way eventhough they were meant to be discreet. Eventually she asked me about my pantyhose. I didn’t say a word but rather I had my hubby go out to the car to get my newest glossy nudes. I secretly whispered in her ear on how to carefully put them on. She had never worn any before! I also explained that she should take off her panties and just tuck the nylon between her toes so she could get her flip-flops back on. She was about my size with a pair of very low cut jeans that were cropped a few inches above her ankle.

      I stood outside the bathroom door as she slid into them with a few OMG’s slipping past her lips and the closed door. When she walked out she was absolutely glowing. I hadn’t paid attention before but her top didn’t quite meet her jeans so the seam on her pantyhose was showing front and back.

      As we sat on the couch she crossed and recrossed her legs noticing the tingle and glide of the nylon. She begged and begged until I finally gave in and let her slip into my clear mules. Just as she was making her maiden voyage (lol) with those stilettos, her mother came out of the bathroom with a pair panties dangling from her finger. Oops. Listening to the argument that followed was……. Well, I think you have the picture.

  • Also I hope im not freaking anybody out
    Jill I tend to get excited talking about
    womens pantyhose and i seem to leavf
    more than my share of comments on this

  • Hi again Jill. You Say your from england
    You must of heard of Beverley Callard The
    actress .she is about twenty years older
    than me but she still looks freaking hot.
    There is a television show which I forgot
    the name of but there is a rovers pub in
    it.I can remember one scene where she
    was slipping off her shoes and adjusting
    her pantyhose.That made my pulse race
    and when my gf saw me watching this
    she goes I should wear something like that

    • The show you’re referring to is Coronation Street. I haven’t watched it much in a while but yes Beverley Callard is an treat for the eyes in her sheer pantyhose.

    • Hi again Steve. Technically I never said I lived in England. If you must know I was born in the middle of the Atlantic. If you want a visual picture Liz Hurley with auburn hair, a foot shorter with a lot more jwiggle. Give her a half a@@ Georgia accent on top of the one she already has and that’s me. I still live in the states in a place called Freeze Your A@@ Off USA. I never saw the show you mentioned.

      Given that I am the giant that I am I always wear heels. I can tell you that mules and sandals are easier to wear and in my opinion are more flexible when matching with an outfit. A pump can look way too formal with a lot of looks.

  • Hi Jill .I know that women do that to air
    their feet out.I hear women say walking
    in high heels can be murder.My Gf herself
    says beauty is pain.Well I hope to hear
    from you again

  • Ok everyone, hubby and I thought we would have a little fun and do our own experiment. We have both gotten right to the edge in the bedroom and then stopped for days. We are both ready to blow. Today we are going to gather with a few families to watch that damn basketball crap. I’m wearing a super short denim micro mini and suntan ultra sheers. I’m pairing that with a white cashmere turtleneck and 5″ clear stripper mules.

  • Hey JB nice comment. I think Ive heard about
    the show amazing race and I Would like to
    know what network its on. I Would Like to
    see this Rachel babe. I have been a
    sucker for a women with nice legs in
    pantyhose as you might of seen in my
    blog comments. I know pantyhose are slippery on
    a woman if you notice the way some
    women dangle their shoes when they
    wear pantyhose. i hope you or Robin Could
    Get Back to me on that.

    • Hi Steve. It’s on CBS. They have video on the CBS web page to catch up on episodes. You can see her running around in her pantyhose. The episode I was talking about shows her jumping in pantyhose and they actually show her taking them off to finish the challenge because they are slippery. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a cute red head either.

    • Hi Steve, I wasn’t ignoring your earlier comments btw. Rachel is without a doubt a drama queen if you have watched her at all. She was likely dripping wet in her pantyhose although cooler than the one before her. When you perspire the water will evaporate leaving only natural skin oil. Depending on her hose she could have been really slippery. As for the shoe dangling that is just a foot break. If you could get blisters in hose I would be amazed.

  • There Have Been Situations Where There
    Would Be Two Different Women. One Would
    Be A Plain Looking One Who Dresses Nice
    And Frequently Wears Pantyhose Heels And
    Dresses And The Other Women Other People
    Would Say Looks Like A Beauty Queen But
    Seems To Hate Pantyhose.

    I Would Find Myself Looking At The Plain Looking One
    More One Day Back In High School There
    Was A Situation Like This Where Two Women
    Were Sitting Next To Each Other In
    The Cafeteria And Some Of My Friends
    Noticed Me Staring At The Plain Looking One
    And They Thought Dude What Is Wrong
    With You Staring At That Ooe When That
    Babe Is Sitting Next To Her And I Would End
    Up explainining to them that ive always
    been a sucker for a woman with nice legs.
    Must be that nylon gene.

  • So has anyone been watching Amazing Race? Rachel Reilly has been wearing pantyhose with her green shorts for the last few episodes. Tonight she was on a trampoline and it was too slippery so she had to take them off.

    She made a comment saying she wears them and for ladies to take them off if they are jumping on a trampoline. So after the show I was curious to see if anyone made comments talking about her wearing pantyhose. What I found where the typical catty comments on her twitter feed basically dogging her for wearing them.

    I don’t have a twitter account but if I did I would have left a support message. As much as I don’t like it I know pantyhose are not for everyone but why do people feel they have to slam women who like to wear them? If it’s not your thing, whatever, but geez let those of us who like them enjoy them without all the hate comments.

    Any of you with twitter accounts should leave a positive message for Rachel to counter the negative ones. Oh well, that was my vent. I hope she continues to wear them the rest of the season despite the haters.

    • Hi, JB. Great comment. I’ve never watched that show, but I might check into it now. You gotta love a girl who has the courage and conviction to wear pantyhose — especially, on this kind of show. Something probably no one else would do. Good for her.

      Like you, I hope she continues to wear and not be dissuaded by the ugly haters who have no sense of class, elegance or femininity.

      Thanks for your comment, JB, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

    • I wouldn’t worry about Rachel too much as this isn’t her first time in the spotlight. The only thing she did was admit that she’s a member of the 24/7 club. As a woman she is entitled to wear pantyhose everyplace she wants. Frankly I found it refreshing that she wasn’t the slightest bit shy about being dressed the way she wanted knowing that the entire world was watching. Even her following comments were completely honest with her saying that she wears pantyhose (implying always/everywhere) vs just that day. Imagine being on that show, on the other side of the world, and having a pantyhose issue in front of millions.

      On another note, for the heat that Rachel is taking, nobody mentions Jessica before her. She was wearing mid-calf nylon/spandex leggings (same material as Rachel) and yet had bare feet that ended up like hamburger. The show leads you to believe that it was because of the bamboo trampoline and yet we know it was so slick that there was no friction. Jessica had raw feet before she got there. Not only that, her leggings were 10 times thicker than Rachel’s pantyhose. So who was hotter? Jessica needed 45 tries to complete the challenge, Rachel needed one after getting a little traction. I’ll let you decide who has the foot infection and perhaps another a little higher

  • What’s up to every body, it’s my first pay a visit of this webpage; this website carries awesome and in fact excellent information designed for readers.

  • Nice Comment Jill.ive always said the only
    thing hotter than a woman with nice legs
    in pantyhose is a woman who actually
    enjoys wearing pantyhose

    • I’ll let the secret out, we know you like what you see, most guys do. It’s not about wearing them when you have to but rather wearing them when you don’t. Last weekend I went out with a couple girlfriends and we decided to really dress me to the nines. I wore my barest (ultra sheer) nudes (no color). They have this bizarre effect where they make me look wet. A unique thing about them is that they are VERY swishy when I walk although the tingle of being inside them is simply magical. We paired those with the shortest (OMG!) black leather micro mini and a charcoal tweed blazer complete with leather elbow patches. Sort of a Kate Middleton tells the queen to “piss off”. A pair of sinfully high blact stiletto cocktail sandals completes the look. My girls cut off the ankle straps as more of a challenge. I froze my @@@ off. Imagine walking into a casual joint where every woman there is wearing pants. Everyone stopped to stare. I’m a real blusher and that night was a new high for that.

      • Jill,
        Absolutely awesome story. Of course u know you got every male in the place in trouble with his girlfriend/wife when their jaws dropped and the drool started flowing. Well done! Maybe some of the other ladies there will take your cue and make a little more effort to dress as nicely (nicely, no…stunning,yes). Hope you can hear my applause.

  • Well thanks for the cozy welcome.

    I have to confess that I was inspired by this blog for “girls night out” this past weekend. All I can say is that if the guys like what they see on their end they would simply loose it in our shoes.

    Confession 2, I’m not model thin nor 5’11, sorry. I’m in my 30’s, 5’1″, 130. Dark red hair, U.K. descent.

      • I just realized I used the word run on your cute little blog web page thing, oops, sorry lol. It’s funny but I was just looking for hose for my daughter’s dance outfit, I never realized there was such a following. I come from a family of all girls (3) and we went straight from tights to pantyhose. The only time I can ever remember wearing any sort of underwear was with a skirt or dress and that was over by the time we started high school. It was sort of a tradition to go nude in a pair of sheer-to-waist everyday. I guess old habits go on.

        • Hey, Jill. Thanks for that explanation. Actually, silly me, I didn’t catch the play-on-words there. Cute.

          Wow, my readers will love hearing from you. They (likely, 95 percent male) so long to hear a woman’s perspective (besides mine because they’re used to me). And, unlike most of the rest of the world’s women it seems, your style is pretty awesome.

          As for picking out pantyhose for your daughter’s dance outfit, I can tell you that ActSensuous are perfect for that, as they are completely sheer-to-waist (with no gusset panel), but they’re most definitely made for adult women. (I gather you noticed that.) In fact, I designed our brand new Act IV specifically for our Mrs. America beauty pageant delegates who wear our pantyhose under their swimsuits.

          Thank you for commenting here, Jill, and officially now, welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. We’d love to hear from you on a regular basis. Guys, am I right? (Yeah, you know it. I’m always right, aren’t I?)

  • Hi Again Robin. I Must Be A Pantyhose Addict.
    I Have Always Been Attracted To Women
    Wearing Pantyhose. Dated Women Who Loved
    To Wear Pantyhose And Back In HS I Had
    Perfect Attendaoce Because Of Some Of
    My Female Teachers Who Always Wore Then.
    Also Some Female Students Who Wore Them

    You Have Also Seen My
    Comments…is Something Wrong With Me
    For This Attraction?

    • No, steve, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you because you have this attraction to women wearing pantyhose. (There is something wrong with you for how you write, but that’s a different issue.) 🙂 Kidding!

      Listen, it is widely known that the foot fetish is Number One in the world. I understand that, but I can’t imagine pantyhose are very far behind. And when pantyhose are combined with pretty feet, that’s got to make for an even more powerful fetish than has been accepted or widely recognized by psychiatrists yet.

      Steve, keep those comments coming, and don’t seek help. You’re perfectly normal. In fact, I think a pantyhose fetish is a special gift some of us are fortunate to have.

  • So far I am liking your writings. Very thoughtful stuff. I get to hear many different sides of discussion to the topic of pantyhose. And that gives me insight I don’t normally get about this topic.

  • I Notice More Men Comment On This Site More
    Than Women. I Think It Would Be Nice To
    Hear A Woman’s Perspective Once In A While,
    One Who Actually Likes Pantyhose

  • I Was Wondering If There Are Any Women Out
    There Who Wear Pantyhose On A Regular
    Basis. If They Do, Has A Man Ever Complimented
    You Or Stared Hard At Your Legs And What
    Was Your Reaction?

  • The problem today is much more than fashion its the relaxed culture and the younger generation. Woman wore hose and stocking for decades. The young generation I.e. 25 and under don’t follow any rules and love this casual thing. Woman figure now I have to accept jeans hoodies andpjs hot. I am real man I have told woman that is not sexy. I will not date a woman who won’t wear a a dress skirts or hose for me. I have every right to ask for this because I enjoy dressing up to go out. This I’m a jeans girl or comfy thing has to go. Men its our fault this happening. We need to let woman know what we like. Its only fair since we have to listen to what they like. Woman care what their girlfriends think about their dressing habits. Your man should be the only one that matters. Ladies you want to find a good man start buying hose that fit and actually own a dress and skirt. I might sound sexist but I don’t care I m putting my foot down and American men need to do that.

    • Thank you for your comment, dondrapper. I’ve been saying for a long time now that men need to communicate their feelings better, and make it clear that they don’t like this ugly “bear” legs thing. Men need to expect more from today’s women.

      • About 4 months back I had commented on an outfit featured on I mentioned how the woman would have at least looked much better with pantyhose as opposed to bare legs. My comment is here under michael, but anyhow this supposed male commented on how he thought most men preferred bare legs. I argued to a certain point but eventually you realize you’re wasting you’re time. The point being if he was actually a man his comments were that he seemed to see no point in not only pantyhose but also ties on men. This is really sad except I’m hoping he’s in the minority. You can check out the discussion here if you like.

        • There was good news and bad news on the pantyhose scene in my city. I will start with the bad news. As I mentioned before, there are some women that don’t seem to dress appropriately for the weather, or to quote Robin “don’t seem to get it.”

          Tonight when I was heading home from meeting up with friends at a restaurant, I spotted two young women getting off the bus bare legged in cold frigid weather with snow on the ground. One wore flats with white pasty legs, and the other wore open toe heels. It had me wondering if these women are dumb to realize what the weather is, or are they just showing themselves off to freeze their legs and feet in favor of laziness or fashion? As Dondrapper said, women today don’t seem to follow rules, and dressing appropriately for the weather should be one of those rules.

          On the positive side, I saw four young women who wore nude hose. One who was waiting for a bus with me sitting on the bench in a short skirt. Two women on the bus were both wearing nude hose. Another was a server at a restaurant I frequently go to who was wearing shorts and nude hose.

          Despite being a challenge to get more women like those two “bear” legged women to wear hose, it is great seeing women like those four that I mentioned wearing nude hose again.

      • Great points there. When I see a woman that is dressed in either pjs, hoodies, jeans, and flip flops at a formal setting, or going “bear” legged in cold frigid weather, it tells me that a woman:

        -Is too lazy to dress up.
        -Does not know how to dress, nor care what they, or others think about their appearance.
        -Is influenced by the so-called fashion experts, media, and their peers into how they should dress instead of dressing what is suitable.

        I also agree that men do need to communicate to their women what they like instead of allowing them to be dictated by the fashionistas, media, and peers into what is in and out fashion in order to follow the masses.

  • Ill Say That Was .i Hid It In My Pocket.while I Was Going Homd.i Then Hid Them In My Bedroom Closet When I Got Home.when I Was On The School Bus Going Home. I Got Nervous When A Few Other Students Said They Noticed A Perfume Scent On Me

  • Robin – I’ve noticed something at my workplace that I’ll share with you. A young woman in my office – she’s 31 – is very anti-hosiery. I suspect she has never worn a pair of pantyhose in her life. Anyway – it is fairly cool in our office environment – and I’ve noticed her covering her legs with a blanket while she sits at her desk. She does wear skirts fairly often – but would never even consider wearing hosiery to keep her legs warmer!! No – she has to put a blanket over her legs all day! So disappointing.

  • Robin,
    I have only recently discovered your blog and I love it! I love hearing a woman’s opinion on pantyhose and the state of pantyhose in fashion and daily wear today. Sad to say there are not nearly enough women like you that have a true love and appreciation for pantyhose. But thank you for bringing such an important topic in mine and many other guys’ lives to the forefront, fighting to bring pantyhose back to life in the world, and especially for calling out all these faux fashion experts who prove to be merely hosiery hate-mongers. So thank you, thank you, Thank You for all you do for pantyhose!

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  • Did you happen to catch Katie Couric interviewing the Queen and other members of the Royal family? I think you have mentioned Kate Middleton (Dutchess of Cambridge) wearing sheer hose/tights when she “appears” in public. While Ms. Couric has a bubbly personality and does a decent interview, perhaps she would be wise to wear pantyhose when in the White House or Buckingham Palace. My wife said when we were watching, “she can’t even keep her bra strap in her dress for the Queen”. Again we have a case where a talented professional female diminishes herself by not dressing appropriately.

    • Hi mjgruskin,

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s one thing for a woman to choose to dress less professionally because her office lets employees get away with it, but there is no excuse for a journalist to conduct an interview with a White House dignitary, or a member of British Royalty for national and/or global broadcast not wearing pantyhose.

      That is the height of unprofessionalism and extremely poor taste.


  • I’m a man who has quite a thing for pantyhose. Ever since I was very young, I’ve always loved the way they made women’s legs look 100 times better and sexier. But my love for pantyhose doesn’t end at this point. I also love wearing pantyhose myself, i love how they feel like a gentle constant caress on my legs and how they make my legs look sexier. Actually there are quite a lot of guys out there who also love wearing pantyhose apart from just admiring them on women’s legs.

  • On a related note – there is a woman at my workplace – about 30 yrs. old – petite and very pretty who often wears very sheer hosiery – EVEN IN WARM WEATHER. Today – she was stunning – a skirt suit – VERY SHEER NUDE PANTYHOSE – and stylish pumps. I noticed a small tattoo on the top of her foot that looked beautiful under the sheer fabric of the nylon. I believe this woman ‘gets it’. I wish I could walk up to her and say that I notice and appreciate it. It was quite a contrast seeing her walk down the hall with a female friend who was dressed like many of the other women – chino pants and flat sandals – NO HOSE. Disgusting.

    • Nice comment, libertariangman. I agree it would be nice if you could tell her that you notice and appreciate how professionally and femininely she dresses, but it’s risky. Some women are overly sensitive to even the most innocent of compliments.

      Do you have a feel for her personality? Would she be likely to over-react? If you think she would handle a compliment well enough, you might say that you “notice and appreciate how she dresses professionally” (and leave out the femininely part). You might also add the words, “especially in this day and age.” That way, she might be curious to know what you think it is about her attire that separates her from most people today, in which case you have an opening to compliment her for choosing to wear hosiery.

      Just a thought. I know it’s so frustrating to see how poorly everyone dresses at the office, so when one woman stands out, you want and feel compelled to compliment her. It’s pressure. You feel like if you don’t give her positive reinforcement, no one else will, and she’ll just feel out of place compared to everyone else, and she might then end up joining the herd. You figure she went the extra mile to dress nicely, but if no one notices, or says anything about it, she’ll get discouraged. She’ll figure no one cares, so why bother? Yet, you run the risk today of complimenting a woman who might be overly sensitive or outright looking for a harassment claim opportunity.

      It just isn’t easy today is it?

      • EXACTLY Robin. You’ve expressed my feelings precisely. I want to be able to tell a woman that I appreciate her attire without getting into trouble over it. I fear that most women don’t realize the effect that sheer hosiery can have on many of us men – and that it becomes easy for them to just start following the ‘no hose’ crowd. It’s hard enough to go against the fashion styles that today dictate no hose. So I figure a little positive reinforcement may be in order. I don’t know this pretty blond at work well enough to say something to her. It sure is a great pleasure following her down the hall as I did yesterday however!

        • What a rare treat you have there. I’ve worked in a few offices where a select few will occasionally wear hosiery, but it’s not daily like this lady. I have complimented these women when they have taken the time and care to dress in a professional manner, but I’ve received mixed reviews. There are those that are generally accepting and even appreciative of the compliment, but others act like it’s more of a cheesy pick up line.

          By the way love your screen name.

    • Hi Libertarianqman and Robin. You just never know nowadays. Under the new Homeland Security Act you could end up in prison for ten years or even more for complimenting her. I mean some of the disgusting things that people end up in court for today just boggles my mind. I’m glad Robin can handle compliments without losing it. I’ve told her in so many words that I think men gawk at her because she’s so attractive. I’m glad she’s one who understands that I mean no harm in it. What you might try is to at least drop a totally anonymous note to her. Make sure there are no security cameras around to observe you. At least she’ll know that she has at least one secret admirer who enjoys seeing her dressed to the nine’s. It sounds like she is a real turn on to you!

  • I have heard it said many times by several women that their legs feel like a “sausage” while wearing pantyhose, hence their hatred for the “dreaded” garment. On the other hand it is that “sausage” feel that a few women understand to be part of the enjoyment of being in them. Enter a girl friend I once had the pleasure to date. I can recall some of her deepest secrets she shared with me about wearing her ultrasheer pantyhose. She likened that “sausage” feeling to that of a sensuous feeling thin layer of nylon that gave her a feminine high as well as a sense of security. I knew she enjoyed that close silky fit. She also understood that it gave her power over me in a certain special way that I loved. That tightness and feeling would always be with her as she revealed her love of being in them 24/7. It was easy to send her to the moon by caressing her feet and legs without ever having to lower the waistband of her hose. I wanted to be so close to her and yet she was lady enough to know when to say stop. I really respected that of her! She never once complained about feeling like a “sausage” or how uncomfortable the pantyhose were on her. I could only wish the same enjoyment for all of those pantyhose hating women out there for it would probably transform their attitudes of total independence into one of wanting to be loved, cherished, and caressed. The divorce rate would probably decline too. I’m of the opinion that there is some higher “level” or plateau of achieving the ultimate pantyhose experience and it may actually be one that is spiritual in nature.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your comment. I have never liked the sausage analogy used by women who hate pantyhose. It certainly is an unattractive vision.

      I believe that any woman who truly believes that wearing pantyhose makes her feel like a sausage encased in its wrapper is (smile if you’ve heard me say this about … oh, I don’t know … a million times) wearing the wrong kind of pantyhose. When women wear pantyhose that are made with too much Lycra or Spandex, the fabric is going to be way too tight, too hot and, in most cases, uncomfortable.

      But, given that there are many softer, sheerer styles of pantyhose available to them, the “sausage” analogy is merely another LAME excuse women give for not wearing today. If the “sausage” objection was really the problem, women could just try another style, rather than swear off pantyhose all together. So, it’s pretty obvious that women look for an excuse and jump on any negative bandwagon they can find to ditch the pantyhose.

      Contrast this to the women, your former girlfriend included, who actually (along with men) find something very erotic about tight (usually, shiny) pantyhose, and one can see that the women who use the “sausage” complaint are just fostering hatred for pantyhose because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking pantyhose are the enemy.

      While I have never liked the ultra tight and shiny pantyhose styles out there, I certainly respect and appreciate that a great many people do like them. To me, ANY style of pantyhose is better than this ugly “bear” legs culture of today.

      • Thank you Robin for putting emphasis on the ugliness of the term “sausage” that’s been coined by the haters. I don’t know who cooked that up, but, I should have beat you to the punch on that one, but, it doesn’t really matter as long as somebody did. Yes, just another dumb excuse to keep from donning the hose especially when most of us here have proved them wrong by our insistence to wear them. I’ve always wanted to be one of the guys who were asked by the news media to try pantyhose on for one day just to see what “torture” they were for women to wear only to end up reporting how comfortable and healthy they are on my legs. They always ask the brainwashed guys to do that stuff in my opinion. ;^ (

  • Quote by our Robin:

    “OK, you people are really starting to piss me off. Each month, I write a Pulitzer-quality rant, thinking I am giving you clever and compelling material with which to launch your thoughts, opinions or ideas about pantyhose.  But Nooooooooooooooo!”

    Golly, I laughed my butt off when I read that.
    Robin all you have to do is yell at us like this:
    ;^ @
    And then we’ll snap to it. LOL

    • Wow, I remember those days. It was rare that my blog posts generated any comments, and my little feelings were always hurt. But, thankfully, I don’t have that problem now. You finally understand I’m on your side here. I hate bears (the women bears — not the animals; love the animal bears) and I’m trying to be your guiding light, voice of reason and hope for the future of pantyhose. And now, I get lots of great comments from lots of great readers. I even have quite a few followers, and likers. That’s really cool. You people finally “get me.” 🙂 (It’s about time!)

      Gosh, I hope readers really do get my sense of humor. I worried they wouldn’t when I wrote that earlier post this month: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Bear-Legged” in which I give myself full credit every time a celebrity chooses to wear pantyhose in a performance, a publicity event of just hanging out somewhere. I was hoping you’d think that was funny, but no one’s really mentioned that post, so maybe you just think I’m kinda psycho.

      So, thank you for that comment, Video Mike. I do try to entertain you people ya know? Nice to be appreciated.


  • This blog is simply amazing. I think it can be thought of as a home base for those of us that love and/or live in pantyhose. I learned several years ago the benefits of being inside that “second skin”. It all started with an acute bout with psoriasis on both of my legs. Do you know what a pain that is putting on and taking off your trousers with those sores? Fortunately the right person heard me talking. Ok, I’ll admit that I can be a big baby and complain about some things and in this case I’m glad I did because she recommended wearing pantyhose to keep the sores from tearing as my trousers moved about over my legs. One thing usually leads to another and I took her advice. Yes, we CAN learn some great tips from the opposite sex. After seeing an holistic specialist about my problem and a good kidney cleansing (I think); about three months later and my legs cleared up! (Thanks Dee). During those few months I developed a fondness toward pantyhose and kept on wearing them afterward. I soon realized that I didn’t miss wearing my cotton briefs. I also realized all of the years that I could have had the comfort and enjoyment of being in hose. That first pair I wore I remember so well. Round The Clock Ultra Sheer style #147. What a blessing to be able to wear pantyhose. As time went on I had to develop a technique to put them on and to care for them but it was all worth while. Now I am a 24/7 wearer and lover of pantyhose. By the way, thank you Robin for turning me on to Act II. Very very nice!

  • Another great thing about pantyhose (especially vintage pantyhose from the 60’s and 70’s) are the unique graphics on the packages they came in. A lot of them usually with a woman or group of women modeling in pantyhose. A great era in the pantyhose market.

    • Speaking of a great era in pantyhose ( late 60’s-70’s), you can tell that pantyhose was worn quite often back then. If you have viewed a friend or relative’s high school and college yearbooks from that era, you can see that many women dressed with elegance and style and they wore pantyhose. Also, most pantyhose were made of pure 100% nylon back then similar to actsensuous pantyhose which were perfect for short dresses, miniskirts and hotpants. R.M.

      • Of course, I’m not admitting I am of that era, but yes, those (60s-70s) were the good old days. Sure, we’ve come a long, long way since then — philosophically, technologically — but not all of it has been for the better. Certainly, our values seem to have been “lost in space” and time. That, and our sense of style and grace. Where are they today? Sadly, missing in many respects.

  • Sexy Mylf if you are still around and you still want to do what you posted I would like to make contact with you.

  • Couldn’t agree more with your comments about gals in the US of A, E.M! Besides being more communicative with the women in our lives and making sure to compliment the few true “pantyhose “patriots” (such as Robin) out there, I’m not sure that we can do much else but continue to “fight the fashion good fight” from the male perspective. That is, not become like some of our brethren, who like a too large number of women, have become t-shirt and flip flop wearers for most social settings. Perhaps if we “outdress” the women in our lives more often, they might be encouraged to try and turn the tables on us as well? One can always hope!

  • I miss the old days when women loved to wear pantyhose all the time, when girls couldn’t wait to get older to transition from wearing tights to wearing sheer pantyhose, when women/girls wore them to church, school, or any formal occasion all the time. A glorious time when they wore them with dresses, skirts, shorts, etc and they loved how they looked and felt in them. Now it’s all about bare legs and disliking pantyhose. Good thing there’s actsensuous pantyhose to keep those old days of pantyhose alive for the ones who love them. E.M.

    • EM… In some parts of the world this still goes on.. It is very hard to believe in this day and age… But there are countries where Girls/Women still like to wear pantyhose..
      It is very popular in Asian countries and in parts of Europe.. Spain and to some degree in the UK at the moment..

      Take Care


      • It’s good to see that pantyhose is appreciated more in other countries. Just wish that it was still the same way here in the united states. E.M.

  • To the Ladies reading this,
    We Gentlemen adore you in soft Silky Pantyhose. Yes, even if we are too shy to admit to it at first. I used to be this way, and hav even said the opposite, when I was younger, in order to hide my great attraction.
    The look, the feel and so much more.
    Many Men see a Woman in quality silky Pantyhose and come to the thought that she is the type that likes to look and feel feminine and sexy. She likes Smooth textures. She likes Lingerie. She knows about alluring looks and knows that Men are drawn to shapely Legs in satiny sheer Hosiery.
    Ladies, no matter what the outfit is, we adore you wearing sensuous Pantyhose. And we thank you over and over.

  • I couldn’t agree more than with The Sexy Mylf’s comment about wearing ActSensuous… “waves of pleasure that caused pure excitement” and I also never wear panties under my pantyhose, why should you? It just negates the whole reason for wearing them which is to feel the freedom of being almost but not quite naked.

    I feel the sheerness of ActSensuous is definitely a plus, especially in the tones that not only compliment the legs wonderfully but also allow the details of my most intimate place to really show through. There’s no ugly panty panel to hide things just a little single seam that teases me with every movement.

    Speaking of which…when walking I’ve definitely noticed there is a lovely soft and gentle criss/cross sliding sensation from the inner upper thigh all the way up to the single seam between the legs, and when you sit, oh my gosh! I just love the sensation of the single seam gently sliding and pressing my most pleasurable place…

    I truly feel the overall effect of ActSensuous is one of complete comfort and very pleasurable sensuality.

    • Wow! What a great comment, iLaria. Thank you.

      So glad you get and appreciate the whole sensuous nature of ActSensuous!

      Good luck with your new venture, PantyKitten.

      By the way, iLaria is a beautiful name.

  • I just wanted to share my first experience wearing pantyhose. This might tell my age, LOL. I remember going into the pharmacy with my mother and buying a pair that came in a plastic egg, LOL. Since then pantyhose evolved.

    When women say they hate pantyhose, they restrict them when they walk, they cause infections, they’re itchy, I say “You’re wearing the wrong ones”. If you wear the dollar store ones, or the more expensive $3.99 ones, you get what you pay for! yeah right! You need to treat your pantyhose selection as lingerie. You want something silky, sheer and most importantly fitting.

    Pantyhose can add contrast, shadow blemishes, and totally make any set of legs look sexy. As far as the “panty” part of pantyhose goes, thats up to the one wearing. I prefer totally seamless like Wolfords Fatal 15’s or totally sheer to waist like ACTSENSUOUS. I don’t get why women would wear panties under pantyhose…WHY? hence the name PANTY. They already have a built in panty for those that desire such. The primary reason for wearing pantyhose was to avoid the almighty panty-line. To hide those granny panty marks. (SO FOR THE RECORD, I NEVER NOR WILL I EVER WEAR PANTIES UNDER MY PANTYHOSE).

    The first time I slipped into a pair of seamless pantyhose, within seconds they caused an instant camel toe and in minutes they were drenched from excitement. Uncontrolably they wore so sensual that they sparked waves of pleasure that caused pure excitment.

    I referred a girlfriend of mine who HATED pantyhose, and even hated the name to the style that I wore. After a week, when we finally caught up, she said she owed me and big. She said she’s wore every single day since she first put them on. I recruited for pantyhose. YEAHHHHhhhhh. It only gets better. When you can convince someone that pantyhose should be treated as lingerie and something sensual it makes for a hightning experiment.

    For those who don’t like, don’t quit. You just haven’t found the right ones. I’ve aquired the wearing of pantyhose into my life and the life that I share with my husband. He loves that I wear, he wears and he’ll search the world over for the most comfortable pantyhose for my wearing pleasure.

    Please feel free to email me:

  • Hello all! this is new to me. I just met Robin while I was searching for some sheer to waist pantyhose without that annoying cotton panel. I just want to express my love for pantyhose as well. As a woman, I’ve worn many styles and brands of pantyhose. I’m very much looking forward to wearing the ACTSENSUOUS BRAND.

    For all you men out there, don’t be shy to email me. I love wearing, I love showing and heck, I’d even sell them to those of you that desire the sexual, sensual scent of a real mature woman. kisses xox

  • Hi.
    Just found this site, interesting reading.
    I’m a middle aged English fellow, and have enjoyed looking at lovely ladies my whole life, probably like most red blooded chaps then.

    I’ve always enjoyed looking at and being in the company of women who dress well, it doesn’t have to be minimal or skimpy…very often that portrays the wrong vibes and isn’t in the least attractive to a proper man, but may well interest some young boys who tend to go out in groups and like their female counterparts get thoroughly drunk.

    I’ve always thought that hosiery complete’s a woman’s dress, providing that ‘made up’ look to a womans legs and allowing her to show off her legs whilst keeping some decorum.

    In England we seem to have fads for wearing pantyhose or tights as they are usually known here, in spring this year it seemed to look promising and this year has been better than many previously for girls making the most of their appearence including legware.

    I, like so many chaps, miss the days when girls and women enjoyed being dressed well, and dare I say, enjoyed being feminine (mind you feminine means a lot more than just the way a woman looks) The language and attitude of many younger females in England leaves me wondering just what sort of thing they are likely to attract…the results are seen every day, closely related to neanderthals one would surmise.

    I agree there is something unfinished about a woman who dresses well but leaves her legs bare, a pity and such an inexpensive and alluring addition to a woman’s overall appearence and indeed her confidence.

    I’m very lucky in that my wife wears all the time, she feels quite undressed without and loves to be touched and stroked gently which of course suits me down to the ground. Hailing from the East Meditteranean she has that warm blooded and loyal passion that seems so hard to find these days.

    I’ll keep and eye on this blog from time to time, thanks for reading.

    • Hello, Ed.

      So glad you discovered my blog, and thank you very much for your comments. ActSensuous has many customers in the U.K., but not one in England, so it’s nice to hear from you about the leg wear trends there.

      It is amazing to me that the bare (or “bear”) legs culture thrives throughout the world. Let’s blame it on global warming. 🙂

      Likewise, I always love finding that men all over the world are so dismayed by so many womens’ choices to go without wearing. One would think that as it becomes so clear that men everywhere love women in pantyhose, surely, the ladies would want to do such a little thing to please them.

      Good for you, Brian, that you have a wife who “gets it” and enjoys being feminine and alluring for you.

      Please do stay a frequent visitor to my blog and feel free to weigh in about any of the topics you find compelling.



    • It’s under the November post: “Even Aliens wear Pantyhose

      The poll is called, “Which Celebrity do you Most want to see in Pantyhose?” For some reason, it appears to not be working properly, so please either comment or send me an email with your vote.

      Thanks, Dan.

    • Thank you, Jake.

      It’s actually Linda Fiorentino and Michelle Pfeiffer. I thought of both of them for the poll, but went with the younger actresses instead. But, like you, I love Linda and Michelle because they have so much class and ALWAYS wear and look fabulous in pantyhose.

  • This is the first time I have seen this blog so don’t hate on me for not writeing…EZ. I have loved pantyhose my whole life. The first time I remember being arroused was in church with nylon clad legs all around me. It stuck to say the least IT is a passion to say the least. It sucks that it has gone out of style.

    I don’t get the men wearing them at all ,but whatever floats your boat. I am 35 and don’t get to see it very much. Lol I am a good looking guy and usually dated the powersuit women that worked in offices just for there attire.

    Anyway hats off to all the girls that enjoy wearing them and understand how much it means to us that were raised to think that nylon is the sexiest thing a women can wear!

  • Pantyhose do appear to be making a comeback. More models are wearing tights/pantyhose, and more women are wearing them at the office and out in public. I’m even seeing women wearing tights and pantyhose with open toe/peep toe shoes. I think it’s awesome! I love to see a woman’s legs in fine hosiery. In my opinion, the bare leg look is like an ice cream sundae without whipped cream. Fashion trend come and go, and then they come back again. Long live pantyhose!

  • Hi Robin,

    I just now learned of your blog and your company by a random google search and want to voice my support for what you are doing. True, you have an economic stake in promoting the wearing of hosiery, but you nonetheless obviously chose your business rather than it choosing you. Also, I like the non-corporate ethic you bring to your enterprise.

    More on topic, I have mixed feelings about the decline in the wearing of hosiery. On the one hand, the bare leg look is definitely less attractive to me (which is probably good in keeping me on the strait and narrow). On the other, when you see someone wearing and you know it is by choice, that adds to the excitement. It is almost better when the choice to wear or not is an expression of personal aesthetics and sensuality rather than a duty or an act of copying a celebrity. At least at some level it helps to communicate some degree of compatibility at a glance (he said, knowing full well he fell in love with and married someone that does not like to wear at all; love knows no logic).

    But I like that you are lending a femal perspective on some misconceptions about how uncomfortable hosiery can be and on how the wearing of them is an act of submission to male-dominated hierarchy. You express your own reasons for wanting to wear them and your own views on how they enhance various sensual aspects (sight, touch, mood) of sharing the company of an attractive woman. Your posts are more likely to get someone to reconsider their strong dislike of the garment than any dress code.

    Anyway, we have not tried your hosiery yet, but they appear to be of high quality, to fill a neglected niche, and to be reasonably priced. It doesn’t hurt that your models are knockouts as well.

    Wishing you luck,


    • Hi R.V.

      My goodness, what a fabulous comment! You really nailed everything about me, about ActSensuous and about pantyhose in general.

      Thank you for noticing my personal conviction in pantyhose and my “noncorporate approach.”

      Also, you’ve practically intercepted the subject of my upcoming blog — you sooooo nailed it — one subtle (and likely unintended) byproduct of today’s “bare legs culture” is that it makes it even more special and sexier than ever when one sees a woman today who actually chooses to wear pantyhose for reasons of beauty, class and femininity.

      It’s as if the tables get turned: Those who have jumped on the “Why should we ever wear pantyhose again?” bandwagon are not getting the attention they seek, while those who do wear pantyhose in the face of this fashion bias/gender protest, are the ones we notice and appreciate all the more.

      Thank you, R.V., for finding our Web site, reading my blog and weighing in.

      I hope you do become an ActSensuous customer, but either way, you’ve made my day.



      • Hi Robin!

        OMG I love this blog. I could talk about pantyhose forever =) I was wondering two things… Do you know where I can get totally sheer pantyhose with no gusset or seams whatsoever? And also, I have had a fetish for womens worn nylons since I was 6 or 7 years old and now that I am older I am having trouble getting any. Can you help me or do you know some women who can?



        • Hmmmmmmmmmmm, now that you mention it, Peter, I do remember seeing some pantyhose models on the Internet who actually sell their worn pantyhose. I don’t know who they are, but I’ll bet you could Google the subject and find plenty of those sites.

          I saw an old “Candid Camera” episode where a guy would approach complete strangers and offer them like a hundred bucks or something for an article of clothes they were wearing. Maybe there’s a thought for you. But if you get arrested, you didn’t get this idea from me. ha ha ha

          As for where you could find totally seemless pantyhose, I don’t know. Hopefully, someone out there does.

          If you’ve visited our Web site ( you know that our pantyhose are completely sheer-to-waist, with no gusset panel or reinforced areas. Act III, which will launch this month, is even sheerer than our current line, Act II. But I do plan to make a totally seemless line — Act IV Epilogue. It will be my final statement in my image of the most beautiful, sexy and decidedly feminine pantyhose out there. The difficult part is the cost of the knitting machines. Currently, I think only a couple of manufacturers in Italy have the equipment to make a totally seemless style.

          Thanks again for your interest in ActSensuous.

          • Hi Robin,

            To answer your question on who I voted for I voted “other” for “all of them” because all women should wear them. If you wish I could be more specific.

            Thanks for the tip about where to find used nylons but I have been down that avenue. No good. You never know what you are going to get. I was hoping to find someone who isn’t in it for the money and is interested in helping out a pantyhose/hosiery fan. That way there is less if not any chance of getting ripped off.

            As far as the Candid Camera thing… I have kinda tried that. No luck. Hundreds and hundred of attempts and very few successes. Can’t you help or any of your clientelle?

            • Peter, thanks for your follow-up about voting on our poll. As for ActSensuous helping you out with your “hobby,” I can’t really solicit that because I have an obligation to always protect the privacy of our customers. However, communicating in this blog might lead you to the right person, or the right person to you. That’s what is neat about a blog. People who share our common interest (whether they are customers or not) have a forum for talking about their favorite subject.

            • Peter,

              My name is Sexy Mylf. I’d love nothing more then to help you with your longing for silky sheer nylon pantyhose that was indeed worn. I’m 37, 5’7, 125lbs., I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, sexy legs and feet so i’ve been told. I wear pantyhose like 24/7 for my husband has an intense fetish and I’ve aquired the liking for such.

              I sleep in pantyhose, take the hot tub with pantyhose, I do everything in pantyhose, wink wink. I can’t understand how other women wear with panties under. I NEVER EVER WEAR WITH PANTIES UNDER, JUST ME.

              I’m very excited about wearing ActSensuous sheer to waist and chatting with everyone. xox

  • Pantyhose are great. I wear them all the time and now so does my boyfriend. He used to feel my legs up all the time, so one day I asked if he wanted to try them and presto — he’s been wearing them ever since. We both have this warm and fuzzy feeling when we wear them, and they’re a must for fall.

    At the office last week, I got more looks wearing my long jean skirt and tan medium-height heels than I did all summer in bare legs, high heels and short skirts.

    I urge more girls out there to get their bf to try them on. Once they start, they can’t stop!!! lol

  • I miss the days when women wore pantyhose and truly enjoyed wearing them. They wore them all the time and hardly ever complained about wearing them. Now, a lot of women are complaining about how they hate wearing them because they’re uncomfortable.

    Pantyhose are supposed to be comfortable and enhance the natural beauty of a woman’s legs. The ones made with sheer 100% nylon are the best. I love seeing a woman dressed up in a nice outfit and wearing 100% nylon pantyhose that are so sheer that you can hardly tell whether or not she’s wearing any.

    I can’t wait till Act 3 comes out so I can buy some for my girlfriend.

    • Hi, R.M.

      Thanks for your comment. I agree with everything you wrote.

      Good news: Act III are a reality. The only holdup is the new fashionpak, but we’re in the final design stages, so it won’t be long now.

      Quick note though — Act II also are 100 percent nylon and completely sheer-to-waist. The only difference is Act III are made in a lighter-weight nylon fabric and will be even silkier.

      Keep watching our Web site for the announcement when Act III are ready for purchase.

      Until then,


  • i just saw your webpage for the first time. it looks great and i will order some pantyhose soon.

    i have been a pantyhose fanatic for years. i remember not so long ago when girls loved to wear nylons everyday with all kinds of outfits. when i was in high school girls actually wore little hot pants, high boots or platform shoes and always pantyhose. they looked perfect.

    i beleive the fashion will change again and pantyhose will be back.

    i used to go to a bikini bar where the waitresses danced but did not strip and they always wore sheer pantyhose with their bikinis. i talked with them a lot about nylons and even gave the girls pantyhose as presents many times. it was fun. they would talk so casually about their nylons and remind me to be sure to buy only sheer to waist styles for them.

    imagine how fun it was to see them go in the bathroom and put on the pantyhose i just gave them and then dance. and it was so casual. the girls thought my pantyhose interest was good and helpful to them with their dance outfits.

    anyway that was a few years ago and now i know dancers like that don’t wear pantyhose (maybe fishnets at least). i just love to talk with girls about their pantyhose.

    thanks for your good webpage.


    • Dear Gary,

      WOW, what a comment. I could feel the emotion in your every sentence. It is obvious that you have a true love for women in pantyhose.

      You have some wonderful memories of an era when pantyhose were glamorous and appreciated more by girls. (I think pantyhose have always been appreciated by most guys.)

      Why do I get the sense that you’re not from the U.S.? I’m feeling like maybe the U.K. I’ve been practically begging our hundreds of customers from throughout the world to participate in my blog, so it’s very satisfying to get a comment from you after your first visit to the ActSensuous Web site.

      Thank you for sharing your very personal and heartfelt story about pantyhose. Like you, I look forward to the day when pantyhose are rediscovered for their beauty and desirability.



  • I personally love to see women who wear pantyhose. It’s a shame that women in the United States hate wearing pantyhose so much. Pantyhose make women look more attractive and apealling to men. The bare legs and flip flop trend has seriously got to end.

  • I also love seeing women wearing pantyhose. They make women’s legs look so beautiful. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a woman dressed up in soft, sheer to the waist, 100% nylon pantyhose. The “bare leg” look of today has gotten out of hand. Pantyhose is where true leg beauty rules.

  • Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your comment. I agree. Take heart, I believe pantyhose will make a comeback. In the fashion industry, nothing lasts forever.

    From the late 1960s to the mid 1990s, pantyhose ruled women’s fashion. This ugly “bare legs culture” came about in the mid-to-late 90s. It’s had a pretty good run, but pantyhose likely will return to prominence.

    For now, let’s be thankful for the classy and feminine-minded women out there who still get it.

  • Pantyhose are the sexiest thing on the planet. I live to see women in pantyhose. It’s really sad that women don’t wear them like they use to.

  • Oh, Dan, you are the MAN.

    Thank you for leaving a comment about my September post. Wow, this is the first time I’ve written a post and gotten a comment the very next day.

    You are very lucky to have a wife who wears pantyhose for you because she knows how much you love them on her. And I’m sure you deserve her.

    As for pantyhose making a comeback, I believe you’re right because we are seeing them more on the runway, on TV, TV commercials, magazine ads and in the movies.

  • I love seeing women in pantyhose. As a matter of fact my wife wears pantyhose everyday because she knows how much I love hose on women, and they make her leggs look and feel better.

    It seems as if Pantyhose are making a comeback…

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