Credit ‘wear’ credit is due

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

Lest anyone think I am too hard on Hollywood celebrities for their role in today’s “bare legs culture,” (a phrase I coined in 2001 and still have never heard anyone else say), this month’s blog topic is about the handful of today’s celebs who do wear pantyhose (often, where you would least expect it).

 The first celeb who comes to mind is Olivia Munn, co-host of the “Attack of the Show” program on G4.  I mean, c’mon, she’s young and this is a hip show.  So why is she often seen wearing pantyhose?  To me, the reason is that she has class.  It’s so cool when a young professional “gets it” and chooses to wear pantyhose on air. 

Since I’m talking about G4, which carries the show, “Ninja Warrior,” I have to mention more about the topic of my favorite subject lately, Asian women, who are more likely to be seen wearing pantyhose.  I’m still shocked that no one commented on last month’s post.  I thought the whole world (not just me) was Asian crazy, but not even any of our Asian ActSensuous customers commented on that post. 

So, here I go again.  Even during the “world’s most grueling obstacle course” that is Ninja Warrior, female contestants often wear pantyhose with their outfits or costumes.  Are you getting this? Pantyhose during the world’s toughest obstacle course! 

Beautiful Japanese women samba dancers give a brief performance to the crowd at the starting line of a Ninja Warrior contest, just before one of the members competes. Many of the contestants show up in costume, complete with pantyhose.

These female athletes and celebrities of Japan know they are likely to fall into the muddy waters beneath the course on Mt. Midoryama, yet, they have so much style  and grace (and presumably because they’re appearing on national TV), they have the class to wear pantyhose. 

And I’m not stopping there. Even many of the female audience members in the bleachers can be spotted wearing skirts, high heels and pantyhose. How many American women would you find attending an athletic contest wearing that kind of attire?  None!

OK, moving on … here’s a movie trilogy where one would not expect to find the actresses wearing pantyhose.  It’s the “Resident Evil” movies, in which star Milla Jovovich (“Mee-lah Yo-vo-vitch”) battles zombies during a post apocalyptic-style period of the world.  Pantyhose while shooting up flesh-munching zombies?  Yup. 

Milla Jovovich as Alice dispatches zombies during a scene in Resident Evil. As zombie movies go, the trilogy might be the best ever, in large part because, while Milla is beautiful and feminine, she kicks the @#$%^&* out of some zombies.

Pause some scenes (from “Resident Evil” and “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” on your DVR and you’ll see pantyhose worn by main character Alice and her cohorts.   In “Resident Evil: Extinction,” Alice doesn’t wear pantyhose, but a couple of the other women do. )

Jovovich also wore pantyhose throughout another movie called “.45” (as in a handgun), in which she stars as an abused girlfriend.  This world renowned model, singer and talented actress is my new hero.

Finally, I recently saw a young actress I never would have expected to be wearing pantyhose as a guest of a late-night talk show.  I take that back: I always expect certain actresses to wear pantyhose with the awesome dresses and heels they do wear on these shows (even if for no other reason than that the sets are extremely cold).  But even the classiest ones, such as Sandra Bullock and (gulp) my little Lucy Liu, have disappointed me so many times.  So I was stunned to see Anne Hathaway appearing on David Letterman wearing a beautiful dress, heels and pantyhose.  I have just become an Anne Hathaway fan.

OK, now it’s your turn.  What are your thoughts about this? Which celebrities do you find can always be counted on to wear pantyhose?

13 thoughts on “Credit ‘wear’ credit is due

  • The list is huge, but I’ll try to make it shorter with some great examples:
    Miley Cirrus, has the most killer legs I’ve ever seen.
    Demy Lovato, another gorgeous legs.
    Fergie, what a body, worthy to wear tan pantyhose.

    Thinking of you Robin:
    Ziyi Zhang, now officially nominated for the ActSensuous model.
    Vanessa Hudgens, because she has the most adorable toes I’ve ever seen, perfect for open toe sandals and pantyhose.
    Debby Ryan, she is such a living doll.
    Not my favorite but Jennifer Aniston, has amazing legs.
    Of course Anne Hathaway, what a classy lady she is.
    One I truly wanted to see wearing pantyhose is Kelsey Chow, slim but long, very long legs, not to mention her feet, absolutely gorgeous, a fine pantyhose model.
    Kaley Cuoco, has tremendous body and great legs.
    The entire cast of Victorious, four beautiful girls with legs and feet that deserves to be ornamented with pantyhose.
    The list goes on, but I think I made my point here.

  • I was brought up to believe that bare legs look fine if you’re wearing a bathing suit. Otherwise a lady must wear tan or black hosiery, of the least affordable denier. In Malaysia we even wear hosiery beneath our jeans.

  • Love your comment about Olivia Munn, she is so funny, and totally HOT!! I love her legs; she is a real classy woman. I would love to meet her some day. Do you think she would wear ActSensuous hose?

    • Hey Mark,

      Thank you for your comment. I am impressed with Olivia because she is funny, obviously intelligent and classy because she sets a good example for young women by wearing pantyhose with her dresses, as she is on national TV.

      Of course, I would love to have her (or any celebrity) wear ActSensuous. Now, if I could get Lady Gaga to wear ActSensuous, I think that certainly would “put us on the map.”

      Actually, my dream is for Michelle Yeoh or Lucy Liu to wear ActSensuous as her “preferred” brand. Then, I could die and go to Heaven.


  • Hello again, hello… (as the song goes).
    I am glad you liked my last (first here actually) post. Yes, Elizabeth Hurley, however we are both correct… She wore sheer Pantyhose a lot, then slacked off for a while; kind of the on/off/on/off mode. Here is a quick collage I made of her:
    Feel free to post it here if you would like.
    I have a lot of other names (like ‘Daisy Lowe’ off the top of my head) to add to this list, but right now it is off to bed. Read ya’ll later.

  • Yes, Milla Jovovich is one that is seen in lovely Pantyhose a lot. (Love her even more for this!)
    Surely some of the most famous great legs seen in sexy Pantyhose include:
    Zooey DesChanel, Lindsay Lohan, Ann Margaret, Rhianna, Blake Lively, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton (reformed from her bare legs days in a big way!), Christina Agulaira, Sarah Brightman, Debbie Harry (‘Blondie’), Lily Allen, Shannon Dougherty, Jane Krakowski, Ciara, Cyndi Lauper, Fran Drescher, Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Heidi Klum, Olivia Newton John, Allison Hannigan, Pat Benatar, Catherine McPhee, Shirley Manson (‘Garbage’), Morgan Fairchild, Amanda Bynes, Elvira-Mistress of the Dark, Melissa Joan Hart, Parker Posey, Crystal Bernard, Rhonda Shear, Michelle Hunziker, Sheena Easton, Sienna Miller, Barbara Mandrell, Kate Middleton, Catherine Bach (‘Daisy Duke’), Anthea Turner, Hayden Panetiere, Erin Gray, Judy & Audrey Landers, Kate Winslet, Jerry Hall, Catherine Zeta Jones, Joyce DeWitt, Ashley Olsen, Marylou Henner, Merideth Viera, Ashlee Simpson, Sandy Duncan, Monica Belluci, Alicia Silverstone, Lynda Carter (‘Wonder Woman’), Suzanne Sommers, Gretchen Moll, Carol Vorderman, Lele Sobieski, Diane Sawyer, Kate Moss, Dolly Parton, Mischa Barton, Elizabeth Hurley, Marla Maples, Rose McGowan, Alba Peretti, Twiggy, Anne Heche, Jeanette Biederman, Carrie Underwood, Nicole Beach, Mandy Moore, Morgan Brittany, Dita Von Tease, Professional Figure Skaters, ‘Hooters’ Girls, Professional Cheerleaders, The Radio City Rockettes, Bettie Page and Katy Perry!

    • Hello, EriK

      Wow, you really put a lot of work into this. Thanks for your comment.

      I had forgotten about a couple of the real good ones you mentioned, such as Catherine Zeta Jones and Morgan Fairchild. And some of the ones you listed, I just don’t even know.

      But you also named a few of my all time favorites: Anne Heche, Deborah Harry, and Catherine Bach. Now, I would love to see Elizabeth Hurley in pantyhose, but she’s never been wearing in any of the movies I’ve seen her in. I’ll take your word for it though, and remove her from my “hated” list. ha ha

      Here’s one for you — Tia Carrere. OMG! She’s awesome, and she always has the class to wear.

      Erik, thanks again. We’d love to hear more from you, so please feel welcome all the time.

      Take care.


  • I call it the Sex in the City trend and I am disapointed with it all. I grew up with Daisy Duke,Mary Hart,Cybil Sheperd and so on. To see a women in pantyhose one could just turn the TV on. The Today show girls are good for seasonal hose but never during the summer months. The fact that women today can go bare with HD is beyond me LOL. It seems to go farther than just hose;I see women with 400 dollar heels on covered by pants that drag the ground. What’s the point ???Not even a chance to see the shimer on the top of her foot you can’t even see her shoes. I wish styles would change ;it would make life a lot fuller

    • Hello again, Jake. Yes, I notice the 1974 in your email address. The 70s was a great decade, full of much cultural growth in the areas of music, television, movies, and of course, fashion.

      Pantyhose was big then — mostly all-nylon fabrics in suntan. L’eggs, No Nonsense, Hanes and Burlington were huge, and they were the inspiration for ActSensuous. In the 70s, you’d never see a woman go to the office or any formal occasion in bare legs. And those actresses you mentioned were just a few of the wonderful women who made pantyhose so exciting.

      Raquel Welch, Angie Dickinson, Shirley MacLaine, and Faye Dunaway (remember the movie, “The Eyes of Laura Mars?”). Wow. Those were the days. And the 80s and early 90s were great too. We gotta bring those days of class and glamour back.

      Who’s with me?

  • I believe that this “bare leg” trend that has gone on for quite a while now is starting to get old. Every time when you look on the tv at the red carpet events like the Oscars and the Academy Award shows, you see a lot of the female celebrities wearing dresses with no pantyhose and that is not very dressy at all. As far as the ones you can count on to wear pantyhose, I have seen Beyonce wear pantyhose many times.

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