A good time to be Asian

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

That’s what I tell my best friend/employee.  She’s Vietnamese-American, and an absolute doll.

You see, Asian women today are showing up everywhere in the world on TV, TV commericals, movies, magazines.  Why? First, Asians are probably the world’s most beautiful women.  Second, it seems they are much more prolific wearers of pantyhose than Westerners and all other nationalities.

Maybe it’s just part of the Asian culture – they seem to do everything elegantly and gracefully – and they appear to be much more professional-minded in the workplace, always wearing business suits, high heels and pantyhose.  I read on the Internet that it’s considered rude in Korean culture for girls to show bare legs in public.  I think I love Korea.

So, it’s a good time to be Asian because it seems like the whole world is discovering Asia.  Not since the superhuman Bruce Lee revolutionized martial arts and introduced it to movie audiences throughout the world and brought global attention and pride to China, has there been such an explosion of Asian talent in the mainstream media of today.

I admit, I am hooked.  I can name 20 major Asian actresses off the top of my head.  I’m sure I could think of many more if I really tried, but the ones I’m counting are well known (including Lucy Liu (love her), Sandra Oh, Joan Chen, Michelle Yeoh (OMG), Maggie Cheung, Gong Li (gorgeous is not enough of a compliment), Ziyi Zhang (the most perfect woman in the world), Bai Ling (wow), Shu Qi (adorable) and Maggie Q).  Wow, all of them except Maggie Q (mostly Vietnamese) are Chinese.  OK, so there’s Devin Aoki (Japanese) who starred in “D.E.B.S.,” and Jet Li’s “War.” And, one of my faves, Uhm Jung-hwa  (Korean) who starred in “Princess Aurora” (an exciting, heartwrenching mystery/drama, which also is beautifully written and acted).

I’m trying to get our little Asian employee to model for us because she looks absolutely awesome in ActSensuous pantyhose, but she is so modest.

Quick Question: Would you like to see a gallery of pics of our lovely little Vietnamese girl modeling ActSensuous pantyhose?  If so, please leave a comment below.

We have a few Asian customers, but I’d love to have many, many more.  Please tell your Asian friends about ActSensuous.  Also, I am pleading with our Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai customers out there: Send us photos of you wearing our beautiful, sexy and decidedly feminine pantyhose.  I’d like to start an all-Asian models category of the gallery on our website.  Please honor us with your beauty and grace.

What do you think, readers?  Are you Asian crazy yet?  Please click on the comment link below this post and tell us your thoughts.  It’s completely anonymous to participate. Only the name you provide will appear along with your comment.

9 thoughts on “A good time to be Asian

  • As 1/4 Asian, I’m crazy about Asian girls in pantyhose. Well, you’ve already known about that. Asian girls really put thoughts in dressing. Pantyhose is an essential component. As I travel around, I can see girls in pantyhose everywhere. It seems that they wear pantyhose wherever they go, just because they really like it.

    • Hi asianeverydaygirl. Thank you for commenting and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I’m very proud of this particular post, and it is good to hear from someone who is part-Asian, based in Asia and seeing so many Asian girls every day wearing pantyhose. I love your site, too. Thank you for the great work you’re doing, devoting a blog to everyday asian girls in pantyhose.

  • Most women in Asia equate pantyhose with elegance and would not be seen dead with bare legs. Our values are perhaps a little out of step with USA and Europe but we still hold to the fact that hosiery sculpts and shapes the leg. It flatters the form.


    • Hi Denise,

      Welcome to the ActSensuous blog and thank you so much for your comment. It is nice to hear the perspective of a Chinese woman from Malaysia. You are echoing everything I believe about the commitment Asian women have to wearing pantyhose for the sake of beauty and femininity.

      Bao zhong.


  • Well, having reviewed my post, I hate to admit that you are being extremely generous and have let me off the hook. And for that I say thanks!!! I regret using the term “China Fever” because it suggests that the west is the only place where culture is a dry piece of wood which can’t infect anyone and that it just sits there to be used as building material, while inferring that China (as just one example – you mention several other cultures which are way, way beyond my radar and capacity to absorb) somehow reaches out as a culture and grabs me like a fever.

    In fact, I voluntarily took on Chinese culture and it was made available to me more and more with evidence of hard work on my end- so, my friends will deliver me a smack down for using that phrase and appropriately so – I need to remind myself – this was my decision, not them tossing a fever my way that magically took over my senses and rendered me a zombie. This is my fever I manufactured and I need not attach China’s name to it – my failures are mine and not China’s because of some fever. Sorry China! My bad. And sorry, America, for suggesting that you can’t deliver a fever to someone else – I’ve got Chinese friends who have that fever and don’t regard western culture as anything wooden to be dismissed.

    I re-read some of your posts about pantyhose and discovered with delight that they also awaken enough passion in me to realize that there are actually a whole bunch of things I love and respect about the west, namely that it was my western country which introduced the images of hosiery to me in the context of professional, academic or social environemnts. Notions of studying Chinese culture or language came long, long after that. And then, in accompanying friends to Chinese functions/meetings and the like, I certainly noticed what you have and caused me to take instead a look at the west, not the east. No matter where I went with friends in attending Chiense functions, as you mention about other Asian communities, the women nearly all wore hosiery and heels, slacks or not. Seeing this once or twice is enough to help me get past male ogling and to start asking questions, which I did – how is it that someone could be heading off to an informal meeting dressed like they are having a date? There were many responses, but one that seemed fairly universal was this: first, there would be the laugh about my reference to a date – this was dismissed as nonsense – one didn’t need to be going on a date as an excuse for a woman to dress powerfully in hosiery – next was “you westerners used to dress well for these things back in the 40’s – what happened to you guys?”. Smacked down yet again. And they are absolutely right. Now and ironically, we in the west regard hosiery for a women as her taking a step back at work, being hesitant, deferring to someone else by way of wearing something so supremely and recognizably feminine. Don’t take my western word for it – ask a Chinese man if a Chinese woman is not formidable at home, at work, at play – if she is someone somehow timid just because she dresses in this fashion. My Chinese male friends do so slowly, but they do admit how powerful Chinese women are, no matter what they are wearing, but that a wife wearing hosiery simply is reminding him that not only is she going to advance some petitions in the household, but she is going to do so reminding him that he is just a guy with a chair and a pair of jeans – he’s there to be consulted and then it’s time to step aside while she very much struts off in those hose to accomplish her mission. Solid and pure ambition and determination amongst these women to a fault – competence, energetic, bold, conquering. Most are pursuing their passions with an energy that would make most of us drop from some systemic bodily failure. Any meetings or functions I might encounter this dress code finds me decidedly the one stepping back, hesitating, and taking notes.

    But never to forget – it was and still is the 100% all American woman that did and still wears hosiery that reminds me of who rules my imagination and also my culture. It’s fun to stop studying for awhile and adore what I mentioned above about one particular Asian culture and sense of etiquette, but it is the all western woman taking charge of her company, her life and her guy while looking like that Goddess, as most fabulously displayed on this site that did, does now and always will make me adore you impossibly and thank life that I was born in your part of the world. A very, very western style “aaaawesome” to all of you western ladies sharing these amazingingly beautiful, tasteful, creative and yes, powerful images (I actually just went to the gallery to try to get past all this typing which has become addictive and I felt like an idiot for not getting there sooner – my lord those images are just unbelievably beautiful). Yeah, I typed a lot about the apparent aesthetic glory with respect to women in China, but where am I right now typing all this? Right here on this western page where you have put your permanent and western stamp of class, nobility, grace, elegance, ambition, initiative, personal authority, motivation, and yes, incomparable sensuality. Kudos to Asia for sure, but western ladies on this site I hear you roar, hear you represent and I carry your banner of pride and no one else’s. Thank you for defining any or all of the positive qualities I just typed above.

  • Obviously, and as a guy, I think pantyhose for women are one of the top five world wonders, or I wouldn’t have arrived here to find your refreshing posts. But as a guy who is not Asian and to have the added delight fo see someone also fearlessly proclaims their fever for all things Asian gives me comfort.

    I am quite confident I developed China fever a long time ago and through ups and downs have become quite energized and happy to accept when my Chinese friends/associates say “you belong to us now, you are now one of China’s foreign bit$hes!”. The culture and language are unshakably addictive and have altered my life’s direction. The aesthetics are satisfying beyond words.

    Once I thought I was proud and standing tall – until I met China. I have no idea what those feelings are like now because I’m too happy encountering a peoples that seem to come from another planet, visiting here just for fun and amusement to observe we cave folk. If other Asian countries and peoples are anything like China, then I think I would not have enough life/body/mind left to express my deepening sense of humility toward them all – China is already making me burst.

    And of course, as a guy with eyes, I certainly can’t ignore the reality you speak of regarding Asian actresses/celebrities. The pantyhose/heels thing on a superficial and fantastical level is Asian class at a superlative level – for me it’s obviously a fantasy, but also a delicious statement of royalty, a symbol of a larger entity, class of people that are setting the standard for the rest of humanity.

    Lucy Liu might wake up late and throw on pantyhose for a press appearance as a normal occurrence while talking on her cell phone – same for any other Asian actress. I wonder if she knows how many westerners are positively panting for her to show up in this fashion so we can for a few seconds know what it’s like to want to worship a celebrity rather than mock one?

    Twelve western actresses parade in front of me and I admire them as I normally would – but inside I’m patiently waiting for the Asian celebrities to come on stage and transform it into their throne. I adore your top 20 lists and yup, I am gradually forgetting that time in life when my lists had westerners on them in meaningful numbers – it’s becoming an all Chinese list, music, art and film all.

    Asian actresses will have their insecurities, doubts, challenges like everyone and on non-pantyhose days they put on their jeans just like everyone else, one leg at a time. They make mistakes and need to go to the bathroom at the wrong times like all of us humans and yes, I personally know plenty of Chinese friends who do very non-cultural things and get sick from drinking too much beer like a westerner. But I get a very positive sense that there is mounting confidence in the Asian world of their status and appreciation for how they seem to go through these daily life processes in ways we westerners can’t seem to get.

    I have a Chinese friend who by the way looks like a modern day Empress when she decides to wear pantyhose (sorry, she is not yet a fan like we would hope and so this is very infrequent!), and is positively the coolest kid when wearing jeans. We were discussing a science fiction book about a future world thoroughly and in human terms sensually dominated by China (sensually meaning China’s ability to use culture to sensually guide other peoples leave foreign cultures and perspectives behind in favor of theirs). I asked her if she had any sense for people like me and the changes we were experiencing inside – she smiled and said “Don’t worry- your numbers are growing, you are not alone by a long frigging shot.” I asked her to quit joking, be mindful of all the time outs I have needed in dealing with culture shifts, toss all the rampant (and for her, annoying) Asia-fever stuff aside, and tell me: was she worried this was all temporary and that people like me would lose steam? She laughed loudly and said “I’ll see you at my inaugural ball and don’t be stupid enough to dress western. And don’t think for a second that you’ll get past security speaking English.”

    End of discussion, western guy goes home to practice his Chinese again. I didn’t have the guts to ask her if she would wear pantyhose at her inauguration, but did I really have to? It’s her throne – she wants to please all of her western subjects when she becomes president of the world – of course she will wear pantyhose, and she will unbearably be the picture of perfection like all the women you mention in your magical, refreshing and inspiring post. You are totally on point and brilliant in your writing – love it, love it, hundred times love it. Rock on!

    • Ni Hao, DS

      What a brilliant comment. Xie Xie Ni. Of all the posts I’ve written, A Good time to be Asian, is my favorite, yet, until now, it never got a single response.

      That has always disappointed me because I thought I had my finger on the pulse of what was happening in the entertainment industry and thought everyone had caught Asian fever.

      While one lovely Chinese girl became a new ActSensuous customer and did reply to my post, Sign of the Times, she bypassed my Asian post and merely mentioned growing up in China. She is an absolutely beautiful young college student who does love pantyhose, which does my heart good, especially because she is in her 20s. It makes me think that I am right about Asian girls being more feminine, classy and elegant than most Westerners.

      So, DS, you are the first to make a comment about A Good time to be Asian. And what a comment it is. You have inspired me to write a follow-up blog that I’ve always wanted to do, but was discouraged to do, until now. Wo hao kai xin.

      Like you, I am fascinated with Chinese culture. China has captured my heart. I’ve seen so many documentaries depicting life in China and I am struck by how elegant its people are. They face so many hardships, but they don’t complain. They have a strong will and a wonderful spirit. They seem to be very family-oriented, and they have such strong values.

      I love Asian women because, while they appear delicately feminine and beautiful, they pull their own weight in the home, out in the field, doing the heavy lifting like the men. They should be put on a pedestal, but they don’t see it that way. Yet, at the office or other formal venues, they dress like ladies and they always wear pantyhose and heels.

      As much as I love the Chinese (and they will always be my favorite), I have a new appreciation for the Japanese. If you’ve ever watched Ninja Warrior on G4, the Japanese are very elegant people, too. Even though they are in a grueling competition, they root for each other to succeed on the world’s toughest obstacle course, they are saddened when a competitor falls, and they celebrate when one succeeds. They are graceful and powerful. And the Japanese women are extremely lovely. So many of them wear costumes, complete with pantyhose, when they compete. And the female spectators cheering from the bleechers often can be seen in skirts and pantyhose and heels. That is wonderful.

      And having said all that, Korean women have to be the most physically beautiful people on the planet. I know the least about Korean culture, but OMG, the women are godesses.

      DS, let me thank you again for your beautiful and well conceived comment to my blog. By the way, you’ll be happy to know that I am trying to start an all-Asian section of our photo gallery on the ActSensuous Web site. Maybe you could talk your beautiful Chinese friend into modeling for us.

      Please stay in touch, DS.

      Bao Zhong!


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