Calling out Professional Entertainers

Elegant and classy
Elegant and classy

Ever watch Deal or No Deal?  How about Dancing with the Stars?  I don’t know about you, but it drives me crazy when professional entertainers from those shows in particular, many other shows and all Oscars-type award shows, where celebrities are photographed on the “red carpet,” wear hundred thousand dollar gowns, gorgeous high heels, million dollar jewely — and bare legs.

To me, the issue is one of good taste, good sense and glamour.  In the photo to the left, the beautiful and classy Malaysian-American actress Michelle Yeoh wears an elegant gown, heels and sheer pantyhose during a recent awards show. 

Don’t those models on Deal or No Deal see themselves on TV later and realize they look just plain silly?

It’s my feeling that bare legs with those gorgeous dresses and heels turns what should be, and otherwise would be, a glamorous look into a casual look.  Hey I know, let’s dress Howie in a fabulous suit, but no socks!

And on Dancing with the Stars, we are talking ballroom here, people.  This aint no disco.  Hello … !   Yes, every once in a while, one or two of the pro dancers and celebrity dancers wear pantyhose, but it’s rare.

Hey, whoever outfits these dancers (pro and celebrity), you should be ashamed when members of the audience show up dressed better than your female host and the performers.  Everytime the camera pans the audience, the females who are wearing dresses or skirts always are wearing hose.  They know they might be seen on national TV and they want to look their best.  Who are the classy ones here?

What’s next, female figure skaters with bare legs?

What are your thoughts about all this?