Sign of the Times?

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

Hi.  This is Robin, president and co-founder of ActSensuous.  Welcome to our first blog.

Here, we’ll discuss all things pantyhose.  I’ll tell you what’s been on my mind lately, and you can reply with your take on the topic.

Sign of the Times?

Something I’ve been thinking about recently:  Are women fond of the “bare legs look” today because it’s one way for them to make a statement, and is that statement a fashion or political one? 

In other words, is the “bare legs look” really about following what is supposedly fashionable today, or is this an issue of choosing not to conform to what has long been the norm for how professional women dress?

Further, do you think women who choose not to wear pantyhose, even though they are wearing a skirt suit or other professional attire, feel a bit uneasy about the look?  Or, do you think they really don’t give it any thought?

I have to believe that women must feel a bit out of place when they wear an outfit that clearly calls for pantyhose, but it’s almost as if they relish being a little anti-establishment. 

Not wearing pantyhose, even though they know they should, might be their way of  protesting — of expressing that whole “the world needs change” attitude that seems to be the Sign of the Times today. 

Or, are they just riding the bandwagon while they can, knowing full well that some day, pantyhose will be back in favor, and they’ll deal with it then?

What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Sign of the Times?

  • I’ve been a fan of pantyhose for 38 years. I wore my first pair of tights when I was 4 and wore pantyhose about then too. I’ve worn them off and on since then. Being a man, I love the look on women and prefer that to bare legs even if their legs are nice enough to go bare.

    I do wish more women wore them and I know in Europe they do. I saw more pantyhose in Vienna this past summer then all of last year in the states.

    I do have to say that I’ve known a few girls/ladies over the years, including my wife, that wear a lot and never with panties.

  • I am a huge fan of pantyhose and have been for roughly 40 years. I would take my mothers or sisters pantyhose and wear them every chance I got. I am married to a wonderful woman who like many followed the bear leg fashion. In the absence of her wearing pantyhose I continued to wear them every chance I got. I would sometimes get her to agree to wear them to bed but I would have to put them on her.

    Kids are an incredible blessing but sure take much of the fun out of the bedroom! My wife and I vacationed alone and spent much of the time we spent in our room togehter in pantyhose! It was incredible. I just happened to find your blog today and have since gone to your site so I have not tried your pantyhose yet but will look forward to trying them soon.

    My wife has recently been wearing pantyhose more often and I relish the opportunity to watch her put them on. I noticed she actually got some out to wear this morning but then changed her mind. Oh well, I guess I will have to be the only one wearing pantyhose today.

    My daughter has actually seen me wearing pantyhose and asked why I was wearing them and I told her because it was cold out. Seemed to work for now.



    • Thanks for your comment, Jeff.

      It still amazes me that women try so hard to avoid doing something men ask/long for and love so much. I wish more women would realize (or care) that all it takes is for them to do such a simple thing — wear pantyhose — to send their men soaring into total ecstasy.

      Where’s the love, ladies?

  • Actually, as I understand it thigh highs stay up by themselves but stockings need a garter belt. Small difference but a difference nonetheless.

  • I totally agree that women need to wear pantyhose more often. If not pantyhose then at least thigh highs and stockings. I remember when I went to highschool (class of ’93) the girls wore pantyhose all the time. I truly believe that was the last year as all girls wear now is jeans and t-shirts or sweatshirts. Bring back the class and bring back hosiery!!! Besides, how am I supposed to steal the used ones if women aren’t wearing them? By the way, can any women out there help me with that?

    • Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your comment about “Sign of the Times?” That was the first blog post I ever wrote, so it’s nice to see a comment to that one.

      Wow, girls wore pantyhose in high school in 1993? You lucked out. I’ll bet high school girls today have never even seen pantyhose, let alone ever worn a pair. I wonder if pantyhose will be covered in History class.

      Anyway, it was actually in 1995 that pantyhose “fell out of grace,” after that awful Sarah Jessica Parker and the even more awful “Sex and the City” TV series spawned the “bare legs” culture, or as I like to call it now: the BEAR legs culture. (Remember everyone, if this phrase takes off, you saw it here first.)

      Oh yeah, and Peter, thigh highs and stockings are the same thing. But in any case, pantyhose rule!

      Thanks again, Peter.


      • I too believe that more women should wear pantyhose instead of having bare legs. I also can remember being in high school around 20 years ago and girls would wear those beautiful short ruffled skirts/dresses (they were in style back then) with sheer nylon pantyhose on their legs and some of them wore pantyhose 3 out of 5 days a week to school. Sometimes they came to school all dressed up wearing pantyhose just because they wanted to. I bet it’s not like that in high school anymore these days. E.M.

        • You’re right — it’s not like that anymore. Except maybe in Asia — especially, Japan. Thankfully, Asia still places great importance on females dressing with professionalism and class in the workplace, and with beauty and femininity in all settings.

  • There are so many of us men out there that love their women in pantyhose. It used to be ok for “Gentlemen to Prefer Hanes” but now it isn’t. What a shame because I believe that there are two ways to a man’s heart, food and their ladies in sexy pantyhose. I don’t understand why more women don’t understand that and what our lovers in them do to us.

    We men are such simple creatures and it takes so little to make us happy. I for one hope that pantyhose make a comback and I am a gentleman that still prefers Hanes (Well honestly ActSensuous).
    Cheers to you Robin!

  • WOW, what a comment! Thanks, Lars.

    We have a couple customers where you are, and others throughout Europe, but I had no idea so few women wear pantyhose in Denmark.

    I guess it goes to show that we really do live in a small world. Perhaps, this anti-pantyhose sentiment among women is somehow tied to global warming. : )

  • Bare legs or not? I prefer not 🙂 I love when women are wearing pantyhose. Here in Denmark (a small country in Europe) most women are wearing leggins (footless tights) for everyday occasions. For parties and so a lot of women wears pantyhose. But to me pantyhoses are not just pantyhoses. They are really different. For the past about 20 years, the lycra added ones has been dominating. They´re fitting very tight, some times all too tight. Some of them are shiny and they are featured with broad seams and so. Ok, it´s better than bare legs. But actually, I prefare some types of leggins in stead of most lycra-pantyhoses. The best: the good old pantyhose types made of 100 % nylon. To my opinion, pantyhoses must be as simple as possible, which means: no gusset, no broad centerseam. That´s why I love ActSensuous. They are even featured with a sandal toe and are sheer to waist and are available in not less than six sizes. It nearly can´t be better.

    One of the reasons why the lycras dominates the market is surely that “they fits” – again and again – they don´t lose their shape. But that´s what I find charming about the all nylons: to see they are getting bigger after every use.

    Another thing that´s sad: back in the 60´s and 70´s, where all women was wearing skirts and pantyhose, most men didn´t like pantyhose. Today it seems different; a lot of men find pantyhose sexy. That makes it the more frustrating, that not more women wears them.

    But if you ask a lot of women – here in Denmark, the most of the rest of Europe – and some way even in the US – they feel uncomfortable wearing pantyhose. They really don´t feel great wearing them. And if they got a suntanned skin, it´s very important for them to show their bare legs. Well, sure it´s not fun wearing pantyhose every day at summer, but every second or third day would be fine.

    Here in Denmark is color black the most popular. Both for pantyhose and leggins and other sorts of clothes. You can frequently see leggins in color white, but white pantyhoses – that´s really rare. Some girls says that white makes their legs look pale, which is really not great. Even for weddings they are not in for white.

    Hope that the all nylons will be back in general. And I specially hope that more women will discover ActSensuous, because they´re fantastic.

  • I can’t speak for all women, but my friends and I don’t think twice about the “bare legs look.” I wore pantyhose and tights during the winter with my kindergarten school uniform, but I didn’t wear pantyhose until recently, and even now, I don’t wear them very often. I like the way they look and feel on my legs, but I’m not making any kind of statement when I wear or don’t wear pantyhose.

    It would be hard for me to recognize an outfit that “clearly calls for pantyhose,” since I didn’t really grow up wearing it. Most of the clothing styles I was exposed to didn’t include pantyhose. To me, a woman in professional attire without pantyhose is no more or less professional than someone wearing pantyhose.

    • Thank you for your comment, S. Chan. It is nice to hear the perspective of a Chinese woman.

      If you are so inclined, I would love to hear your reaction to my latest post this month, “A Good Time to be Asian.”

      Maybe it’s just me, but I was under the impression that the whole USA had caught “Asian fever” since so many (mostly Chinese) women are showing up everywhere in TV, commercials, the movies, magazines.

      You might have a different outlook, but I am happy for you that you are a Chinese girl who enjoys wearing pantyhose.

    • There was a time when being “dressed up” meant wearing your best (or formal) dress or skirt, and pantyhose was always worn with them. Nowadays it seems as if when you’re being considered “dressed up”, pantyhose is not part of the wardrobe most of the time.

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