Sign of the Times?

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

Hi.  This is Robin, president and co-founder of ActSensuous.  Welcome to our first blog.

Here, we’ll discuss all things pantyhose.  I’ll tell you what’s been on my mind lately, and you can reply with your take on the topic.

Sign of the Times?

Something I’ve been thinking about recently:  Are women fond of the “bare legs look” today because it’s one way for them to make a statement, and is that statement a fashion or political one? 

In other words, is the “bare legs look” really about following what is supposedly fashionable today, or is this an issue of choosing not to conform to what has long been the norm for how professional women dress?

Further, do you think women who choose not to wear pantyhose, even though they are wearing a skirt suit or other professional attire, feel a bit uneasy about the look?  Or, do you think they really don’t give it any thought?

I have to believe that women must feel a bit out of place when they wear an outfit that clearly calls for pantyhose, but it’s almost as if they relish being a little anti-establishment. 

Not wearing pantyhose, even though they know they should, might be their way of  protesting — of expressing that whole “the world needs change” attitude that seems to be the Sign of the Times today. 

Or, are they just riding the bandwagon while they can, knowing full well that some day, pantyhose will be back in favor, and they’ll deal with it then?

What do you think?